Chapter 5 of Saathi

Drashti Dhami - 8 (1)

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Reception n strong bonding & Scandal …OMG !


Geet entered with those heavy packet n noticed maan is talking with his pa….Maan smiles n hung up…

Maan look at those packet n said all ready n choosen for the party…

Geet smiles n said ha maan but u need to check it out….

Maan :-sweets if u have choose them then all r fine perfectly well..

Geet pout n said ok…..but maan chuckled just n said hey sweets do one more help…choose tie for me matching or contrast u will choose.

Geet gulped n said I’ll choose…

Maan come n cupped her face n said yes…as I know my sweet’s choice is always best like this…me…

Geet smiles n said u will never leave a chance of flirting ha..

Maan shook his head negative n laughed out…

But geet again persist him to check them when finally maan settled n geet explain the choice of the dress n theme of reception n party…

Maan smiles n said all r excellent perfect with those theme…..I was thinking what to wear but this is..u know this color sherwani will go with perfectly with ur lehenga…

Geet smiles but then maan said but u know with this lehenga n ur this dress make me think something else.

Geet put those dresses n said maan this tie will be perfect with ur suit , kyuon maan…n maan I need to check my accessories….btw u r saying something about what would u do with the dress I have choosen for myself….

Maan pulling something n said just show ma once the duppatta of ur lehenga pls…

Geet showed but asked what r u doing maan?

Maan place accessories with them n said here it’s….matching…

Geet look at maan in awe then chuckled but again repeat her question n noticed maan was smirking …

Geet placed her hand on his hip n glare at him when maan laughed n said do u really wanna know the reason.

Geet nodded yes but maan make her startled but then said huskily ,hold u infront of me forever…n … …..Geet’s breath turn high when maan nuzzle his nose with her ear n maan slowly with soft but sensuas touches on her ear , said eat u raw.

Geet stood there still her whole body was shaking like leaf when maan engulphed her from behind n said but …..Geet who was melting with strong desire just said but…..with little disappointed……way said…..

Maan nuzzled her cheek n slowly make her turn…..n tucked her hair n said u know geet….I never felt this strong desire for anyone….for any woman ever….I have dated couple of woman but never find find anything like this sweets…never felt to be their friends never felt to be their lover….never felt attraction neither ….he sighed when geet felt pain of stabbing on her chest…as if something chocking her something squeezing her heart from her body but then she felt a relief the moment that he never felt anything for them…but then how far his relationship with them…she never heard details….about those B***** or Gf….there is hardly mention about them on any paper, or any where…

She turn when maan slowly come closer n about to open his mouth but geet asked how close ur relation with them……

Maan at first startled then chuckled n can see the anger the possessiveness on her face….he try to say but geet quickly hide her emotion n said dad was asking for u…till I will give a call to adi …

Maan know n understand the reason for changing topic…he nodded….but then asked where is adi? Where he went…

Geet close the cupboard n said to meet his friend….

Maan nodded n pause for a moment then moved from there.

Geet was trying hard to adjust the zip which is not helping at all…Maan smirk n said come n geet, be a sport n let me help u…

Geet:-I’m not some damsel distress mr khurana who will need ur help….

Maan come behind her n said as u wish……n try to move when geet said I can say u anything or ignore ur help but as husband u should help me but u r just going out .

Maan shook his head when geet continue; isn’t ur husband duty to help ur wife……

Maan came behind her n hold her arms n said shhhhhhh…the simple word make her stop n maan slowly zip up her dress n said u know I was doing my husband duty…u asked me to don’t interfere in ur work as u r not damsel distress…..but was confuse that time as one side my husband duty said me to help u but another side said to listen ur wife n I did that but now I got one imp lesson…..

Geet look guilty n said I was disturb n I…just…I don’t know…I didn’t want to show u my attitude….I was……

Maan smiles then cupped her face n said I like this attitude mrs khurana….if u r disturb then u can freely ask me anything..n geet ……it’s ur only right……

Geet nodded n hugged maan….who hugged her back…Both stay there when geet said u r looking hottt maan…..n make him chuckled….

Maan parted little n said thank u Lady for ur compliment but not more than u…..

Geet blushed then said just wait for me let me fresh up my face little…

After this maan sat when geet finish her makeup n maan just staring at her……his intense gaze those loveable stare…..

