Humsafar ,Part 10

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Twist :-

 Geet is keep reading the letter and shook her head in negative, tears of pain fall from her eyes but there is no one to wipes it ………..

She tightly hugged the note in her chest when ma came and asked her what happen geet?y u r crying but geet just turn and hugged her tightly and cried her heart out there when ma trying to sooth the pain , when geet felt herself crashing in pain and hurt and in guilt,she is so vulenarable with the fact and without maan now ….she shook within herself and feet something is going

Geet slept after cried in ma’s arm who is sleeping besides her as she can’t let her sleep alone in this delicate situation……

Next few days went with therapy and walking and visiting few places and listening ma and dadi ma but her mind and heart is fill with worry and tension … much she craved for her maan, she don’t know y she is feeling like this, she closed her eyes but get to see her maan there smiling at her, she felt irritated and think about her life her past incident make her think again , what is her life, what she want and what she went to do in her village unless that sorrowful incident occur and make her life upside down.she sighed then take her note pad to say her maan something , something about her which is unknown  from him but he need to know about it fully and her life depend on it.

At mid night , ma came as today some meeting there then a party for charity and she got late there , she came to see her sleeping with frown face . she carrassed her head when dadi ma came and said bahu ,Ma startled and said y u r awake still ?

Dadi ma :-oh maan called to talk to u as he will came late…..

Ma:-but y? is there any problem

Dadi ma :- he didn’t say anything more but say something unexpected came .

Ma hold her hand and said I’m fearing for him hope everything will be fine.Dadi ma hold her hand and said yup it’ll be …..

Next day ,geet went to Gurdwara to pray for peace as her mind is tremendously sad and restless, she just want to see maan now, y this restless , she keep praying for his well being……

Ma & Dadi ma took her inside the Gurdwara and all prayed there when  Geet  closed her eyes and prayed to her Babajee pls help me, pls give me a way.y m feeling this restless , y m feeling like this……baba jee I want to talk,baba jee pls help me….pls help me….. y m feeling restless like this……

They came out from there when ma said she will take geet with her to there one of the firm as she need to came out from her room often.

Dadi ma agreed when geet looks scared but ma hold her hand and assured her and said nothing will happen, don’t worry she is with her then both went to the firm of khurana’s…..

Ma took her to her cabin and said geet it’s out  firm , ur papa I mean my husband give it to me for my work  as u know I used to paint but after lost my husband and my father in law I gave up everything. Maan tried many times to pursue me the painting again but my mind went blank, anyway, m trying to start it all over again though this firm is dealing with all my exhibition and our NGOs and my academics administrative side …..Anyway, let’s not make u bore with this all, have seat , will give u tour of this place …..I know geet u r thinking y m taking u here, beta, u need to go out side more for ur good, see geet I know what happen in past bad but that is past, past give us lesson , experiences so that we can see the or make the present and future good and one day u will able to talk   then what will u do, geet u need to meet people don’t worry we will be with u always….

Geet smiles when ma give her a tour to the office and introduced her with many of her employee…….Every one r seems good there and very down to the earth nature and the office atmoshphere r so nice, familier . Geet smiles and nodded just, many just think she might be so shy and few wonder who is she, though their ma’m said she is her relative & staying with them….still…… but few got jealous and one of them is Sasha…..PA of Nilima Singh Khurana……

She excused and said to nilima ( mother of maan) , some file need to be sign …Nilima agreed and told geet come with me when sasha said ma’m if u excused then may I give her tour to this office, after all she is our guest and ur relative, pls ma’m……

Ma:-hmmm ok, if geet didn’t have any problem then…. She looked at geet who is feeling uncomfortable and shake her head no when ma said sasha she is shy and it’s ok give me those file will give her tour to rest of the gallery and office then , u don’t worry.

Before sasha can say anything ma take geet with side the cabin nilima is sigining the document when phone ring , nilima take it and find out it’s from her son,maan,

She smiles and had little talk then give it to geet and said geet have it, listen what he want to say to his geetu…..

