Chapter 1 of Saathi

Drashti Dhami - 8 (1)

Chapter 1 :-

First Step:-

Today is the day when two person will tie in a sacred way for life time….today is the day when two soul will become one cause of their sacred bandhan n today is the day when they will become “Saathi” for each other.

Two Human r sitting infront of  sacred fire when Priest told the man to put the Mangalstura on his would be wife’s neck & then adore her partition on the head with red vermillion…..that man did it  when that girl is feeling mixture of emotions for this all, but one thing sure both of them r happy yet shy yet excited with this relation

priest told them to take sath phere they start , first 4 dulha is infront of dulhan n to everyone’s surprise dulha took hand of dulhan n start the phere when that girl is looking at her husband with awe expression after 4 , now it’s time for dulhan’s….now girl took a step ahead n hold her dulhan’s hand …their eyes met n girl shied.they complete the phere n Priest declared them as man n wife.

They took blessing from all elder .n time for now Vidayi.the girl hugged her parents n cried when girl’s mother said stop this geet…u know ur dad hardly met u .when girl’s father said so u also…

Girl look at them in shock n think now today also they fight for their ego..she sighed n felt ashamed when a pair of hands hold her from behind n said let’s go….

Her husband whom she don’t know more than couple of meetings but yet…she whisper a thanks when her husband said u r welcome…

Both sat in the car n headed for their new destination the new life awaiting for them.

That girl look at her husband again but found him reading some thing on his blackberry..He smiles n said sorry can’t help it… tomorrow I have  a meeting so….

Girl smiles n said its ok.kaam jaruri hain but her smiles her words didn’t reach her eyes as if it has some pain or some hidden thing there..

Girl leaned on the sit n think what an irony of the life before  wedding her father never give her time n now her husband she sighed n waiting for the time to pass.

They reached KM….followed by Arti of them….after they entered n followed by few of the lady said go n take her to room….

Later ;

Girl sat in her  bed with toe curls hand on her kness holding tightly when the Man entered in side the room….he noticed her shyness….he smiles n sat besides her slowly…when she just hold another amount of breath….

He smiles n said hiii that girl slowly said hii….

Both stopped there when again that man said oh it’s too late n we should sleep now…..we have whole life…n….I also have an imp meeting tomorrow..

That girl nodded n get up when that man give her the space n girl said I know ur meeting is more imp….then murmur whole life will pass with this only….as meeting buisness r more imp than anything…

It’s not that she wants something now but she was irritated with this n she want some one with her. Like friend like “Saathi” , in her house her parents never give it to her. N here her husband just…

That man chukcled n noticed the girl entered inside bathroom for changing.

That man smiles n clearly remember the couple of meeting before their wedding….the same fiery attitude the personality but transparanet , his daddi ma ,his dad all love her in first stance n choose her for him.his chain of thought break due to his ph…

He took it n during his conversation noticed she came out n looking so simple yet elegant…she smiles gently n maan hung up the phone when he said good night she also wished him back.

Next day she made first time sweets for everyone…but her husband was not there as cause of the meeting….…she felt bad but didn’t say anything n she went back to  her parental house  for another ritual pagphere.she smiles before that all praise her but some how she felt it half not giving her content feeling.

She was full day busy with her books as she has to rearrange her room…her parental house before leaving again she want to took few of her collection ..she complete her packing n sat near the balcony n looking also she is alone her mom was there in down stair going to kitty party .she felt disgusted.n her father went out for another business meeting …just like her husband…..her parents with her before but now again got busy….though her mother want to acompany her here n she denied cause of her mother ‘s friend who always poke their noses on other buisness.she don’t like this….she didn’t have time for courtship or love though she has one BF long ago but break up mutually.. not so serius relation also…she  then got busy with her study then helping her father in buisness n now they choose a guy for her .she don’t like this or she likes what ..may be lack of time n warmth from the family make her think like much she want to take time but her family said time is passing n they will not get this good boy for her.huh or say they will not get enough time for her to search again.

She got manything from her parents except they never become her friends or neither she had any friends, Saathi here…she lack from warmth, love, care …..

She leaned when time pass n she heard some one came n then those voice…huhh oh….

She turn n noticed her husband there n one servant who said ma’m oh no one is in the home till, n sir came to take u back…

She nodded yes n noticed it’s only 5.30 in the evening she just said aap itne jaldi, u r so soon?

He smiles n she felt like melting like some one touch her some where….

She said u didn’t reply me?

He sat n said I have completed my work early n then I want to spend time with u which I should but I didn’t in the morning….

She quizzed her eyes brow when he said take ur belonging what u need n let’s go…we will go some where….

She look at him n said r u bribing me

He almost laughed n said do u need or do u take that frequently …

She almost look like kill him n march towards him n said see mr …he turn n said yes….Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana; do u wanna go with me n spend some time with me only..yes I know .I has business n some times I got busy but I know my family value n know to spend time with them or atleast try….n I marry u…u r my life partner , Saathi….so will u…

She bite her lower lips n nodded n both went away…they went to  café n have capechino n both just sat their silently when she said maan….

Maan turn n replied yes geet

Geet :-we didn’t say anything n just …I mean we don’t know each other . we met 2times before wedding n …so…I was thinking if u ..If I …no if we become friendddss…I mean it’ll be’s so awkard we r like two …stranger …I mean…

Maan chuckled n said yes ofcourse….agree with ur view…so…u know me n I know u ermm I mean we know each other name n just had formal introduction before can we start again from beginning….

Geet nodded n said chirply so will u give me ur sath…Maan nodded n said for life time Saath , akhir Saathi hoon tumhara…when I’m ur Saathi for life time…



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