Chapter 16 of Saathi


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Maan screamed “GEETTTT”….Maan went n scoop Geet try to make her conscious but nothing is helping he flash water but same when he shouts “Momm, DADDDDDDDDDDd come here….”

They took Geet n admit her in the hospital…

Maan was pacing ups n down constantly..Adi try to say something but then control himself a lot but its not possible he said meekly she will be fine when maan only glare at him….

Dr came out n said “its cause of stress, excessive stress n not eating & sleeping well n something deep inside her disturbing..I have sedated her now so she will be sleeping well..MR Khurana meet me at my chamber then meet her..its urgent…” Maan nodded..he only know how he is standing still …he felt his world collapsing…he is utterly confuse with everythings , he don’t know how n what to do ?

He just about to go when someone said “stop , u don’t have any rights to listen or think about my daughter….”Maan stopped when rest of the family members r looking irritated n confused…

Adi try to say but Maan’s father stopped him n said “what happen Mr Handa..”

Geet’s father ignored him n said “u Mr Maan Singh Khurana..I have given u my daughter for some reason but u….U take away her from me ….”the sentence has double meaning but Maan only understand..he didn’t say anything just ignore n turn to move when Police said stop there..n said “we got complaint against u Mr Khurana..”

Maan’s mom gasped n said “what r u saying , my son…sir, my DIL is like my Daughter we never did anything its just” when Geet’s mom said “DIL is like not ur Daughter so stop pretending…behind the curtain what u have done with our daughter…”

Adi roared” dare u say something to my Mom..”

Geet’s mom showed her tears n said see inspector….when Inspector said “see we can’t do anything but we have to proceed when complaint register we just didn’t file FIR still but we will but before that ..MR Khurana to maan…    U r under arrest….”

Maan said first time “for what n what I have done exactly Inspector”…who suddenly felt timid n know something is wrong when Geet’s father roared… “Under Section 498 the domestic violence against GEET , my daughter……”

“R u nutsss what the F***”…Adi roared n try to punch Geet’s father when who quickly did another drama n said “see inspector their behavior….my daughter was in hell with them.”

Maan said “calm down Adi, Dad check with DR n I am going with them”..Maan’s mom said “but son”.when Maan said “ me..”

Geet’s mom mocked “yes trust him to do another drama….as he is big business tycoon…”Inspector said “let us do our duty n to Maan’s dad u can’t meet with dr unless u got court order n ur son will prove right ….till its Mrs Khurana’s dad will see…”

Maan’s mom sat down with thud when Maan close his fist n went away from there with inspector n Adi call their lawer quickly… when Geet’s father ignore them n went to meet dr .there Geet’s mom went inside Geet’s room n Geet’s family her in laws stand out side like some unwanted ppl n few ppl look at them with pity n shame….n hatred…

Geet’s father shouts on dr” how dare u to ignore me , u have to say me.I will shut down ur hospital ur career u bloody jerk “….n geet’s mother thrown away from her daughter house…but both of them have created lots of scene where After 6 hrs or so Geet wake up n moaned Maannnn..Nurse inform dr only when Dr alert police n said to them bring MSK as his wife needed him…

Geet look here n there for maan but dr check up n said ur husband will come soon….Dr can see some thing else the truth is far away from what Mrs khurana’s parents try to portray ..

There at police station , Maan is sitting there where his lawyer trying hard but as domestic abuses cases r strong n laws against husband n in laws n till mrs Khurana give her statement….though he tried n make maan sit at chair not behind bar…he is scare for his own life to see the calm Mr Maan Singh Khurana as if its calm before strom , he prayed to all GOD for his safety….

He gulped his saliva n informed Maan that his wife has wake up n searching for him…For a moment an emotion has seen his eyes but then again its cool or cold…he shrugged n said to maan.sir pls say something…

Maan look at him then said I am paying u to say here something but if u can’t when the lawyer gulped his saliva…

There Geet is feeling worried something wrong y none from her family came n dr keep saying same thing…she is agitated n finally get up when Nurse try to stop but she scold them n said what the hell is going on where is my husband n my family..when one doc came n said mrs Khurana pls but Geet look more agitated they try to give her sedative n finally succeed…but after 6 or 8 hrs Geet again get up n same n this time she blasted badly on Dr n said “how dare u sedated me..I am asking u damn question what the F*** is going on…I will sue u n ur hospital for this Fu***** thing , u detained me without my permission n what the hell is my family..Dr took deep breath n try to say when Geet shouts fu** off don’t u dare to give me any more injection” when someone said in his baritone voice , “they can’t n look at the door with deadly eyes who resigned to his destiny…”

Geet look at maan n said maan try to hugged him…Maan didn’t say but let her do , she cling to him n said they r , u know they have make me sleep full one day almost n y they r doing this..Maan said u r not well for that n don’t take stress when father of geet scream when u r here , she will be stress full n see how she is trembling ..Geet look tensed n confuse with this..n she can see the change of maan the cold ruthless which she never seen with her but here suddenly after her dad..

