Humsafar ,Part 13

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But that nishat again taunt and one elder women hold her hand and said u can’t stay here when geet looked at ma with expectation but she turn away and that women pulled and pushed her out side ……..

When suddenly ma shouts stopped it and hold geet before she fall down, and moaned geet beta…..

Geet who is almost shivering and hugged ma in fear and said ma ……

When nihal and few cursing geet and keep saying something and this sime nishant crossed the limit and said she is b***** and she shouldn’t come here…she and her ma r b**** B**** whenhe try to hold geet and want to push her but some shouts basssssssssssssssssssssss & punch nishant when geet turn and find her angel who always stood besides her , she just forget everything and hugged him tight and sobbed maan , pressed herself on maan fully when maan hugged her tightly and looked at the crowd with rage and said ma pack ur cloths…….fast………….

When the elder of the home think the situation going out of the hand they came say sorry to geet, maan and ma but geet didn’t hear anything when maan scoop her in his arms and went to their room …..when everyone just gasped in this situation….when maan paid no heed to any of this and entered the room and make her seat but she is just clinging to him more when maan sighed and called her geet but she didn’t hear those accusation mocking, taunting r creating havoc on her, finally maan settled in the bed when geet is half sitting and half lying on him and try to sooth her wouded soul…..but is it posible  , no the wound is too deep, scar is so far in her that make her shiver and tremble with face……she hide her face in his chest as if It’s best place for her……

Maaneet sat there and both don’t know when geet dose off to sleep…..

Maan keep carrasing her back, hair when she snuggled into him as if want to secure herself from this world….

Maan heard a faint knock on the door, he slightly move when geet mumble something…..

Maan carrass her face and said m here geetu, just stay here geetu, I’ll be here shhh, he tucked her well in the   blanket……

Maan open the door to find his ma and dadi ma and two or three more elder people of the house r standing there.

Maan looks irritated and said ma, y u r standing still we need to move out.

When one of the elder from the house interppt and said pls maan beta, just listen to us once…I know u r angry on us and u have the rights on us,but pls beta.

Maan :- sorry I don’t want to talk to any one ma, dadi ma pls

When ma said beta pls just listen to them once….pls….

Maan turn when dadi ma said pls….But geet moaned maan……

Maan looked at her and went to wards her and patted her when she turn like child but tears keep flowing when maan said u all harras this girl, who is still kid inside who is innocent, what is wrong if her past is something cruel…….

The lowerd their head when maan just tucked geet and said ok let’s come out side and let me hear what lame excuse u have…………..


They came out when ma was inside with geet as left her alone will not be good idea for this moments

Elder of the house plead, appoligies for everything happen but maan is stubborn to stay there ……After lots of argument they make maan agree to stay till marriage then they can go atleast let the new married couple to have the blessing…….

After lots of time maan agreed but now his more problem how to say this ?

He entered the room to find out his life is crying badly and turn into curl……

He runs and took her petite form when she is shivering in fear and clutch maan’s shirt and said I didn’t maan….pls trust me…..

Maan :-shhh geetu I trust jaan, I trust u , ur maan trust u……shhhh m here……

Geet looked at him little and said cutely sacchi

Maan faintly smiles and nodded when geet smiles little but then lowered her eye lashes and said ma

But maan said shhh ,ma will come here, but geet said she hates me…..

Maan nodded no and cupped her face n said no geetu, she loves u, she was here last day full along with me.she always with u…she was shocked geetu…..

Geet just said hmmm still skeptical to trust it ……

Maan looks hesitated when ma entered the room with juice ,coffee and food both maaneet…

Geet looked at her but lowered her eyes which make both ma and maan looked at her in pain…..

Ma came and placed them in the table and called geet who sniffing but ma went near to  her and placed her motherly hand on her shoulder and called her geet beta  but geet just sobbed , ma again called her when geet just turn and buried her face in her bosom and cried there, complaining…….

MA just hugged her like a mother want to hide her little kid from this world ……after the cry subsided ma parted when geet was reluctant but ma said I’m sorry beta…..

When geet nodded no and said no ma,,I…i……I’m…..soooo..r.rrrrryyyy.

But ma stopped her and said no beta I should speak out before the thing gone out of hand……some where I was responsible for this all…

Geet nodded no but ma said no dear, let me say beta for once I was froze , shock and for a moment I thought u hide it intentionally And I ……..

