Humsafar ,Part 1



Place HP:-

Chilly weather makes everyone shiver but there is a young girl is sitting there with foreloon expression . Today is Diwali and hold world is celebrating and worshiping Ma Lakshmi and today is the day when 18yrs ago she was thrown by her family, by her parents.she found in garbej bag in front of the Orphanage , y what is her fault,

She looks at in front of her and found a famlily is helping their little daughter to light cracker and she is enjoying.

Tears fill her doe Shapes eyes and think about her cruel fate her life  which  is blank, full with darkness where no love only curse

She want to cry , she want to scream for her fate y , GOD punish  her, y,

How much she want to loved by her parents but alas, she wipes her tears and get up from there and slowly turn back and went towards her destination .


7.30p.m. Khurana Hospital ,:-

A young man is reading a case file in his cabin with full concentration when there is buzz on his phone, he ignored it but again it’s buzzed, he just looked at it once then send it silent mode and concentration on the file. His world full with this file, his pateint and his work he is living machine or robot .

He know people loves him and  they wants his help, if he can do little bit for them .



Young girl entered the orphange  when some one dashed with her accidentally and she falls on the floor and he shouts u gavar, can’t u see, damn it , what the ***** with this girl and Metron metron   ,

That young lady almost shiver and say sorry to the stranger when metron came and on the light of that entrance and  shouts on that young lady geet can’t u see and coming like thief in the home.

Geet looked at metron and whispered sorry then said I thought all will be angry to see me in Puja so .

Metron looks little uncomfortable when stranger said hmm, it’s ok,, u can go geet.

Geet nodded and left but that stranger is looking at her then said to metron , meet me tomorrow in my office.

Metron nodded .


An old lady is keep calling a no which is busy as usual .

She sighed and said to her bahu see , today, he told me to come early but.

Her bahu just smiles  then said mama, don’t worry aapke laadle pote aajayege, he said , after attending the finish the meeting he will come and take us direct to hospital.

Old Lady  sighed and said bahu ,I know but this boy is doing work like machine, can’t we go by us.

Her daughter in law (Bahu) said ma jee, we can but u know y he said it and her voiced chocked there.

Old lady turned but her eyes also moist when the phone ring and  and old lady just quickly wipes the tears and said hmmm hogaya meeting

A young man :- sorry dadi ma, got busy with pateinet and his family,

Dadi ma:- beta, I can understand the importance of ur work as I myself is doctor & it’s ok dear. Now tell me shall we come .

Young man  almost shout nooo, m coming just give me  30mins , will reached there as the time of puja is still late.

Dadi ma nodded then said kab tak maan iye dar dar ke jeete rahoge.

Young man(Maan) :-it’s not like that dadi ma, I was, I ‘m anyway, will late if I didn’t start now, so , talk to u later. Bye , take care of ur self and mama,


All r doing puja of Laksmhi ma in Big Haveli & asking for her blessing where little far from that place Geet is crying continously as today is her brithday, diwali but her own life and room is full with darkness .Later she went to meet metron for some work when she heard something which took soil from her feet.

She covered her mouth to close the sob which is coming out from her mouth almost but the lum forming on her throat to heart , she just runs from there hurriedly and entered her room.

She throw herself in the bed and cried there , does her darkness will erase anytime , does she will get little bit of light.


Maan ,Dr Maan Singh Khurana , lighting the Lamp in front of the Goddess  then offer flower and then looked at his dadi ma and mama they nodded to start the Puja of  Goddess Lakshmi Ma.

Maan’s mama and dadi ma r happy and offered puja to God and pray for their maan’s happiness when whole hospital joined with them .

After puja ,Mama:- maan beta,

Maan:-ha mama, aaiye, dadi ma, aap bhi, they distribute crackers, new dress to the hospital stuff, pateints  . they r so happy, and give their best wishes and lots of blessing to maan, younger one give their best wishes to them.

Khurana family well know and reputated family in the city to whole country who always helped poor one along with  taking care of many orphange, oldage home.


Geet is thinking about the conversation she heard on metron office  when she heard  about the  most cruical truth about her life,

Her life’s cruel truth, she get up and went to window and looking at the sky which is full dark but out side the world is fill with light and sound of crackers.she closed her eyes and try to absorb the pain of her life, she knew once that she is abandon by her parents, as she is girl child  but what is truth more shocked her she is illegimate child , she is the lust of her so called father who used her mother and throw her out and her mother don’t have the courage or anything to stand against him for herself or for her daughter , y GOD they had to bear this all, y cause they r woman,isn’t it today DIWALI when People worships Goddess Lakshmi  and here that day her own father abandon her, throw her from their life, throw her mother to lead the life for death.she smiles at this ,she smiles the cruel fate of her, her mother, she don’t know what she should do ,



Maan’s mother is helping dadi ma in some puja in KM when Nakul came and said madam ,madam,

Both Dadi ma and mama r looking at him when he said my son become proud father of a daughter.

Dadi ma and mama r smiling happily  then said it’s more happy news, today  in this auspcious day ,how is ur daughter in law and how is ur grand daughter,

Nakul with happy smile said all r fine,

Mama:- good, congratulation Nakul  bhaiya, we will meet them tomorrow, kyuon ma .

Dadi ma with happy smile nodded when nakul just smiles to his luck,

Later mama is talking with dadi ma when dadi ma said I wish one day maan also become father and we also celebrated this day.

Mama smiles little then said mama, let him marry first , last few years we have seen his rejection and  don’t know what he has in his mind.

Dadi ma sighed  wish some one came and stole his heart.