She feel her stomach doing something n she try to look another side but maan’s gaze…..

Geet want to divert his attention n asked , maan y n how u hve so much patience ?

Maan :- didn’t get it…

Geet sighed n said I want to say how every time I said something ..I showed my attitude ..I throw my tantrums at u n u r just taking all so lightly , u never showed ur anger , ur …

Maan smiles n said oh this is..well then geet…I don’t know frankly if it’s not u then I would blast the person but I don’t know I can’t show my anger I can’t do it…I can’t geet….

Geet nodded…n softly said maan ..I never did it with anyone ..I never showed anyone my anger neither my attitude like this nor I have thrown ……

Maan :-hmmmm but then said may be everything has first time it’s for us…hmm

Geet nodded…n get up  for leave the room when maan hold her hand n said one more thing…..n took something from the dressing table n put a kalla tikka , behind her ear….this simple gesture make geet look at him in awe n then she innocently asked maan y did u do this…..

Maan look at her with confusion , shock then said this is cause of…Actually…then took a breath n said this is done to save u from all evil eyes….As I heard n noticed mom , dadi ma has done it in past like when I was small child…

Geet smiles in awe then said but m not child…n I just don’t know my mom never did it…as the words left with pain…her eyes r clouded but then cover with mask..

Maan chuckled n said this is not for only child, for any innocent, pure beautiful human….n it’s fine now ur husband will do it as u r too beautiful geet…I can’t describe ur beauty by words…I can say u r beautiful beyond imagination geet…with pure soul n innocent heart…..

Geet blushed when maan bend n gently kissed her forehead……n geet just smiles…..

..both of them mature both of them has attitude, anger, both of them never care for others view but y this is happening …maaneet took each other hands n went for the party….

Maan look at geet n don’t know what is wrong with him, y he said those things but those thngs r true, his wife is truly beautiful n innocent n pure but they didn’t marry too long to know her so well…..but to know n understand a person few moments r enough..he look confuse..he don’t know what is that…he is carefree but he never opened up with anyone so easily but with geet..he like her company he wants her happy he love to see her smiling , he like when she did well ..n make him proud…her eyes……always search for something n her past, there is something big , her parents…..she don’t know manythings…

Geet look at him n smiles when maan hold her hand n smiles back…

They reached venue n reporter try to hold of them but body guard usher them inside…..Guest turn their attention…n look at them in awe…..the simple yet stunning dress make them more gorgeous to the dress turn more gorgeous after they wore them….whatever it’s they r just complimenting each other in every way.

Maan give her hand for a dance when geet blushed……she hold his one hand n another hand placed on his shoulder when maan’s another one hand slide on her waist n geet felt a tremor inside her……she look at maan but then she shied ….her soft waist like butter under his long finger n those touches …..

Maan jolted back n look at his dad n realize he is dreaming n that….he shook his head…he was thinking….it’s right or wrong….what is going on……he need to calm himself…his calm n compose mind r now playing high on his senses, his mind his feelings r always under control but now doing havoc for him…..he closed his eyes n gulped down the drink….but does it help him or…..

His eyes turn to his wife where is she, damn,he can’t make her roam here alone…damn y he behaving like that she is his only…she is…he hold the glass tightly when his mom called him…….

Geet listen to dadi ma n smiles…..but her mind is wondering with her husband who suddenly disappear..she pouted n then remember her moments with him….

…..what is that, she is feeling but then maan whisper u know for today I want to be caveman n…….n make her twirl another side when maan said y u r looking so SE**….

Geet hold his both necks n tiptoes little when her lips brushed his ear n a soft husky whisper u too damn hot n raw……n make maan’s look at with wide eyes…. But then maan bend near her face n she heard some one calling her…

Geet turned n noticed maan is there….maan said what happen geet? where r u? I was calling u …Geet’s cheek turn red…..n she realizes she was dreaming n that too intense…

Maan hold her from her waist but felt shiver……he took her to met her few of their relatives first when maan’s mom also there then to few business acquaints…

Maan’s mom took geet with her….n helped het to get at ease….

Maan went to meet few of their clients when geet’s parents came there.

They greeted by maan’s parents n Dadi ma….

Later Maan’s parents give formal n another official introduction of Geet with maan …another official press release of mrs maan singh khurana….all camera turn click Mrs N Mr MSK’s pic….

