Humsafar ,Part 16

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Geet look at him shyly when her eyes lashed down and she said thnks when maan held her chin and kissed her forehed and said no thnks to me as it my right …..geet blushed when maan cupped her face and said before leaving for office I want to ask u something.

Geet nodded n said ha maan but maan just hesitating when geet cupped his face and said maan pls don’t hesitate to express I’m ur humsafar maan pls   , pls maan say what u want to say pls maan…..

Maan took a long breath then just tuck her loose trendril and peck her lips and said bye see u at evening ….Geet felt burn in her throat in pain she nodded yes but the smile on his lips showing the pain……

Geet sighed and sat in the stool and thinking……..

5months later……….

Still geet helped maan during office time or any time when she is fit fully but still she is under scanner of ma, dadi ma and maan…….she spend her time with reading books and writing something in note book but didn’t not share….

Another day maan say he want to say something but…then ……geet thought now it’s enough she need to do something…….

Later went to meet ma who is drawing something when geet intently  and said mama aap kya kar rehe ho aap?

Ma smiles and said I want to draw something but just can’t concentrate dear….I don’t know but some feeling so low……

Geet smiles and said then take a rest and start freshly later some time breaks need to think properly which we can get new idea ……..

Ma smiles and said hmmm chal …..then looked at geet who is looking at portayed and said ma who did it…..

Ma smiles when geet went close to it she found some other signature than ma and said ma it’s not urs’ from the signature is not urs …….she went close when ma said it’s by ur hubby…..

Geet’s eyes wide open and said ma , he know to paint I mean drawing………..then pout sadly as her maan didn’t say it when ma sat besides her and said wanna see ur husband’s work ……

Geet nodded when ma give her a one drawing book and said geet…….if u want to know y ur maan didn’t reveal his this side then go ask her beta……u know he may be doctor , he may be today strong man from out side but from inside he is not that much he needs some one…..for the time first time I mistook his anger on u……she sighed when geet felt the pain and slowly said ma…..

Ma looked at her when geet said r u regreting about me?

Ma looked at her then said geet beta I’m not I will not ever….u r best and perfect for maan…..y I choose u or y dadi ma choose u well , we want a girl who can give maan’s love, care, who can love maan for maan not as dr khurana who has immense fame, name and power and money.

Geet ,ur maan, our son , he was very enthuastic jovial from the childhood his life world revolve around his dad and grand father……..and he got the free time to do mischiveious thing or some time become silent hr after hr we some times thought and worried but then discover him to write poem or some time drawing……but when he got the mood of something he was real naughty child but very lovely…..u know geet my husband used to say him some time he is like angel some time real devil but everything finished one day……..may be maan was grown up but the child in side him…….and if he think that some where he is forcing himself then he will not repeat or do it……geet, he gets lots of proposal from many riched families but their maximum eye on his fame, money they try to used his fame but they didn’t understand the man who he is.I will told geet go and just try to know about those pages of his life first…..u can take this books , here r his drawings, poems and go ask him…. ……

Geet get up when ma said beta by reading his note book or seeing his drawing book u will not get real Maan if u want to know ur hubby then u have to do it by urself…..he can bring u from darkness, he can give u all love, confidence, trust,respect  he can light ur life but he is still some where lost…..he may be has the confidence to rule on this world but very shy or fighting

Geet nodded and that day she read those poems , watch those drawing , some time carras them, kiss them then hugged them as if she is doing those with her maan…..

At night he came to find her sleeping with smile….he smiles and after took shower just slide besides her …..he just looked at her with love…he want to kiss her , touch her as her man, as her husband but those words of her caging her,….y he can’t forget y there is the hesitance there y after geet’s confession how she need him? Y he can’t forget suddenly he noticed a few things besides geet and he closed to her to get a clear look and found few old memories rushing to him…..he get up……and took those and carrased those old ting which r hided by the fog of pain , loneliness……..a drop of tears fall from his eyes when a soft touch , a feathery touch kissed those tears and softly yet firmly said those r beautiful memories isn’t maan…..

Maan looked at her then smiles and nodded yes when he carrased them and geet carrased his arms and leaned on him and said I loved this, sighhhhh I don’t know how to write poem……

Maan chuckled then said poem is not about any technic geetu it’s  feeling……

Geet smiles and hold his finger then entiwned and said that is then the poem all stopped after 2009 where r rest of poems ……..

Maan sighed and hold her finger with his finger and said there r nothing left …….I left it there…..

Geet looked at his face and asked innocently y,u don’t have any feelings then ?