When geet said no ma I should ….I want to ma but I fear…..I’m sorry…

When ma chuckled and said y u r sorry beta, it’s not ur fault now first have little food, u need to eat something and maan u also….

Both maaneet said in unison I will not eat, mujhe bhookh nehi hain.

Then both maaneet looked at each other and maan raised her eye brows and said I’m not asking u , I’m saying within 15mins I need both of will finsih this food ok.

Geet looked at maan then at ma and makes face but ma sat there and said geet fast beta, u need to get ready……

Maan looked at ma when she blinked at she will handled it as maan knows his ma will not do anything wrong…..

Later maan left when ma combed geet’s hair and said beta….today I want ur permission, ur decision on something which u will decide we will do that…

Geet turn and said but ma…..

Ma make her sat and said beta u r my daughter and u have the same right like maan has on me, will u not help ur ma……

Geet nodded but her face said the reluctance r there…..

Ma noticed it and said beta if u feel uncomfortable then ….

Geet nodded no then said ma sach mein I don’t know I was always dependant on my orphanage where metron always took decision and before my birth my fate wrote by my ….she chocked and said ma I don’t know how to take decision how to express thing how to judge good or bad……I felt suffocated with this all….first time after met maan and u and dadi ma I felt there is some thing called love, affection, care, respect….understanding……but ma I don’t know…….

Ma smiles, her heart though cried for the girl or woman sitting and poured her heart…..she just hugged and patted her back but words fail to come out…

Later geet asked ha ma boliye kya hua?

Ma looks tensed when geet cupped her face and said kya hua ma

Ma took deep breath and said they req us to stay atleast till marriage……then as…..Maan and we don’t want to but………….if we just go away it’ll not look good and the marriage is asupcious moment for the ….I’m really clueless

Geet sat there then said ma  aap lo jao attend karo ,

Ma looked at her and said and u? no geet ?it’s not possible…..

Geet smiles and said ma it’s ok and I used to this if u and dadi ma and maan trust me then y do I care for this world I’ll wait for u in the car, attend the marriage and they need ur and dadi ma’s blessing…..

Later they decide no one will stay more than few mins as they can’t and geet will be with them…..

After ma make geet ready she went to see their luggage r packed…or not….

Here maan also get ready and enter geet’s room but got stunned to see the angel standing there …..He smiles and coughed to gain her attention when geet turned but her leg turn jelly to see the Handsome man standing infront of her, no he has GOD like features , GOD make him with his all time…….first three button open and his chiseld chest showing ….it make her shiver she turn her gaze….she mentally chidded and cursed herself and try to regain her composure when she heard him saying beautiful….

Geet blushed then said or say whisper aap bhi.

Maan smiles and murmur aap…..he said oh actually…..

Geet turn and said Saare saaman pack ho gaya….

Maan:-hmmm ok …

Both stand there then some one said oh the ceremony begins….

Maan nodded and looked at geet but don’t know how to say anything but geet said let’s go …

But maan looks hesitated and said but geetu…..

Geet:-I’m fine……

Maan still looks skeptical and said but there will be…..

Geet hold maan’s arm and said u will be with me na, ma and dadi ma also and ma said that we will stay only few mins….

Maan smiles and nodded and both headed towards the main Mandap…..

All looked at them when many r still not digest the fact and start gossiping and few envied them…..

Maan noticed it and hold geet with his natural protectiveness and possessiveness , he just want to go away frm this place, he curse one side to join it another side thank GOD that he came here with his family other than the result make him worry.

When geet felt few eyes r ogling at them and the way maan is holding her , she try to say but maan didn’t paid any attention to her or her any plea

Geet:- maan pls…..

But maan is busy to look at other direction when geet mumur how I’ll make him understand I came here only casue I have the gratitue towards this family maan I should stay here longer….whatever happen today I aceept I have bad luck and I can’t ruin ur happiness, honor, reputation for me and this is not that I will ran away I’ll fight against this but still I ned to move and here maan is not ready to leave me….pls maan…..

Geet:- suniye…..

When maan smiles and said kahiye….

Geet felt goose bump but she said I want to go to washroom …..

Maan :-r u fine ….Geet close her eyes and said maan pls m fine …..

