Chapter 12 of Road To Love & Beyond 2

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Kuch tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahe


Geet came out from her room but soon gulped down the water quickly there is her death sentence in this weather her kuwar sa taking lap inside swimming pool n looking deadly gorgeous but y her stomach doing some-kind of Dance but who is dancing y she is….she gulped down the water but start coughing when maan notice her n said kya hua n coming out from the pool when geet shouts noooo… 

Maan look at geet with confuse expression..she look shock n shouts again pls plsssss kuwar sa but maan look confuse also n came out from the pool when geet turned n cover her eyes with her hands n said “chi chi ..aap aise kaise…” then murmur “Naangu pangu…”

Maan   came out n said “what r u saying” when geet “shoutsssss nehhiiii hey bhagwan iye kaise insaan hain …aise khulla ghum rehe ho app , Besharam ho aap…”

Maan chuckled n said “swimming aab toh full clothes se hota hain mujhe pata nehi tha sona…khulla nehi ghum rehe hain aapke pati dev.”

Geet suddenly felt a tingle sensation but then notice the smirk n whined “kuwar sa”….Maan smirk devil way n said  “hmmm sona…bolo..”

Geet said “aap besharam ho…kaise nangu pangu ghum rehe ho…sab khula laaj saram nehi hain …”

Maan chocked the juice n said “sona..I have my pants when geet turn away…”

When a maid came n said “his highness ur phone” when geet grabbed a towel n said “shhhh.”.then cover maan’s side n scold the maid “what r u doing here. Can’t u knock or ask ,place it there n go”..Maid nodded when maan trying to control his smiles n geet said “hasiye mat, kaise koi bhi ghus aatte hain ..aapko kya…”.when maan burst out in loud laugh to see the cute pouting yet frowning expression ..

13124961_1099376843418747_3219383969849304419_n (1)

Geet turn to see him laughing when she just didn’t think of anything else n push him hard ..this effect make him  fall on the pool but by-chance maan’s hand hold geet n result is geet landed there with maan…..

Maaneet both r shocked n starlted when geet clinge to him …Maan hold her close to him then slowly open eyes n found geet is looking at him n clutching his neck tightly….Maan whisper sona…who look at him cutely then slapped his shoulder n said “aap , aise koi karta hain kya..mein aise dar gayi….aapne mujhe pull kyuon kya.”.Maan replie “why u push me then …..’

Geet look here n there n said oh mein mein ….Maan slowly came close to her face n said huskily “oh mein mein mein kya sona” ..Geet look at him with wide eyes when her finger dug at his shoulder…..Maan look at geet’s face the same innocence but then water droplate making him feel something more with the innocence …something more is there…her big doe shapes eyes…r her soul they r too naughty always make him restless….her lips which r parted n two drops of water resting lucky they r…..

Geet notice suddenly maan went silent n looking at her intently, like something she can’t comprehend it..she look down but gasped to feel maan’s breath on her..she look up n to see Maan’s eyes on her lips…..

Geet clutch his shoulder more tightly where maan seems lost in some where else…he bend more when a droplate from his hair fall on his sona’s lip …which make geets moan “Kuwar saaaa” n his shoulder get scratch from her nails…

The action make maan jump almost n loose his grip when geet jump out from his hand…both of them lost one with unknown sensation n shyness n guilt another with sudden pain n pleasure then confusion….

Geet try to move but then notice maan’s shoulder..she tiptoed & went close to maan n try to see the wound…oops the scaratch she cause…she place her finger when maan felt the jolt n look at her who is busy to carress the area slowly then blowing there..

Maan don’t know the sensation now is it cause of the little cut or the cool water or her hot breath there…..but maan hold her hand n said sona….

Geet look at him with again same innocence that make his heart skip a beat….she look down n went away from him…when he is like some magnent or some moth went towards the fire…he stand behind her but his hand hold her small hand n said sona….

Geet closed her eyes , there is some fear some pain some kind of sensation but maan hold her n turn her slowly n look at her eyes which is looking down lile a kid who has done something wrong…

Maan hold her chin n said Sona. Geet looks at him with tensed face but then notice the affection inside her kuwar sa’s orbs …she smiles when maan just cupped her face n kissed her forehead ….when she smiles but another pink hue cover her…she look down again when maan move those wet hair ….they didn’t say anything just looking here n there when maan said sona….