Geet shied and embarrased little but took the phone as she is dying to hear him.She took it when maan said mishty……

Geet smiles , Maan:- I’m sorry geetu, I’ll be little late but pakka this time holi we will play together…..

Geet smiles when maan said accha suno I hope u r not neglecting with ur medicine and therapy other wise I’ll be angry and make geet giggle .

Maan:-geetu don’t do that u know I’m dying to see ur smiling, giggling face….accha geetu ……now m going for a meeting , will see u soon and don’t worry and don’t cry……u know na ur tears hurt me lots…..

Geet nodded as if he will see her and smiles when maan said bye , take care……

After cutting the call geet give it nilima who smiles and said so now u r happy na, he will be back soon……

Geet again shied and smiles little here sasha felt full confuse and unknown jealousy crept inside her, she never seen Dr Maan Singh Khurana but only seen her in TV , Magazine and News paper but now geetu the name maan said she heard through her ma’m make her gone bonker with jealousy…….

Later At the time of departure geet coming out slowly as she is still dreaming about the conversation well say maan’s talk and smiling when again phone ring when nilima said maan again she took the called and heard geetu see today babajee wants me to spend time with u. u know m missing u so much.

Nilima chuckled and said ahem ahem Dr Khurana hold on and I’m not ur geetu when geet heart it and stood rooted in her place with deep red color adoring her cheek.

Nilima smiles when maan felt caught and embarrased and blushed then said oh ma mein I mean when nilima give it to geet and said now talk with ur geetu dr khurana and smiles .Geet shied and with tremble hand took the phone and just hold it.

Nilima:- beta, he is waiting .Geet nodded and hold the phone on her ear and listen to her maan who just felt a sense of relief then said with fake anger geetu, u should warn me , anyway, mama told me that u went to Gurdwara today and then went to office also, how is it? Good na……accha suno u know here I have seen this but didn’t feel to see those place, m missing u, I will come next time with u and will go many places, do u know here is a place called Chat Plaza and u know what I have seen here Maan is talking with her and geet is just listening when Sasha collided with her and make her fall and phone fall from her hand…..

Geet looked at sasha who is standing there and said oh I’m sorry Miss Geet.

Geet get up and took the phone and remove the dust and hold it to her ear but didn’t hear first anything then heard her maan said mishty mishty but sasha took the phone and try to listen when maan said geetu, geetu r u there, oh God she can’t able to say anything, geetu.

Sasha looks puzzled with this but geet snatched the phone her face looks red with anger and sudden unknown feeling, she give her one look when all r looking at the then went out from there……she took the phone in hand then try to hear maan who is saying ,  :-geetu r u there.shall I cut the call……

First time geet feeling sad more about her weakness , not able to say anything…..finally the call end there……

But that day make her determined that she need to concentrate more on the speech practice and therapy and try to hard for it…….

Ma and dadi ma noticed the change in her, her restless face, her anxiety, her excitement whenever phone ring …..her try to say something though still it’s not successful attempt but she is trying ,dadi ma noticed the glow whenever maan called and talked with her, though it’s onsided talk but they r happy that atleast she is looking happy.

Here in Maan’s place:-

He make her lay on the bed when his rough lips caressed her face and his hand adore her with love and care……she closed her eyes in pleasure when his lips marks her …….they both r smiling giggling when some one hold her and pulle her from him and she is keep crying leave me leave me………

Maan get up from his sleep and sweating like hell, he pushed his hair and looking at the clock it’s pass midnight…… what is this with this dream,he is with geet and doing, what is wrong with his thought, in INDIA also he had some wild thought and now also…..damn then but who is that who is taking her from him, he make his palm turn to a fist and shaking an anger……he still didn’t understand his feeling and all making him more confuse but he only wants her happiness….her smiling face always gave him peace…..

INDIA,Delhi ,KM:-

It’s just couple of days left to maan will be back and geet complete her note pad for her maan, here maan will get her past , about her, about her daily routine and what she had done in her absense….