Geet is still standing near the window, tears stop long time ago now it’s turn her blood which is bleeding from her heart, she wipes rest bti of the tears  and said to herself I’’ll not fall weak  but what I will do, how I will stand, can I able to bring justice for my ma, can I.what should I do.

After couple of weeks,Delhi :-

Maan is talking with a patience and try to gain her confidence so he can treat her, after his counselling, he just lay his head on the chair and closed his eyes when his phone ring and he take it and said yes, ok, will go there next week, as I have a conference there , yes sure, ok bye.

He cut the call then smiles and said Hoshiyarpur,there is lecture then a small conference regarding killing girl child  women abuse, domestic violence . he sighed and get up to take the file of HP, last few years some statistics , he know this is  mere figure which is not accurate as manythings r hidden still he will try to change to reduce this kind of things ,


Geet is doing some work when some one inform her to meet to metron now.

Geet get up from her place and went to meet metron as she know   if  will late then metron will be get angry & another round of  shouting  with her ,Geet went to meet her when she said hmmm come here geet, and take this letter.

Geet take the letter and asked iye kya hain mam

Metron:-hmm, see u passed ur 18th yrs and we can’t afford u and ur need any more, if u have to lived here then u have to earn by urself other wise u start to find out ur place and u have 1month for this.

Geet was full shocked and said but ma’m.

Metron:-Geet, there is not but or anything u must be know about this rule much ago .

Geet:-but mam ,

Metron:- see , geet I can understand but I can’t overlook it, see there is thousand girl , we can’t afford girls after 18yrs as per the rule I know it might sound harsh, stupid but this is the rule dear, we r running this orphanage due little bit donation and it’s really hard still we r giving u opportunity to search a job so u can afford to stay here or if u think or arrainge a new shelter for urself .

Geet looked shocked then said ek mahina mein kaise hoga, this is wrong, how can u have done that , aise kaise hum ek din kahi ja sakte , where I will go, who will give us shelter, who will give me job, this rule is wrong.

Metron:- stop this geet, this is not my headache , I will think where u will go and what u will do, iye tumhare ma ,baap ko sochna chaiye tha tumhe paida karne se pehele phir iha phek ne se pehele, bare ghar ke aiyashi or gandagi ho tum sab, iha aapne aapko rok nehi paate aur phir phek jate marne ke liye .

Geet looked with wide eyes at metron and tears filled her eyes and make the view blur, she just said but ma’m

Metron :- stop this all , I can’t do anything , it’s upto u how u will help urself and now moved from here.

Geet turn to move when metron said remember one thing u have one month and now move from here.

2days geet only think about the matter and what to do , late she took some decision and went to search job.

HP highway,:-

Maan came there to attend the conference and looking at nature and it’s beauty,

His mind went some where in past where he and his full family went to their farm house to spend holidays some times but now those days r gone, his dad, dadu and dadi ma r always bus still they take little time to spend together and sply on his holiday , he sighed,he missed those days , he wished to have those days once again in his life but alas.

He reached his destination,guest house and helper helped him with luggage .

Maan gave tips when helper said sir if u need any help and do u need anything then.

Maan will inform u thanks .

Geet came to her orphanage but didn’t find any job or anything , her face is looking so pale when metron said so miss geet any progress .

Geet nodded no when metron said well I can help u if u want as  u lived here once.

Geet looked at her with expected eyes when metron gives her an adress and said go and contact with them.

Geet nodded and metron said go tomorrow morning and talk with them may be they can help u and geet more than this help don’t expect from me atleast.

Geet next day went to meet the address which is given by metron ,but there she met a cruel reality, they want her surname , her father’s identity.without this they can’t appoint her for temporary job of receptionist.

Geet:-but ma’m u said me na I can handle this job . u said na it’s enough qualitification for this temporary receptionsit job, pls ma’m don’t do this pls.

When some one said from behind what is happening here?

That lady said :- sir this girl is capabale for this job, qualified in our little exam and gave good interview  that man cut and said for what this job?

That lady:- sir for temporary Recpetionist and she is 18yrs old & gave her HS just .

That man said :- well send her to my cabin now.

Geet entered the cabin later and said may I come in sir.

That man said yes, come it see I don’t want to waste time but will clearly say ur qualitfication r not upto to give u job

Then again said  see miss geet, u r too young and just gave ur HS exam , frankly speaking we can’t give u proper job until u complete minimum graduation but as we need urgently a receptionist so u  r but see the document u gave us there is no father name there, do u know in our country we need to know father name or gurdian name to give u job, or admission any where.

Geet lowered her head and said with low voice I don’t know anything about my father.

That man said what r u crazy oh no that mean u r chi.

btw miss, I can give u some job u know na what I mean and looking at her with his lust full eyes ,scanning her through his eyes

geet felt some insect roaming on her she just closed her eyes and let the tear fall


Geet runs from there it’s almost daily routine for her to get humilation from all about her surname or father’s name.

Finally she got an temporary job of a peon of local construction office.


Information Techonology College,Confenrece Room:-


Maan faciliated by their Principal and then maan is giving small lecture , then small debate and maan attend it and help there to know more about child labour, domestic abuses and wrong of sex determination and death female child after born or abandon .

Students, teachers r impressed by his talk.

Maan smiles and think how few people between this just take it as a part of lecture but used to that . this is so called society from the upper u can see how good it’s but how deep u will go and u will see the skeleton .

Maan came out from there and and wore his sunglass and think to call his mama and dadi ma, he need to talk with them.

Here in Geet is trying to cope up with her new life and try to gain much money for her orphanage and her rent to stay there


Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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  1. Superb and Painful update!!Poor Geet…

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