Chapter 11 of Road To Love & Beyond2

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Chapter 11 :-

Communication & Mutual Understanding

There inside the room of Maaneet came but both felt something different..

Maan look at geet n said “ let me call someone..” Geet about to say something but then said “ok as u  but then come close to maan n hugged him quickly n then freed herself with pink hue adoring her cheeks…

Maan chuckled but then said “chalo baitho..its hectic day hmm.”

Geet nodded but then said “aapne bulaya kyuon, m fine now…”

Maan shook his head when one maid knock the door..Maan said “come in”..n said “go n help her to change dress n whatever she wants….”

Maid nodded yes….Later after changing , Geet settled in the balcony when maan went to change dress as per her…but maan went to talk with servants who r for some enquiry , they look scared but then maan n Arya their question make them spil the bin…

Arya :-“but how ccould Dadi sa ” when maan asked them to leave n said “its example of her hatred for Geet”..Arya… look too shocked n said “y maan, y she did it..”

Maan shook his head n about to day something when geet came there with frown on her face …she said “if u two can’t stay away from each other then u should inform me….”

Arya look startled when maan compose quickly n tease her , “yes y should we inform u when we both man r talking..u know arya this girl ”….when geet came close to him n poke his shoulder n said “what this girl hmmm….

Both start their fav time pass when Arya shook his head but his heart is heavy…he know how maan is trying to bring back their Geet n his own dadi sa want to ruin her….he controlled himself n hugged Geet who look surprise but Arya kissed   her forehead n said “u guys take rest..I also feeling sleepy…Good night Gudiya..”

Geet pouts n said  “but bhai sa u don’t give me time…”

Arya smiles n said “accha , mere pyaari gudiya ko itna bara complaint hein……”

Geet twist her lips when arya laugh n said “kk I will do something to change ur view for ur bhai sa but now u need rest n ur husband also…”

Suddenly Geet blushed n nodded…n Arya took leave when maan chuckled to see geet is all pink n make geet fume in fake anger…

Geet turn to leave when maan pull her n make her sat besides him…She turn pinkish with all this teasing but then leaned on maan who look happy…

Both sat there together , none said anything they just sat there  , words fall short suddenly between they don’t know what to say how to express…After its seems couple of hours Maharaj discover them as some lackey inform him about it…

Maaneet snuggling into each other like kid…he smiles but know if his mother has witnessed it then she will make mountain out of mole…    he cough to gain their attention when geet moaned n hide her face in maan’s chest like baby but Geet’s baba sa feel something n turn away…what a moment , he have to called them .he took deep breath then shook Maan who mumbled ..But finally Maharaj got succeed  n Maan opened his eyes to see something blur then got alert n try to get up but geet hold his waist n said “pls let me sleep..U don’t let me sleep at night anytime..”

Maharaj look odd when maan turn pink with embarrassment   .Maan mumbled something then try to shook geet who said “kuwar sa pls u always tease me”…Maharaj turn away n maan just scoop Geet who was happily snuggling in side her kuwar sa’s arm , oblivious from the whole thing…

Maan murmur something like good night n take leave …..when maharaj smiles to see it .He prays to GOD their happiness….

There , Maan make Geet sleep on bed but she hold his neck n said  “ pls don’t leave me…” n this left grt impact as it has huge double meaning..he know it..he slide besides her when she just hold his hand near to her cheek n sleep peacefully where he forget about sleep….   14015_568196849881070_1703124615_n

Flashback or monologue of Maaneet….during Puja

Maaneet both sit infront of Temple n pray for each other happiness well being n each other Sath …well not directly but they can’t live without each other n they said it openly to their mind…….

Maan’s Monologue  

Maan :-“ Bhagwan I know what I no that deeper way I can’t define what is the real meaning of this feeling but I know its much more than attraction n lust …lust I can’t have for her…she is my exixtense ..she is my life…I can understand y I felt like this something deep..I don’t know what is this fully but I know one thing  I can’t live without her ..she is living inside me..I don’t know its called what I thought its lust but its something else don’t know or sure…GOD pls help me…  Iye eheshash iye feeling I don’t know what to say about it what to feel or what to give name of this feeling is it love or like , is it it pagalpan…I don’t know  but I know for me My Sona n her happiness matter most than anything  is her smiles her happiness , I am geuninly wants her happiness to see her glowing with love n care n respect n I will do any thing to ensure her safety n happiness  , what she wants will be my priority …I promised to u GOD I will always will be  her support .she will gain every happiness n I will be with her in her every decision ever moments…”