Geet look down n bite her lower lips & when maan himself dn’t know what to say but he just want , but what….She look up to see a mixed emotion there she don’t know what is that she felt his hand moving n cupped her face softly…her cheek caressed by his thumb pad n making her hiss with pleasure…..she felt burning sensation with the simple touch …n hugged maan with force when maan starlted n pushed little but then smiles n hugged her back….

They felt content with each other….when geet felt more red as maan’s bare top is collided with her hands n top form n she felt burning with fire of pleasure n divine feeling…she want to say something but words r falling short when maan parted n found a small frown which make him chuckle , “hume thand lag jayegi…we can pull push here later sona n ofcourse with fully clothes”…Geet pout angrily n turn but her hair pulled her n she moan “kuwar sa ..”

Maan slowly freed her hair from his chain …n said “its fine now” n drop a kiss on her head…

They went away to change dress n have hot shower….

Where geet want to know the reason behind her own feeling the sensation, her kuwar sa has touched her before also then..she smiles n said “mein na sach mein pagli hoon, that was cause of cold water hain na.pagal kuch bhi sochti hoon…”

There Maan went to study for his work n got busy with them n its dinner time when he remember geet will be waiting n he bite his toungue n ran towards their room but couldn’t find out but soon discover her chewing pencils n doing something…she is lying on floor n all papers scattered every where…

Maan shook his head n said sona when geet startled then said aap , dara dia..

Maan raised his eye brows n said “who will be here than me..n what r u doing at floor…u will get cold..have u forgotten how long we were at pool now” but soon geet look down at first maan thought she is not feeling good but then maan discover the red hue that smiles oops little curve of her lips..her lips oops not going to distract myself again maan said to himself then cough n said “lets move sona…its pass 10.30…we will have dinner..”Geet yawn n said “mujhe nend aarehe hain”….n looks cute ..Maan said “ok will have light dinner n it will be soon over..if u wnt then will bring here..”

Geet twist her lips n said “I have to eat dinner hmmm n said can’t I skip it..”

Maan took a Note pad when geet almost snatch it n said “noooo” n then “I mean that is my personal…”

Maan look little hurt n said “personalhmmmthen no u can’t skip dinner…”when geet get up on her knees n hold his hand n said “sorry oh mere matlab tha there is nothing imp u know girlish thing something not so imp…”Maan smiles but geet can notice the change there ….Geet whined “aap aise karoge toh kaise chalega….”

Maan startled but then said “meine kya kya..I will ask to bring ur dinner here & try to move” when geet said “mujhe nehi khana…”

Geet sat with hugging her knees when maan said “Geet” ..but geet didn’t reply Maan again called but same response & aftr couple of time maan came n said “sona” when geet said boliye n make maan smiles n this time geuninly…

Maan sighed n said “sona let’s go…just for little time…”.Geet nodded no like kid n turn away when maan said “mere liye”…Geet look at him …..she want to say n he want to do…n finally…

She said “ek condition mein”..Maan :-“oh kya ..”

Geet :-“aap socho”..Maan  said “kya mein sochu tumhara condition”…Geet look away n make maan look confuse but then notice her n shook his head n just scoop her in his arms…n said “bacchi ho tum..ekdam nautanki bhi karti ho…”

Geet smiles n said “sirf aapke sath” n make maan look at her intently…then smiles at her..they come down when geet suddenly felt embarrassed at a army of servant but they have look down already..Maan make her sit then asked all to leave n make geet shock…

Geet notice maan is serving for them..Geet said “let me help u .” when maan said “shhh just stay there ….”Geet said “mein bacchi nehi hoon ,aap mujhe kuch karne nehi dete iha itna like army of helper n kya karu mein ..”

Maan said “u r kid sona..more than kid”…Geet whined kuwar sa who replied “u accept that  little ago..”

Geet said “oh toh baas aise pls…”

Maan give her roti n said “kya mein aapne sona ko feed nehi kar sakta…”

Geet smiles n said “u can..u have that right….but..u r blackmailing” Maan replied “u did same many time ”when geet pout then said “ok but .”