She said what is going on when inspector said nothing ma’m .well see how r u feeling.

Geet look more shocked to see the inspector n said well u r here then fine…I am fine…but what is going on? Then to maan what is dad doing here maan..

Geet’s father try to say something but inspector stopped him n said ma’m can u give us a statement..

Geet look more puzzle n said means..

Inspector replied about ur husband n inlaws how r they n r u fine..I wanna but geet’s father said how could u do this inspector , infront of this ba***** u r asking n he is making her terrifying….scarying her..

Geet said loudly DAD when maan said inspector m going out side u can ask her as she is fine now when geet said stop here maan..then hold her head when maan almost try to hold but inspector stopped him…

Geet asked inspector who narrated how her parents complaint against maan n his family as they r torturing u n domestic abuses ….Geet closed her eyes for a moment then look at  her father with cold eyes n said I am feeling ashamed to call u my dad….Geet father try to retort when Geet said pls withdraw the complaint inspector my husband n my in laws never treat me badly…they r my min I am not under any pressure..its my decision…they always treat me well ..I was not well n its my fault my husband asked me to take care numerous time but m…its my personal matter n its nothing so serious…I am really feeling sorry whatever my dad has done…I will sent u my official letter n statement right now..

Then to her parents I have taken a decision n I know what I am doing …I don’t need ur giving birth none become parents…..u never care for me u never love me..I was the symbol of ur investment first ur lust then ur money so I can bring business for u all..n my wedding also part of it … now can u leave from here before I will lodge complaint against u ….

Geet’s father looks agast when geet said don’t try to pretend something else.. u have done more than I can ever expect it from any father n then to Inspector I want all complaint withdraw by 30 mins ..Inspector said we have a when Geet cut n said I will complaint against u if u not do as I say n remember the consequences ..n dad u did it cause u want me back, u give me to them cause u thought I will bring business to u but when I didn’t u try to hurt me break me when its not affecting me u start to harm my soul , my maan , my family so I will be back to u..for u everything is business deal nothing more….

Inspector sighed with disgust when maan look away…Geet didn’t say much n said dr I need rest can u pls…Dr nodded n everyone left when maan try to move but geet hold his hand n said maan its soft moan or call..Maan didn’t know but stop there….But geet just hugged him tightly….n said m so sorry..I never expect it…

Maan hugged her n said neither anyone..anyway its happen n we can’t undo or redo certain things..Geet look at maan n said but when maan said geet, u need to be relax, u shouldn’t take this kind of stress…now sleep for sometime..let me talk with dr….Geet hold his hand n said pls…maan..

Maan said I need to talk to ur dr. I haven’t got that chance yet…he didn’t say anything more but the unsaid word can well understand by geet…she look down n said yes fine n slowly loose her grip…

Maan went out side….After having a chat with dr n asking all neccasary thing..Maan decided to take geet back tomorrow…Geet try to protest but maan didn’t hear anything..though maan is helping n staying there but geet can say there is something missing big…she know the thing happen then..she is helpless n she is the reason..she want to cry n asked y her parents hate her so much.she bite her lips to gulp down the pain..her life the moment try to be fine its turn something else..y she has like this fate ….she try to think if she has done any sin…she sobbed when a long finger wipes that tears n she just turn n hide herself in his arms…

She try to complaint she try to say there was nothing she can do like that ..she is not where at fault but voice chocked..when maan comfort her but when she didn’t stop, he raised her face n scolded her n make her look away…

He sighed n hold her….slowly the tears subsided …when she asked about her family..Man they r fine …Geet :- when we will go back to my home.. have ur dinner…u need to sleep…

Geet try to say something but then look at maan n said ok….n had the dinner slowly …she keep looking at maan who didn’t look at her..she know the reason..he might try to hid but she know him too well….She leaned on him when he first time said sit properly Geet..

