Memory Loss

Memory Loss:-


A lady come and said kuch bola usne

A guy no madam , he is just looking at us blankly kuch nehi kaha usne.

That lady enter a dark room where a  man tied up with a chair with a chains. Blood coming out from his forehead, back of his head and lips cut , eyes swell, and turning bule.

That lady come and said jaise bhi isse hosh mein laao and sign the property paper.

That lady left the place and again torture start to that man.

After 14days City hospital:-

Doctor said sorry Mrs khurana,

Mrs khurana:- but doctor u said me that he is fine I mean his injury is recovered and he is feeling much better and he responded to the medicine then

Dcotor :-look mrs khurana , he is responding and improving but I’m sorry to say he forgot everything like who is he, what is his identity, who is his parents, he is married or single but

Mrs khurana almost shouts doctor and then try to control her tears then said slowly what doctor and y this happen to him.

Doctor:-Pls calm down mrs khurana, look some one hit in his had badly and torture him brutally , neither give him food, nor water, he is badly injured, we  were lost all hope for his slight recovery, or anything but its miracle that he recovering now but

Mrs khurana:- but what doctor?

Doctor:- he didn’t remember his name

Mrs khurana gasped in fear when doctor continue:

when we asked him how r u mr khurana and he just blankly look at us then  he suddenly asked who is mr khurana .

Doctor:-we told him u r Mr Maan Singh Khurana but he just blankly look at us , we slowly told him he is famous business man and elder son of khurana family but he just look at him then close his eyes but he said who is geet doctor

Mrs khurana:- geet.

Doctor:-yes geet, only this name he is chanting day night and if any one said about geet, he looks relaxed but inside like he want to know more about geet. But we r clueless about geet, who is she?

We conducted various test and result is he lost his memory but it’s like he nothing remember about his life, nothing, just a name GEET

Mrs Khurana close her eyes and think she seen in a news paper maan married to geet, their marriage pics, their reception pics .

She closed her eyes and said where r u geet, where r u?I’m falied as a mother , long time ago I left him as  for his safety but now, y pammi y u done it, u  r just,it’s my fault I leave u maan there, but no , more I have to find geet, where is she?




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