Chapter 15 of Saathi



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Maan yawnnn when geet murmur baat karna bekar hain insse…Maan look at him when geet ignore n continue to apply moisture oblivious that maan is looking at her intently…

Geet stopped at her place when maan said yes papa…I have settled it..nehi we don’t need to supply liquid cash but we need something else aap MLA n MP both se ek appointment fixed karna..yes…sure…

Geet turn when maan said check this file ….they want the tender for them as there is biggest transaction will happen……

She herself felt confuse when she heard him.

Maan sighed n said “ha jab biwi pagal ho toh kya kar sakte hain..” Geet said “what? I am mad…u told me this…u mr khurana sadu…crazy…n” throw the coushion n said “bare aaye huh when maan said sometimes I felt geet, u r just one..”

Geet look at him n when maan said “one piece sample we will not get another parts …”Geet get up on her knees n said “maannnnnnnn..I will kill u..”

Maan laughed n “mein dar gaayiiiiii… ha ha ha …”

Geet said “u know what I felt sometime I want to strangle u…u idiot…”

Maan shrugged it off n said “aapne pati ko marogi toh paap chargea aurat kuch samajh….”

Geet :-“darru peeye ho kya deshi one….huh nasha char gaaya..”

Maan smiles sheepishly n said ‘tere nasha se mukti nehi meela toh kahi aur kyuon jaaye nassha karne..”

Geet rolled her eyes n said “stop this maan u r….what happen to u , u y r behaving like that….pagal ho gaye ho…”

Maan yawnnn when geet murmur “baat karna bekar hain insse”…Maan look at her dreamily  when geet ignore n continue to apply moisture oblivious that maan is looking at her intently…

Geet stopped at her place when maan said “yes papa…I have settled it..nehi we don’t need to supply liquid cash but we need something else aap MLA n MP both se ek appointment fixed karna..yes…sure…”

Geet turn when maan said “check this file ….they want the tender for them as there is biggest transaction will happen……”

Geet took it n then said “r u crazy or jaan bhoojh ke kar rehe ho toh mujhe pareshan kya jaaye ha..”

Maan looks relax whn geet said “karo karo sab mujhe pareshan karo…” n sat there with grumpy face when maan chuckled n murmur “Nautanki…”

Geet sat with the file n said “mujhe sona tha….aap mujhe iye sab abhi dete ho…  “

Maan turn n yawwnnnn loudly….Geet throw a pillow n said “stop this all maan…u r tempting me”…Maan closed his eyes n mouth when geet said “what the hell , y u r so silent n y u r looking like this , grrr this man..Baba ji u make me marry this man , this man….kabhi nautanki kar rehe hain kabhi seriously office ka work ,w hat he wants ..”

Maan chuckled when geet frowned as no retroting from maan..she huffed n open the file n read the first page n said “what the F***”

Maan giggle when geet read

Will u be my date sweets ? I want to go with u a date..only u n me…this 25th May…

Geet read the note again n again n look at maan then almost jump on him n said maan, “aaap…”n kissing his face n then said “I just love u maan..”

Maan who was stunt at the action then know his paagli n said “what a way to say Love u to ur husband ha mishty..”

Geet slapped his shoulder n said “u give me no option n u my cutie pie my sonuuu my monuuu mannnuu my jannnu …my cutie my sonnuuuuu muhha muhhaaa…”


Maan   almost pulled himself away from geet n said “r u gone crazy…did u hit ur head some where …huh cute MSK who will say…I am hot..don’t u see the latest article of ABCC Magazine…”

Geet came close to maan n said “mr Maan Singh Khurana full world can say u Se** HOT or whatever they want but For me u cutest man..muhhaa..” n rubbed his nose ..Maan said “u r weird u should say a man like me HOT not cute..”

Geet crawl more close to him n said “no I should say man like u Cute my cutie my sonuuu my jaaanuuuuuuuuuu my maan my sweety pie my cutie pie m” Maan look at her n even before geet can say anything he slammed his lips on her n drink her words……Geet feel electric shock within her body..Maan make her flat on the bed when he climb on her n make her forget everything with his kissing..where geet’s hand clutch maan’s neck tightly  when geet’s teeth bite maan’s lip….n make maan gasped with shock.but then geet took charge n lick n sucked his bruise but make him hard n groan in passion more….they rolled on the bed n make the sheet tangle with them….they r making love with each other mouth  …they left when their breath left them but again they hold…n after long time they felt little bit of saitaited …geet look at maan who notice her cheeks turning pink n her lips all swell n wet……

He smirks when she lowered her eyes but maan’s finger caress her wet lips which make her sigh loudly…..but maan raised n his head n lick that lips …..

