Humsafar ,Part 15

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Confrontation & New start


Maan lowered geet in the bed and try to move when geet hold his hand and said softly I……but she just lowered her eyes as she don’t know what to say does she has the right on him any more as friend also………..she bit her lips to supress the moan of cry………

When maan slide besides her and wipes her tear drop and said whatever happen between us cause we have the right to fight but we have the right to  put our rights on each other………

Geet just look at him with new hope may be she can live. When maan patted her for sleep with a promise he will erase all her nightmare to fill with it’s beautiful dreams…………….

Next morning she get up early to find maan is sleeping peace…..she look at his face and can feel he is looking thin, tensed, pale,but now sleeping like kid, she felt guilty cause of her fear she make the man suffer….she want to erase his pain which cause of her fear, assumption…..she placed her head on his chest when silent tears r falling on his heart as if seeking forgiveness from him……when maan stirr  but geet quickly wipes her tears and slowly freed herself from his grip and went to wash and complete morning routine of shower…..

After taking them she came and combing her hair and noticed maan is still sleeping , and she remember his claim her as mrs khurana not once many times ….she smiles then think something and call Sister who is motherly too her and who from the first time loved her, pamper her like her daughter…..Sister came and found maan is sleeping in the bed but noticed geet is walking down and up when sister asked geet what happen?

Geet quickly run when sister said ahistha slow down geet slow down and said m fine sister I need ur help…

Sister said ok but u need to calm down when geet smiles then said I’ll sister I need Sindoor….

Sister froze when geet sheepishly but sister said sindoor when geet nodded like kid and said yes vermillion…..

Sister smiles at her innocense and said ok the said so congratulation for making our most elegible bachelor fall for u and tie in most beautiful relation in the name of matrimony…..

Geet blushed and hide her face in her palm then hugged sister who bless maaneet…..

Later sister give her sindoor box when geet look at it with teary eyes then touch it to her mang then kissed it and went to near the mirro to fill her mang the imcomplete work to complete ….she took a pinch & look at the mirror…..and she frozed as her stop near the box and she noticed maan is looking at her intensely she look at him when he come near to her and slowly bend & took the sindoor box and took a pinch and slowly filled her parting , her mang when her nose also filled with sindoor……maan placed it on the dressing table when his lips touch her shoulder then her bare arms due to short sleeve…..

Geet felt goose bump and a shiver running though when maan said I’m going to fresh up but geet quickly hold his arm and said oh…when maan said let me fresh up we have more time to talk…..

Geet nodded cutely when maan turn to leave and geet said aap naraj toh nehi ho na….

Maan stopped at his pace and said naraj for what……

Geet playing with the pallu and said oh oh mein…I us……

Maan chuckled then came back and & said I’m happy and felt glad that u accepted the relation and ….me in ur life….I’m glad that u give me the chance be ur life partner……

Geet look at the man in awe and said maan……when tear start fall but maan just said no again geetu and pull her in his arm and said y u r crying so much?

Geet hugged and sobbed sniffed like kid……

Later ma and dadi ma came to meet when maan was in his cabin for pateint and ma noticed geet’s sindoor and the glow……

Ma make her eat breakfast then had a chat when maan entered but ma completely ignored to see it maan felt guilty and he quickly turn his face to hide his emotion and ask dadi ma how is she? When dadi ma said when he will be back but maan just blankly look at his ma ….who is trying hard to control when geet noticed everything….

Later ma said she will send lunch later…..After they left geet stay there when maan said I will come back later have some meeting but geet want to stop him don’t know  how to say it but she know she need mend many things before it’s too late as she noticed pain in the family….yes her family which one give her love, respect, family ….

Next few days she try and try hard but maan didn’t let her talk about it but everyday their normal routine is going on now sleeping together talking and sharing others thing…….some times accidentally if maan’s finger, or lips burshed on her cheeks or ear some time  shoulder which gave her shiver…..she blushed n her cheeks turn pink……Geet trying hard to make maan eat but he was always busy and running around….when the cold war or tension between ma and maan continue……

She got to know how worse their relation turn and ma blame maan for everything her guilt is keep increasing…….she decided to talk with ma and confessed what happen when ma said y geet u think u r burden or it’s for pity …..I’m not blaming u dear. Forget maan but kya humara pyaar pyaar nehi beta….

Geet cried when ma took her in her arms as may be she also know the ans as it’s not easy for geet after such horrible past. And to trust any one when her near and dear ones always killed this…they huged each other and cried when both r feeling guilty as some how cause of them their maan is now in pain , maan who didn’t utter a word but take everything…… when dadi ma carrassed their head and said don’t worry maan know both of u and will understand then said we need talk to maan also to bring geet home as she is fine ……

Later at night, maan came and sat in the cough of the cabin full exhausted when geet handover a glass of water when maan noticed few glass bangles and sheis wearing simple salwar suit with sindoor in her mang….maan smiles when she sat besides him and said doctor sharma and doctro Malhotra check me and they said m fine but they need u permission and want to talk with u about my health……

Maan pull her in his arm and said wanna go back to home, missing ma and dadi ma…..