Maan’s Monologue end

He smiles n look at his sona once again then dose off to sleep.. day geet yawn n try to move when found something is holding her tightly..something hard…she turn n found her kuwar sa who is holding her tightly….she look froze confuse….she try to move little when he pull her more towards him…

Geet gapsed when maan’s hand encircled her by her waist n she try to prevent him more pulling by placing her hand on his chest ..She try to control some unknown feeling n there her kuwar sa looking like kid n sleeping…she notce him closely..How much he changed …she smiles softly n remember their childhood their school that past then reunion n their wedding, she she frown n murmur Dusht Danav..then smiles again..she remember how much he is trying…trying from every end to make their relation work..make her feel good..but is it natural or his guilt or out of his care for a friend..she herself confuse with this changing childhood she still crave but there is difference but what she can’t make out…

She sighed n move out from the bed slowly but when maan said “sona… where r u going”….he get up with worry written over his face…

Geet felt something chocked inside when he said “I was worried .I thought u r leaving me”…then smiles sadly n said “but in reality its me who left u alone always…”

Geet look down then said “kuwar sa” who smiles n said “hmm sona ….”

Geet sighed n don’t know how to say but as usual his kuwar sa understand this dilemma n said “we will not talk about that much….bolo kaha jana hain…”

Geet smiles with awe then smiles n said “bathroom , have to brush teeth…”

Maan chuckled n scoop her n said “lets go.”.Geet look at him with wide eyes when maan said “how is ur foot now..will change the dressing after ur brush n don’t go for shower alone…”

Geet almost screamed “Kuwar saaaa..”

Maan look down n said hmm innocently….that her melt into mush…she look down when maan slowly let her go n said call me if u need any help …

Geet nodded…after sometime when geet came out maan said “y u came out like this…u didn’t call me sona…..”

Geet try to open her mouth when Maan said “u can trust me once again that I will fail u again..”

Geet sighed n hold maan’s hand n said “u never failed me…  u always help me for better”…Maan open his mouth then sighed…..the past is not easy to forget but whose fault who is right or wrong but its more destiny’s game…when geet said  “I wanna sit there out side for some time.”.Maan nodded n help her to settled there when maan said “May I join u ?”

Geet said “u can kuwar sa, u don’t have to ask me.”

Maan showed her big smiles n settle there n said “I know but I can still remember the little sona used to frown if I disturbed her admiring session … but that little sona can’t beat me but this soan can u know wife , biwi patni pittti hain….”

Geet glare at maan cutely when maan wink at her n look ahead.. After some time geet notice her kuwar sa is sleeping with her hand which is close to his heart…Her heart skip a beat …

They lost in their world one sleep peacefully n another was admiring nature ermm no her kuwar sa only….

She felt so happy to see him like this so close to her..caring for her. Pampering her…giving her everything she wished …she even throw tanterum but he didn’t mind…

She smiles n carress his hair little  n sighed …little later Maan wake up n notice geet is holding his hand n look at them intently ..Maan asked “sona”…who said “aap uth gaye..”

Maan nodded but geet said “kuwar sa, pata hain we used to sit inside our hostel garden long time n do our work….those days r so good..”

Maan smiles when geet said “this days r also good but only with u…n if u r with me”

Maan nodded but geet continue “but sometimes I felt this is all dream but then want to trust this dream …as dream can be reality…. “

Maan nodded when geet said “I am scare” but then look at maan n said “but I trust u kuwar sa..we can work..we will…but…”

Maan raised his eye brows n said “matlab”….Geet said “I fear for the result if we work together n it didn’t work out mean we think we r not….”

Maan look at her few moments n said “do u know the word DESTINY”

Geet chuckled n nodded when Maan said “its all destiny & u know..this two family means urs n mine.. r not like this once upon a time….they were enemy from long time but my dada sa n ur dada sa become friends.. they were close n best friend but their journey wasn’t easy…they face obstackles from their own family then enemy from other kingdom…but they were stick to their friendship enemy try to create mu but destiny helps them ….then our baba maharaj sa…then me , ur bhai sa, u…generation after generation is going on…every generation face problem but they didn’t back up…they fought n their intention were right they love for each other was right…n see Destiny helps…Geet, we were too close before that incident but we didn’t fought  , I was shock I never asked u guide u , or fought for that..but just ran away n we were in problem…

Geet , frankly I didn’t want to meet u after that time I was scare to face u as I think I failed u I fail the expection u has n mask it with my own anger on myself..I was struggling I was running away  but I didn’t try to find the solution n result we drift away…Geet that was wrong ..atleast,lets try n if destiny want then.. ….”