Geet’s breath got high but maan continue the demonstration ……little n rolled over to make sleep beneath him almost….he leave her lips n move to her coller bone..soon both forget everything n move to their world of love….

Next day morning maan is caressing geet’s bare back who moaned ,”pls sone dijiye thori der”…Maan chuckled n kissed her head…….

That day later , Geet has to submit  govt tender n she went there but meet her father..who said again something to hurt her ..But Geet didn’t mind she is used to it now…she used to think this before she tried hard to prove herself but ..she sighed n concentrate on her work….she can’t let down the trust her husband n father in law has on her…

She subtmit her tender n come out but notice maan is there…Maan smiles n then said “y u came here to submit it , u should send someone else for this…”

Geet hugged him n both slide inside the car…..n geet said “I can but I want to do it personally ..I felt good…with it.. my home project..n its prestigious …so…”

Maan smiles n kissed her forehead but said “hmmm only…”

When geet said “m fine jaan….he can’t effect me now like past..I can face him…”

Maan smiles in return n when Geet said “I love u jaan…”

Maan give a peck on her lips n said “I love u too jaan”… when geet hold him…she know y her husband came , well he fear her reaction as whenever her father met her. Just hurt her n her husband want to protect her from those vile words..she sighed when maan said “kya hua”

Geet nodded no..its strange the man is her father don’t care for her , the man who raised her for his own gain….she still wonder how could a father n there her husband , for whom , she is imp ..her respect honor..n her father in law..she sighed again when maan said “mishty ..I told u ..but geet said m But maan replied I know u better jaan..sometimes I think m too lenient for u..have to be strict…” when geet giggle n nuzzle her nose on his neck n said “u can’t…”

Maan look at her n said “for this u r taken this for granted geet….u r taking seriously…..someting else but not me nor my word…”

Geet nodded no n hugged him …if this same word said by someone else then might be she will slap ..but she know the love he felt for her..n he can’t take if she also played wit her life or hurt or help some one to hurt her…

She kissed his jaw n said “I can’t u know maan…I have to face him some way or any where..u can’t make me stay here under u ..I would love to be but I have to face..yes once he make me sad n hurt me with his word but not any more..his word don’t effect me..”

Maan turn his face when geet sighed n said “ziddi ho aap..”

Maan:-“tumse kam n sikha bhi toh tumse hi…”

Geet shook her head n straddle on his lap n make maan shock ..Geet said “I can’t take ur love for granted ur love is my lifeline..I can’t make myself also hurt u…u know then y u felt like this..U think that man can know u want to help me protect me but maan everyone need to face her past demon n me also..

I was thinking how could a onw blood do this with his own daughter but not like it will make me sad hurt or try to prove..I have seen other father-daughter relation but this is…its just rational thought nothing else…even if I don’t met him now or then still it will come may be…”

Maan look at her n said “see , he is effecting u..u r thinking y he do that n did …”

Geet look down n said “I can’t stop myself..”

Maan look away when geet get up n went to corner of the sit but her foreloon expression notice by maan who then suddenly lift her n make her sit on his lap …

Maan :-“ok fine..I got ur point but what will u do with that jaan…it will only hurt u , if he ever give u reply…”

Geet hugged “maan I know ..but can’t stop myself…”Maan didn’t say anything as he know this is just out of their hand…

That night , geet found maan with tensed looking face n she pout …she know y he is like that….

Maan was thinking about his mishty n her tensions when the light went dim n make maan turn ….  N find out geet coming with mug of coffee…he again look away n make geet sigh..

Geet sat infront of him n hold her ear like little boy when maan said geet who smiles but then hold maan’s ear…n make maan shock..

Geet mouthed sorry…Maan smirk n with little smiles n said “who is saying it n whom  who is right n wrong”..Geet chuckled n said “let me think.”.Maan shook his head n said “y only one cup”….Geet pouts n said “one time one question u r making me confuse..well first we both right n wrong & two cup for two person not for one person” n giggle n took sip from the cup…Maan laughed out loud n pull geet who said “samal ke maan coffe hain .”.But maan took both of it under his care n said my mishty my sweety my baby my sweets..

