Humsafar ,Part 11

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Geet forget to blink her eyes when maan said don’t u tink I’m doing this out of pity but no……

Geet slowly said then y?after read and know about me all , y u want to marry , y u r doing this?

Maan looked at her serene face then slowly said cause I Love u…..

Geet looked at him with moist and disbielf eyes and suddenly she felt herself almost loosing her balance when maan pull her and said take ur time geetu no need to hurry but don’t think I’m feeling pity on u cause I’ll never, geet some times logic doesn’t work…….I love u this is truth….u accept it or not…..

Geet felt herself shocked and said I….I think u r taking the decision in a hurry maan, Im not from ur status I have curse past .I….was I but maan placed his lips on her soft petals and nibbling it gently which only when geet is full shocked react……she don’t know what to do and stand still but soon slowly slowly responded as her heart mind, crave for this love which she want to deny but can’t able to do so…..she is helpless infront of maan and his love. But still fear , scare r lingering deep inside her mind which make her shiver but maan break the kiss and engulfed her petite form in his strong arms and went inside the house…..

She is shivering but not with the all wet form but with the thought of many confusion r there to creation havoc inside her , make her think more and more about her life ,past, present, she suddenly felt light hearted and light headed and she placed her head on his shoulder as if  want to understand what is wrong or what is right? As her mind is full with confusion and sadness  ,she don’t know    when she fall in sleep……

Next day geet get up early and find her sleeping ma , she smiles and don’t know y she want to take warmth from ma, as the feeling, the affection the love she missed her whole life….

She later get up & came down stair when she heard ma talking with some one and dadi ma is reading news paper but where is he? She forget everything about previous night  as she felt that was dream, distance dreams to become reality…she smiles, blushed then coming down when some one whisper good morning sweet heart.

When geet startled and almost stumble on the stair but maan hold and said with little stern vocie what r u doing?

Geet :-oh…mein…I….slipped…..

Maan took her down stair and said yes I can see it when ur mind is some where else…..

Ma asked what happen beta?

Geet nodded no when maan said y u r saying no say ma , na I was in dream land and almost slipped from the stair…..

Geet pouted and mouthed some thing to him when maan said what did u say ?

Geet quickly went towards dadi ma and greeted her then take her seat besides her when maan said ma,  today I’ll be returning late has few case to discuss and few conference…..

Ma nodded then said but don’t forget to take ur food …

Maan nodded but he chuckled and smirk as the reason y he mentioned about his late coming from hospital accomplished ….Geet felt restless….and looked at maan ……

When ma said geet beta  what happen?

Geet nodded and took her breakfast…….Before leaving the maan passed a note to geet and said ur routine work for today….

Ma and dadi ma guessed it’s for her treatment and geet nodded……when geet went back to garden and noticed maan’s car leaving the premises but her heart did flipflop when maan looked at her , simple look that is or something else on those dark orbs has hidden…..

She clutched the paper when she remember the note he has given for her….she  open it to read it and her expression changed gradually…..

When maan has seen it from his car’s rear mirror and smirk and drove away when geet is looking at the note

My geetu, my honey

Now listen ,change ur medicine dose, check them as I have written everything in a note pad, and told ma also , nothing to worry and keep continur ur speech therapy and don’t stress urself and will see u at night then we will full night teogher and give a wink ….and u know yesterday ur sleeping in my arms like kid anyway we missed the holi , I mean we nope I missed to color u with my love and play holi with u…..anyway, m joking don’t stress with my proposal now, take ur time and think with calm mind….

Ur maan and muhaaa.