Maan startled first time when geet took those note book and said I thought u have a feeling, emotions……but as u said ……may be I’m wrong…..may be all r right…..u r professionally successful more and u think less sply not from ur case one patient one success… feeling, case study, files…..appointment….meeting.…..sitting…..discussion…..medicine……end……there is no emotion…….hain na maan…..

Maan felt another shock, and try to left when geet hold his hand and said maan kya for me, dadi ma, ma u also think like this……may be not ….may be yes when maan said what r u saying ? geet how could u? Ma & Dadi ma r my life, cause of them m …..I can’t say or express my feeling for them…….

Geet get up and said y u shutting urself ….

Maan turn and said with firm and stern voice then what do u expect me to write poem….or shall I write on u or shall I start to show off….then all will trust me……say me na what …….but stop … see the moist in her eyes when she said softly…..I’m not imp for u….and u don’t have to express ur feeling or say anything….I hurt u , insult u once….I know nothing can undo or redo anything…….I…….am sorry….but m not saying about any when maan just pull her in his arms and said I’m sorry jaan….I….shouldn’t say those….I….just carried out …..I….

When geet looked at him but tear of pain but for what  for her pain or his pain……..flowing down continously and said maan…..ur ma and dadi ma r alone….. u r drifting away…..cause of ur pain…..Dada jee, papa jee gone that was sorry but unfortunate but u can’t stop living cause of this……what is the fault of ur ma , dadi ma…when maan said with stiff voice who said this to u, m not……I’m here and fulfilling my all responsibility….

Geet sighed and cupped his face and said u r , yes u r doing this …..Dr khurana …..but some times family needs something more than only responsibility or some duty…..they need u. u r here but still far from them…….Maan,pls…..shutting urself……..and …..

Geet turn when maan tucked her from back and hugged her and said and what geet……..

Geet smiles faintly again but this time said m also responsible for this ….Maan turn her in jerk and said what do u mean

Geet:-I seen u ,something else than this …..but after my……u r shutting urself…….

Maan sighed in defeat and said I…..when geet snapped him and said Maan u r very good at everything when it’s come to ur duty ….a confident man but u r lacking in one point dr khurana some times ur nears ones, need expression not only responsibility fulling , duty fulfilling can’t help u……there is need something more….Maan,I’m not family person full life I crave for this but u had and u have…..pls don’t let it go………pls maan…..

Maan looked down and just stare at her face n smiles slowly and said ok my wifey…….I will but I need little time just little time….

Geet was froze to hear the wifey… if sense of relief ….and hugged him when maan hugged him return …..geet did the work which a true soul mate can do , maan may be big man with confidence , attitude , have name, fame money power, charisma but he need few things to understand ……..not mourning over past , try to accept presant and future …….

Which none can do, a wife, life partner, soul mate, HumSafar can do …..make her man believe, on himself…. Make him come out from his shell…..a man who is strong from out side….. confidenet but some times from the inside he is broken soul who need more love, care, pampering…..and it’s only wife can do……

Geet looked at maan who intenty gazing her and then place a soft kiss on her forehead and said  I love u ….geet just looked at him in awe……when maan said geet from the morning I want to ask  u something ?

Geet said hmmm boliye and cutely snuggled into him…..

Maan  tucked her hair and said will u marry me? I mean in front of whole world with all rituals…all rasam…..

Geet’s eys wide open and she is almost gaping at him when maan chuckled to see his cutie and nuzzle her nose and said kya hua?

But in response sweet tears fall from her eyes and a smile of happiness tucked on her beautiful pink cheeks and she just hugged him and slowly kissed his heart her this bold step make maan’s heart beat fast when geet said I love u maan….I will and hugged maan like rose buds try to absorb a bee inside ……….it……Maan also hugged her with equal love and suddenly scoop her in his arms and kissed her forehead then slowly blowing his breath on her face as if kissing her and make her scarlet red……she just hugged him to hide herself……


Next day , dadi ma noticed the glow on geet who is huming a song or giggling sometime and preparing breakfast….when dadi ma said good morning….

Geet smiles and wished her back then said dadi ma where is ma…..

Dadi ma:- oh she went to check one of the orphanage then will go to her farm has some work guess…..

Geet nodded then said is everything fine there, koi problme toh nehi hain , mein kya unhe bolu?

Dadi ma nodded no and take a seat in the breakfast table when maan joined and asked where is ma, good morning btw dadi ma and I heard u r not taking ur medicine …..I don’t know what I will do with three stubborn girl…..