She giggled then smiles and think Holi is coming and geet want to give color her maan first ……will her wish be fulfill by her Babajee…….

She placed the note pad besides the pillow when ma came with a glass of milk. She makes faces but ma said nice try now have it , geet I was thinking that after tomorrow ur check at evening we will visit to our gallery as Holi Spl collection coming and my few students made it this time .

Geet smiles and nodded yes then kissed ma’s cheek , when ma smiles and kissed her forehead and tucking her in the blanket …..After switching off the light she went out to meet her mother in law as she need to discuss something…about this gallery…..


At mid night geet is feeling suffocating, something terrible she is tossing her head here and there……


She didn’t see anything tears fall , fire caught her duppatta when she is running ……Geet:- try to say something but nothing came out as her weakness again cover her. But next what she had seen take the breath from her lungs when Brij Handa stabbed Maan brutally by a sword from behind…….she try to shouts but didn’t able to do and brij again stab and she this shouts to stop this MAAANNNNN but none hear it as the voice never came from her mouth and her maan……..

Ma is looking at her face and keep shaking and calling geet, geet beta when Geet shouts MAANNNNNNN ,geet get up with a jerk & sweating badly……

Ma looked at her and surprise to hear it, her geet talked and maan, she called her son’s name .

Ma want to call dadi ma but she just froze with the fact she slowly called geet when geet turn with teary eyes and said……

Man wipes her tears and said he is fine beta…Geet looked at maan few moments and suddenly lost her conscious and make ma more panic…..

Next day ma and dadi ma came from Hospital with geet when they surprise to see Maan is there.Where geet looks little distressed…. And make this worry for maan.who just came and englufed her in his arms and said kya hua geetu? Then to ma and dadi ma who r grinning then ma said well Dr Khurana, she is perfectly fine…..but little restless as something happen…..

Maan looked tensed and said ma what happen ?Geetu?

Dadi ma want to say oh maan beta but ma hold her hand and said go and have bath , u need to fresh up first but maan said no ma,I’m fresh ma,and looked at geet who is just looking at him but her face is looking little pale but eyes shining also.He feel confuse but then scoop geet in his arms and said I’m going to take her for check up. When ma said I think u r her doctor and u can and more we r coming from hospital …..

Maan felt another shock or don’t know what, he just nodded barely and took back geet to the room……

Here dadi ma said bahu aapne ne when ma said sorry ma, oh actually Ma u know na what Doctor said that she needs maan now her eyes, her mind and her lips r only searching maan , and see the thing how her face tweaking in joy her eyes r shining , they r communicating with maan.See how maan got restless ma.

Dadi ma:- bahu I have seen it and noticed this change on maan

When ma said don’t know what m thinking right or wrong but some how few things doesn’t find logic but only understand by heart and here maan and geet r like that , may be they r feeling for each other but it’ll be too early to say

Dadi ma nodded in positively…..

Here geet’s room:-

Geet is sitting on the bed when maan looked the report and said geetu, how r u feeling now?

Geet nodded positively but her eyes just keep looking at maan as if taking his face inside her heart , yesterday that nightmare simply taking toll…..on her…..

Maan carrassed her face after said food for her through inter com.

When geet hold his hand and slowly whisper maan……

Maan looking at the file when she felt her soft touch then heard her saying it ,he froze on his place and turn to see her when geet again said maan………..r …..u…..?

Maan didn’t say anything just stay calm and looking at her few moments then hugged her tightly his eyes fill with happy and surprise moist…….

He pulled her then cupped his face and kissed her eyes, and forehead and said thanks Geetu, u gave me most beautiful gift……before holi,I’m sure this Holi an Auspicious festival and we will surely see the new color…..

Geet smiles , after maan feeding her maan said I’m fine geetu, don’t worry, my jet lag gone vanish the time I have this good news ……

Geet smiles but her face showing the drowsyness and maan didn’t make her wait and slowly help her to sleep……as she needs rest……

Later maan had a chat with the doctor and came to know that her voice came back fully but due to some shock as she has seen her some closed one getting killed by someone and this nightmare give her tremendous shock..