Geet gulped down the pain n nodded ok n have her dinner..she said aap..Maan :-I will have out side..She didn’t say anything just had the medicine n slept off….with pain in her heart for her family n her Maan…

Next day they came back KM when Geet found none is there n Maan said they will but geet found it odd n soon found the reason when bua ji blasted on her

Maan try to stop her but its too late geet discover the ill health of Dadi ma, she gasped n try to meet when maan said nope u will go n take rest…

Geet said no maan pls just once..

Maan didn’t allow when geet said pls just once but maan scoop her n took her inside their room when geet said pls maan..

Maan didn’t say anything just put all things n said I will heat the water so u can take bath n will ask one of the maid to help u..Geet again tried when Maan snapped n shouts Don’t u understand one thing clearly…..y u r being so stubborn…ur stubborn behavior causes problem geet..I asked u to take things easily..u r not well but..what u have to prove ha…

Geet flinch..n said do u think I have done it intentionally ..

Maan turn to look at her again n said curtly if I would have think like that then u r not at ur parents home Geet not here…so stop this all…n no more discussion else u want something …

Geet didn’t say anything more…she can see none come to meet her..she felt something big wrong n they all blaming her..she need to rectify her.but how….

At night, she notice maan is doing something when she said I have sent my statement n official letter n file a case against dad…

Maan stop n said pardon when geet said oh mere dad….

Maan didn’t say much just doing his work then said withdraw the case from ur dad…

Geet :-but then stop to see him glaring..

Geet look at up n said Baba ji y he changed suddenly. Is he hit by police, chi chi iye kya kya soch rehi hoon….mein na jhalli hoon ek no ki, hain na..

Maan notice her talking so cutely n couldn’t help but smiles then turn n took deep breath..

Naraj hain aap mujhse ek baar baat kijiye na, suniye na mere baat ,pls…mein janti hoon aapka dard hua par aap…Geet asked

Good night n its late n as per Dr u need to be relax…..Maan replied

Kiase relax hoon , aapke baahon sahara bina , aapke muskurahat ke bina…meine kya jaan bhoojh ke kyat ha….dekho baba ji iye kaise muh phula ke so rehe hain aise na inhe neend aayega na mujhe… geet retort cutely

Geet slowly hold his waist n said mujhe neend nehi aarehe hain..

Maan turn when geet just went inside him n said kitna gussa karte ho .BP baar jayega phir..Mere sweets toh itna jhagralu nehi gusse bhi nehi rehetha jada muskurata hain…pls….

Maan look at her n smiles but that smiles didn’t reach his eyes..he may be try to hide the truth but his sweets know….

Next day..Geet is feeling some pain in her leg…she curse n said sab aabhi hona hain..when maan said stop cursing others…

Geet pout n said then kisse aapne aapko ko karu ..Maan didn’t say anything n apply ointment…Later that day geet got food at her room when she refused to take it..

When Maan said what do u want ,u want to stay in hospital…har baat emin na bolna jaruri hain..kitna baar bolu just have ur dinner . ek baar bhi mere baat sunnke…

Geet look down n had without any word…next day, geet went down n got Bua ji when she blasted but she ignore , she met Dadi ma who is sleeping…she sat there when Gayatri said aap iha..Geet get up n hugged her n said m sorry ma..I know u r angry.aap milne nehi aaye , ha aapka haq hain mere hi galati hain nehi nehi gunah when Gayatri said baas beta..aise kuch nehi , koi aapne beti se naraj hota hain..aapko pata hain na dadi ma , isliye hum nehi aa sake then something..u don’t worry n iye sab bekar ke chinta kyuon, kya maan ne kuch kaha

Geet nodded no n said oh kehene bolna sab chor dia..

Gayatri sighed n said I will talk with her now come with me….

Saathi Teaser


Pyaar karti hoon na janti bhi hoon….

itna pyaar kyuon….

u stay here, inside my heart….