Geet frowned and glare at him and murmur women then bit her tongue and resume her work when dadi ma said maan beta y u r not stopping geet today from work….she needs to stay away from this much work…

When geet turn abruptly but maan said dadi ma I told u this house filled with three stubborn girl who will do what they think and just opposite to me….and my word….

Dadi ma and geet frown and dadi ma said aap kya kehena chahteh ho?aap chahteh ho mein baat nehi sunti dekha geet aapne ek toh iye khud nehi sunte kiske baat aur hume….iye dekhna baki tha….

Geet put the coffee mug and said let’s leave it Dadi ma….let’s go and have our breakfast out side…..when we r so stubborn and make him irritated then y need to stay here hain na dadi ma….

Dadi ma nodded yes then giggle…….

Maan looked at both of them and shook his head in disbelief…..and busy to read news paper as if nothing happen then n there which make geet frown and she murmur and curse him more…..cutely…..

Dadi ma enjoyed this continue her breakfast….she can see the tension between both eased out and their glowing when maan kissed dadi ma’s cheek and left from there and said I can see my one girl is listening me and …..he left with wink when geet pouted and dadi ma just laughed out……

Later ma came after lunch time when dadi ma narrated the incident and she felt happy ….Geet came and asked ma how is she now when ma said she is feeling fine and the work went good….

Geet nodded yes…..but later ma also joined dadi ma to tease geet about three girl and irritate thing….whick make geet blushed unknwoingly……Ma noticed the smile and pray to GOD for her childrens’s happiness….

2weeks later, the KM busy with maaneet’s love and their laughter. Which ma n dadi ma enjoyed……the mansion turn to home with all…..always busy with activity and geet filled the place with color when her blank life also turn colorful……

That day maan went early as he has few sittings and geet is busy to complete one of the journal of ART of Living…..and cotninue her discussion with her mother in law aka her ma……..

Maan came early that day but he went to study room but with carring few folders and files when naukl informed ma , dadi ma and geet that maan came but want to meet geet now urgently….

Geet panicked and said ma oh aise urgently kyuon bula rehe hain kuch hua kya

Ma smiles and take sip of her tea and said go beta, he is ur husband n some times it’s not so imp but for a husband wife it can be go and meet him , don’t panick …..

Geet entered the study room but fear with his temper but then think he never shout on her unless there is but that there is also never….she sighed and said ha maan….when maan said come here geet….sit here

Geet come and sat on the couch when maan doing some work in some file then took them and come and placed them infront of  her and said geet…..who just said aap kya naraj ho mujhse….

Maan chuckled then said kyuon tumhe aise lagta hain ? hum kuch baat nehi kar sakte….

Geet nodded yes when maan wide his arms and geet just snuggled there …..Maan kissed geet’s forehead and said so kya kya kaya and miss me…..both sat there when geet hugged maan by his waist and maan said within 2weeks our marriage date will be fixed…..geet giggle and said with a smile aapne wife se phir se shaadi ke liye aap kitne khush ho…..maan chuckled then said hmmm oh toh hoon and nuzzled her neck little and place a kissed gently there when she moaned and giggled and hide her face in his chest…..

Geet looked at maan then smiles when maan bend and said geet…u asked me na shall u continue ur studies or not….

Geet looked at maan without blink when maan cupped her face and said yes I was waiting for ur fit certificate and when u r fully fit and fine ….

Geet again start crying when maan said not again pagal ho kya but geet just sat on his lap and kissed his face and said I love u maan thanku…I…..forgot that…I thought I will not able to ….I….so much begged them but an orphan…….

Maan pull her little harshly and said dare u….u r not orphan mrs maan singh khurana…..u r my wife , daughter in law of this home….samjhe……no thanks for me also….

Geet smiles and hugged him again with her all love….when maan said jaan……go check ur room all form, prospectus, booklate …..list, note pads r there and ur fav stream…..baas u need to give ur admission….then all final……

Geet smiles and said aapnse sab ready kar dia

Maan rubbed her cheek and said ha …..kaise nehi karti my cutie wants and will go first time to the big world I need to careful na….but that doesn’t mean I will always do it….once u will feel ready n comfortable then u will do by urself….

Geet cutely pouted and said u r again calling me cutie and y u will not do ….u will for me…and geet hugged him…when maan kissed her head as know she will not listen and now the happy moments he don’t want to break….

They settled like this few times when maan said geet….who just said hmmm one more thing…I need to say…..

Geet who is playing with his shirt and tie said hmmm…bolo….

Maan :-I need to say u something geet…..I need to go for couple of days seminar in Chandigar…….

