Chapter 9 of Saathi

Drashti Dhami - 8 (1)

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Date… Realization


Maan cut the call n notice geet is thinking something when maan asked geet just shrugged it off…he notice her ago last couple of days whenever he is trying to be personal & she used to avoid him.. He wonder what happen now also..y she is avoiding him? He asked her sweets is there any problem? Something happen ?

Geet look lost n then said nothing kya hoga mujhe it’s just I’m ..I’m…

Maan raised his eyes but geet didn’t say anything n said maan wanna play ludo….

Maan look at geet keenly but nodded yes..they played few times but then geet said I don’t like this sorry …n get up from there..

Maan watched but didn’t say anything….

Later maan was surfing channel for some good movie when geet came like little kid…she looking like that .maan notice her n she slowly came n said I’m sorry….

Maan smiles n stop the movie n said u shouldn’t be when u r not at fault…u r disturb n u didn’t want to play then..

Geet nodded no n said but I didn’t behave well when maan said really oh toh mein bhi karta hoon kabhi kabhi tumhare sath. Didn’t talk didn’t behave n snapped u instead of helping u so…we r frined we r husband wife n it’s that we have the rights…

Geet look confuse n said but isn’t taken things or someone for granted…

Maan nodded no n took geet’s hand n said did we hurt each other feeling did we do anything give pain to each other nope …some times something we can’t share even it’s with husband or wife ..we need time space….then we did it..hmmm

Geet smiles n said aap kitna samjhdar ho mein na buddhu..

Maan laughed out n said tum pagal ho , iye koi samjhdari or buddhu hone ki baat nehi…we r each other partner …we have to understand each other….husband-wife doesn’t made by ego sweets. It’s about understanding that time u did this time I did.

Geet look at him in awe n just hugged him but then said u make me see understand everything new way..I always witnessed ego fight between my parents..they did everything to show off infront of all…I never understand thm neither their love, there was no love , understanding they always want to prove something show something…

Geet sighed when maan slowly cupped her face n said everyone r not same…they have their own way of thinking n doing but we will have our own way…

Geet smiles n then said aap free ho….

Maan nehi when geet playfully hit him n said chaliye ludo khelte hain.

Maan :- really Geet who pout n said aap aarehe ho kya nehi…

Maan nodded n went to play….they were busy when maan did cheating but geet caught it but maan said he didn’t when geet said accha aab dekhiye n after few games geet did same when maan caught her n she said tit for tat….

Maan try to hold the game when geet said don’t but maan again try when geet took it n take it back n said aapne cheating kyuon kya.

Maan oh tumne sahi dekha nehi mein jit raha tha

Geet nehi aap har rehe the but maan try to take the game n geet took it behind her n maan hold her ,both forget themselves n just fighting like kid….when maan’s long finger touch geet’s slender waist n make her giggle..maan notice it but he again same thing happen n he smirk n tickle her n soon found geet is ticklish…maan almost pull her to him n she almost sat on him when her lips touch his shoulder n she is panting heavily due to all tickle but oblivious that her simple touch make maan hard n arouse….

She felt something change n his grip , his hand hold her waist tightly carressing them slightly n make her moan slightly when geet from corner of her eyes n notice maan’s eyes r gazing at her….they don’t know but just drown with the situation Maan’s finger hold her all finger n both palm entwined …their face coming close their breath mingle with each other n their lips finally touch n they forgot everything …

They kissed each other like no tomorrow….when their hands try to explore each other more n more ….their tongue playing with each other their body pasted n finally maan hold n almost fall on bed with top of geet….he break to hold her lips again n again….nibbling beating sucking licking as if they r honey n he got it….geet’s face turn red with blushing when maan slowly bend kissed her cheek to collar bone suck them ,he pull the string n open it n freed her one shoulder n kissing n making the place red with nibbling…where his hand went inside the top n pressing her waist n back …..

Geet’s legs felt something strange..her stomach doing somersault when her hold on maan’s tighten…..she hold maan’s hair when maan beat her collar bone n left his mark…he bend more kissed her upper cleavage…..

He again looks at her face  to capture those lips….maan’s knee parted her leg which she automatically do ……they almost making out when almost shouts in pleasure n pain as his teeth left another mark on her another shoulder n his rough hand kneading her soft curve….  She shudder with the feeling…they don’t even plan or aware or did they just flowing with the time n moment….

Maan stopped suddenly but panting their legs entangled her hands inside his shirt n his one hand on her curve another on her neck….she is looking flushed when he is desparate n can’t stop himself but he kissed her eyes n said do u know where we r headng now?

Geet blushed n nodded slowly when maan again kissed her eyes n said do u want me to continue…

Geet look at him but didn’t say anything but her lips curve into shy smiles n she pull him to her… n he smiles n kissed her neck n make her moan.