Geet nodded yes when maan said hmmm ok,Day after tomorrow u can go when geet said hmm ok….Maan call order dinner for both of them and said let me finish my shower and will join u when geet said suniye…..

Maan smiles , a beautiful soothing word this suniye, the haq she put by this word, he turn and said hmmmm bolo….Geet fiddled with her pallu then said aap bhi mere sath aarehe ho na…..

She looked at maan with hope when maan look blankly then nodded hmmm and went to bathroom….

Later maan had chat and decided few things for geet her nutritions , food, every thing daily routine….Geet can sense the tension , over possessiveness, orver protectiveness there but still there is some reluctance as if he is holding something still……she need to talk with him……she know the hurt is too deep , may be he erased her pain but the pain he is still bearing……

She know his deep love for her how his eyes twinkle in joy whenever she filled her mang with vermillion it’s show the pride in his face… if he is claiming her….though he never mentioned this but she can feel it, she some times noticed him looking at her longingly….

The morning of their depature , geet look how maan taking care fo their everythings…….when she looked at the room , their cabin this few days it became their little Sansar…….

On the way maan keep asking she is fine or what? Geet rolled her eyes some times but the enjoyed it…when maan enjoyed her coming close to him without any inhavitation but then thought its love or our of gratitute …..he felt confuse……but he don’t have any guts to ask as he felt her condition was cause of him…..

They entered the KM when geet already sleeping and snuggling in his arm like kid…. Maan smiles and sofly make her wake when she pouts and said m feeling sleepy….Maan u can as much when u will reach ur room……And maan about to open the door when geet hold his arm and said ur room ?Maan look at him when driver said sir shall I take all luggages….when maan nodded then look at geet who looking like little kid and fearing to loose something precious……Tears fill her doe shaped eyes when maan bend and gently wipes them before they wet her and said Ur room means my room means our room………then gently kissed her eyes and cheek which burn and sooth geet’s innerself fully…she shied along with smiles happily as if got many things she hugged maan and said thnks…..Maan smiles…both come out entered the KM premises when ma and dadi ma stop them and said this time no entry before let us take arti and evil eyes from both of u…..Geet shied….when maan didn’t show his any emotions…which make geet, ma n dadi ma worried…..

They entered when ma said aao geet, take rest , when geet nodded……

Later at the time of evening medicine and snacks, maan came to the room and found her sleeping…..maan entered the room and look at her she is like baby still………

Maan sat besides her and look at her face…he noticed a slight smile and pinke hue on her cheeks and adoring it lovingly…..

Maan tuck loose hair and carrased her cheek and softly kissed her cheek and said geetu, get up…..Who just smiling when maan bite her cheeks and she moaned little more and another bite on her lips make her get up from her dream, she looks at maan who give her medicine and then busy to read some mail….and here she is shamelessly dreaming about ……..

Maan look at her and smirk then attend a call……

Next day maan is going out for hospital when noticed geet is putting bindi and he is looking from the mirror when geet blushed fully…..and lowered her eyes…..

Few days almost turn to 2-3 weeks when ma , dadi ma and maan’s extreme care and love makes geet cure and more she is now……she almost forgetting her past but her main aim to reduce the pain of maan when maan only giving her love, care…….

Few days more later ma felt she need to talk last few days maan always avoid this type of conversation but now no more…..

Ma try to talk with maan when he blankly said she did what ever she thought is right but ma hold him and said she didn’t want to hurt him but the situation but maan hold her hand and sat on his knees and said it’s not urfault  when I behaved like that…..I should behaved maturely.I should know and understand her problem, her mind condition, when I was well aware of her past and how……..Ma I failed to protect her and more I was the one who hurt her badly….he cried there but the guilt not able to protect her, make her face those hurt and then before reducing or erase anything he increase her heart, make her wound bleed more…..

Maan moaned in pain and said ma what I loos when ma hold him and shook her head and said no beta, u can’t we can’t.she will never leave us…Maan nodded as he has the trust on his ma, like little kids always want to hear from their parents, their ma , maan also, not only little kid even in…..grown up adults also want to seek idea, suggestion from parents, ma, and want to know positive will happen in their life…..Ma’s assurence is biggest thing…..

Ma bend and kissed maan’s forehead who crying after his dad and dadda’s death……..Maan moaned I can’t loose u.dadi ma like I can’t loose her, geet, she is my……..I’m her gunahgar, I did huge mistake I should understand her by professionaly , personally, she confessed her past what I have done to her, wounded her badly……Ma….I never intend to .I just can’t take those pain those accusation she thought I was caging her and I….just want her happiness ma.I felt like criminal ma…….

