Chapter 11 of Saathi


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Geet mumble aap jaoge kaise there is raining heavily…

Maan look at outside n he got call also that land slide heavy rain n some place snow falling heavily so they have to wait for the time to clear this all..

Geet look at maan n playing with his waist coat button n said aab aap kya karoge?

Maan look at her n tuck those loose hair n whisper huskily I have manythings to do n start unbuttoning his waist coat when loose her top button also.


Geet look at him with wide eyes when maan with molten gaze going towards her slowly as if like predator to his prey…geet taking  back step gradually…  she didn’t realized when maan make her back collided with the stone wall..she gasped with the chill feeling but she was confuse is it cause of maan’s predatory look or the cool feeling from the stone wall…

She look behind but soon found a pull a rough pull from maan n she collided with maan chest which is now bare half due to maan’s shirt is half open


She moaned but then she try to back out but notice the wanton look the molten gaze coming from maan n make her knee jelly , she stand there still when maan whisper huskily….

Maan singh khurana don’t waste time….let’s utilize it….let’s compensate for the last day let’s enjoy this day n within moment geet push him but maan hold her hand n pinned them to wall n slammed his lips with her soft one…geet at first shock gasped but then his nibbling sucking on her lips make her respond well…she gasped for breath as the kiss is not easy one it’s rough demanding….but maan didn’t leave her even hold her now by her waist n make her encirled her waist then slammed her lips n grind her below…Geet’s nail scratch maan’s shoulder….pull hair tightly..

She moaned ahhhh n throw her head in ectasy when maan nipped her throat the lick the area from there to dipped her cleavage when geet got that her top was discarded ago…


She looking flushed n all in daze when maan’s lips creating havoc on her…her skin turning reddish n leaving mark almost..when she just sing his name….she felt the soft surface n look at other side n got this is their bed room…

The bed sheets tangled the rest of cloths discarded room filled with moaned ….they mark each other with their love ….

After their streamy moment geet look at maan with drowsily n said maan who still nuzzling her neck…

Geet hold his shoulder n cupped his face n said maan…who smiles at her n make her heart beat fast but she drank his handsome face with love…Maan smiles n kissed her nose…

Much later maan got up due to constand noise from their landline phone…Geet moaned inside his neck when he patted her n rolled over n make her lay on the bed…Maan kissed her forehead n took his pant n went down stair.


He came back with tray of food n their cloths when geet sat in the bed with grumpy face…she look at their clothes n blushed then pout n said y u r doing this .u should wake me up…

Maan smiles n place the tray n said kyuon  …u also need rest n I know how much rest u have taken….chalo come n have it….

Geet blushed n wrapped up the sheet n said maan let me fresh when maan arrange the plate n then took her in his arms n said no need we can use that later n make geet blush hard…..

Geet don’t know how she become so easy n with maan everything come so naturally….


She like this care, this love this new feeling this pampering n fighting n his teasing..she smiles n kissed his heart from above the shirt then look at maan n smiles…n open the shirt n kissed his heart …

Maan chuckled at her n rubbed her nose with him..


Maan look at here n there when geet said maan aap shopping kyuon kar rehe ho itna..we have bought so many things already..r u getting anything new for our family…

Maan nope jaan see this dress we will take it when we r going for England n this is n it’s continue the story when maan went another place..Geet pout groaned but then swell in happiness that her husband pamper her so much…

On the way to their home, geet kissed maan’s cheek n said my jaanu when maan turn n pout his lips n geet gladly accepted it..


Geet some time tease maan that shopping is for wifey work when maan pull her in his lap n said but they r different ….n make her flush….

Geet like her husband opps love how he is strong yet composed so caring so gentle but the intense passin he has inside him only she knows n his insatiated love for her….


This days before leaving for India , they spend with shopping sight seeing n enjoying….

Maan took geet in some disco .where geet enjoyed more as she was with maan n forget the world she dance she laughed she giggle she look flushed with maan’s teasing…


Geet laughing n dancing with maan inside the disco …when maan whisper something in her ear n make her red ….she shook her head but maan said something again….