Maan dipped the roti in curry n said“ what but ”…Geet replied  I will also feed u &..Maan chuckled n give her one morsel n said I have right then u also….Geet smiles n then pout I have to wash the hand wait n runs to wash the hand..Maan  chuckled…

Geet came then help maan to feed..n doing same..both of them have half of completed their dinner when one helper came n said will clean..Maan nodded when geet said kuwar sa I will be back soon , have somework n went to kitchen ..Maan said sona u when geet said I know..will not do…then murmur jaise koi momm ki gudiya hoon…Maan replied u r for me sona.. r precious doll…I can’t do same mistake n see u r breaking beyond imagine…

Geet push the bowl n turn n said then do one thing make me sit in one place n don’t let me do one thing other wise I will melt or break…

She turn with huff when maan said sona who replied  yes boliye…Maan hold her shoulder softly n said do ur work whatever u want…when geet said no its ok..Maan said jao na..accha I will not stop u..I was just when geet turn n said if I don’t have any problem then will u do this same…will u ever behave like this like I am some doll…

Maan look at her intently n then replied yes…then also my action n Reaction would have same..I told u right , u r precious geet..yes I have problem n not will able to see u in pain but my action reaction for u will be always same….then said do whatever u want ..I will see u within 30mins n turn to go when geet said aap….n bite her lips when maan said m fine..need to do some work…n not going to call Rimita….

Geet pout n said I didn’t say when maan said u r going to ask…

Geet :-ok fine then said I can’t sit like tis..sometime doing something will not harm n u only said we have to enjoy this phase then….Maan nodded hmm.& leave..

Geet mimic hmmm only hmmm….then went back to her work..there Maan can’t comprehend his own action, he know its not easy then y he is behaving like this …y he is feeling bad , her snapping about personal thing giving him pain but her fighting with him making him smile….he is confuse what is hurting him more what is giving him good vibe..he know..he have to be hold patience , when they r progressing…he turn n notice all books papers scatter..he remember y n how his mood change but ….he don’t like the word personal..there is not personal between him n his sona but is it..or he is in hurry..he took n arrange all books n notes , note pads pencils , pens then notice the diary…

He notice the note pad , he try to look away when his eyes fall again n out of curiosity he open it….he know its not right its not good but he can’t….

he notice the note n found cooking stuff , some recipie , some drawing stuff…he smiles few more things , may its simple but not so…its more precious anything related to his geet his sona..he notice there is few rough sketches few drawing…

he shook his head n manage them when couple  papers fall from the table he took them when he by chance notice something…

Pal bhar thahar jaao

Dil ye sambhal jaaye

Kaise tumhe roka karun

Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye

Aankhon mein tum ko bharun

Bin bole baatein tumse karun

‘gar tum saath ho..

Agar tum saath ho

Behti rehti..

Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein

Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein

Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein

‘gar tum saath ho

Palkein jhapakte hi din ye nikal jaaye

Bethi bethi bhaagi phirun

Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye

Aankhon mein tum ko bharun

Bin bole baatein tumse karun

‘gar tum saath ho

Agar tum saath ho

(Lyric Courtesy movie Tamasha )

He eyes stuck there badly he can’t move….when Geet came there n said kuwar sa see it..I make a cocktail of icecream n giggle…but soon she discover maan with the paper  & said aap phir se, kyuon Maannnn n she just took those paper n try to tore them when maan said sona pls………but geet  said ek trust nehi aapko , thora space thora sa ..kaha tha…par aap hoke isliye aap iha aana chahetthe …Maan said no geet its just…Geet didn’t listen n tore them n said kyuon

Maan look at those torn papers when geet said kaise karu sab maan mein agar aapko trust nehi hain thora sa space….even normal couple nee when maan said so we r not normal ..yes I forgot it…..n turn we should have our personal things we should give each othr space if not then there will not trust isn’t sona….

Geet look away when maan said ok…I am sorry…n said I will not check ur things from now on…n went away when geet sat down with huff ..She don’t know what to say or do…she just…she is confuse with this sharing..she know everytime she want to do her masa ignore her bhai sa never bother n her dadi sa will taunt .there was no where her kuwar sa want to see, he went far away..she felt bad she mocked by them she want to share this all pain with kuwar sa but with time she try to hide..she try to stop this all writing painting but not able to she did it n she remembed only one face, her kuwar sa….