Maaneet smiles n pose for them….Little later geet went with her MIL to meet few of her friends….

They talk little , geet excuse herself to search maan when geet’s mom congratulate geet for being house wife n become show off wife …..Geet look stunt n just whisper mamma….

Geet’s mom shrugged it off n said ur dad send u sms n ask u to come yesterday for some buisness party but what u did….

Geet bite back the pain n said I was busy..n I wouldn’t attend any of dad’s that type of buisness party where I would become a mere show piece….

Geet’s mom:- n what u r here doing? A mere show piece only….

Geet’s eyes burnt with pain n humiliation n that too by her mother n the day was so imp for her life.she again bite back the pain n tears n said don’t compare my husband with ur mrs Handa……..

Geet’s mom turn stunned n about to hit when maan’s mother came n said bass…’s more than enough mrs handa…u  have done the damage u want…u came to our party n insult my son n daughter in law n their relation…not every relation mesure with money……so if u excuse us n entertain urself here enough , kindly leave…..

Geet’s mom look at geet who said firmly mom pls….don’t make a scene n it’ll not good for dad’s buisness …I hope u would understand atleast not for ur daughter’s sake but for ur profit…

Geet’s mom bite back the humilation n went from there….

Maan’s mom placed her hand on her shoulder when geet smiles back n hide her emotion, her hurt , pain n guilt….

Maan’s mom shook for a moment to see the smile…..but then shrugged it off for a moment…..

Later maaneet dance n with maan , n his care n warmth fully make her forget the incident for a time being n she just drown with this newly found feeling.


At night, geet sat alone in the bed n think about the incident …..she felt hurt n angry towards herself, towards.

She want to cried but the practice of hiding emotions from past yrs make her stone…..she felt frustrated with herself…..she felt herself responsible for this…..she don’t know what to do, she want to hide from this all. She want to go away……she just about punch the wall in anger when maan hold it….she wriggled but maan took it tightly n pull her in his lap where she wriggled but then can’t resist anymore..but breakdown….cried…there n asked y with me maan, y my own parents think me as possession….only…y they always want me dance on their tune…y maan ,y….

Maan himself don’t know the reason but he felt the pain…the day was for their happiness, the day was for the celebration of their togetherness….

But…all destroyed by geet’s parents…he came to know what geet’s mom said to geet….his heart bleed to see his wife like this.

2days pass , by this Geet attend the final round n got clearance also.but this time maan can clearly noticed the disattachment of her.but the reason is unaware…he already give her review sply personally but still there is something missing…

Maan send her text

Before leaving , meet me at my cabin…

Geet wondered what is that but she replied

I will but I have to go with mom for some work..


Ok ma’m just give ur husband 5mins.

Geet chuckled n replied…

Oh ok ! Patidev jee btw I have a good news….for u…


U r pregnant…


Maan, u r just without doing….

Maan laughed almost n reached at his cabin when he noticed geet is there n he send the reply.

Without doing what sweets? What they have to do to get or make pregnant…

Geet read it n turn pink n look at maan who with plain face entered inside the cabin…

She murmur something n send him reply

U r incorrigble

Maan laughed our loud when geet entered n said u r just….

Maan shook his head n said what m ……I thought u have read biology….

Geet slapped his arms n said stop this maan… tell me y, have called me so urgently?

Maan:- well I have to go some where n need ur help for this..

Geet:- when u have to do it ? as mom want my help for her some work…

Maan close his laptop then said wait 2mins…..n said u r free now n u have ur work with mom during evening so it’ll not be a problem …

Geet look at maan with shock face n said how did u know about this?

Maan leaned on her n said that’s cause m MSK….

Geet encircled her arms on his neck n said oh oh Mr Attitude….

Maan nodded yes..n both laughed….

Geet came with maan to the shopping mall n n first maan took her to famous designer Mrs Saxena’s boutiqe …..

Mrs Saxena welcome them there maan choose few sarees when geet asked maan for whom u r buying this all…Maan said hmmm n then few salwar then few suit, few lehenga almost a whole bunch of new set for woman n geet fidgeted with her finger n said don’t know for whom , he is purchasing whole mall n y he wants me here…is he love some one….Babajee….

Maan smiles at mrs Saxena n all stuff left from there n maan then look at geet who with confuse expression checking all dress….he smiles n think how innocent his wife is?