They came back to home when maan was carrying her as piggy back…

Geet giggle n wrapped her legs on his waist when maan swril her , she giggle she kissed his cheek she suck his ear lobe then bit it n make him groan …

Maan pull her infront of him n hold her neck n slammed his lips with her when geet happily obliged both r forgetting everything…their lips don’t leaving each other n entered each other mouth like finding some treasure there…their hands massaging kneading each other flesh when their other portion fitting with each other n grinding …….They broke due to lack of breath when maan pull her hair n bite her collar bone n make her hiss with pain n pleasure….she was panting when the sensation of heaven she felt due to maan’s toungue lick her entire swan like neck to her cleavage ..she hissed when his lips kissed those taut buds but then next moments he bite them then suck them from above the top n make it wet….

She pout as she wants direct contact but maan hold her n hands tightly then again repeat the action she throw her head in ectasy but then shouts maan pls who is more devil today n didn’t do the thing n keep teasing her new way with her cloths on….n after his amout of teasing she carried by maan inside the bedroom for upcoming streamy moments…where she forget the other things only remember pleasure love passion n the name of her husband “MAAN” who mark her who claim her who please her who give her love who showerd her with his passion n finally let her sleep in side his arms…fully drenched with love n turning pinkish with his mark n red with shyness..her head to toe cover with maan’s love  , maan’s eyes , lips, teeth, finger , tongue love with new way n which she never knew…

She slept on maan’s bare chest….maan hugged her tightly….

Couple of days later , geet wake up n find maan is not besides her, she turn n called him when he said m here jaan…Geet get up after closing the button of maan’s shirt n notice her husband is looking n enjoying the late night scene.

At late night , in the swing maan sit when geet slide besides her but said aap aaj soyenge nehi ,Maan chuckled n said nope when geet pout n said aap bilkul bure ho , last three din se sone nehi dia , aapka dil bharta nehi mujhe tang karke , kitna marks hain sab jaga…Maan chuckled n pull her closer to take her in his world…

Next day, Both maaneet r busy with their kitchen n food as if some competition going on .they love to cook or say experiment news things .when phone rang out loudly , geet huffed n glare at maan who ignore n doing his work.she went to take it ….

Geet said ok fine I will inform mr khurana then shouts maan , maan ….jaldi n she make herself busy to make chocolate cake when maan was trying to décor the apple pie….Maan :- geet m here don’t shout like that ear drum break almost …

Geet narrowed her eyes when maan said what n geet said nothing m thinking to make u stay outside tonight n btw ur darling pa Miss julie call me to let u inform n she preciously said don’t forget as if I forget things that our opps private jet  for India book for 3days later n it’s confirm….

Maan shook his head n said don’t be serious..Geet turn n said m damn serious mr khurana…Maan narrowed his eyes then said ok…n took his phone as if calling n said miss juile r u free tonight so n before he can complete his sentence ,geet pout the batter n apple pie on maan n throw the phone n said I will cut her into pieces then u….

Maan look shock n then Geet push him n said u r mine saamjhe ..Geet is panting but her eyes when maan pull her but she just snapped n said u suppose to fight to stay with me not leave me…

Maan chuckled but then quickly shut his mouth n slowly said I was just joking…But geet bend n lick those batter n apple pie n said n I am enjoying now…n make geet chuckled n this time geet fully devour him with her way…she enjoyed she tease she is maan’s siren who know innocently teased or some time angrily tease but maan is in torture of her tease….

But then he enjoyed with grt control n finally flipped her to take her some where else….

