Humsafar ,Final Part

Last Part:-

Their life is Blossoming now with their love n little Ayush…..who is slwoly growing up n maaneet’s time passing more with him n watching his antics…..though they faced some hard times also as it’s life but they over come it together…..

Maaneet’s life is more than happy with each other but in between they face many obstacles odds downs but they face it together……

After 7months

Geet almost cring from past 1hr…     she start sniffing in the car also when maan finaly said mishty what r u doing……

Geet looked at him but ignored n took little ayushmaan who also tired after a cry session  n snuggled in his mom’s body…..Maan shook his head …as he know now it’s no use….

He sighed when geet continue to loved ayush  …finally they reached KM n dadi n ma greeted them but they recived an irritated maan who just went off but found a weeping geet is entering with little ayushmaan who is full sleeping inside his mamma’s safe embrace..

Ma murmur not again…..

Dadi ma almost chuckled then said kya hua geet….

Geet sniffed n said see na dadi ma how rude he is…I told him to not give those shot to ayushmaan who   is so little to take those big big shot but u know maan is  so rude……he told me that I’m child……n she sniffed again…..

Ma try to say something when geet said u know ma ur son said me I’m over dramatic…..

Ma chuckled then said accha ok I’ll talk to him…let me make him straight don’t worry bete…..oh aise kaise bol sakte hain…..wiase iye toh ma ka dil hain jo ro rehe the n I know it’s happen with me also….

Geet patted ayush by one hand n another hand she wipes her tears n noddec cutely then said ha ohi toh aap hi boliye itnaaaaaa bara injection dene ja rehethe can’t they wait till ayush little big…ha….she again sniffed…Dadi ma almost giggled when ma control her smile n said ha thik hain acccha aab tum chalo I will make something for u all …have dinner then n today might Ayush have fever so ..take care of him much ha…

Geet nodded n said isliye toh kaha but he is so adamant  n see he just left….

Before ma can say anything Maan said oh yes he adamant n he left u before n kindly mrs khurana will u explain y I did so….

Geet narrowed her eyes when maan said from morning u r just crying n crying…..ook I know it hurts him but it has to give this time it’s rule…for his health….

Geet twist her lips n said can’t u change rule Ermmm I mean can’t u change shot to something medicine type so my ayush wouldn’t feel hurt n pain…

Maan shook his head n said every kids take it n now go n change him…..I have made his food …..already….

Geet try to say but just glare at maan n left from there when maan said I never think I would have to take care of this two kids……

Ma :-Maan…she is just worried…..y u always pull her leg. U never been like this….

Maan :- and y u always support her..

Geet came n said cause I’m her daughter n daughter in law n I’m right…hain na ma..

Maan chuckled to see ma with grt control said yes but giggled n geet whinned see u r also with ur son…mere sath koi nehi hain

Dadi ma:- nehi beta…

Geet:- aap sab se pehele kab se dekhe ja rehi hoon hase ja rehe hain ….n iye  badmash jiske liye kya he is missing his dadda….lijiye…

Maan grinned n took his son when ma said geet baitho , will arrange dinner but geet said let me help u….waise aap abithey na ma…mujhe karne dijiye…

Dadi ma said beta may be u have to awake full night ….so take little rest.everything is ready nakul did it .he will help…

Geet nodded n take seat besides dadi ma who carressed her head when maan is busy with his son…she smiles…n just admired her family….her family…her ma, dadi ma n her maan with their little ayushmaan…they fought together , fight with each other, tease each other yet they loved each other more…..

She thanked Babajee for giving her this beautiful family….n Thank to Babajee she met Maan n they fall in love…’s called desinty where she never thoguth to have a own family n her maan was suffering here…her home was house with pain n loneliness but now….she just prayed for everyone’s well being…..

They had their dinner quietly when maan is busy to tell a story to ayush n fed him….make him sleep..some time geet wonder but felt proud ayush is more dadda’s son…..

At night ayush has little fever n little bit cranky but maan was there to handle it….with geet , he took care of  little Ayush….

Their life filled with love…..Ayush is like an angel for them seeing him slowly slowly growing up….n witnessing his each movements , antic make maaneet’s heart swell in pride…..