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  1. How cheap are Geet’s parents. They are indeed opoortunative.geet fainted and maan carried her to doctor. Doctor told that she got unconscious because of tiredness and stress. N something more was there about geet WO doctor called maan in his cabin but before that.Geet’s parents come with police and made maan arrested for harressing geet. I am shocked how can police arrest maan without taking Geet’s statement. Maan’s whole family was so much shocked and also feelling embarrass hearing all wrong aligation.
    Thank god geet got her conscious back. She was shocked knowing about her parents cheap tactic to.get her back. She took case back but the harm is already done which geet can observe in maan’s gestures. Though he was looking after of her but still he seems to be upset about something
    Dadi also got ill after this incident which made geet so guilty. Maan’s mother tried to console geet like a mother. Waiting for next dear

  2. What Geet’s father did that disgusting feel like killing him they were already worried for Geet and there he came with police even Dadima is not well glad that except Buaji no one blamed her but Maan changed after this incident hope they will overcome this problem too nice part

  3. Fabolousss great part 😊 Geet fainted die to exhaustion but her parents take it to dirty level n play..khurranas shock to heard their complaint n want to c her but cant…Geet murmer maan name n doc alert police who cum tp take her statement n seeing her parents ot shock her bt hearing abt complaint it anger her….though maan take care of her but something come b/w thm she try to apology bt maan behavior not change seeing no one come to see her n sh e herself go to c dadi n where c meet gaytri n they chat little.
    Waiting for nxt

  4. AMazing update ooops maan gussa
    arghh hate geet parents and Bua ji

  5. Geet’s parents – creeps i wish they rot in hell.. what is Maan and family hiding from Geet.. Geet cannot be blamed for everything because her classic parents are to be blamed for her to be in constant pressure to prove 😦 😦 😦 .. something is being hidden from her.. phew… Maan is not angry with his sweets but he is hiding something .. hope it doesnt truble them further

  6. How cheap geet parents.. Kya koi aese parents hote he … Bichare mannet …wese maan ko aesa kya hogaya .. Now I m worried about mannet … Eagerly waiting for next part …

  7. ye kaise parents hai geet ke…apni hi beto ko jb dekho use krte rhte hai….sch mein ye geet ke real parents hai bhi ya nhi

    poor geet fainted too

  8. how low geet patents can get..
    what kind if revenge they are taking..filed wrong report and police arrested maan.
    geet didn’t even know about all this.
    was unconscious for more than 6 hours..
    after waking up she mainly wanted maan.
    even she notice something amiss.
    maan behaving so strange.
    hioe everything will be fine

  9. Omg geet father yr he is such a cruel person apni hi beti ki zindagi barbaad kr rha hai nd dadima is not well nd no one came to meet her aisa kya hua even maans mom said ki something
    Nd that bua ji inhe dantnw ke elawa kuch nhi ata kya nd y maan is so cold towards her I am eagerly waiting

  10. geet ,s parents are too bad……
    i think maan is warried for geet is lie naraz hai…..

  11. fabulous update dear

    loved it

    maan is so cold towards geet 😦

  12. hi rakhi ..
    nice update but yeh dono group ke parents ko kya ho gaya hai …
    geet’s parents too much ..for money they r breaking their daughter’s house …maan was arrested ..ab sab theek hai toh maan is not behaving properly ab insab me geet ki kya galati ..even maan’s parents giving her cold shoulder ..never expected this from them ..

    thanks for update
    waiting for next

  13. A Shocking and Surprising Update

    Geet is taken into hospital because of sleepless nights , stress . less intake of food but when her parents hear she is in hospital they take this chance to file an FIR against Maan been the husband , the police did not even allow him or his family to speak to the doctor about Geet and took him away and that probably caused his Daadima to fall ill .
    Maan knows it is not Geet fault but he is angry that she does not listen to him and take care of herself . he is angry that his Daadima is ill because of the situation . his anger is justified as he is frustrated that his in laws could actually attempt such a low and disgraceful act

  14. Geet mom dad is so stupid
    Creating problem in geet life
    Maan afloo toward geet
    Nice update

  15. awesome update
    exhaustion ko domestic violence bana diya geet ke parents ne file case against maan
    khurana family have to suffer bcoz of handa’s
    daadi got ill
    geet is worried seeing maan’s changed behaviour

  16. oh gosh geet’s parents complained against maan..they are so mean geet filed a case against them..That would be so hard for her ; going against own parents …
    Maan is angry on his sweets ..oho hope geet will melt him soon …
    Dadi ma sick & bua is scolding geet again n again grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….
    at the end sas bahu part was lovely :)💖

  17. Amazing update di by something is missing from feet wo kya h waiting for NXT

  18. Amazing update
    Disgust with geet’s parents behaviour towards geet n khurana family
    Maan behaving cold with geet
    Everyone are blaming geet for something , need to find out what is missing
    Waiting for next part
    Continue soon
    Thanks for the pm

  19. geets parents r disgusting

  20. Never thought geet parents can behave so low n take advantage of the situation… Geet is recovering n can sense change in maan behaviour… Love the way geet blast of her parents.. Hope dadi recover soon n wondering what is maan hiding fm geet.. Pls cont soon.