Geet nodded but maan said but “without ur support We can’t ..n before that I want ur permission ..what u want…”

Geet leaned on maan n said “I have already taken my decision Kuwar sa….I want to trust u..I can’t live with out u .I know it’s not possible to stay 24*7 but…I don’t know I am scared also…I am scare if this relationship will not work for us..if this will prove bad for us.if I will not able to fulfill any duty responsibility of mine for u for this relation..then …”


Maan :- “before doing anything how we can think only n y to think about result only from now sona..yes we may be tensed but if think then how we can justify n y to think its not game, exam that …”

But geet whined “but its our life  not something else kuwar sa..its do or die…”

Maan siged n said “y u r thinking its as do or die..its life for enjoy not for taking much tension..accha bolo what should we do , we will work with tension that it will be best for our relationship or it not n this will help us sona..”

Geet pout n said “no” when maan said “then…lets just leave it n try to live this time…”

Maan cupped geet’s face when geet said “but this relation is it friendship or husband wife..”

Maan smiles n said “tell me which its …if we couple husband wife still we can be friend but if u think our wedding is not ideal we have option to be friend n start from the scratch n see what will happen …”

Geet said “its not so easy..” Maan smiles n said “yes it not easy but we can try…hmm…” Geet nodded n hold maan’s hand when maan side hug her..Geet said “u r not only did wrong by not guiding me…but I also did wrong by not stopping u neither giving u any explannaion I was scare but more with guilt n pain to see u like that..I always want to make u proud n..I ..I want to say but…after u left I was alone but whn u came I want to see u yet want to avoid u..I was scare to see u but then we met ..”

Maan smiles n said “I am proud of u sona….see we met na when both of us don’t want it but then incident happen as its part of the life but then ur dadi sa become catalyst for us n we get married n its all destiny , isn’t sona..see again after wedding we tried but…whatever happen its happen as its all pre destiny n lets see what will be store in our future ….”

Geet nodded n said “yes Kuwar sa n Sona’s journey will be interesting …” n giggle..Maan give her mock glare but both laugh…they sat there few moments…they don’t know yet what their heart felt for each other, their soul connected with each other from long time…

As best friend they will start the journey but how they will fall n when it will be interesting…

Geet after some time said “kuwar sa, can we go back from here….”

Maan smiles n hold her finger n said “yes sure…”

Later maan informed about it to Baba maharaj n Arya , though they r sad as geet will move but its expected n they r more happy to hear its from Geet’s wish…

They get ready next day morning…n take Vidaayi from Geet’s parental home…Except dadi sa n Sugandha , all were sad n Geet hugged them…

They sat inside their limosine n from mid way…Maan asked only one car to stay as their guard n rest two cars left n bring an new car its beautiful with high technique … …Geet look shock n asked kuwar sa who just smiles in return n asked “how is it ?”


Geet replied in daze , kuwar sa , its beautiful n said may I…Maan said “sure ma’m”….she  took the key went to sit at driving seat….Maan settled besides her n said come on let’s go..

Geet start the car but Maan smirk n said I think we should go to staright way…

Geet :-but ..

Maan smirk n said “I thought to spend some time with my wifey in our home but chalo..”

Geet :-“kuwar sa…u r doing drama..”

Maan said “huh now m doing drama…”

Geet said kkk when maan said “don’t take left side , just staright I have some work…”

After some time , Geet understood , maan is playing …

Geet hold the steering tightly n said “we r going back home but this is not the way.u may be forgotten the way…Dusht Danav …”


Maan smirk n said “we r going  towards our home but”…Geet look at him when maan lean towards her n said where we r together that place is our home..Geet blushed when maan said we r going for picnic n the home we stayed before we move here…

Geet smiles little n maan said “last time I didn’t enjoy the picnic much but this time.”.Geet took left turn as she understand the way now n know the address n place when maan relaxed n said only u n me…Geet :-iye kaise picnic hain..

Maan:- this is picnic for kuwar sa n His Sona ..none is allowed even ur that idiot bhai sa..Geet hit maan playfully when maan said ouch sona…who bite her lips then took speed little more..

Maaneet reach n Geet look at their house where they start the journey ,but with bitter sweet memory when maan said so…let gets ready..Geet nodded…

Maan went n get’s ready when geet come down found her instructing something to one of the lackey n guard..she went to kitechen n asked for the food sply light when Chef said His highness asked her opinion…

She smiles n asked them to bring kuwar sa’s fav..n she instruct them …

She came with one servant when maan took the basket n dismissed all n hold geet’s hand they went  backward ..Maan hold Geet tightly when geet said “we didn’t inform at home n if bhai sa or masa informed them..”