Geet tremble with the note as she was thinking that might be dream but that was reality….a hard core reality but no it’s no reality, it can’t be reality how could it would be real. No it’s a distance dream…..y suddenly maan  propose him, she can’t think straight , her delicate mind condition make it all confusing , she never had the love but she got it from here, but she feared to love by some one, she has seen people using  others for their own gain….but she know maan and his family can never be but still she can’t …… him or accept his proposal it’s not right, she is guest here more , she is his piatent only, she shouldn’t forget this, she shouldn’t forget her limits she shouldn’t cross the line…. It’s all wrong, the thing is going mess, she is greateful and will be always …but she cant take chance, it’s not good, and more she need to give justice to her mother , she get her voice back and she is fine, she need to move from there….. she went back to her room …..she stay there few times when she felt restless as she need to move from there but she is confuse and feeling pain to stay away from her maan……

She fall on the bed , she thought something but is happening something else, all r going mess …..y maan propose her , y he said her that he loved her. No he can’t love her. It’s not good , good for any one, her past, will haunt him also, she don’t have any family name ,she don’t have any surname , she is illgimate child, though maan doesn’t have any problm but it’s problem for her, for maan, if not now but in future, …and more dadi ma and ma don’t know anyting about it, she need to say them or no they will throw her  and more hate her cause of her past….

She cried there hey babajee , what to do now?I can’t decieve them by hiding it or neither I can say yes to maan, it’s all wrong…..

Later at lunch time,ma asked what happen geet, ur eyes r full red, it’s puffy, did anyone said anything, did maan scold u.kya hua beta?

Geet nodded no , nothing ma…..

Ma cupped her face and asked what happen

Geet nodded no ……..

Dadi ma:- r u sure beta…

Geet nodded yes when ma said accha ok, geet beta, tomorrow we  will be going to a marriage …..will accompany we have to stay there…but here neither me and ur dadi ma will be stay and maan may be going for some work for 2days trip tomorrow…..for a conference….

Geet think for some moments then said ok ma. She don’t want to go but she don’t know how to say no. she is full confuse and lost…..

Ma noticed it but she don’t want to presurize  her now but she will have chat with maan as what happen with geet suddenly, y she is behaving like that, is there any problem or something else…..

Geet sat on the swing and thinking about the whole thing, she is feeling whole confuse……she want to run away …..she want to run away from everything….she cried there , she want to cream, to say some one give her path…..

At night, geet is looking for maan who is still in office busy with various thing ..

Ma:-beta, have ur dinner, u need to sleep and maan will be late today dear….

Geet nodded then said I’m not looking for him.oh I was just…..

Ma and dadi ma looked at her when dadi ma said it’s ok beta, let’s have the dinner.

Geet nodded slowly but both ma and dadi ma noticed the change,

Ma:- ma,oh Mr Gupta called and want to meet u about some legal matter ,I have an talk with ur PA and  inform u pa to give the time next week, hope it’ll be fine.

Dadi ma nodded with smirk …..they finished rest of the dinner quietly…..


Here in hospital, maan is reading  through some papers for case study….and forget about everything,here geet is feeling restless. She think few moments then called his no…. when maan take it after couple of ring and said ma, will be late, don’t wait for me. And I hope all of u have ur dinner…yes say geetu,to sleep well, and yes when he was interupted by geet it’s me……

Maan stop at his place then smile and said hmmm bolo, y u r still awake, hmmmm,when geet said softly I have my dinner and took medicine also ….

Maan smile then said then y u r waiting ,for me to go and take u in my arms and give u good sleep ha…..

Geet blushed and said yes then said no and said oh I… no ma want to know did u have ur dinner or not …..

Maan smirk and almost stop himself from laughing and said I see….anyway, inform ma that I had……but geet snapped him and said what u have taken in ur dinner……

Maan smiles but heard a sound as he got the desirable fax and said geet see u later…. But geet said but maan oh when maan said good night and cut the call……

Geet looks confuse , she seems don’t understand what is happening with her, one side she don’t want to call him but her want and deed r something else, she again called and said y did u cut my phone, y  u r still there?

Maan closed his eyes then said geet, m working…….

Geet:- but it’s late na, u should stay here now in home but u r there…. When maan noticed he did a mistake on his work and said geet just stop this all and cut the call and go to bed right now, u shouldn’t stay awake till late and it’s time for sleep.

Geet:-but it’s applicable for u also na.

This time maan loose almost and said what is applicable for me or not u don’t have to worry go and sleep and pls don’t disturb me by calling here again and again as m working busy….. if ma has to say anything then she will by herself, u don’t need to bother, do one thing go and sleep…and maan hung up the phone and got busy with his work……and oblivious of the fact that his simple scolding give what impact on his geetu…..