Ice cream melting when she cried n think what to do …yes they r giving chance but……she just want to ran away from everything but she can’t ..she will die without her kuwar sa but.. just when suddenly  maan came n said have it ..Geet didn’t see n try to move but maan pull her n said the song u have written …the lines were there missing here…see

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai

Agar tum saath ho
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
(Agar tum saath ho)
Har gham phisal jaaye
(Agar tum saath ho)
Din ye nikal jaaye
(Agar tum saath ho)
Har gham phisal jaaye

(Lyric Courtesy movie Tamasha )

Then some rough scribbling ….Geet look at it in awe n confuse then shock expression when maan turn n said I never want to invade ur personal space..y I will but I thought u r mine sona , mine there is not personal space between us…I never thought for u neithr u but may be when geet said u were not there….I got scolding mocking from all cause of this then how it will be easy for me…I was scare to show thought I know we r giving chance I know u said u will help I will but….

Maan smiles n said we r trying atleast….Geet sobbed meine sab barbaad kar dia n before maan can say anything geet hugged him ….Maan didn’t say when geet said I got mock before all , others ignore none help or praise me, u r not there..I thought none will like it..I thought everyone will..I was when maan hugged her back ..then bend n said look at me n said I can’t mock u .yes I ignore u..I was bad I was jerk..Geet moaned when maan chuckled n said but I want to know..I want to know u in every way..I want to share my self my everything with u in every way…yes may be I do something in hurry but sona….I can’t ignore ur things ….its ur talent ur dream ur work they r too precious..see this is our trying we r trying , this fight this mus this making up everything….Geet nodded n hugged maan when maan said I know those lines will write but ,I want u to help me to have that cocktail melt ice cream…Geet look at maan confuse way then smiles sheepishly….

Geet said but I have done it then when maan said what is wrong with me then if I will n u can correct me if I have done anything wrong…who have done wrong or right , doesn’t matter…See if I wouldn’t have taken that part personal so then when geet said but I said…Maan chuckled n said its personal n u said right n look at geet deeply when geet softly said for our..Maan smiles n tuck that loose strand

Geet nodded but then said shall I bring another ice cream instead of it..Maan sat with everything down near the big window n said nope sweet heart n make geet turn pink when maan said so what it that line hmmm…

Geet look at maan who is writing when maan said help me to have that..Geet chuckled then said I have brought spoon but maan said will have it like milkshake..n winks at her….she just staring at her kuwar sa n helping him to drink it n occasionally she is also having .both r huming the song n engrossed with each other n in their small world oblivious they r having the melted ice cream from same place…

They slept there like that ..Geet’s head on maan’s shoulder n maan’s head on her….Geet wake up due to Maan’s thunder sound…She look at the place n see the way they were sleeping….she smiles n she remember the previous night n think how many incidents happen…how events after events..she sighed don’t know she never expect but how n when their life is going like expected way….her thought went towards her kuwar sa who moaned cause of sun rays n hugged geet…his face almost hiding in side her neck….n his hot breath..Geet shiver with this proximity…she try to move but can’t ……she look at maan’s half face n sighed she look away ….she never expected that kind of reaction from her kuwar sa ..she never think …she went back to their conversation….then what her Saas said Arya bhai sa said…her kuwar sa changed, she can feel it…there is pain something more….like her ,she lost in the track n dose off to sleep..

She remembers later her self cover by Blanket when he was sleeping on his stomach ….at their bed…that day they spent lazily…still they r try to absorb the fact of yesterday night..they r getting event after event…

Next day Maan was working inside their room when geet came there with a phone n said aapka office hain…

Maan said what is there? I am not going to pick it now ,check it n let me know…

Geet sighed n took out the information… n do the necessary thing…she wonder what maan is doing now, her kuwar sa is weird sometime…she went to call him when he behind the curtain n said anything u need ..

Geet nodded no but said u r doing what ? Shall I help u…

Maan almost shouts nooopeee..I mean no, u need to do something ..u can make the ice cream cocktail…u melt it yesterday after having fight with me…go n do it…Geet look at him with baby face n murmur pagal ho gaye hain ..meine fight kya, khud toh , kya hua unhe….mujhe pagal kar denge, almost kar dia then said if u don’t want me to see then say na…Maan bite his tounge then said aise nehi but u know men work , u can’t help…

Geet wonder n couldn’t help n said Men work behind the curtain n when maan said ok come n help me but then don’t say me I didn’t warn u to become embarrassed n I know this is not mean u don’t want to make Ice Cream cocktail ..I have scolded you yesterday so…its ok..come….