Maan hugged geet n said go n choose ur dress..ur new office attire .along with trouser, skirt just choose few saree as I would love to see u in saree…n check this which r choosen by me…

Geet at first look shocked then surprised then blushed but then said this all r for me…

Maan placed his chin on her shoulder n said yes sweets..all for u .see u will join new office . new place….n more this has few reason.1.want to gift u , my wife something, 2.I will time to flirt for 24*7 now wife help me n give me big project 4.ur excellent performance at ur interview n impressed all.5.u proved urself n make ur husband proud….

Geet blushed n maan said so…let’s start choosing but geet said maan thanks..this is …then turn n cupped his face n said but I don’t want this materalistic thing only..this all I had ..I mean my parents but I want ur Saath….for all time…

Maan bend n n kissed her palm n said I’ll be always beside u…as ur Saathi….Geet smiles back then asked cutely  will u not help me….

Maan nodded n after choosing few maan said geet check this dress r the size of this dress is fine?

Geet check n maan hold her from behind n said my angel….n make her pink ….how much bold Geet was , but infront of maan she is witnessing n feeling a new world , new emotions…..

Geet :-maan this r whole lot what we will do with this all..Maan clear the check then stuff of the shop helped them to place in car where maan said u will need them all n this r just few…n btw let’s go , mom asked for u…..

Geet nodded..they r in car when geet said maan thankuuu I never know u loved shopping….

Maan smiles n said I never like shopping but I want to do this….but u know my first wish was there to buy them as surprise but then I was doubtful about something…

Geet wonder what is that n said if u have brought them as surprise then also I would loved it…

Maan chuckled then leaned on geet n said yes but still may be thy wouldn’t be correct like some will be big or small..

Geet confuse n said y , no maan those will be perfectly fine…

Maan turn n said it’d not…

Geet:-y it’s so?

Maan stop the car n leaned on geet n said coz I don’t know ur size……n wink…

Geet is full red ….. n pushed him…..

Maaneet reached home with all packets when geet said but maan , We didn’t bought anything for others….what they will think…..

Maan entered but found geet cutely hiding behind him…

Maan’s mom was looking at her laptop when she heard some sound n look at them n said are , u both came so early…

Maan smiles n kissed her forehead .

Geet look embarassed when maan’s mom asked what happen geet? y u r looking so disturb?

Maan chuckled then said nothing mom..btw u have time so pls give me one glass of mango shake…

Gayathri shut down her laptop n said oh ok..I’ll…..n patted his cheek..where maan look at geet who is looking here n there…

Maan found her lost n confuse n embarrsed also….

That was not geet, he know, the geet was confident, he know n aware that she is changing but …….he coughed n said geet go n change ur dress…u have this week for ur freedom as from next week u have to join….

Geet pout n said r u trying to scare me…

Maan yawnnn lazily n said may be or may not be…

Geet with attitude said but m not scare…..n went to upstair….

Later  gayathri with geet went outside…There Geet helped gayathri n came to know about her MIL’s work…she like this….n it’s almost dinner time when Geet return but Gayathri went with Yash to meet some of their friend n will take dinner there..

Geet came inside to find her husband watching tv….she smiles n greeted him..

Maan:-how is the work?

Geet:-it’s nice….I never know mom was involved with so many things. N helping others..

Maan smiles n said yes she love to do something, she can’t sit idle…btw where r u going?

Geet:- to heat up the food for us..

Maan nodded when geet said don’t she like kitty party like other women…

Maan switch off the TV.then said nope she don’t fond those things r …..she like to help others…n in her free time with those pets or doing gardening or experimenting new dishes….

Geet smiles n arranged the table n said have a seat, let me bring the Soup….

Maan:-oh ok.

Both sat there n start eating , while chatting also…..they spend good time….together….

Geet enjoy this moment n laughed when maan cracked joke….

They have completed their dinner when geet said maan I’ll see u in the pool side …I have made ice cream today..

Maan look shock n said when u have made them.u r full time busy n outside.

Geet chuckled n said mr khurana I am learning from my MIL to handle both front house n office..

Maan smiles n said m impressed .

After that,maan went to attend a phone call n when he came back found geet is busy to make something in big bowl…

He came n noticed her licking it….