He smirk n bite her collar bone when his finger pinch her buds above from cloth n make her tossed her head….but suddenly she felt the missing of wamrth when maan get up n bare his top then bend n said m asking u again r u sure?

Geet pout when maan smiles n then geet hear tearing of her top , her eyes turn wide n maan said by holding her back close to him n said

First rapture



There was a shudder in her whispering voice.

She was shy to frame her words.

What has happened tonight to lovely Radha?

Now she consents, now she is scared.

When asked for love, she closes up her eyes,

Eager to reach the ocean of desire.

He begs her for a kiss.

She turns her mouth away

And then, like a night lily, the moon seized her.

She felt his touch startling her girdle.

She knew her love treasure was being robbed.

With her dress she covered up her breasts.

The treasure was left uncovered.

By Vidyapati

He opened her inner n bend to love it , mark it cherrished it…

They felt a love of passion a desire a feeling which is confuse yet known yet unknown yet satisfying yet passionate ….their tops r bare n they hugged each other tightly….they felt a current touch them a sensation so deep so pleasurable..

They lips met again to create fire of passion when his eyes feast her n make her red like rose n she felt goosebump with the feeling with the passion he showered through his eyes…

While his lips left her n worship cherrish her  top , that make her moan n sing his name ….she never know this ,this feeling .she is confuse with this more..she is mature she is avance lady yet she felt confuse n what he is doing with her….this is magic this is  feeling of euphoria this is….she moaned she sighed her breath raged when he is keep pleasuring her , tears fall from her eyes….yes this is love….this is love….he loved her he is loving her n she …she…..he is about to placed his hand on her bottom when maan suddenly stopped but heard her sobbed..he look at her when she pulled him close to her face ,she is opening her mouth but didn’t able she is she she burst out in cry..she never felt anything sort of warmth she know he cares like respects her but this is love ..but….maan look confused n tesned  n quickly said r u fine what happen jaan?

He get up n pulled her but she nodded no but he keep asking her what happen she said let me hold u….

River and sky

Oh friend, I cannot tell youWhether he was near or far, real or a dream.Like a vine of lightning,As I chained the dark one,I felt a river flooding in my heart.Like a shining moon,I devoured that liquid face.I felt stars shooting around me.The sky fell with my dress,leaving my ravished breasts.I was rocking like the earth.In my storming breathI could hear my ankle-bells,sounding like bees.Drowned in the last waters of dissolution,I knew that this was not the end.


She slowly parted n look at him n said to herself what is happening with me…iye sab? I …I…


Maan n Geet enterted the restaurtent n geet said nice choice maan…who smiles n hold her hand both went to roof top through lift n geet said OMG u have book the entire top…

Maan bowed his head n geet smiles…They settled down..they chat when maan’s finger entwinted with her….his finger played with her…geet can felt something different is there..she blushed she felt this is new but is it or she felt this from past few days…

Maan asked for dance n she happily agreed …she enjoyed the cool breeze when maan said with a naughty smile , u r looking Damn Se** ..I was thinking the dress is se** n will make u hot but u know sweets it’s opposite…

Geet laughed when maan smiles but geet said u r no 1 flirt…

Maan swril her whn encirled her from behind n said really I was not aware also…pehele kisne bataya nehi…Geet look at from corner of her eyes n said how many times u have said this to how many B****…

Maan look shock n laugh n peck her lips n twirl her n with pull make her paste with his body n said well…geet snapped him n said dare u say the cheesy line didn’t count..I will kill u now.

Maan laughed again n almost hugged her when geet said m not joking samjhe…

Maan smiles then look at down n said do u know what does this mean ?

Geet nodded no n maan said do u know u have a n geet said I have ..

Maan smiles n said u have beautiful smiles..

Geet pout n said baatein mat ghumao aap…Maan again chuckled n they keep continuing when maan can’t take it n he was keep waiting for it but no more..he know it he realise it n he want to give her surprise…

Maan’s lips touch her eyes her ears her cheeks like feather his fingers played a music at her back…she felt like intoxicated with this , his passion , his warmth but is it all…he scoop her n they r standing in a hotel n he book the floor a open air restarutenrt for this moment. he make her seat n then said I want to declare something..I want to ask  u something sweets…

Geet look at him with flushed face , her heart beat increase her ears turn red she lowered her eyes then said what?

Maan bend on his knees n said geet I love u….

Geet heard with wide eyes , her pals r sweating badly when maan is waiting for her reply she look shock , tears start flowing n make maan alart when maan quickly get up n said what happen sweets ? but geet didn’t say anything n just hugged him….

She keep try to say something but she is confuse she parted n look at maan whose eyes only showering love for her,but is she love him…she bite her lips when maan nodded no…n cupped her face but geet just don’t want to say anything with her confuse state n capture his lips as if want to say by her action which her heart knows yet confuse her….