Maan noticed the restless in geet but asked again I know how much u r fine but then y u r restless….Geet I told u if u have any problme u can share with me……accha chalo we will move from here, let me find ma and dadi ma…..

Geet nodded then said aap jao mein aati hoon pls……

Maan turn and see her but his mind is giving her wrong diretion something wrong…….After huge mess she faced , y she so calm now, y she is behaving so calmly now…..what is going on…..for the first time maan also felt to read her…….and Dr Maan singh khurana is not here here a Man who hopelessly, madly crazily in love but some how  he missed to read his life ………

After maan went to search ma and dadi ma when geet went to washroom but she is not feeling good, this situation, event after event taking toll on her she vomit there…..she felt tired and want to sleep and forget this all as nightmare….y she is behind every problem when she don’t want this ? she wants peace…..she want little rest on her life….not accusation, not pain…

She closed her eyes to get the relif if she can when few moments later she heard a noise and  click then a pair of hands covering her waist……

She shrieked and shouts and try to kick but the force and power was over power her…..she felt the bad breath on her neck and harsh word if don’t u date to move, if maan can touch u, stay with u all night then there is no prblm as if we know u both r not still married then………..let me have my share then u can be with maan if he want to accepts it……

Then said waise u both may be did everything now now tell me how is maan sober or wild…….ok let make a deal, let us do the deed then u can…….compare who is better…..

Geet want shallow in the floor she just want to die before any more humilation will come to grab her…..what is her fault……that every one want ruin her peace…..her life…….her respect…..everyone want to play with her honor….she pushed the man but he make her turn and slapped her hard and said don’t u dare …..


Tears of humilation fall and shocked grab geet nishant here , she shouts what r u doing leave me, let me go pls…..

Nishant laughed and said not before I will have my share and pull her by her waist and try to kissed her when geet is trying her best to push him and finally some how she hit him on his place and runs to open the door when nishant groaned in pain and shouts u B**** but geet just didn’t paid any attention towards it and try to open the door when nishasnt some how try to grab her waist and by geet again push him when nishant’s nail scrach her waist ….but geet some how succeed to open the door and runs towards any direction to save herself…..

When nishant also went behind her but geet just simply bump with some one…..

She fear that some one cam when she heard the most familer and soothing voice of her angel

Geetu? What happen

When geet looked at him and said oh maan and hugged him tight….

When maan look at her disbehalved state and it’s make him panic ….people gathering around them when nishant also joined and fear if his deed will come out and said this girl seduced me ….and beat me when I disagree with her….I told before she is bloody B***** ….

When maan shouts NISHANTTTTTTTTTTT…..

Geet looked at every one when few start their gossip few giving her disgusting look few look at her with pity few with suspcious……..about her intention….

She looked at maan n said meine kuch nehi kya I didn’t do anything maan

Maan looked at her and said trust u geet…..when geet smiles and leaned on maan and taking normal breath little as if nothing matter than her maan trust her…….

But one of the woman said we told u to throw this bi**** before but no u make them stay..

Dadi ma intervane but the accusation , blame games r continue when few girl and nishant and their gang put fuel in the fire and it’s going on …

Nishant said well Dr khurana is silent as he know the truth , may be this way she might be seduce him to take her in the bed when maan roared and a punch fall on his face and nishant almost fall and next moment a kick and again maan is about to hit him when geet hold him…..

Her pleading eyes her scary face, her tremble  form….maan quickly take her in his arm when some one said if we accept that nishant is not fully right then also can this girl say what happen ? y nishant syaing this is there anyting truth or can he explain what kind of relationship she has with Dr khurana, may be they engaged but before marriage sharing same room….full night….

And another round of accusation, blaming start  , when dadi ma and ma try to stop it but it’s didn’t but increase …..maan said ma, dadi ma lets go…….

When nishant said that yes run from the situation without prove anything waise u r really going to marry her or will use and then left her……and few laughed  few nodded her head and few start gossiping …..

Geet try to free herself and when maan shouts baass and hold the one of the glass in his hand and within moments it’s break and the blood oazing out from his palm……

Geet looked at his hand when maan pull her by her waist and looked at her face when ma n dadi ma gapsed n said maan ….but maan just filled geet’s mang with his blood and said from now she MRS GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA…….she is mine , my wife Dr maan singh khurana’s wife so from now dare to raise ur evil narro eyes or toungue on my wife and if u dare then ready for the consequcnes and who r here responsible for my wife’s tear will pay and took geet tremble form in his arm and went out side and said ma , dadi ma……

Both the women stood numb don’t know how to react…….