2yrs passed n GEET also completed 1st yr of her graduation with the help of maan , ma n dadi ma…..though it’s tough for her to adjust as ayushmaan is too small but maan’ encouragement make her go ahead…..

Another yr passed n geet is now on her 2nd yr n exam complete next day but then ayushmaan has high fever n crying badly…..n more maan is out of country for 1week…..

At mid night, ayush slept n geet sat besides him ..but in early morning he again get up…..full night geet will be roaming inside the room…..with sleeping or crying ayush in her hand……ma also sat there if both geet n ayush need something…..

During this time suddenly Dadi ma got heart attack….n it’s serious one….geet with dadi ma some time but here ayush was not well….they try to inform but for their luck they r not able…..but with GOD’s grace….. Dadi ma saved but then danger didn’t leave n during this time Ma faced accident it’s seems danger n pain didn’t leave their pace n make geet again faced all alone ….n some how she didn’t get rest at all…n finally one day she lost conscious n almost about to fall down when she felt some one holding but she just black out that moment….

Later at night, she get up n feel little tired n drowsy but feeling little better…she looked at the room n instantly understand everything n she get up slowly when maan came out from bathroom …… Geet felt sense of relief n sighed  maan smiles slightly n it said ma n dadi ma  r fine…..maan came n hold her lightly n cupped her face ….

Maan:-how r u feeling now…

Geet looked at maan n leaned on him when maan said y u r always taking too much stress…geet I told u to inform u just send the msg one day then fully off…..

Geet:- still u came back before time….

Maan kissed her forehead n said ha cause Nakul informed me that also I called in home …for dadi ma’s gift…n…

Geet smiles n said I was so worried then with ayush n phir ke ke baad ek , aap nehi the…I was messed up.

Maan chuckled n said they r fine…Dadi ma has the attack bad but she suffered geet…..

Geet looked at maan who is trying hard to control his emotions his pain….Geet felt her heart is chocking with pain n hugged him tight n carrassing his back n when he said first time geet I fear to loose them I know as rule of this nature everyone will leave but they r my life geet….

Maan closed his eyes tightly when geet felt her eyes burning in pain n she quickly said kuch nehi hoga unhe maan pls….they r also my everything…..

Maan nodded then said btw ma has slight fracture in left arm n it’s not so danger..

Geet nodded…n said we will take care of them….

Maan said no u just take care of urself n ayush…I’m here na…n no need or argument….

Geet nodded with baby face…she later get up as feeling better n took ayush who was playing with his dad n maan said I’m going to meet ma n dadi ma n will come little late..Nakul is here along with Sunita aunty who will help to look after ayush n don’t take stress…checked ayush he has no fever but still continue this medicine …will take him tomorrow to doc hmmm

Geet smiles n nodded ….n said don’t worry take care of them n urself…I will be fine…n ur ayush also….

5month passed n now Ma n Dadi ma r fine though ma get fit much ago n dadi ma now but along with me, maan’s strict order for them …..

This 5months we spend with taking care of them n each other along with ma n dadi ma insist geet to continue the final yr as yr lost no reasoning …so continue it….

Some time it’s turn mess that time as if maan had to go for abroad or any out side city tour……but they co –operate well with each other…

Storm came but passed it also soon…..

Final exam complete ….Geet want to spend holiday together when maan said whole family this time going to Goa first from there Shimla….

Geet murmur weird choice of destination…

Ma chuckled when maan said yes weird choice n narrowed his eyes at geet…when Geet just pouted n left the room…

Dadi ma:- u again tease her…

Maan smiles n said I loved to tease her….

After couple of they all went for their holiday….they enjoyed lots after long time again forgetting the misery the storm they face ….with ayush their time passed quickly….

Maaneet also get quality time to spend with each other….their respective work, study n responsibility make them busy though they between those everything tried hard n indeed spent time but now….they r with free of mind.

In Goa….Maaneet n everyone went to sight city tour….they explore the place in details where maaneet in between explore each other…tease each other…be it their private beach…or be it sea…….they made love some time in sea shore…some time in their private garden or some time in their cottage …..they r just falling in love again with triple fold….