Geet look at him like he is some alien then said u don’t have to do any drama …..n murmur something more n went from there when Maan said thank GOD…n continue to do his work…

Geet was busy to do her work when suddenly one of the servant came with panting n said Chote Bahu rani saheva…oh oh Hukum..

Geet stopped n said what happen…another servant come n said oh n then Hukum need ice pack..

Geet look confuse n said what is going on there….

Two servants look down n said Ice pack..Geet closed her eyes n said what the hell is going on with this..then said go n hve it ….then take the tray brings ice cream cocktail when she heard one of the servant said bahurani, sorry but u can’t go there..

Geet stopped at her place n said what….

For a moment she stop n think negatively but then their moments fights promises she took deep breath n said who has asked u stop me here..

The servant look down n gulped his saliva but said Hukum..Geet again stop for a moments then said move ahead when servant said but bahurani n stop to see the glare he received when Geet entered the room n found her kuwar sa sitting on couch n try to sooth his finger ……she can sense the pain . she place the tray n said what happen n notice the damage , swelling finger then notice by chance one foot is also has damage…she closed her eyes n glare at maan cutely when maan frown then glare at the servant ..

Geet said go n bring hot n cold water n more ice pack right now…..

The authority the aura , maan chuchkled but stop to see her frowning …she took his hand n caress it n slowly clean the area in both hand n foot then applying the ice pack…

Soon with hot n cold water n ice pack she did the initial work then call Dr….Maan can see the tear try to spill out , he remember from childhood she is like this…if they r still in their childhood she was crying like..

He sighed n then said y u r calling dr .we can have pain killer n then if needed take instruction from Rim but stop to see the glare …

Geet said don’t u trust me….Maan smiles n pull her n said I trust u more than anything..but I don’t like this fat tears…Geet look away…with biting her lips…

Dr came n check it..its just swelling n there will be need painkiller if swelling will not lessen then u can have the X ray…other wise I guess it will be less n its nothing to nothing much happen with ur nails then fine its..

Geet nodded n said thank u.Geet asked then to one of the lackey to escort the dr..n she came back to maan who is resting …she caress his face n said jada lag rehe hain..He smiles n nodded no then said what a luck I have..Geet frown suddenly then maan said see today also ice cream melted…

Geet look at the tray n chuckled then asked another lackey to take it back ..

She said aap baithye mein aati hoon.Maan nodded n went to his bed for resting…when geet came with Milk n little more biscuits n said have it first then u will have painkiller…no arguments…

Maan before can say anything she said everything like cute boss but he nodded n know she will feel bad more n its for his best….he try to took it when geet sat n said let me n make him have the biscuits n milk then give painkiller….

After sometime Maan was sleeping when Geet went near to window n cover one side so light will be prevent from coming as it may disturb maan’s sleep…that time she notice something…Her painting….no its paintings ….she gapsed almost loudly then look at maan who is sleeping peacefully…now but she know everything n guess also…she remember their one day ago a simple conversation about her painting

Maan look at those paper those sketches so professional touch when geet bite her lips then look away with close eyes… when maan cupped her face n said u r out standing sona…I am taking this….will frame them.Geet try to protest but maan didn’t listen

She don’t know what to say or do..she went near the frame n caress them lightly she crying in joy then turn n cme near to maan n hold his hand…that wounded hand …oops two finger but for her…she slowly kiss them ..she don’t know what to do ,she is elated she is in pain she is..she don’t know what to do just sat there n staring at him lovingly…n caressing his wound..

Later Geet bring Lunch for him at there n fed him when he try to say something she will say what is ur problem ? if u have wounded hand then take rest…n murmur something..Maan will be have to agree with his sona but he is enjoying this pampering…

She at the evening time brought the ice cream cocktail n feed him first bite n said see the thing didn’t melted n now tell me how is it..

Maan smirk n said well n make geet pout then smiles to see the broad smiles at maan’s face n wide arms for her…she just hugged him…they sat there n have their ice cream ofcourse geet is feeding…n having his jhootha also…

Maan said sona when geet said I know then said mere liye aapko lag gaaayi then notice the frown n said I know u will not like it to hear but I don’t know what to say kuwar side I felt elated then confuse then felt pain to see u …its just…Maan said I only know ur smiles happiness which will give me happiness n for that I can take any pain..