Maan said “geet jara samalke hold me ” when geet did it n maan said I have…ur bhai sa to ur Sasu ma…


Geet chuckled n said u r smart n giggle when maan wink n replied with Ishmart…

Both smiles…they stopped at one place when geet said omg its so beautiful but then stopped n said kuwar sa this is…

Maan smiles n said this is ur painting just I applied here..


Geet look at maan with mist fill eyes but maan said no sona..Geet nodded no then yes n hugged him…

Maan asked btw u didn’t say y this three..Geet bite her lips n said three Hammock for three of us…

Maan look confuse n when geet continue , me , u n bhai sa…

Maan raised his eyes brows then smiles but soon smirk n said u would have bring ur bhai sa with our private picnic..

Geet look little confuse but then said Kuwar sa n look away with shy smiles…

They settled inside one Hammock when geet said I hope it will not break with two of us..I didn’t draw for this..

Maan bring out coffee n said I don’t know actually my weight is fine but urs…

Geet look shock n hit maan with pillow n said u said m moti….

Maan like innocent kid I didn’t say when geet replied but u mention when maan asked what I did it but when sona..

Geet grrrr u indicate mean suggest like some ur weight…n

Maan said n I didn’t say ur waight but only urs but u assume I want to say but u…very bad…

Geet look away with fake anger when maan pull her in his lap n said but my moti Sona will be cutie always …Geet pinch his hand lightly when maan said ouch sona…u r beating ur pati parameshawar..

Geet narrowed her eyes n said no I am beating my kuwar sa n showing her dimple smile…when maan also smiles..they sat there n enjoy the moment…thy chatted n discuss various thing from geet’s education to maan’s business ….they later went on for small boating


They were exhausted but feeling good…they has light dinner at out side at boat then went to back to farm house….n retired for the night…

Geet was checking her mails n said kuwar sa can we stay here for few days more..Maan said y not …Geet look at him n said but ur work..Maan smiles n said no worry..I will do from here…be it here n there nothing to worry n we didn’t go for any vacation after our wedding so it will be..hmmm…

Geet nodded ..Later that day , maan return from office with a letter n give it to Geet …

Geet read the letter n with wide eyes gaping at her husband who just scoop her n twirl her n said m so proud of u sona score TOP…OMG…Geet look at her kuwar sa n his face showing proud happiness n some kind of emotion….

Geet look down then hugged maan tightly , the place she felt secure n want to stay there….

320361_436624859715969_886284668_n (2)

Maan said we need to celebrate n will inform all when geet said no kuwar sa n maan said but sona..Geet said if u want u can but I want to spend this joy with only u this happiness with u only n party then u n me….

Maan chuckled n said my sona n make her blush again….

They ate the lunch out side n enjoying the cool breeze when maan suggest they should go n attend party at her university n collect her medal also….

Geet smiles n said as u wish…then said but kumud want to spend time with me after her exam got over n that time , kuwar sa kyuon na hum use bhi le chale..

Maan :- ok done….

Later, Geet came after confirming schedule with maan’s private Jet n notice maan…she smiles …

Maan sat with geet in swing when geet said aapse kuch puchna hain…

Maan nodded when geet look at the glass n said u r taking wine….n get up with angry face …Maan at first startled but then almost chuckled to see his cutie wife ….

Maan said sona this is not wine , Geet still look away wth those cute angry looks when maan sighed n said this is Apple juice

Geet said apple juice n took the glass n take sip when maan said but this my n geet said yuck ewwww n make maan shock …

Geet said Apple juice is not good ….if u want to eat healthy things then eat apple na ….n said wait n come with plate of apple n said have it…

Maan shook his head n said apple juice se allergy hain ..aajeeb logic hain sona..n take one apple then cutely look at geet n make her take one bite then he ate..


Geet took another n maan also n both fed each other….Maan felt good to see the progress when geet felt happy within herself n her kuwar sa that there is no complication atleast she is trying….but she fear some time ..if something….she quickly shut those thought n try to enjoy the present…there maan think though they r agreed n try to move out n work but something is missing still…if everything would have same then his sona will jump with joy n dance…

But she didn’t she just smiles n let her happiness come with him only…he can see her smiling happy but something is missing or may be he is thining too much….the scar didn’t move but its fading with their trying….as the scar is too deep n they some how stay with their past too long but it will be move with time n their togetherness ….