Geet giggle n said “if anyone will hear it then they will think u r talking with ur baby…”

Maan take a sip n said “yes m talking to my baby”..Geet chuckled n said “matlab ur baccha aapka samjhe “when maan nodded innocently geet replied “my sona baccha” n kiss his cheek when Maan make face playfully n said “baccha who is baccha here MSK ka koi izzat nehi…”

Geet said “haw u can call me baby baccha but I can’t huh……no equality aap bolo toh sahi mein bolu toh nehi, aap ka status if ur wifey call n my status fine my hubby huhhhhhhh…”n turn away when maan pull her again on his lap n said “mere baccha gusssa gussaaa hogayaaa, aab kaise mood sahi kya jayee,,,hmmmmmmmmmmm…”

Geet look at him from corner of her eyes… when maan pull her n slammed his lips ….after giving her a soul searing kiss maan said “mere baby ko pyaar chaiye abhi bhai bahut saaree…”geet turn red n maan make her lie to near by coushion n both lost in their world of love n undying love…

Geet smiles at sleeping maan who said “so jaao sweets.”.Maan pull her n said “itna kya soch rehe ho”..Geet kissed his heart n said “I love u…”the words didn’t needed sometime just some action n maan smiles n kissed Geet’s forehead replied my sweets n hold her inside his loving arms which always give Geet strength n warmth….

After 2 week or so, Adi literally pull Geet n said “no bhabi not a word, u will kill urself with exhaustion, just mom n granny r not here n u r doing this.….u know ……y u r doing all work where servants n many other ppl has..Bua ji just using u in the name of her so called love..don’t” when Bua came n said “beta Geet”…Geet about to say when Adi said “bua  …can u excuse my bhabi..I have some work n for ur help there r lots of ppl…”Adi ignore that angry stare n disapproval but geet look at it n try to again say but adi took her with him n said now sit here …n called nakul for lemonade ….

Adi sat infront of her n said “bhabi u need to relax n don’t let her rule u…u r perfect….Mom ,Granny all love u cause of ur simplicity ur loving nature….don’t change urself for them…”

Geet smiles when Nakul came with the lemonade n Geet took it…Geet slowly have it when adi sat there n place his head on her lap n said “u know after this whole fiasco we will go some where fo r family outing .. nice picnic for family n u will choose the place…me n bro will arrange others things..Elder can take rest…”

Geet smiles n said o”k pyaare devar ji”…when maan discover them n said “bara pyaar laad aaraa hain iss Bandar pe…”

Adi whined “bhabi, pls stop ur darling husband “when geet glare at maan who came n sat besides geet n give her peck on her lips when adi said” gross bro.y u r can’t control ur libido…”

Geet turn pink n slapped both maan n adi when maan said “y me n what I have done, like having se* here openly….”

Adi close his eyes n said “Hey bhagwan , Baba ji dekho kaise kaise lgo hain iyhan kya din dikha rhe hain…”

Maan get lots..Adi glare n went out before kissing Geet’s hair n said “bye darling” n wink at Maan who said “ Blood*” when geet said “maan”…who smiles n said “u r looking pale jaan.what happen…u r again doing work for Bua ji.. y u r taking this pain..lets them handle..Dadi ma , mom asked u to take rest now sit here..either I will lock u” when geet smiles n she herself felt little weak dizziness  may be due to heat…or something…

They had light low profile engagement for Bua’s son n Gayatri make sure geet will not stress herself n or do something….they enjoyed the engagement when maaneet took the lime light as couple n Adi just can’t stop capturing them …

After one week ,

Maan notice geet who is looking too tensed …n bite her lips then chewing the pencil caps constantly, he sighed n took out the pencils when geet almost shouts “maaan..”

Maan said enough now get up n wash ur fresh …Geet open her mouth when maan said “not a word mishty..I had enough of this all…u r taking too much stress, this is not way to do work n neglect ur own health , have u seen from last couple of day , how u r looking now? Dark circle, pale….what will happen Geet.. first tnow get up or do u want to me to scoop n do the” when geet huh n stromed her feet n come down from the bed n suddenly maan hard a sound n found her lying unconscious…

Maan screamed “GEETTTT”….Maan went n scoop Geet try to make her conscious but nothing is helping he flash water but same when he shouts “Momm, DADDDDDDDDDDd come here….”

They took Geet n admit her in the hospital…


U r under arrest….

I have taken a decision n I know what I am doing …


Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept

Hope u all will like this chapter

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  1. grr Geet’s dad he will never change :(.. God only knows what he needs from his life and daughter and cannot leave her once at peace with her family. Hayee Adi took care of his bhabhi who never cares for herself and busy working for buaji.. Geet fainted and is in hospital 😦 and precap .. wow you know how to hook us to the story 😀 😀

  2. di its 16th chap poor geet her father is ba….. precap is interesting

  3. superv part but geet’s dad will never change

  4. just love this part ….geet is is innocent …maaneet. part is so cute…..finally geet didn’t got affected by her father’s word …..grrrrrrrrr buaji….adi is so adorable … his bonding with geet ….
    ohhhhhhhhhh no….geet became unconscious ….what happened to her????