Ma n Dadi ma noticed glow in geet’s face n the way she is blushing …but they r happy for children….maan took geet one day in goa’s disco where geet see another world in maan’s arm…with maan..

Later,Then went to shimla..a new place where ayush was excited to have spl time with his parents…..they explore here few place, geet took ma with her for shopping where maan n dadi ma spend with ayush n playing with him….

At night when geet complain about maan how she is feeling cold here maan smirk n scoop her in his arm n naughtily said accha n after couple of hours their body feel with sheen sheet of sweat ….n room is hot with their moan n pleasurable sound…….

They went back to delhi …their life changed for betterment 2yrs more passed n finally Geet’s master also complete……Geet now handeling KC firm n Maan’s Khurana’s Hospital’s Administrative department ….she become more mature with time n with maan’s teaching…

But still she shiver with maan’s closeness n still blushed …she is thinking this smiling …she sighed n went back to home….she on her car n on the way her thinking process revolved around her family her life…she was little nosiatic from pass days n feeling drowsy along with has slight fever…she came out from the car but feeling little drowsy when suddenly her head start spinning n she about to fall down when some one hold her ……

At night she get up n feeling little worn out n looked at the room n got it…she smiles n thank GOD……she looked at the door then slowly get up when maan came out from bathroom ……geet looked at him n her stomach instantly doing somersault , she blushed ..her toes curl when he looked back him with a killer look …wet hair…..chiseled chest…..strong shoulder…n a towel on her neck….n one jeans only ……she clutch her salwar when maan came n hold her lightly n cupped her face ….what happen to my geetu…

Geet leaned on maan who sat on the bed n geet said no idea , maan n explained what she felt from last couple of weeks…n how she has this nosiatic feeling from past1 months almost.

Maan said n u didn’t care to inform me ha…

Geet:-maan u r just busy n then I just thought some indigestion so …

Maan shook his head n called doc then looked at geet with love n said u know u will kill me one day……geet smiles n snuggled into maan n taking his fresh masculine smell n filling her lungs with it….it’s exotic for her…always …maan chuckled but then she looked at geet n carefully noticed at her n took her wrist n said geetu when u get ur period last time….

Geet :-hmmm most probably….iyaad nehi oh yes….2months…..

Maan looked at him n said n u didn’t tell me this..

Geet murmur aab period ke baarein men bhi bolna hain inhe iye na….

Maan looked at her n said ha bolna hain n geet said aap kya kar rehe ho but soon noticed maan is grinning widely n cupped her face n said geetu…u thnkuuuu thnkuuu.

Geet get up little n said thankuu for what , for didn’t tell u about my period ha…

Maan chuckled n leaned n give her a peck n whisper nope for our sec child for our upcoming parent hood …Geet blushed n hugged maan then suddenly said r u sure…

Maan chuckled n said yes geetu, n don’t forget ur husband is doc….

Geet shied n hide herself in his chest…

Later doc confirm it n prescribed few medicines n few normal thing other wise all r good

Later ma n dadi ma congratulates them….Geet is glowing with the good news n maan beaming with joy for anther bundle of joy is coming….

Later geet took little ayush with him n telling him about he will get a brother soon but he glare n hugged his mamma more….once he cried in fear may be his mamma will go away….n no one will love him but with all patience geet make him explain nothing wll that happen n they will always loved him….she pamper him loved him n slowly ayush come with the term but more he wants another sis not brother…

Maan chuckled n said now finally some one with me…..

Geet twist her lips but maan said well well some one said if first time there will be my junior then next time her ha…

Geet blushed when ayush said dadda matlab….

Maan hold him n said matlab ur mamma promised me to give ur sis when u came…

Ayush shouts yeyyyyyy, mamma u have to give ha….

Geet glare at maan who chuckled n tickle ayush who giggled n said dadda aap boliye na…

Maan whisper yes she will give already she promised to us na…

Ayush nodded n yea…..aa…

Geet said maan aap use uskiaye mat n ayush don’t shout ha…

Ayush nodded with baby face n maan chuckled n said geet m going to help him in feed…..