Geet look at the cordless few more time with no emotions then look at the note pad where maan give her a note in the morning…..

She sighed and curse herself for this all mess, there is no need to call him and disturb his precious time……he has busy schedule, busy life ……and she just disturb him…..but she want to know if he had his dinner or not but y she called him when she had decided that she will move on from his life for his good, she can’t love him, she didn’t love him, it’s just her gratitute towards him and he felt love no, may be pity …..she smiles sadly then took her note pad and write a note for him…..

Sorry,I’m sorry Maan then said no I’m sorry Dr Khurana.I was worried and forget my limits and disturb u.I know u r busy and has busy schedule but I forgot it.sorry Dr Khurana,


Here maan again gone busy with his work and at 1.45 a.m. he wind up the work and headed towards his car , he reahced home at 2.30 a.m. and went to geet’s room first and noticed her sleeping like kid, he smiles and tucked her under quilt then kissed her forehead & whisper good night geetu……

He moved to his ma and dadi ma’s room and looked at them then finally retired on his room full exhausted….After taking shower he just fall on the bed and slept …..

Warden :-u will play holi ha and again slapped her then said u have the audacity to splash color on me, and others she took the cane and said spread ur hand then ……..

Later the little girl sitting a corner of her room alone and crying when her hand bore the marks of beating….her cheeks turn red……she cried and cried there but no one is there to wipes her tears…..

She noticed after few days few children on near her school playing doll’s marriage, she looked at the play keenly then runs back to her school and asked her teacher about it when her teacher exlained in simple langugage about marriage she said that she also want to marry but few teachers laughed at her and said she can’t marry, she will not as no one will marry her…..all mocked her……she cried when teacher scold her ….she left from there with crying face…….

Warden called her geet, geet, will u stop ur bad work, what do u think u will eep repeating mistake and disturb others peace and pollute other children’s mind…..

That little girl look clue less and looked at warden with mosit eyes and said I’m sorry ma’m….

Warden shook her head in anger and said u will not get ur lunch today…..and u will complete ur home work before time…..if u missed it do it within 40mins then ready for more punishment and now get lost from here .Geet shudder and runs from there but tear of pain and sorrow continously falling from her eyes……..

Geet keep tossing and suddenly get up with jerk and panting heavily…..she clinch the bed sheet tightly and turn to look at ma but she is not there……she fear again she fear again to loose and stay alone and those nightmare didn’t help her at all, she cover her face by her palm and crying there… when suddenly she felt a warmth engulfed her and she just clinged in to him…..

When he just keep rubbing her back then after some time said have this…..Geet took the glass from him and gulped down the half then again rest …….on him…..maan slowly slowly patting her and stay there when after some moments geet said I want to forget those days ,I can’t , they r keep haunting me……

Maan :-hmmmm,

Geet looked at him little and try to move out when maan hold her  back and tucked her close to him and said I didn’t say u to move …….geet if u want u can share those with me but when u will feel ok…… now about moving out from that phase… u need to help urself…. Geet I’ll be with u …..I’ll help dear but u need to face it…..U need to strong to remove them from ur mind…..

Geet look at maan little scare when maan bend and pressed a kiss on her nose and said don’t worry as I promised I will be with u now try to sleep it’s late….hmmmm..Geet nodded and laid on the bed when maan sat besides her and carrassing her hair and head soon she dose off to sleep. When maan move out little and settle in the chair but his eyes keep looking at geet ……when his mind r thinking something about geet and her problem…..when suddenly her eyes fall on the note pad…..he don’t know y….he took the note pad and start reading……

He chuckled to see how geet still write her daily activities …….he read everything and gradually his face expressions r changing from calm to tensed to worry …..he looked at geet and then looked at the note pad and keep reading all her confusion regarding his proposal , her fearing her pain yesterday night when he shouts on her , she seems hurt badly and those nightmare back…..

Next day morning geet wake up and found maan is sitting besides her and reading news paper…..