He came n find her making or say adjusting fruit salad with castard…..

He smiles n heard her murmur ahhh this is perfect…hope maan will like this…she is so much engrossed in her work didn’t noticed that her husband is watching her keenly n neither she felt the marks on her cheeks…she make two bowls for her n maan…..…he came close to geet n slowly hold her duppatta n slowly slowly took it near to her face…..

Geet startled n said are aap , maan, sorry I just loved this flavor n giggled…she took the  bowl to give it to her when she noticed her husband’s dark eyes n felt shiver run down through her…

Maan slowly wipes corner of her lips n then her cheek…the touch was so slow so sensuas it’s make her shiver with’s make her tremble from inside like leaf….

She lowered her head in shyness…Maan said chale….

Geet who was drown in that moment just startled then nodded….

Next Day, Geet is talking with dadi ma when cook came n asked about dinner ..Geet look confuse but Dadi ma asked her to give the instruction…

Geet went with cook n with her knowledge she gave the instruction …she don’t know herself y Cook asked her…Usually her MIL may be look after this but in her home.she scold herself mentally for comparing two house…she went to meet her MIL n narrated her the full thing…

Geet innocently asked mom, this all things r supervise by u then y they asking me now?

Gayathri smiles n said cause u r DIL of this house n a DIL should look after this matter. U r now well aware of our havit of food so u will help cook n asked them how to made n what to make….

Geet nodded but still look confuse when gayathri hold her hand n said I’ll not give full responsibility now but will give slowly slowly so u will understand this all…n don’t worry I’m here always to help u..

Geet smiles n nodded then said I’m sorry mom, actually I don’t know this got tensed….

Gayathri assure her…n said it’s happen with all newly wed…n me also face ur dadi ma n even ur mom…

Geet nodded faintly n think no way her mom will as she never bother about this things as for her this all r need to done by servants…

Gayathri :- accha geet I have noticed one thing ur reception pass but u didn’t invite ur friends I mean didn’t get to see ur friends there….r they busy or..

Geet look at her MIL n said I don’t have any friends….

Gayathri look confuse then shock n about ask something but then said oh ok….

She also noticed geet was very much confident to do any office work but when it’s come to house hold work something is lacking like she is confuse or not confident..she at first thought may be newly wed but then….

Gayathri :-accha geet….do one thingI’ll help cook to see till just make two glass of Chocolate milkshake n one glass of Masala Tea for Dadi ma…

Geet smiles n nodded yes…They went to kitchen both doing work n busy to chat where Gayathri share how she was scare after her wedding n Dadi ma help but how she scold also…n sply her mom as Gayathri never fond of this work but then with time she learn n along with office n other work she did this..

Geet smiles n Gayathri said u know I never feel compulsion to do this but this out of love for my family..with time it’s grows only…

Geet nodded as the milkshake n tea got ready, gayathri called one servant to give them when geet said mom May I……Gayathri nodded…

Gayathri helped geet to understand the household work….

Next day geet asked Gayathri as she want to go out side for some time….

Gayathri nodded …..though in her own house she need to ask permission from her parents n they never agreed easily they make it clear without profit or gain she can’t go for some her own interest….

Geet came back at evening but she was feeling tired…she shopped well..she enjoy this freedom..she want to share this with all but before that she need to relax…she placed all gifts inside her cupboard n went to bathroom n shed her cloths…

Maan came back after 40mins n smiling ..he got another deal….then he achived something or say got something that make him smiling…he remove his coat, waist coat , tie n said btw where is geet ?she might be busy with mom or dadi ma…

He entered the bathroom to get fresh when he heard some giggling .she is talking with herself something

Maan look amused n heard giggle of his wife…

Geet was so much busy with herself didn’t find when maan came n just whisper

Enjoying alone sweets….don’t u need any help n rubbed his nose near her cheek then to her neck….

Geet starlted  then find hot breath of her husband…who is blowing air on her ear n face..Geet shiver n hold the rim of the bathtub when maan said enjoying here…..

Geet slowly open her eyes n said u r here really .nope I so much want u join me.

This time Maan almost startled n look shock ..but then he laughed n that make geet beilive that there is Maan in deed n in real.she look embarassed n looking here n there….maan smiles n dipped his palm on the tub n make geet slide little in shyness…

Maan took fist of water n slide it from geet’s head….shoulder……Geet’s brath got hitched with this simple act or maan’s close proximity or maan was sitting there….