Geet giggle to see him n kissed those lips n said I like Apple pie more n n whisper something more in his eyes when maan’s eyes turn wide but then he enjoyed this…

3 days more they have to leave for India, geet is excited after long she will meet her family when maan wonder , she didn’t complain n when he asked she said she know he will love her n give her time same

Maan:- geet but how is it possible there will be less holiday n we will be busy with our respective work when geet said for that time I will be also busy n our family will give that time so rest time we will be with us hain na ..dekha aapka geet ko time management kitna accha hain waise iske liye I want to give credit to someone else n she giggle…

Maan smiles when geet hold his neck n said my dearest hubby who teach me this…

When maan kissed her forehead..he is happy when geet said maan I am really sorry to behave like impulsive that time with u about my parents .I am just when maan placed his finger on her lips n said shhhh u don’t have to say love no one is at fault zone we all love we all do mistake we r human n more we r not perfect n more we want to save each other it’s not about…sorry or who is right or who is wrong hmmm

Geet nodded then said I …like when u take decision on behalf of me it’s giving me a sense of pride a sense of security that someone is there to take care of me, think about me but the childhood the time I spend with them , n they always took decision on my behalf as first anyone can see it’s parents right they do for their child, as child don’t know some times good or bad but some times few will think later when the child grown up it change as possessiveness but for me it’s cause m useless for them I don’t have any knowledge I don’t have the they told me many time I will do something to make them shame make them loose everything ..I tried my whole life to impress them n just listen once their praise but sigh…u know I was so depressed n shaken from the deep but then tried n keep trying but after meeting u n after u shower ur love care I am trying to see another side of love n life n try to know the family n its meaning but then that day seen them I fear n then want to know that they r trying to hurt as their ego hurt as I left their company n they want to hurt u…

But I can’t let this happen n then I try to protect but..u know all mess up n we fought..

Maan nodded then took her in his arm n said I know n can understand jaan but don’t worry…I am here now I will help u to come out from this..I know u didn’t do anything wrong but it’s my protective instict I know u could handle the situation but it’s my feeling I don’t want to see u hurt or see u in pain or even have tiny bit of stress ,I want to see u happy  smiling.

Maan smiles then said u know what I learnt from u…Geet twist her lips n said meine kya kya , kuch bhi toh nehikya , mein kya kisiko but maan scoop her in his arms n said u have taught me to love someone unconditionally , u taught me to protect someone..u taught me to care for someone before own self u taught me to smiles in adverse u taught me to stay calm u taught me to love others also like ur own….

Geet pout n said who is others n maan bite his tongue then kissed her little cute nose n said well n geet replied well n maan said stuff of KE, KT ,KC n tickled her n make her laugh like kids…..

Day before leaving ,

Last party maaneet r attending before they leave for India..but That Rohit is holding geet’s hand n which making maan boil his blood…he don’t know y , he felt current n want to smash that face of rohit n cut that hand touch his sweets….

Geet notice the discomfort but then maan excuse himself to attend a call but when he came back another shocker that geet was dancing with Rohit…..

Maan took the wine glass n gulped down it’s 12 no glass , he is looking tipsy when geet hold but maan look at her then at rohit n his hand break the glass brutally….

Geet clapsed her hand on her mouth n pull him with her. She took him but who is keep swinging back n forth n said go n dance n enjoy the party who I am …no one u have many ppl ur maan is no one  when geet glare at him n soon maan pout n said no I know ur maan is everything for u..but ur maan is sad , u know his wife left her to dance with another person no man no ullu no idiot no stupid n maan kept blabering some thing geet understand some not it’s little bit more tough work to pull him though one of the guards help her but he also getting lots of from maan who is keep pushing that man n finally maan reach to their home n after settling there , Geet treat maan’s wound which is not so deep but still  , geet heart cry to see this n then she heard again maan; y u went to dance with that donkey & after treating maan’s wound n said OMG u r freaking jealous of …..Maan is it true maan look at me…Maan turn away….n said I am feeling sleepy when geet said r u drunk or doing drama mr khurana when maan chuckled but then cover his face with blanket…

Geet stand there with confuse expression then shouts maaannnn u damn devil n jump on him n pull the blanket n sat on his stomach n said u damn what u r doing?Maan cover his face with his hand when geet pull it n said r u jealous but maan look away ..

Geet :- u were doing drama of being drunk..omg maan u r such a hit him playfully but then hugged him n said maan suno na maan who look away. But geet pull his hand n said mr khurana u r looking so cute with this but maan moved n geet fear to fall down but maan hold her n take her beneath him n said u know I am too possessive n he bend his heads n his breath fanning on her lips where geet parted her lips n maan pull her face more towards him n….


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