Chapter 17 of Saathi


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Geet nodded no n said oh kehene bolna sab chor dia..

Gayatri sighed n said I will talk with her now come with me….

Geet said no ma , he will not feel good, waise bhi mere kasur hain mein iha hoon isliye…agar mere shaadi unse…Before Gayatri can retort Maan said yes , u shouldn’t be here, like ur dad wants …u shouldn’t be marry me…abhi bhi der sayad hua nehi hain na…

Gayatri try to stop when geet look away but maan said have this n sign this paper…

Geet took them  n said pen dijiye..

Maan :-par lo..

Geet didn’t hear anything more n take the pen from the shirt pocket n sign the documents n said here its n went away from there…

Gayatri look disappointed at maan n said hume aapse iye sab ki umeed nehi thi…aapne hume unse milne nehi dia , nehi koi baat karne dia abhi bhi iye sab , aap aapne zid n mann marji mein kuch bahut bara galat na kare..

Maan:- if u trust me an ounce then will understand me whatever I am doing , is best for..

Gayatri cut him n said best for what maan, she don’t know anything , she is not at fault for whatever happen , she should know truth , things hidden from her , first her….Maan turn n went away from there when Gayatri sighed n prayed for their well being..

Geet sat inside her room n look at maan’s picture, she just kissed her picture n said I love u maan…Maan look at her from door but didn’t say anything…coming one week Geet stay at home as maan didn’t allow her but now geet’s patience is flying…

She want to ask how many days she will be like this….she murmur profanities on maan , she then remember how maan hide the faces…her parents create havoc at their life, first Dadi ma fall ill health then followed by Papa cause her parents asked Maan’s dad to fly off other wise consequences will be bad…

Geet shudder with the thought how Adi beaten there by goons…to protect the honor of Gayatri, she want to scream n she hate her parents , she loathed them..She can understand maan’s behavior n even bua’s hatred for her..Anyone will do same.

She don’t felt bad for that but she felt ashamed of her parents’ behavior n still wonder what is her fault n this family, what they have done with her parents that…

She want to asked them she want to confront them but Maan stop her moving out from the home  …..guards security tighten more ..she went out n want to make some juice for dad n dadi ma when Bua said oh so u r here , what u r planning now n why Maan is not throwing you out ? she ignore her n went inside n pour water when Bua take it n throw it away..

Bua screamed u r planning to kill my family.for this ur parents plant u here, what u want more n try to shake Geet when someone pull geet from Bua n said with cold voice…pack ur things n get lost from my home right now with ur family..

Bua try to say but maan said dare u say a word..u have said much get lost n don’t try any more act of ur melodrama with my dadi ma..n don’t say u r her daughter,, if u then u will understand situation fo this home…

When geet look shaken but then see the situation went out of the hand as Bua as usual start drama howling cursing when geet try to say but maan said not a word, adi take her…..Maan pushed geet with adi …Geet said maan pls when maan shouts now don’t start geet..I had enough of everything..just gooooo..

Geet tremble with the intensity maan spoke, she never notice this before but….She look down n going at their room ..Adi follows her…

At inside adi said bhabi ..Geet turn n adi notice tears there n said bhabi m so when geet said no adi , its my fault see ..its my fault, everything is my fault..I am so sorry for everything..I don’t have any right to say but..I am not aware of anything…I am just…

Geet look down when adi hugged her n try to comfort her…he can’t see her like this so bad so down .he want to say her truth but…he can’t disobey his bro but he will do something…

2 days later at least KM is calm as bua n her family move out as Yash n dadi ma asked them..but Geet is aloof more n busy with thinking n thinking…she solely avoiding Maan more who seem more n more busy with something else…

One day he just declare he is going for newzeland….Gayatri asked to take geet with him but he just denied when geet look at him expectedly he said there dad n adi will be busy with office, she need to stay with mom n dadi ma n sply dadi ma still not so well…

Geet look down when maan said I guess u know the responsibility..Geet nodded….

Maan went away…After 20 days also so ….Geet was thinking something n said oh fish how could I do it ,I have to go to office ..she said to Gayatri n before Gayatri can say anything she ran out…

She reach at office but as usual collided with Sassha who try to act smirt when Geet smirk n said I guess u have forgotten the previous action taken by us…

Sasha :-oh yes ur trap for when geet ignore but sasha said after so many days u r here is there something …. Btw how is ur DAD ..I heard something abt 498 oops …she receive the glare but soon heard Adi said SASHAAAAA..