Geet is feeling heavy where maan just out of curiosity came n then want to leave but can’t .

She look here n there….where maan just get drown at her like moth at fire…..A thristy man finding oasis on the desert…he slowly remove a patels from her eyes n sensually….caress her cheek….n stop at her lips…

He want to continue , he want to devor her lips, he want to…..he sighed then said

we have to go…come fast…..n mom, dad, n dadi ma will go before us n adi will accompany us..

Geet nodded but she herself not aware of anything clearly.

Geet came out n noticed her dress was there with her make up box…..she took them n went to change in changing room…Where maan found his tuxedu .

Both getting ready with confuse feeling n heavy heart beat.

So many things r going on n on…..after their wedding , it’s huge change for them….

Maan look at her n felt mesmerized by her beauty…but he need to get grip on him…Geet look at him n she clearly seen something deep in his eyes , some appreciation but then

Maaneet n Adi sat on the limosine….when maaneet noticed adi look little disturb…Geet nudged maan to ask him but maan whisper he had a fight with his friends.

Geet gasped n said is it serious…

Maan nodded no…Geet look at adi with sympathy when maan said don’t …’ll hurt his ego..

Geet gasped n maan chuckled….Geet leaned on maan n said I hope everything will be fine with him

Maan patted her hand n said don’t worry……

Then maan coughed n said ahem ahem…Adi…

Adi look at maan with confuse face…

Maan:- we r going to attend a high profile party…if u r having problem to attend it then u can go back Adi….I don’t want to give u pressure n smile infront of camera when u r not in ur good frame of mind…

Adi look at maan with smiles n said is it bro.

Maan nodded then maan took the phone n inform driver to take back adi after leaving them to party…

Adi smiles n hugged maan n said u r grt bro.

Maan :- don’t buttering me….

Adi smiles…after maaneet reached the place..Geet witntessed it’s held on Obroy hotel…..she smiles…she hold maan’s elbow who is like gentleman escort her to inside….guards r fully cover the place..Though this time media man r waiting for them…

They entered the Hall…n greeted by huge claps…Maaneet met few of their clients then went to meet Maan’s parents…Dadi ma smiles n wink at maan who blushed suddenly…

Dadi ma:-omg , see Gayathri ur son is blushing …..what happen MSK…

Maan shook his head in disbelif…

after time Yash, Maan’s Dad is few announcment..first my Son MSK will handle Tokeo n Paris Buisness together…n My cousin brothers will help him….n along with that My daughter in law Geet will join KC n KE as architect….Though we want her as Head architenct n more imp post but my DIL want to earn that place n we respect it….

Geet shied when maan nodded …All claps…..

Maan hugged Yash who said and along with that my wife wants her DIL will help her in Khurana Foundation ….

N then the party is we got the Hongkong Deal …so let’s enjoy this….

Now all of u enjoyed the party n later part n details will be told by or PR team..


Yash end the speech when few of their relatives n few close buisness associtates congratulate them but few don’t like it sply involvement of geet…..

Well not everyone will praise this all….

They announce for dance..when maan held his hand n took her with him…Maan twril her n said congratulation.

Kissi shayar ki ghazal
Jo de rooh ko sukhoon ke pal
Koyi mujko yun mila hai
Jaisse banjara ko ghar
Main mausam ki sehar

Geet blushed n whisper thanks….

Ya sard mein dopahur
Koyi mujko yun mila hai
Jaisse banjaara ko ghar

He twirl her again n hold her from behind n whisper….u r looking beautiful stunning, so gorgeous so sensuas …

Andere ko andhera nahi,
Sirf roshni mitha sakti hai
Nafruth ko nafrath nahi,
Sirf pyar mitha sakta hai


Geet chuckled a pink hue cover her cheeks when maan twril her then dipped her down then make her clinged next to him …..He said I’m sorry if I make ur feel awkard geet…

Jaisse koyi kinaara,detha ho sahara
Muje wo mila kisi mode par
Koyi rath ka tara
Kartha ho ujala
Waisse hi roshan kare wo sehar


Geet look confuse n said pardon…

Jaisse koyi kinaara,detha ho sahara
Muje wo mila kisi mode par
Koyi rath ka tara
Kartha ho ujala
Waisse hi roshan kare wo sehar

Dard mere wo bula hi gaya
Kuch aissa asar hua
Jeena muje wo phir se sika raha


Maan said I entered the washroom when u r there …Geet nodded no n said maan it’s fine, u didn’t oh actually..maan I just was little embarrassed..