Geet nodded….

At night geet told story to ayush who snuggled in geet’s arm n hold maan’s arm securely…..

Geet kissed ayush’s face n said he is growing up too fast na maan…

Maan who is admiring his family nodded n said yup like my geetu..that innocent calm girl turn more mature…but…

Geet shied n then looked at his but when maan said  but my geet is little kitten still…..

Geet pout n said aap bure ho ha pata hain

Maan smiles n said ha bura hoon tere hoon but tumhara hoon….wah wah Dr Khurana well dialogue…

Geet narrowed her eyes when maan said opps bura maan gaye mere geetu…well then curse Kurkure it’s something like that their tag line na…

Geet aapka kuch nehi ho sakta saaamjhe..

Maan come n scoop her n said bahut kuch ho sakta hain there is manything need to be done…n here it’s…n before geet can understand anything she drown n flying in her maan’s world of love n passion….

Time passed again n finally geet give birth to a baby girl…..maan’s muskan came in this world…maan took the little cotton ball n a drop of tear fall from both maaneet’s eyes geet smiles n Thanks to Babajee for this beautiful gift….

Later ma n dadi ma left …..after meeting with all of them….Maan sat n kissed geet’s forehead when Ayush come n sat on maan’s lap n admire his little sis when maan said thanks GEETU u r best thing happen in my life n through u I got my two angels…our Ayushmaan n Muskaan…Geet smiles….n said n my thanks to Babajee for giving Three Angel my Maan n our Ayushmaan n Muskaan….

Maan leaned on geet who said I got a mother , I got dadi ma…I got friend in them .guardian in them n lovely family who take me with all ….my past…who give me all love, erase my scar….fill my heart with love…my maan give me immense love n now in this heart only has love n care…..this eyes filled with dream….he took my wishes dreams n fulfill them…..maan u came in my life as an angel n still I remember the day I met u…’s best thing happen…we met in Babajee’s Darbaar….from that moment his blessing with us maan…thnks…..will be insult for ur love….I only say my life is for u…..n our this family…..I can’t say in word what u r for me n what u did for me ….but I always heard that in ur loved on u can see GOD as GOD lived within me . Inside me n I trust it….n my GOD is inside u….maan….maan I don’t know what to expect as u always fill my every wish expectation before I demand or ask , but today I want to ask u something…I  will say maan pls like this love me always…..I only wants ur love…ur trust nothing more….mein aapne angel se itna toh pa sakti hoon na…

Maan has tear when she slowly wipes n maan said I don’t know I’m that much grt that u put me in pedestal but I’m normal human with errors but geet it’s not only u ….that life change for good but my life….u gave me the new meaning of my life now I can face storm with u…I can see new sun rises….my angel u give me two more angel , bring happiness in my life….give ma n dadi ma happiness n love….n filled my life with color, happiness n love…..n more this two angels who r my everything …I love u geet…

Both smiles n maan kissed gently on her lipes then forehead n looked at their bundle of joy….Ayushmaan n Muskan who r sleeping simaltanously in maaneet’s lap n Ayush holds muskaan’s finger….

Maaneet with Ayushmaan n Muskaan Lived Happily forever….though with time Dadi ma then Ma left them n it’s give them huge pain but it’s nature no one immortal in this world n with time they face it strongly….but together…….Destiny make them meet….GOD Bless them….Love Bind them…..Ayushmaan n Muskaan make them MAANEET…..A true HumSafar….Soulmate…where .Two stranger become life of each other…….


Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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  1. Phenomenal Part

    Its true that both Maan and GeeT faced many obstacles but they got through them
    having they little boy their pride increases with their love for him while Geet completes her studies again she was faced with turmoil as Daadima had a heart attack while her ma had an accident Ayush having fever took a toll on Geet but having Maan back home really makes everything easy .
    Now Geet has given birth to a baby girl that will only extend their love and joy
    Geet’s dialogues to Maan was so soulful to beautiful

  2. Beautiful ending
    Love the story
    Read all in one go last night

  3. a very beautiful story….loved it a lot

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