Sasha flinch but try to act smirt n said I was trying to show her mirror but Adi said u ..when Maan came n said pack ur things n meet me within more arguments…then hold geet’s hand n said Adi take ur bhabi after 15mins ..

Adi nodded when geet felt out of world something , she look confuse when maan push her inside the cabin n said what u r doing here ?

Geet :-u r forgetting we have to complete the project I was so much in tension I …maan who said Geet..u need to be at home..u shoun’t ….

Geet snapped now I am getting bore with this all…how much relax maan..I m not having some serious desease like u r behaving what happen to me ,y r pushing me out of ur life, office everything. What u r hiding from me ,what I have done u trust me that I was not involved with my dad then…look at me y u r looking away Maaanmnnnn

Maan turn n took deep breath then said u have sign the papers n give away those project handling to me…

Geet look at maan as if she got shock of her life n she said u..then close her mouth n said thanks maan , thanks for punishing me…n ran away from there when Maan shouts Geet listen sweets ..After long time Maan called her sweets but the hurt is so deep that its not so easy, she is taking too much..Maan try to ran but then…he asked adi to handle here n his right hand also here so..he just want to save his sweets now he is scare of her..he may be push her too hard …when finally Maan hold Geet who try to push him hard but he hold her n said listen u r reacting..

Geet wipes those tears n said yes m reacting over ha maan m reacting maan..its u who r doing this with me…U r pushing me out of ur life, office everything , just cause my father, if u once said I will leave u when maan shouts GEETTT..

Geet kyuon maan kyuon kya kasur tha mere meine kabhi aapko iya family ko , mujhe kuch pata nehi tha, mujhe vishwash kijiye pls…y u ….u didn’t trust me, u just..

Maan try to say something when Yash said maan go back to ur cabin n then to Geet…go back to more words here..

Geet look down n nodded when look at maan accusingly but maan stare back at her with pain….

Geet went back to home but Gayatri can found the crying face ….she turn her room close n hugged herself..she cried she curse her fate she lay there silently….for hours when Gayatri finally knock the door ..she open it n said m sorry mom for everything…

Gayatri nodded no n hugged her when geet cried in her arms…she don’t know whom to complaint…

There in office Maan got scolded by Yash n later at home from Gayatri…

Geet said no mom its ok , it my fault I have my expectation high from everything..I forgot certain things n I will remember it….

Maan hold the table tightly….

Dadi ma look sad when adi thinks what happen with her once happy go lucky family..they family the home fill with laughter now turn so sad, y not his bro sharing the main problem…yes his bhabi will hurt but then….

Coming weeks Maaneet ignore each other…they want to say but their pain…n mostly Maan still stubborn to hide things as it will protect her n geet for hurt pain she got ….

When one will sleep another will staring at another face lovingly…as if want to drink other face n control the pain ….

They r so near yet so far..

Gayatri asked maan n almost about to beg when maan shouts mommm kya bolu that Geet is not their children but an orphan….they just bought her….the truth is not adopted but bought her ….Mom is complicated n I don’t know how to….

Gayatri ok u want to hide it from her but then y sending away her from office

Maan someone from office r informer of Mr Handa n want to disclose the truth to geet as she help us n move away from her parents so…

Gayatri look dejected when maan said I have to save her , I can’t let her hear those things..I am trying this months to end will be soon..

Gayatri hope it will not so late for ur own relation..maan.u want to hide things to protect her from pain but do u know how much pain she is feeling u r avoiding her but y Maan, u should …

Maan I can’t meet her eyes…she will talk n she will came to know n more if she will came to know other things also then..I have to complete these things fully end then can only talk to her …I..know she is angry,haq hain mein mana lunga sab ..I can’t see her like this

Gayatri siged n don’t know what to say or do…she is herself confuse…

There geet is sitting with maan’s picture n fall on sleep when maan discover her…he felt lost in her beauty n innocence , he silently asked forgiveness from her n say sorry many times …

He scoop her n make her sleep at bed n adjust all pillow then look at her once n left from there…

Geet wake up next day n found herself in the bed n felt confuse then look at maan who is office attire n sleeping their half sitting position..all files r scatter along with few note pad…she want to ignore but she can’t just anything related to her maan ..she organize them carefully then place neatfully near his table…then look at him..