Dard mere wo bula hi gaya
Kuch aissa asar hua
Jeena muje wo phir se sika raha


Maan turn her then hold her from her waist n said for that I……Geet cut him softly n said u have the right maan…Maan smiles n bend n kissed her throat softly n said I know I have right but I don’t want that right cause of we r man n wife but I want that right cause we felt it right ….I don’t want to make u so embarrass or akward, damn geet I can’t explain…

Jaisse barish kar de tar
Ya marhum dard par
Koyi mujko yun mila hai
Jaisse banjaare ko ghar


Geet chukcled n encirled her arms on his neck n maan said I want this with our …I don’t know but not like this like we married or …it’s not the feeling it’s not’s so common men marry n think they have right on his wife n just……marriage is not about Se* it’s deep more then feeling to feel to cherish….

Geet look at him in awe but said I didn’t feel that u never make me feel awkards but I felt embarrased cause…I don’t know maan like u said u had GF …I had BF..I have dated…

Dard mere wo bula hi gaya
Kuch aissa asar hua
Jeena muje wo phir se sika raha


Maan listen calmly n it’s natural but he felt pang of pain , anger n his grip on her increase n geet look at him n she can clearly see the possessiveness…..she said with one hand cupping his face.I never felt anything for them..thy were my dad’s business associetes or son of them…I never felt anything but I felt my heart beat turn fast I felt shiver in my body when u r near to me….I don’t know maan what is this called….I like to being teased by u…I like to being pamper by u….I …

Dard mere wo bula hi gaya
Kuch aissa asar hua
Jeena muje wo phir se sika raha


Maan smiles n took her palm near to his lips n place hot kiss then in swift motion make her turn.

They just enjoyed , smiles n this confession this little moment…they know they r liking each other it’s mutual….n they just loved this…feeling this moments…Geet slowly placed her head on his chest n feel him closely….her hand hold her from his waist….n her ear hearing the soft but steady beat of his heart.

Jaisse barish kar de tar
Ya marhum dard par
Koyi mujko yun mila hai
Jaisse banjaare ko ghar


There maan also englfed her tightly n felt peace..the soft warm body of her make him calm….her scent make him feel the world is so beautiful n full with flowers….

Koyi mujko yun mila hai
Jaise banjara ko gar
Jaise banjara ko gar


2days later,Maaneet went to have Lunch in Restaurent when Media hold them…

Mr Maan Singh Khurana can u say us about this MMS….u r doing something intimate thing with some of ur GF or say mistress.

Mrs Geet can u say how do u feel about this , ur husband’s infidelity ?

Both Maaneet look shocked but before they can asn Guard escort them…

Soon both Maaneet came to know the new MMS ,n noticed it..Geet said it’s morphed maan….

Maan :-I know n called his team….within 30mins they came to know who is behind this….

Maan look at geet, he felt if she would trust them n this then….in between tension n with this all he didn’t ask her but now they have to move to KC…

They reached KC n n geet almost jumped out from the car n ran inside…Maan got panick n run behind her..

Maan almost shoutsss GEETTT noooo sweets but geet just hold his collar n punch him n then kick him hard n said HOW DARE U TRY TO MALING MY HUSBAND’S NAME .U B****** , SO***********.

Rahul get up n said he suspended my wife….after she gave her dedication to this office n this man…

Geet slapped him n said u r sick……but Rahul try to retort n try to hit geet when maan kick n punch him but he noticed his sweets is again try to kick Rahul when maan hold her from behind n said shhh calm down sweets……. police came inside the basement …..

Geet turn n just hugged him tight ……this man just try to ruin my jaan’s life…I can’t….

Maan chuckled to hear jaan then said shhh it’s….his mistake….n he will pay for this….

Maaneet come back where their family came to know n who is behind this when Sasha kneel down n said m sorry sir…I don’t know when n how he did this…I never aware of this……

Maaneet ignore when Maan’s dad say yes , I can understand …but right now this is all under investigation ….so we can’t do anything….



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