Later at that night,



Geet came out from her room but soon gulped down the water quickly there is her death sentence in this weather her kuwar sa taking lap inside swimming pool n looking deadly gorgeous but y her stomach doing some-kind of Dance but who is dancing y she is….she gulped down the water but start coughing when maan notice her n said kya hua n coming out from the pool when geet shouts noooo… 


Precap :-

Besharam ho aap… Blushing

Swimming aab toh full clothes se hota hain mujhe pata nehi tha sona Wink



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  1. I’m totally blown away with this update , I liked Maan’s prayer yes he is still not sure whether its love but he has deep feelings for Geet and I actually admired her asking him if their marriage is one of friendship or husband and wife as she always felt that he is just doing stuff because they are childhood friends and when Maan tells her husband and wife can also be friends it does sound good
    Maan and Geet want their marriage to work and she was very concerned that it may not work but his advice again telling her just to enjoy the moment and time will tell
    both goes again for a picnic but this time they by themselves and that already is a good sign that they can just be alone without family all the time
    both enjoying their time and happiness and yeah Geet seeing her husband in the pool swimming

    • Thanks Taahir…Maan indeed has deep feeling for Geet but he feared for his feeling n their past didn’t let him realize it…Geet has question but this time she try to clear it n they has this convo…yes every relation can based on friendship….its so natural we always think about result n future n forget to enjoy the present but maan help geet here ..its two way thing for both of them will understand their deep feeling n each other beyond friendship n life…. yes Geet seeing her husband not her friend n so the reaction…will continue soon..loved ur comment

  2. Amazing. Geet’s dadisa is such a weird woman. I don’t know why she doesn’t like geet. Arya and maan also felt her hatred for geet j were angry somewhere but they let it go. That lawn part was hilarious. Both were sleeping in each other’s arms and suddenly maharaja come there n was shocked seeing them like that. They were looking adorable n he was admiring them but he decided to alert them as if dadi saw them in this position than she would create a big scene. Omg what geet was blabbing in her sleep made maan embarrassed.
    Finally maneet decided to give their relationship a chance. Geet is scared if it wouldn’t work . but maan made her understand to not to think this thing. Just live this life and rest leave on destiny. It’s only destiny which brought them together and it will only help them to forget their past and move on in their life.
    Wow geet topped in her university. Maan wanted to give a huge party but geet denied saying she wants to spend time with him only. That swimming pool part was also great. Waiting for next dear

    • Thanks Nisha….Geet’s dadi sa indeed, will reveal her reason…Arya n Maan face the reality of geet’s suffering slowly slowly will many things come out from the bag ..Geet’s babasa want to save Maaneet n got shocked .poor Maan but what abt geet what she will do when she know it..
      yes finally Maaneet has deep convo n they will try..Geet is scare about future but maan is helping this is their journey both will understand each other deeply beyond friendship n will help each other…
      True their destiny indeed help them n is main catalyst of their story …
      Geet’s life revolve around maan n maan like her success also.
      will update soon dear…Loved ur comment…

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    • Thanks Nandini…yes finally…Maan & Arya discover the truth how Dadi sa want to ruin Geet….Geet is slowly opening …she will but it will take time…Maan is too busy with her pain n his guilt how to make everything fine that he is confuse with this feeling…
      they has convo to clear their mus …they start the communication like before …they will discover their relation n each other through this journey…
      will continue soon & loved ur comments

  4. Hayee that was lovely. Maaneet trying their level best.As in Maan’s monologue he could find why he feels so for her but understood that she is his life.. Their journey has now started with Geet trusting him Yeah Scar is way too deep but waqt ke saath bar jata hai and when two are trying their level best it will soon disappear from their life. They are not sure still of their feelings.. bachpan se saat hai and they know they cannot live without each other and value each other more in their life than themselves.. Still its going to take time for them to understand its love 🙂 🙂 .. love the start of their journey and its going go great for kuwar sa and his lovely shona 🙂 🙂 hayee Geet drooling on her kuwarsa :p :p :p precap is so cute 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks Padma…yes maaneet trying for their relation to work …yes maan feels deep for geet , he will more discover it…Geet’s trust on maan needed , yes u r right, waqt sab kuch bhula dete hain n this scar will erase n when maaneet r together…they still think its their friendship like their childhood n now with their trying to ease out the pain mus they will discover each other n their relation feeling which deeper than their friendship…
      yes geet is drooling over her hubby first time like this..will ud soon.
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    • Thanks Preety
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