Maan looks more confuse and want to know who is this closed one, unknowingly felt immense jealous from that closed one ,one side feeling confuse y this jealousy creeping through him……

Two Days Left for Holi, and geet is now more fine but her voice came fully, she some times still fear about something ….she slowly slowly said thing wihtout any stameering or anything now and doctor said her vocal cord is perfectly fine ……there is no problme is it cause some shock that time she has witnessed and now again another shock or her inner fear and her inner strenght and will power make her voice back …..some times logic fails infront of this all…..but Maan this word she said more comfortably…..she was doing little things more and to her surprise maan has talk with her about her education, what she always wants but her bad luck her study stopped abruptly……she felt a tears fall on her eyes when maan hold it…. And said what happen geetu? Y ur crying now?

Geet nodded her head no when maan said accha suno Day after tomorrow is Holi , so maan want this saree to gift u…..Geet  squeezed her eye brows when maan said ha only ma and dadi ma…..

Geet pouted when maan give her two anklet and two ear ring and said this is from me oh dadi ma told me in the festival session we should give something……

Geet smiles then pouted and makes faces when maan said now what I gave u na when geet looked at him and then get up and took something from cupboard and said this….for….u…..

Maan said what is this ,Geet:-baad mein dekhna….

Maan smiles and said ok…..baba daant rehe hain dekho ….Geet twist her lips and said Nautanki……..

Before the day of Holi, maan is lying on the bed and thinking about geet when he has seen her in Black And red Salwar suit looking cute doll….

Maan noticed her participating in the Holika Dahan keenly.her prayer ,her smiling , her helping ma and dadi ma …..all r some how touching his heart. He smiles and felt some how good and content……

In the morning how she cooked with his ma, give him breakfast, his coffee and even yesterday night she scold him cutely for taking too much coffee.

Few of their office stuff came and few close friends but with all she is adjusting happily as if know them then he remember his ma and dadi ma took her out and make her comfortable with all…..he smiles and looked at his phone when some one tapped his shoulder and said what happen?y r u here?

Maan:-wait geetu there is one call, and after attending the call he turn and said yes bolo….

Geet:- nothing ma and dadi ma was searching for u, y u r standing here alone…..

Maan:-I’m coming…..let’s go there.And later maan joined the puja and then talked with his few stuff……


Maan came back from his thought when he heard a knock on the door and said yes coming.

Geet came inside with a glass of milk….when maan squeezed his eyes brows but geet said no coffee from today ma ne kaha hain as u r taking coffee more than required… and have it….

Maan shook his head and said who told this to ma ha

Geet turn another side and said ma told me to put here a chart of do and do not…..and giggle …..

Maan has seen her giggling many times but the sound is so musical now he is hearing it first time then he coughed and said u r feeling so happy na by pulling my leg ha.

Geet :- where ?I didn’t pul ur leg ma told me to convey her message , anyway, today u have to sleep early so u can wake up early and more importanly u can sleep properly and as ur health is detorieitng ….also. ma told me to say this all so m saying u….

Maan chuckled and said finished and now take it, and y u r awake still, shouldn’ u sleep by now, geetu, u r fine and have back ur voice that doesn’t allow u to roam now in his hours.

Geet pouted and said after u came back from ur tour u always scold me, never spend time with me, never want to know …..good night and went out from there…

Maan shook his head and this girl will be never change…..

Maan came to her room and said geetu who is just twisting her lips in anger ……but it’s all fake anger …..