Geet sniffed n said I will die to see u in pain …n make maan gasped n pulled her instantly in his arms …n said m fine m fine sona shhh don’t say like this….

Both of them unware the depth of their feelings their emotions they have for each other yet they r discovering this ….

When maan said I don’t know what u will take with my reaction about that thing..Geet look confuse when maan said that personal thing..I know when geet hasten to stop but maan said sona..everyone need space, but..I don’t know what is with me..I can’t see u away from me..I felt something else..I don’t know ..I don’t like any personal world away from me..I loved ur each n everything thing those r precious for me, I am not obessssive sona..Geet gapsed n turn n said no kuwar sa u r not…when maan said I was not there but I can’t mock u I can’t yes I can scold u n oh mere haq hain jaise tumhara…Geet nodded n cupped his n said u r not obessessive ….u r just possessive…she stop n said u know what u will think about this If I say I don’t like Rimita bhabi an inch near to u be it any relation…I know its wrong she is just helping but..I can’t help…I tried , she is sweet ,she good but I was like..

Both look at each other with confuse expression when geet leaned on maan more n maan said may be we will understand this all with time Geet accepted it…


Within couple of  days the swell subsided n pain also vanish….but geet still to be sure as she know how her kuwar sa is …..Neglecting his health…when she said it clearly he just roll his eyes n said I have put weight thanks to u sona..

Geet twist her lips n said don’t u like my food

Maan I loved them but see the quantity u r giving me..

Geet sat with huff n doing something but said u were hurt wounded badly…u need healthy n good amount of foods to regain health n strength …

Maan chuckled but then stop to see her frowning face n said ok ok ..I was hurt n rolled his eyes…

They check with dr later n after nth times Geet asked about maan’s fitness she let him do normal work…

Maan was doing full day his office work then took break n felt he is lazing around more…if he will go to gym then sona will scold then hmm light but then he remember something n went out side….

After 15 mins or so Geet discover him at ground with all sweaty…but looking so relaxed n enjoying..she chuckled then decide to give him surprise….

Maan felt someone also there n hold his football n turn to see geet is there n tapping the ball….

Geet smirk n try to take away the football n do it professionally & make maan shock…they both r playing n try to snatch the ball from each other n quiet successful also n the moment Arya n Rimita discover them in the mud wriggling with ball or each other…..


Both of them r shocked but for maaneet its their game or something else now…limp entangled n their body fit with each other so well every curves flat portion fitting like perfect way..Geet was on top of maan when maan turn n make her beneath him n looking at her with full concentration…when Rimita look at arya n rimita gasped more as its like Maaneet making out the way they r with each other n…rimita said open Love maki but stopped

Arya gapsed in horror but glare at rimita n cough loudly…when Maaneet r in their land but then rimita call n finally Arya took the ball n throw it to maan’s head n make him jump when geet notice Arya n almost felt herself hiding some where….Maan look at arya then at geet who is pleading him through her eyes then they both got up like two kids caught by elder…

Arya rolled his eyes n said I have called u n sent many sms but guess u where busy some where..Rimita giggle when Geet look down to search something n slowly went behind her kuwar sa…when maan went from there to look at his mobile n geet gasped n run behind him ..their action make Rimita n arya chuckled…

Maan wipes the mud n notice the mobile when geet stand behind him …Maan got it that he has missed this n said oh yes forgot no missed it hmmm so….

Make Arya again chuckled when Rimita said we have invited by Adiya ji for dinner…Maan remember oh yes n then look at geet n said sona u remember .Geet nodded but then look at him then remember how they n then at arya slightly n ran from there….her cute action make Arya giggle almost when maan look confuse then something like oh yes n ran behind her…

Both Rimita n Arya laugh at their behind to see how cute n adorable they r….

Later, Maan discover geet with frowing expression…. Geet look at the saree with confuse n shock expression when maan said give me…I will but geet said nope u will not help but..Maan raised his eye brows but..Geet turn pink when maan smirk n took the saree n said so…    his hand n long finger felt on her waist n make her gapsed n he gently pull her close to him….the naughty smiles teasing his lips make red n curl her toe…she look down when maan said see experience give us help…helping ur doll n who knows one day I will help my own doll my sona ….