Geet suddenly jerked and looked at him when maan said just for 2-3 days then I will be back….

Geet nodded no u will not go …pls maan….u’ll not…

Maan cupped her face to say something but geet is to adament and she just ran and close the door and said u will not…..I will not let u….

Maan :-jaan but geet nodded no and said u always left me , aaj idhar kal udhar…..

Maan:-jaan it’s my work….I need to attend those seminar , jaan pls…..

Geet ;-but u can work from here…….

Maan:-jaan it’s not possible…..pls jaan…

Geet looked at him then said ok …and turn and left the door open and ran away from there like jet speed….

Maan stood there helpless with a thought y she is behaving like this now…..maan shook his head and called geet…..when geet entered the room and with angry hands wipes the tears fall from her eyes…..she hate herself……but she can’t stay away also..she is confuse to think y she is doing and what to do…..

Dinner was silent with murmur from geet who is cursing something under her breath when ma and dadi ma just watching having fun….Maan turn towards them and said u both can be reasonable …..make her understand….

Ma put a piece of roti on her mouth n said it’s ur duty beta……to make her understand….

Maan shook his head and noticed geet is slowly eating or saying laying with food when maan said want to admit in hospital or it’s ur new way to make me stay here 24*7 ha……

Geet gapsed then with tremble lips she just ran away from there…..

Dadi ma said beta what is this?

Ma get up and said go and told her u r taking her with u and no more word….maan she needs u….u r travelling quite often but u r not alone now….today u r here tomorrow some where but she never complained before then y now she is, go and try to understand her……

Maan nodded and went to meet geet who just throw away the pillow and hugged the his shirt and cried there……..Maan entered the room when geet shifted little but maan slowly slide and pull her top of him and she just hugged him tight and cried there……

Maan carrassed her head then softly said I’m sorry…..but geet said I’m sorry ….Maan chuckled and pull her and said will u listen to me…

Geet nodded when maan said I want to take u…..but jaan….I will not able to give u enough time had meetings, seminar , lecture and u know…..when geet pulled his hand harshly and said bitterly u can’t take me and give lots of excuse but u can take that girl who is ur pa ,ugly bi*** Anita……ur so called pa…..and y u appointed a girl B**** that…….also in two days tour……u r doing thins from past 6months ….I never said anything to u….did I ever complaint but……….I was waited for u to say something but ur damn guilt make u confuse….then u take this long time to propose me. Ur legally wedded wife then if u have so much guilt then u marry me….then u…..r always travelling for ur work…..if u felt m angry, upset on u ? y u didn’t come to make up…..

Maan looks frustrated and stunnt with geet’s out burst……he rubbed his forehead then said u r not making any sense jaan…

Geet frowned when maan said u r upset that m going alone or u r upset my pa is going with me or u r upset my pa is girl…or it’s 6months I took…y I didn’t make up with u and not neglect my work ha…..

Geet almost near to burst out in tears when she gather her blanket and said I will not stay here…..I…….

Next day

An angry maan is driving his jeap when geet is reluctantly sitting there and murmuring some prayer….when she murmur he has some mood swing once said he will not take me and now when maan stop the car and pull her harshly on him and said it’s me or u…….u never behaved like that then….what happen to u? did bug bite u…..

Geet looked at him with big eyes and try to push him when maan said y geet, what r u hiding ha?my timid shy geet is not like this, y u r were so frustrated and angry about my tour……I have seen u last 5months how pateint then when geet snapped if I have not say anything last 5months then shall it happen in whole life time full…..

Maan:- u not making any sense ..kya hua bolo mujhe……

Geet hugged him and said I missed u always this time when u travel but…..never have the guts to say ……but……..she looked away when maan held her chin and said is it only….

Geet looked away and maan said I expect u to say little truth….few days ago u said something about relation but now for this u know what we need understanding and trust on each other, if u can’t share ur problem and don’t trust me…..then….. Geet hugged him and said I trust u….but…..they told m orphanage and soon maan’s finger dug on her flesh and make geet flinch but maan didn’t change when geet said and she is perfect for u…….I was scared….I can’t stay away or live without when maan pull her to looked at him and said who said u will be stay alone…..geet I love u jaan……I will never leave u….

Geet sobbed and said I know …but some times I fear……

Maan looked at geet then softly smiles and pull her in him and kissed her forehead when geet said trust me I never show my mistrust on u but I….Maan caressed her back and said it’s ok jaan……then smile inward and think my little cutie is jealous….hmmm interesting but insecure also……don’t know y m feeling there is much more in her past which make her so vulnerable some times…I need to find out…..

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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