She get up and said good morning

Maan smiles and said good morning, geetu…..

She looked at the time and said it’s pass8 in the morning , she almost try to jump when maan pull and she fall on maan and shirek ……when maan said where r u going stay here and let me check u up……and today after noon u r going with me hospital …..

Geet looks puzzle when maan said daily check u might be forgot the date…..

Geet protest and said no there is nothing sort of this…..

Maan make her sat on the bed and said u forgot it now get ready, we will move after our breakfast…..

Geet looks full confuse when maan said now slwoly get up and complete ur all task see u in the breakfast table….

Geet still look at him with confuse expression then said m not going anywhere with u.

Maan stop at her place and said I would prefer no more argument from ur side and u will come with me geet. What we have in personal front , we will discuss later……

Geet shouts we don’t have anything on personal front , I’m ur pateint only……

Maan looked at geet few moments then said 45mins and I want to see u at down stairs and yes forget to tell mama and dadi ma was out for puja and they will directly go to the Marriage place……we will joined them at night……

Geet gasped and said I will go with u alone……

Maan stop at her place then turn little and look at her keenly and said y, u fear to stay with me alone or going out with me alone …..

Geet nodded yes then no then again yes when maan chuckled then just left from there Later geet joined him when he is checking mail on his blackberry, both complete their breakfast and maan asked her few formal question about her health and the problm she is facing, he check her up then both headed towards hospital when geet is keep fidegeting her duppatta and looking little restless…..

Maan noticed it but stay to ignore it now as he know what is going on her mind…..After complete few test, maan said let’s have the lunch…..

Geet :- no m not feeling like eating anything , feeling sleepy…..

Maan looked at her then took her hand and said geet, u need to eat healthy, if u will not then how this high dose medicine will work and sec, if u not eat properly it’ll mke u weak, for a moment forget that we r doctor pateint,I propose u , forgot that also but we r friend na, see as friend I’m saying tis geet, don’t neglect ur health, don’t stress urself, u got ur voice back but the weakness still there more u r not stable……fully… there is something else also making u restless,if u keep them in ur mind that will cause problm in future, geet, say them, express urself, share ur pain, it’s common that if u share ur pain it’ll decrease the pain….

Geet nodded then said I need to rest ….will eat something later……

Maan nodded and said ok …..he called ma and dadi ma and asked about their whereabouts and inform that geet is fine, then he called and order light lunch for them……they reached home when geet softly said thanks & headed towards her room…..

She sat on the bed and thinking about everything and think if she is behaving little rude to maan but her inner turmoil …..make her confuse with her own restless mind…..

Later she went and asked nakul about lunch when nakul inform that maan sir is busy in his study room, & lunch is already  …..Geet said call him and I’ll arrange the table here.

Nakul nodded and left to call him…..when geet arranged the table….maan came and joined her ….Both ate silently when geet felt again restless cause of this silence, , she thought what is happening with her…..

She coughed and said oh I…I ….

Maan :- practicse ur speech first then say what do u want to say?

Geet’s face turn full red , she murmur and said Dusht danav, here m trying to ease the situation and see him , she said oh when we will move for the marriage ceremony and y u r here I mean I heard u r going out of city for some conference…..

Maan:- hmmm conference was there but I send some one else on behalf of me….

Geet look at him little surprise then said y?

Maan complete his lunch and said take little rest, we will move from here after 4.30 at evening, see u then and I hope u will take medicine on time , Nakul make one glass of orange juice and give it to her at 3.30 , see u then and left from there…..

She want to say manything but can’t , she is feeling emotional today, one side she is confuse want to go away from him , another side she want to stay here with him, y she is feeling like that……

At evening they r on the way of the new place where marriage ceremony will take place of maan and his family’s some relative…..Geet was not keen to go there but ma and dadi ma want to change her place …..

Maan looked at her and felt drowning on her innocent beauty once again, simple white and yellow salwar making her more beautiful….he smiles and want to kissed her there and then…then he control himself when geet felt more restless as the time pass….as both maaneet r oblivious from the fact that something will change for them there……forever. Something will happen to change something drastically…..something big r going to happen…..

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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