Geet blushed more when maan hand caress that area from the clothes….Geet went inside too have inner skirt n blouse then come with a cover of shawl but maan didn’t see but remove the shawl n geet felt her whole body was chill but then look at maan slowly n felt its cover with warmth…her kuwar sa’s eyes…she look down n let him do everything .His fingers were instrument n she is like the key or his fingers r keys n she is instrument…she sighed with deep breath….her skin tingle wherever his hot breath felt….her chest turn heavy ..there Maan’s condition more worse with his sleeping desire seems awake but then one look at her face n he only remember his sona…she look at him when he put simple jewelry then fill her mang with sindoor n make her eyes moist then smiles when he smiles back….she love this pamper this moment she is enjoying…they get ready n come down stair….


Precap :-

Kurbaan Huaaaaa..

Puri hui har arzoo har dastaaan meri

ki Tum suru hue jahan mein khatam hua

Blastttttttttttttttttt Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….Kuwar saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept

Hope u all will like this chapter

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  1. Kuwar Sa and his Sona are discovering their love. Yet they didnt realize it 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Maan adores Geet’s writings and her paintings.
    Geet is still insecure to share all hers as she has never got appreciation for it at her place and her kuwar sa was not there then. The personal space couldn’t be defined by her clearly. Loved the way Maan explained her he wants to be part of everything for her.
    True that he is possessive not obsessive ❤ ❤ Rather both are possessive :).. Geet cannot even tolerate her bhabi near her kuwarsa 🙂 :).
    Maaneet football game hayee 🙂 :).

  2. I loved it … So beautiful update … & precap ..hyeee … Eagerly waiting for another update …

  3. It’s was hilarious when geet started to shout seeing maan who was coming towards her without shirt. Geet was feeling some sensation when she saw him doing swimming..maan was amused seeing her reaction. When they fell down in the pool , n got lost in each other was a dreamy part.
    Geet got angry seeing maan who was reading her personal diary. Maan also felt bad when geet told him that he should give her some space and also should not invade in her personal things. Maan left without saying anything. Geet also felt bad and realized she shouldn’t have said that thing to maan. I was surprised when maan come back and showed her full version of her poem.geet hugged maan and asked sorry and also told him that she has always been neglected and accused seeing her all hobbies. So that’s why she become ai aggressive. Maan hugged her back and consoled her.
    Omg maan injured his fingers by doing that painting framed. Geet was angry on him n maan was chuckling seeing her cute anger. In loved the way geet was taking care of him and showing him her bossy side.
    Maneet were playing football and while playing they were so close and lost in each other that they didn’t realize arya’s presence who was coughing to get their attention. Poor geet was so much embarrassed. Maneet are getting close to each other. There is many things which are still need to work but gradually they are understanding each other. Waiting for next dear

  4. Fab beautifullll part ❤ it kuwar sa n sonaaaa uffffff 😘 😘 though maan got hurt hearing personal word from Geet but thn calm down n knw it will take time he complete Geet song n hangng herone of painting he injure his fingers n Geet tc of him to much nnpamper him which he like while play football thy both lost in game n each other thy forget guest n their embarsment make thm.happy….maan help to wearing Geet saree.thy both feeling deep for each other bt dnt knw when thy will give to name..
    Waiting for nxt
    Thanks for pm😊

  5. Superb update
    maan helped her to wear sari
    both are falling in love with each other

  6. beautiful update………….
    Loved it
    Maaneet r spending time with each other
    Maaneet moment r awesome
    Dey playing with each other and der emotions r overflowing
    Continue soon

  7. haaye what i say its so beautiful journey of kuwar sa and his sona…full of love jo wo khud nhi jaante
    he want to become part of her life in every manner …but she fearing due to past when he left her… little bit jealousy with possessiveness …loved it… then maaneet game…amazing…

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    wow simply wow
    ooops precap what blasst …..