Ma try to sooth his pain when another pair of eyes looking at him with pain and listening this painful confession make her guilty more,……

At night, maan is making some thing in the kitchen after his work out when geet came there, she was full rest all time n feeling bore..she came but notice maan is there, she want to ask forgiveness from him for her behavior when she noticed a glass plate and glass fall down and when maan try to take it ,maan’s finger and wrist cut by it,she quickly shouts….and scold maan cutely then almost crying and said aap kya karte ho bilkul aapna khayal nehi rakhte pata hain kitna dard hua , kitna dar ho raha hain hoga aur khoon dekho,, aab ka hua shal I call doctor, no I will call ma no she will panick then and noticed nakul and two more servants come and scold them …..

When maan pull her and said basss don’t m fine geet….see it’s minor cut and now tell me ,y ur here…Geet didn’t reply and said nakul bhaiya bring first ur sir is so kid that he will never take care of himself…..and don’t stand here to see his big big eyes huh…..bare aaye doctor …ek toh dekho kaise dubla ho gaye upar se…..kitna khoon behe raha hain, seema boiled 1egg no 2egg and bring haldi milk the way ma told u that day…..aur aap aaiye mere sath….Maan just loved it how she bossing over him….she look gorgeously cute, her pout , her twist her lips and nose then glaring at him cutely…….she clean the big ermmm small tiny wound but tear start falling when maan said m fine love…..geet looked at him and just hugged him tightly…and said I’m sorry maan I shouldn’t …I just…..fear to loose u over my life.but I know with u I can only live ,I can’t live without…..u.when u went away I felt my heart,life goes out…..I felt darkness every where…..Pls maan don’t blame ur self……pls maan , suddnely she got hiccupped almost her nose and eyes full red when maan cupped her face and said shhhhh I don’t blame but geet hugged him n said yes u r ….I heard ur words with ma…..

When maan rubbed his forehead then said love, look at me I know I have said those but cause some how I bleed u but more it’s pain me to see u like this u know geet I can’t say or expresssed how much u r for me………geet we both some how behaved impulsive reacted before and hurt each other when geet nodded and snuggled to him……Maan look at geet then said we need to forget out past….our past deed when geet agreed and said remember it as lesson hmmmm when maan chuckled and said impressive mrs khurana…..

Geet giggle when her hand carrased his back and suddnely both of them jolted till none of them guess maan’s bare from top and geet  she parted and shied like red roses and cover her face between her palm when maan also felt slight embarrased…….they just try to avoid more and geet ran away when maan said sorry oh need to go to few pillow in the room in his nervousness…..

Next day ,  at evening maan came back and find geet is eating something when dadi ma looking at her or say making her eat the whole thing……when ma came and said are maan u came

Early when maan replied yes ma, today work is less and sat besides her n eyes on geet when ma whisper……..same thing she didn’t want to eat or drink and dadi ma will make her so finally ….maan chuckled when geet is looking at her but he just avoid the look with smirk……

Later geet take permission from ma and dadi ma who still reluctant to let her do work but she said she will just made coffee and snacks for maan no hard work when ma and dadi ma agreed…..

When dadi ma said bahu aapne maan se baat kya?

Ma nodded no but said I’ll now the time for it,as can see and understand how well geet accept this relation and more her putting sindoor on her mang it’s indicating that only.

Geet came inside study room when nakul place them in the table and geet sat and said aap pehele iye sab khalo phir kaam kar lena……aur ha meine sirf make kya oh bhi jada nehi and ma and dadi ma the nakul bhaiye ke sath so meine stress nehi lya apa gussa mat hona iss baat pe aur ha meine iha nehi le aayi isse iye sab nakul bhaiya le aaya…so ….meine koi kaam nehi kya neither stress lya…ha….

Maan chuckled and turn to see a note near the coffee mug…he sat after putting his laptop aside and file also…..when geet quickly took the phone and said now have this …chaliye….

Maan just loved this bossing…he smiles then took a bite of french sandwiches and said tumne khaya….Geet pouted dekha babajee iye kaise hain aapne dekha nehi dadi ma ne kitna khilaya usse kuch hrs pehele ma ne phir usse pehele lunch…..

Maan just grinned when geet said aap na haso mat when maan noticed the sorry note with a smiley when geet said oh baas pichle saare baat. But maan cut him as if don’t want to go back there any more when geet smiles and happily snuggle in to him…..

Next day ,maan is going office when geet pulled him and said aap bhul rehe ho ?

Maan kya I’m full ready na….

Geet pouted and said babajee dekha , he is…..when maan said now y u r compling him let’s see m ready, u r ready and most I filled ur mang also na…

Geet blushed like newly wed then slowly look at maan and said bindi…..she chuckled and place the bindi on my forehead between by two eyebrows….

When geet said bangles , payel….maan chuckled and make her wear all but with teasing carrased to make her pink and red …..when she just blushed……

Geet look at him shyly when her eyes lashed down and she said thnks when maan held her chin and kissed her forehed and said no thnks to me as it my right …..geet blushed when maan cupped her face and said before leaving for office I want to ask u something.

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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