  5. Hi
    just love this part ….geet is is innocent …maaneet. part is so cute and geet didn’t got affected by her father’s word . Geet became unconscious ….what happened to her????
    Precap seems shocking
    Eagerly waiting for nxt update
    My IF name is Aakshitha . As promised I m commenting on blog as I m unable to comment on IF but pls provide me with link of all work on blog

    • Hi… Thanks dear…let’s see what happen with Geet…yes sure I will send u all link u can check the right ride of my blog u will get all link the thread at IF where I have posted all links…

  6. geet ke father ko problem kya hai aakhir kar koi phle mujhe ye btaye…but maan dad is uper cool..and maaneet scene is sweaome

  7. Fabulous Update

    Geet goes herself to submit the tender there she meets her father and he is still bitter
    his words hurt Geet even though she tells Maan that it does not hurt Maan knows it hurts her because she is a daughter that craved her parents love and now she gets that love from her husband and in laws
    Maan and Geet spend time together , they tease each other this I like about their marriage now
    Maan notice that Geet has been stressed out and over working not caring about her health
    when she faints he is scared and now she is also admitted in hospital

    precap is Interesting and mysterious

  8. Great part. Geet’s father is such a horrible man.what he did with his own daughter and still doing is just showing how much he is money minded and how much he can go low for his benefit. Maan was angry on geet as she herself come to submit a tender which can be done by someone else. But geet pacified him saying she learns to ignore him. Though maneet knew it’s not easy to ignore the person who brought in this world. I loved the way both were showing how much they keep worrying for each other. Both pampers each other and never leave a chance to show their love for each other. Now their relationship get that strength to overcome every problem of their life. What is the problem with this bua.she is taking so much work from geet. It’s adi who took her forcibly and told her that she doesn’t need to proof anyone that how much capable you are. I loved adi and Geet’s bonding too. They were looking so adorable. Maan also saw it. Omg geet got unconscious out of having so much stress. I hope she is fine. Waiting for next dear

    • Thanks Nisha yes true maaneet know each other n understand each other..their love is growing to face any odds…Bua is not liking that geet got all attention love….thank u…let’s see what happen with geet. will ud soon

  9. nice update
    geet’s father can’t change
    haww geet in hospital kya hua
    preggy ka chakkar toh nahi hai

  10. Adi is always my fav :p he is cute and take care of Geet. But her father is so cheap :/ irritating element. Waiting for precap.
    Thanx for tag di 🙂

  11. Omg geet fainted isse kya hua nd love the relation between geet nd adi nd that bua ji huh so khadus all in all loved the update nd precap waiting for it

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    she is hospitalized

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    Waiting for nxt is this some good news 😜 😊

  14. loved it dear


  15. superb update loved d geet and adi bonding
    ooops end and precap is scary

  16. awesome update . geet’s dad tried to hurt her by his words but this time no effect on her cos she know maan is always with her & he loves her so much . maaneet moments are super sweet 😉 geet fainted & maan took her in hospital .
    precap is interesting
    waiting for next 😉 🙂

  17. hi thanks 4 da pm n superb update! wonderfully written! beautiful Maaneet moments! Maan loves her so much! Hate Geet’s dad! he is so mean! She is sad! Maan upset! he cannot see her like that! Geet cannot stop being affected by her dad! Geet is happy 2 have such a terrific husband n in laws! Adi is so sweet! he teases Maaneet! Geet embarrassed! Geet fainted! intriguing precap! update soon

  18. amazing
    wht is Geet’s dad’s problem

  19. WOW!! wonderful chapter dear….loved it….but I am confused with the numbering of the chapter….As far as I remember , ur last ch on IF is ch 15….

  20. nice part….. maaneet moments is awesome…. adi soo caring… kya hua geet ko i m worried.

  21. Lovely update maaneet are so much in love geet’s father is really bad but geet is strong now very well know how to handle him she fainted hope nothing serious but precap very scary

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    geet fainted………
    what happened with geet……..
    precap seems interesting…….

  23. awesome update………….
    Maaneet enjoying der togrtherness
    Geet met her father and ,Maan s tensed ….
    Loved it
    Bua s making Geet to do all work
    Geet s lookin pale and nt feeling well … Geet s fainted and Maan s shocked
    Continue soon
    Thank u for pm

  24. thanks for lovely update …Maaneet. part is super sweet…..finally geet didn’t got affected by her father’s word …..hate buaji….adi is so adorable, love his bonding with geet ….
    OMG geet became unconscious & hospitalized….precap scary but interesting..!!