Flashback end…

Maan notice her stiff n stopped at that place when she look at him, tears falling from her eyes n she said I love u maan…I love u….

Maan look at her n smiles he knew it but he was waiting he waited that day n she didn’t say but today  she said it finally n he bend n hugged her tightly n rolled over n make her lay on him.he felt a peace which she also felt….they lay there when she heard his sweet melodious heart beat..she giggled n kissed there when maan look at him n said isn’t it I also do the same….

Geet blushed n nodded no n hide herself in his broad chest….he smiles… her….he kissed her forehead her cheek n said I love u geet..I love u I love u I love n make her laugh , giggle…she is most happiest person of this world….

Geet look at him when he said jaan ..kya hua…

Geet nodded no then looking at him n said oh we..oh actually….aap bura maan gaye kya tab mein oh I …I spoil ur confession our date that day n today…

Maan at first then smiles n pulled her more close to him n said pagli ur maan can’t be angry or upset on u..u r my darling my sweets…u didn’t say that day but ur action give me enough prove …n u give me more happiest treasure…Geet we can be one by everyday but this is something I would love to cherish to hear my love is loving me…Geet smiles n whisper I love u she screamed she moaned she laughed with this n same maan also do.. may be this three words r cliché but they felt their worlds there….

Geet next day get up n noticed maan is hugging her tight n sleeping she kissed his cheek n forehead when he moaned….she mere pyara pati hhhaa nehi dusht danav hain naughty badmash

She smiles n remember just few days ago , just before his confession…


Geet get up to see a smiling maan she smiles but then see him no where…she wonder what is that.she is staying with him yet hallucinating him everywhere…

She notices outside is pleasant weather after long time…she is here with maan almost 1 n half months they know each other .whenever they r free they just explore the place…chatted bought things n enjoyed…but she still felt something is missing there but what is that ? when she felt something cool chilly sliding down inside her top n she shierked maannnn who just laughed n run from where….Geet is jumping with the touch of chilly ice cube…

Flash back end

Geet slowly freed from him but then got chill air on her top , she blushed n remember their previous night , she get up n cover her with a shawl n ran to washroom….

She came back after changing n brush her teeth..she didn’t take bath as it’s early n she is feeling sleepy n cold little..she look here n there n make a coffee she want to wake maan but thought to give him little rest as he was taking too much work pressure she pout…

But after some time she felt bore then she smiles naughtily …

Geet tip toe n look at maan who is sleeping peacefully n looking so innocent…& Geet throw something on him n he scream geetttt….when geet claps n show him thumbs down then raise her invisible collar n wink at him ..

She is doing her bhangra when someone scoop  her n said my little minx little sweets so devil but u know m more u r so kid infront of me…

Geet look at him with scary eyes n then battled  her eye lashes but maan ignore n she murmur iye toh effect hi nehi khati ,Babajee n then give him more innocent smiles n asked meekly what u will do thande paani mein , ermm swmining pool mein iya …

Maan smirk n said keep thinking …when geet pout n keep saying one after another option.when maan took her some where n make her almost scream in then moan n maan just smirk at her devilously …

Geet cling to him when maan said kyuon kya hua sweets?

Geet glare him when she is shivering badly but maan hold her tight again when geet notice the chill water turn to warm one alone with her maan’s intense gaze ..she look down when maan smiles n bend his lips to capture  her rose petal….They engrossed …when maan’s hand kneading rubbing her curves …

Maaneet parted when geet bend this time to kiss his neck he licked his pulse he did some move which make maan also wonder alone with geet herself…but thy understand now that in love anything can happen….

Maan pulled her n placed kissed on her neck collar bone throat jaw chin….all turn red n has mark of  his passion n love…she is now shivering cause of his passion ….she try to look at him when he bit her shoulder with carnal desire…….n make her moan…

He look at him n smirk when geet notice the wanton desire on his eyes…she felt drown there …she looks at him then blushed when maan notice the tremble form ,  n he just scoop her more close to him n said sweets let’s have bath…Geet blushed…

Geet shied n lowered her eye lashes when maan kissed her there n said I will come later..n have my bath.she nodded she sighed ….she pout n slapped mentally herself..

Maan came down n wearing Deep V neck T-Shirt n Denim faded jeans..when he is about to enter the kitchen to find her throwing up…he ran n said sweets..

She shook her head n ran to washroom n when maan ran behind her with confuse face..after washing her face she said yuck ewwww..

Maan look at himself n said did I dress wrongly so but geet quickly said r u mad maan it’s not like that…

Maan said oh then what happen, shall I call doc…geet nodded no with chuckling sound n said it’s my mistake I put salt n jeera powder in coffee n….

Maan was confuse ten got it n laughed at her….he pulled her into hug n said paagli…

wedding of mg (7)


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