She murmur dusht danav, itna masoom lag rehe hain dekho but …she cried silently n said y u care for me , when u want to ignore me…ha …then slowly hold his face to find him burning…she got shock n then check his body when maan moaned …

Geet look tensed n call Dr quickly…..

Dr said he is having high fever ,104.5 degree n  need extremely rest..I have injected him n prescribed few medicine..I will send my men for blood test…

Geet nodded when Gayatri caress maan’s face…

Geet adi pls take care of the office n cancel all meeting n if anything imp then inform me

Adi look shock when geet said mom aap iha baitho mein soup leke aati hoon he needs to eat something…

Nakul bring medicine when Adi said bro ne aapko..Geet cut vegetable quickly but said ur bro can say anything but I know what I have to do as wife ur bro…he needs me now n I will stand by him

Adi look at her in awe when geet said jaao aab tum n ha break fast uha hain mein sab arrange kar dia..

Adi nodded but then said but bro ne aapko oh sab, don’t u feel hurt…

Geet  nehi…bhi ha bhi..but adi..I can’t put my hurt here when ur bro needed me…I am hurt still but he needs me..n he cares for me still I know…may be there is something n whatever happen I can’t blame her…

Adi nodded but then nor u r to be blame nor bro…

Geet cupped his face n said just forgot this all , n remember in love there is no ego adi..n iye sab tum samjho ge jab pyaar hoga…

Adi smiles innocently..

There Geet fed soup n constantly give cold water clothes to his head….that day maan wake up few times but infront of geet he didn’t do anything more like want to go office…he may be wants really rest n after long time he is getting it n along with geet’s sath..pamper love, he felt more guilty he can see how tensed she is..

Geet is rubbing his feet with oil…..thta night geet hold him tightly with her n slept….Maan felt sensation of warmth…in his sleep , he keep saying I love jaan Sweets.I trust u..I….n many more thing….

Next day…after feeding him break fast n medicine, maan said I have to go to office.when geet glare at him n said to Gayatri , mom can u asked him to stop here.he needs rest n more than office business , his health need him here to take rest..

Gayatri chuckled but then agree when maan said but mom adi can’t handle….dad also out of town…

Geet look at Gayatri who said I don’t know anything but u will stay here ..Maan then to geet geet, u need to know that is imp..I have to go….its urgent 300 cr project will be there if I…

Geet sat n took his arms to give him sponge bath…when he said same thing…

Geet complete her work then said if u want then I can..Maan look tensed n then geet said its ok if u don’t trust ..

Maan hastily said no jaan..I trust u..ok…go..its meheta industries project about orphanage …Maan gulped down …Geet said kab hain meeting..

Maan 3.30 at after noon n it will be at 5 metro cities…

Geet nodded n look at clock its 8.45 now at morning..she took deep breath n said u will get the project n said where is the file…Maan said oh mein work…

When geet said oh that one I have seen it yesterday n place them there, let me…within 1 n half hr geet read the whole thng make few points…she notice Maan is sleeping…she call adi n thorugh video conference make him understand everything n send the file through email…after securing everything geet sat in their room….

She sat there n 12.45 maan wake up n said u r here still…Geet didn’t say anything when maan said same but geet fed him n then said Sunil stay here n if ur chote saab need anything but don’t let him take the phone or anything …hope u got it..

Sunil nodded with fear …when geet got out of the room n maan think may be now she will go but still she is in her home clothes..he felt utterly confuse..

There geet having her lunch then constantly having contact with adi for the meeting..

At 3.55 maan notice geet after his after noon nap n said u r here when Geet said report normal hain aapka …samjhe nehi blood report…u need still 10 days rest ..

Maan said m asking u something..I will bring juice

Maan curse dam with this woman…

Later Geet got the news from Adi who is excited for the success …

Adi came home after completitng everything where maan is feeling confuse before that as geet is at home…

But Adi came n give him good news n said how geet helped him from home…Adi is elated first time bringing such big project for their company…Maan thanks him when Adi said its geet’s due…but he is confuse to see her here…

Gayatri said beta why u didn’t go as it will be more easy n when maan give u….r u….Geet look not comfortable with question when both adi n gayatri think may be its…

When maan said mom , she can’t go there when her husband is ill here…she help adi as she know I trust her…its not that she has ego..when geet look at him with shock….Both adi n gayatri look relief n gayatri hugs geet tightly..

Adi said after bro will be fine we will have party when maan said I will join office tomorrow but geet said noooo….Adi thought maan will fight n argue but then notice maan saying ok as u say n said give me something m feeling thirsty…not water its…

Geet :-its common in fever..n with high dose medicine..I will bring ur soup..