  25. Nice update loved maneet moments
    Love the way adi is supporting geet
    Maan is worry for geet seeing her stress
    Loved adi and geet bonding
    Superb update

  26. amazing update… both maan ad geet are understanding each other and trying to make their life happy. adi wanted geet to rest as she is making herself tired by doing buas work… geet fainted.. precap is scary…

  27. Superb update.. mann care and protective attitude towards geet makes my heart melt…
    hate geets dad… wonder why are her parents like this… their has to be back story…
    Oh my what happened to geet?
    Hope she is alright…

  28. Superb update
    Hate geet’s dad
    Geet fainted

  29. Lovely update maan loves to annoy geet the way she becomes sherni when he riles her up his sweet gesture for his sweets just makes her fall for him more geet loves maan insanely loved the names she calls him maan annoy but both forget everything in their passion geets dad again hurt her though she said she isn’t affected but maan knows his mishty this he gets affected by her sadness but makes him forget bybher kisses bua making work alot adi annoyed he drafs her away teasing maaneet maan could see geet us getting pale he forcefully drags her away so that she can take a break but she faints looks like geet is either too stress out or pregnant

  30. awesome update..
    loved it..

    geet was so worried to face her father while giving the tender herself..
    and can’t help but think
    why her own father treated her like that.whereas maan and their family loved geet like anything..seeing geet in so much tension he couldn’t stop himself from worrying..
    and then bua kept telling geet one work or another.finally Adi had to step in and do something..taking care of his sweet bhabhi.
    everyone is worried for her seieng hee so pale.
    what happend to her ???

    continue soon

    • Thanks dear…there is something will reveal soon about geet’s parents action…
      Bua is attention seeker…
      something lets see what happen with geet..will ud soon

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    Loved Maaneet’s moments
    Grrrrr I hate geet’s Father
    Beautifully written
    Loved it☺

  32. pixelflower620

    lovely update di
    Maaneet part was cute
    they hv worked on d project and now submitted it
    what kind of a gruesome father Geet has
    her family mking sure shes not stressed
    now what happened to her
    cont soon

  33. Awesome update di..loved the way maaneet’s relation and love is getting stronger each passing day..Man being naughty with his sweets and sweets getting irritated..I really admire Geet and Adi’s bonding..loved the fact that Adi cares for his bhabi so much..God these relatives..koi kaam nahi hota inko siwaye pareshan karna ke..Geet not well and maan being everything is reverse..Geet got parents in her in laws and geet is workaholic more than MSK..OMG! Geet it a sign of any good news..???
    Precap is scary so is teaser…hope it won’t create a problem in Maaneet’s relation..though Maan and his parents are quite understanding still the alligation is very serious…waiting for next di..please update soon..can’t wait to read further..waiting…waiting…😀😀

    • Thanks Tanu….truly….lets see what happen with geet…n geet’s father there is something will reveal soon…
      let’s see how maan n his family with deal n what geet will do..will give ud soon

  34. Geet’s father is such a…..he can’t be a father…how can he think so bad about his own baby..glad that Maan is always with geet..and hope that the new drama by Geet’s father won’t create a tiff between Geet n her in laws..

    P.S. – Posted my comments in 2 halves..this part got deleted by mistake…😂😂

  35. Wow awesome update

    Maaneet celebrating their love and family time

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    Beautiful update….
    Maaneet moments….(y)
    Loved maaneet and Adi scene… Their bond is really nice….
    Thanks for pm dear ….

  40. Mesmerizing update
    Geet so innocent wonder does her dad want uff
    Love Maaneet & Adi bonding it’s amazing
    Can’t wait next update
    IF simi91

  41. Amazing and Beautiful update!!Loved it so much..

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    lots of cute & lovely moment of maaneet
    devar bhabi bonding superb
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  43. Amazing part…. Maaneet moments n their love is growing beautifully…. So sad fr geet that her father is such a cold hearted..Lucky that maan is there to support.. Love geet n adi bonding.. Omg.. Geet fainted…. Scary precap.. Geet father will never change..

  44. Dear I just finished reading all the prts of saathi. Just loved it. Till now geet’s father is after their peace. What type of a father is he? Geet has got all the love from her in laws that she deserves but her own parents did not value her even ad a daughter. The concept is so nice that I want to tank u specially. Teaser is scary . pls update soon. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

  45. part 15 – geet’s dad will never change….
    liked adi so much here…he is so adorable..caring for his bhabhi….
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