They reach a hotel near the high way and maan said ma , dadi ma I know for the first time I took this decision but it’s needed ….ma looked at geet who stood there motionlessly …..

It’s make her tensed… more……

Maan and all checked in the hotel after settling in the room maan took geet in his arm and make her settle in the bed n said geet but she is motionless…..

When maan sat in the bed and looked at her and said geetu I know u didn’t expect it neither u prepared for it but trust me I was never intend to hurt I just can’t see u hurt and in pain…..I want to shut their mouth geetu pls say something…..

But geet just throw her arms on him and hugged him there…..cried in his shoulder……

She cried and complained with her tears.

Maan keep saying sweet soothing words trying to make her…..

She make her slept when geet only hugged him tight and maan till removed her jwellery and duppatta and tucked her well ……..

Next day geet wake up when maan greeted her good morning…..

She nodded and went to washroom to fresh up …….

She splahed water on her face and look down and feeling restless……she is thinking y the restless sensation is coming back, where r  they, y maan and she in same room, though they spend many times in same room but something is not so good….

She looked at the mirror and her eyes turn wide, she felt shocked ….her finger touch the place where maan’s blood arodned ……her parting fill with red thick blood. She gapsed in shock and said maannn…

She closed her eyes after clutching her duppatta and almost fall on the floor and cried ….she slowly remember those every words, accusation,blames……

She screamed shouts ahhhhhh y  it’s happening with y y……she sat there few times…..

Here maan complete his phone and knock the door of washroom and said geet, m going to order breakfast ……

But no response when maan said geet said pls give me time……

Here in side the washroom geet looked at her face and spashed water more and rubbed her face and mang more want to remove the trace………she didn’t want to make herself more burden on them ….she can’t …………she need to break free this……

Maan didn’t say anythng but found something wrong is there…..he need to speak, he need to clear this mess…..he complete few call but look geet is sitting siltenly her eyes down cast and face is pale……..

He know she is upset over the event but he know she will understand , he is there to heal the pain……he went to washroom for shower……

Maan came out within 15mins from another washroom and checking the luggage as they will headed towards km after the breakfast but found something strange in the room….

It’s silent more than required but more the situation when he noticed geet is sitting silently now her hair is tied and she looks determined as if took some decision…..

Geet sat there num with new event when he try to touch but geet shout don’t u …..maan I thought u as my friend but………U r also…….

Maan look shocked and said geet……

But geet snapped his hand and said just stay away from me……u showing pity on me……..y u married to orphan to show how grt u r , how saint u r ?

Maan closed her eyes and said getu what r u saying see jaan ok u r angry on me that I took that step na….i’m sorry jaan but that time it’s was needed

When geet pushed him and no it’s no needed , it’s ur ego which hurt just leave me…..i know all of u same mere showing pity, sympathy on mere orphanage……when geet keep blabering which irked maan and finally Maan hold her shoulder and said U R MRS MAAN SINGH KHURANA ……. Remember it……..and what is ur problme with orphanage orhphaange can’t u move on from that, what is problem with orphanage did me and my family ever said anything about u…….it…are u don’t want to move from ur past……if anything is wrong then change it…….

Geet softly said u can’t caged me……which makes maan stop at his place when said yes I don’t want to move as I can’t neither any one will ever let me……I have big problem with my past but no one will understand and u said if something wrong then change it I’m trying to do it……I’m trying to change ur so called inlussion by filling mang only I can be Mrs MAAN SINGH KHURANA and I’m trying to change and want to go away from this cage…….

Maan’s hand fall down and he looks defeated with hurt and pain and guilt…..

Geet lowered her head & said I………. she know she hurt him but…….when Maan smiles and said so do u think whatever I’m doing cause I want to make u hold under my cage….baas itna hi jaan paye mujhe geet…

Geet didn’t say just sat there with no expression……….

Later they r heading towards KM when ma said Maan beta stop the car here A big and famous DARGAH situated , we should pay visit there….

Maan try to say when dadi ma also suggest same when he just barely nodded and said hmm ok….and looked at geet from mirror but who is looking outside…..

Maan entered the dargah and just sat there and after his dad and grand father he first time almost broke down ……………

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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