Maan said no but geet didn’t pay anything attention..Geet fed him n then medicine…n said it will be here like this.bad  taste in ur mouth , its all due to fever n medicine..

Maan make faces..but then didn’t say….anything..

With geet’s care maan got fine soon..After 15 days they have arrange a puja for the home KC n Maaneet..

Geet was getting ready when the light went off….Adi went to check it when geet is try to find some match box n candel btu then notice a light n turn to see maan is there…She look down n light the candle..when geet bite her tongue …Geet went near the cupboard n maan followed her..Maan hold the sindoor box when geet look at him then at his hand..

Geet look down then at maan’s eyes but took the box when maan give her the candle also n slowly took pinch of sindoor n place it near her parting…Her nose fill with sindoor which he wipes gently..he look at her face then took the kajal n place it behind her ear…she felt goosebump ….

They attend the puja n its completed peacefully..Dadi ma n Mom, dad look happy…all ate heavy brunch as cause of puja they had fast ….

At night , Geet was sitting at terrace when maan said u shouldn’t stay here….its rainy weather..Geet look at him n hold his hand n said u should have some chocolate mouse …Maan look stunt but then look at her eyes n felt something is there…

Maan didn’t say anything… n went from there..they retired for the night..

Next day geet get up but notice maan is watching her when she smiles sweetly….

Maan asked what do u know…

Geet didn’t say anything when maan pull her n said itna kuch bola itna kuch kaha , it kuch kya phir bhi…

Geet :-Pyaar karti hoon na janti bhi hoon....

Maan:-itna pyaar kyuon….

Geet :- u stay here, inside my heart….

Maan look at her when geet said u know my truth..the truth I also hide from u..its not ur fault but mine….Maan look shocked when geet said I am sorry..I was scare that u will throw me out of ur life..I don’t want to loose u….I want to prove myself for this…I ….

Geet took down when maan said its not ur fault…I came know ..I was never angry on u geet…I can’t ..u r my pride my life …I always had doubt how could ur but then …but the last nail in the coffin was that complaint..I just…I was shock but never think u r responsible got attacked but still I know…I know my sweets…but then I had to control with my disturb mind n everyting I ..Its my fault n no excuse will help my sin..

Geet quickly stop him n said u r not done wrong..U know I would have…I am so but maan stopped her n said jaan…u shouldn’t I can understand it…I had this fear n face it..

Geet hugged her jaan tightly, she is feeling emotional….

Maan hugged her kissed her face n after some time ,maan said I have over taken Handa construction n handa industry….geet gasped when maan smiles but then geet notice the smiles n said u make me owner of those n u lied to me ..also about those project..U single handedly work n did it..u know u , maan u had bad health..y maan

Maan nodded innocently then said cause office has ur fathers informer..he throw another game n want to destroy u but…I did wrong..I want to move ur stress but in return…

Geet snapped the thing n hugged maan…

Geet:-u asked me to read but I didn’t

Maan :-u trust me..

Geet smiles I always do n will continue to do..Maan nodded n said but I didn’t do good..I hurt u..

Geet I also hide things our relation we need to transparent ….

Maan sighed when geet leaned on maan n said we r human we make mistakes but our intention was good…Maan agreed with her…

Geet :-I don’t know much only I was an orphan n they have adopted me..I came to know it when I was teenage , they make me study I felt greatful ..but they didn’t love me ever…

Maan sighed n said but ur real parents love u n still..Geet look shock n look at maan who give a picture…n said this is u..U lived in Newzeland, Queensland ….U were in some vacation n staying here with ur parents when from some function u lost n….they search u they can’t forget u..they still long for u…they didn’t had any more kid as they felt they can’t ..u r still in their life…they came here 3 yrs to search but nothing happen then they went back with pain…n hurt ..there…ur foster parents got u or say adopted u for their selfish need n….


Geet look shock when maan hold her shoulder , she said they r alive, they love me maan….geet hugged maan n cried…After some time she said u went to meet them in newzeland but..

Maan cupped her face I can do anything for u but I don’t know much its take 20 days almost to search them n their home..then I can’t say much as it will raise hope pain n anything n I want to be sure then ur foster parents..Geet hugged maan when maan said do u want to meet them..Geet nodded yes…

Maan smiles n said they will be here but before than u need to know few things more…Geet nodded…

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