  21. geet parents hate them di its chap 17

  22. Awesome update. How can Geet’s parents do this. They are so disgusting people that for their monetary benefit they are ready to spoil their own daughter’s life. Police took Maan with them. When Geet gained consciousness, she got to know everything, she gave statement and Maan was released. Geet is discharged from hospital. When she came back no one came to receive her. Dadima is not well. Buaji blasted on Geet but she ignored. Gayatri consoled Geet.

  23. awesome update . geet ‘s parents are disgusting …. they complained against maan for their own selfish reason … they tried to broke their daughter’s home … chii . I think geet did right thing …. complained against her so called father . maan was deeply affected , his behavior changed towards geet & she felt sad . maan brought her back home later geet met gayatri .
    precap is interesting
    waiting for next

  24. maan aisa kyun kar raha hai…….kya hua hai?

    awesome update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

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    continue soon plz…

  25. what does Maan knows he is disturbed
    Geets parents can define new low

  26. WOW!! fantastic update dear….loved it

  27. hi thanks 4 da pm n superb update! wonderfully written! Geet unwell! her parents get Maan arrested! his family is shocked! Maan goes with the police! Geet awakens n is upset! she gives her statement n tells wt he parents really are! Maan takes care of her! bt he is nt the same! Geet realizes n is worried! dadi was unwell! Geet goes 2 meet her!

  28. Oh God that was such a roller coaster update Di..Geet’s parents are so can someone be so cruel with their own i wish Adi would have literally given a punch on Geet’s dad face..huh..for once i thought that Geet is Pregnant but on other note i didnt wanted that to happen in the chaos Geet’s dad created..Maan is clam n not saying much and that’s what makes me feel he’s planning something big..I just hope there will not be and fights between Maaneet due to all this Thought i doubt after getting to know that Geet’s Inlaws arent angry with her apart from that chudail Bua of Maan 😛
    waiting for next di..precap seems intresting so really can’t wait for next update so you better update it you di..Muahh.. :*

  29. Lovely saddy update geet fainted maan took her to hospital he was worried geet had stressed so much she didn’t eat properly geets parents decides to use it as an opportunity to get geet back in their life geet was always a thing for them that they can use in their business maans parents shock maan in police station he has become cold geet woke doc were giving her sedatives but geet was getting agitated finally the inspector told abt the complaint her parents had against maans family geet was disgusted she told to withdraw the complaint instead wanted to file against her parents who only knew how to use her geet could see change in maan she wanted her sweet back she came to know dadi had an heart attack maan was cold and detached geet didn’t know what to do

  30. lovely update………….

  31. Geet fainting and admitted in hostipal … All r tensed .. Geet parents r very cheap and filed case against Maan and his family …. Dadima s ill … Geet gained conscious and asking for Maan …. Maan s keeping distance and buaji scolding Geet ….
    Continue soon

  32. Superb update
    Hate geet parents they r so selfish
    Bua blame geet
    Maan ignoring geet because of her carelessness
    Nice update
    Loved Maneet scene

  33. Hey di such an intense update, geet ke parents itna gir sakte hai it just shocked me to the core di . aur is sab ki wajah se they did not see ke they were hurting geet aur her family the most dadi ma is sick due to all this but di geet ke yeh real family is still wid her aur does not blame her though she feels guilty abt all this that has happened, maan has changed aise jaise unke andar ek buhut bada storm hai which he’s keeping inside him aur not sharing wid his sweets, di abhi going to read the next update as well

  34. geet parent grrrr….
    ohh poor geet…

  35. Amazing n painful update.Sorry for commenting late. Thanks for PM.

  36. rosefictions

    Emotional Update…

    Liked it ….

    Thanks for pm dear

  37. Wat a shocking update

    Geet’s parents send maan to prison on false charges

    But geet threatened the inspector to release maan and his family now and filed a case against her parents

  38. sathi –

    part 16 –
    how can her dad do this to him when geet was not feeling well and dadi too was unwell …that was painful all were blaming geet expect buaji

  39. Geet’s parents are literally disgusting and to add on is the bua….but why maan is not talking to geet 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  40. M hating geet’s parents right now… how can sm1 do this to their own blood…

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