  10. awesome update . kuwar sa & sona …. their each & every moments are special …. swimming pool moments , their football game , sari moment 😉 both are possessive & loves each other but can’t understand their feelings . maan loves geet ‘s works… her paintings , her writing but at first geet was not ready to share her secret with him cos everyone mocked her & she complained that that time he was not there with her .
    hope soon they will realize their feelings 😉
    precap is interesting
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  13. awsemm love is in air for maneet

  14. Beautiful update
    Loved it
    Waiting for next update eagerly

  15. Lovely Cute :* wala update yar
    loved it a lot and lot 🙂

  16. Phenomenal Update

    I had always thought that with Maan and Geet been friends when they eventually start falling in love they would know but certainly I was wrong I think the feelings they have and are experiencing is their very first and like Maan says they have to experience and they will soon understand why they feel these mixed emotions .
    For Maan it seems there is always that guilt the pain and now him been confused with why he reacts in a certain way just makes they journey more intriguing
    Geet telling Maan that its her personal stuff and he gets hurts but later she explains him how he was not around when everyone mocked her and surely that pain is still deep
    I like that Maan is not rushing the relation yes they do have a lot of past guilt and pain to wash away and I’m sure once they recognize their feelings I’m sure it will blissful for them .
    I liked that even though they had a misunderstanding they both cleared the air instead of just staying away from each other or perhaps ignoring the other .
    Maan and Geet playing that was an awesome scene .

  17. superb update
    loved it dear
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  20. superb update…
    loved it..
    maneet feeling something different for each other…
    love how they are slowly coming close to each other….
    loved maneet love,care, nokh jokh….
    football game was the best part and how geet is trying to hide behind maan…
    waiting for next part…

  21. It was amazing update
    What hilarious when geet cough maan was coming without shirt to geet
    Love when maan pull geet to the pool too
    Ur great writer sis
    Waiting next chapter soon
    Thank yu so much
    IF simi91

  22. dhire dhire se meri zindgi mein aana…..
    dhire dhire se mere dil ko churaana….

    maan aur geet ka ladna-zagadna, ruthna-manana……awesome!
    dono nazdik aa rahe hai aur yeh nazdikiyaan mehsoos bhi kar rahe hai…..
    dono possessive bhi hai, jealousy bhi hai aur ek dusrein ki care bhi karte hai…..
    maan ne geet ke paintings lagaye aur geet ki kavita ko poora kiya!
    footboll match was awesome!!
    precap …..
    darr lag raha hai! aur kurbaan hua….
    mix feelings!

  23. Awesome update Loved it

  24. amazing
    Maan is so cute
    they still fight like a kid but soon forget everything as what matters d most is the person near u
    rest can be sorted with time, care, love n patience

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    They both are finding their love….. But still not in a position to accept it..
    Precap is awesome
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    Update soon
    Thanks for the pm 🙂

  28. Maaneet are now coming more closer geet is feeling something which is new for her she is not understanding it maan is controlling himself both r fighting yet try to understand each other lovely update

  29. Amazing.beautiful n lovely update, Thanks for PM

  30. superb update..
    loved it..
    past scared don’t fade away that easily
    geet is still very much scared to share her feleing with maan..
    ni one was their for her and she gets scared .
    can’t share jer write everything..
    maan adore geet painting.
    and hurt his fingers framing them..
    loved their little football match and their romance..

  31. Nice update
    Both maan geet started falling for each other
    Both are discovering their love
    Loved Maneet moments
    Superb update

  32. they r falling for each other n eventually becoming possessive for each other. Loved their sweet cute moments. They r too much adorable. Pls continue soon with new update. Eagerly waiting to see the growing feeling of each other more lol. Really lived the update n more loving the person who has created such a nice piece if writing.

  33. pixelflower620

    awesome update di 😀 ……..Lol poor Geet had a heart attack seeing Maan swimming ……..loved their cuteness there ……..they r coming closer and enjoying each day ……Maan admires her talents and praises her ………he felt bad bout her saying d personal thing and explains her later too ………..he has hurt his foot nd she tkes care of him ……….they r so engaged in thr game tht thy did not notice Arya ……….Maan helping her again …..cont soon di ❤

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    ur portray of maan feelings 4 his shona to good….
    i lv the reaction of geet in the 1st scene…aww she is so kidddo…
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    Maaneet enjoying themselves in their own way

    Sometimes hurt then manaofying then hurt then pain

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    loved it
    maaneet playing football n lost in their world …when they got caught by arya n rimita
    maan made her wore saree

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  39. Awwwwwwww soooooooooooooo cute update

    Maaneet coming closer clearing their differences

    Maan framed geet’s sketches and got hurt

    Geet taking care of maan’s hurt fingers and maan complaining very cutely

  40. rosefictions

    Lovely Update….

    Thanks for pm dear …

  41. part `12 – nice part. geet to bechari gayi…maan ki swim karte dekh. lovely moments bet them. he was praising her. both take care of each other ..poor arya

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