Maan came and hugged her from behind and said geetu I’m sorry for going away from u like that but I was helpless , our one of Hospital going to start in Paris for INDIAN but there is some legal problem came and some one who don’t want this project to be successful as so many thing legal hassles then some one asked questions about materials being used in the hospital structure finally I as represtative of my company had to go there……those meeting, and fighitng with this legal matter then convincing and testing all meterials r used being good quality in fact best quality all took time , and I had the call that night and had to go in urgent way.though I had to go couple of days later but after inform u well…..I’m sorry …..when geet turn and said no maan and hugged him, she don’t know y she is feeling like that emotional some time she is feeling like she is taking all this in advatages on her side, she shouldn’t deserve this all …..but she fear to go away from this family and maan, this family has given her the love, affection, care, respect when her own so called family …she want to cry, she want to scream with her illfate……

When maan cupped her face and said but I make sure to come back early and tried hard and succed to complete all work before time and see here I’m….

Geet smiles and said thanks then said aapke liye kuch hain Kal Holi hain and want U too read it….pls……before it’s going too late…..

Maan look puzzled when she hand over a note pad of her and a diary of her……

Geet hugged him and said thanks for always stay and stand by me and give me back my life…..

Maan took the diray and said but geet ? when geet said pls maan…..

Suddenly she coughed when maan said see I told u to take rest but no , now com have rest and try to sleep, and from tomorrow if u r doing over work then……

Geet smiles and said may be from tomorrow u will not want to see me here……

Maan tucked her under blanket and said hve this medicine and water and listen u r not going anywhere…..

Geet smiles and get up then said and  for how many days maan?I’ll be here and in which way…….

Maan looked at her then hold her head from behind and said forever , till I’m alive and even after my death when geet gasped in horror and flash those nightmare and said pls….maan……

Maan then forget about going away from me or do u have any where to go ha….

Geet with moist eyes said maan u know I’m orphanage then… one I have except u ma and dadi ma…..but how I’ll be here forever, what will people say and maan I don’t want to stay here and bring my illfate as I know brij and his people will come here …..I hve seen it….

Maan cupped her face and said what , u have seen what geetu and who is brij and y they will come here?

Geet :-I have seen them in my dream ermm means nightmare and he means brij is killing……u…….

Maan looked stunned then he got the full thing and said by holding his chin that man that day who r attacking u , try to kill those r brij and his men….Geet nodded positively then maan said with smile and the closed ones is me ha.

Geet nodded then said I’m scared but maan simply said mere rehethe hue bhi (U r scared within me geetu) don’t u trust me……and for brij , he will get what now as for his coming so don’t worry, he will never be able to come here and now will u sleep or shall I sing a lullababy….

Geet giggled then said I wish then smiles and lay on the bed……After make sure she is sleeping,maan moved from there……

Next day both ma , dadi ma and maaneet do the Puja of God and then maaneet give Color to to God then to ma and dadi ma who in return bless them with color……

Geet is keep looking at maan and want to know that did maan read that or not but from his expression nothing coming…..

Maan called geet and said come out side and said m joining u soon… give u a saree in ur room asked u wear it…..

Geet:-maan oh….

Maan:- wait geetu, people will join any time , hurry up we will talk to later then….

Geet nodded and went to change…..

After changing the saree she highly feel shy infront of maan but to her luck , maan is busy with some phone call when she quickly excaped from the place……

She went to terrece and looking lost when after some moment some one stand besides her and said y u r here ?

Geet turn and noticed maan is standing there but she is feeling shy and try to move when maan hold her from behind and pull her close to him and said u didn’t wish me geetu…..

Geet stop and slowly turn then said rang kaha hain….

Maan open his fist when geet took little color and paste it on his face and maan do the same……

Geet again try to move when maan said I read it fully when geet looked at him with shocked eyes and her wriggling start more but maan hold her and said geetu I just said I read it but I didn’t say u to move, will u listen to me, u gave me that to know my decision and my decision is same like I told u yesterday night……

Her expression turn shocked to stunned when rain start falling on them heavily…..both drenched and maan slowly pull her close to him and said u will be here as MRS MAAN SINGH KHURANA and this day I want to mark u as mine…….I will talk with ma and dadi ma……

Geet forget to blink her eyes when maan said don’t u tink I’m doing this out of pity but no……

Geet slowly said then y?after read and know about me all , y u want to marry , y u r doing this?

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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