Humsafar ,Part 17

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Angry & Jealous Geet


Maan looked at geet then softly smiles and pull her in him and kissed her forehead when geet said trust me I never show my mistrust on u but I….Maan carrased her back and said it’s ok jaan……then smile inward and think my little cutie is jealous….hmmm interesting but insecure also……don’t know y m feeling there is much more in her past which make her so vulnerable some times…I need to find out…..

They reached their destination when geet is sleeping …..maan noticed it and smiles…..maan called her couple of times… maan slowly blow on her face  when geet stir little and turn to sleep again peacefully……

Maan just let out a chuckled and said geetu…. My cutie get up when geet said something in her sleep and hugged maan’s hand…maan know now he has no option other than scoop her……he smiles and …..took her inside….Thank to God their Cottage is ready…..

Maan make her sleep in the bed and informed to their home…..when geet mumble something in her sleep….Maan bend and tucked the loose hair….

Next two days though maan promised to come back and give time to geet but he can’t due to his heavy schedule and it’s make some time geet lonely but she know n try to adjust with this life….in KM ma, and dadi ma with her but here she is alone….she never complaint and this make maan guilty…..little but his geetu know him and trying her best to sooth the guilt and make him concentrate on his work…..

But one day something happen n that make geet angry n jealous…maan make geet went with His pa Anita for shopping and when geet try to make understand maan that it’ll be not good                                                                   with them to go for a shopping but maan said she is matured n sensible girl and alone going somewhere is not good and then kissed her cheek and said may be many can want him but he will be her only…and now geet is stuck with anita who is showing off   more …when geet called maan who said he will be join her as the work is complete….but another couple of hours went like that and geet gradually loosing her paitence….when Anita finally said so Geet… it’s like to be linked a name with famous doctor and getting name, fame power…

When geet stop at her place n ignore her blabering……and quickly went to another shop……when anita said do u know how to spend or say waste sir’s money good going….btw I have seen u r wearing sindoor and using Khurana will u explain…when geet turn and glare at her and said will u stay within ur limit…..

Anita chuckled and said I will gosh Geet u should stay within ur limit don’t u feel anything how could u doing this to maan….

Geet snapped her Maan sir for u…..geet thought it’s crazy to ans this crazy girl or stay here any more she qucikly complete and went out from there when Anita said she want to take lunch as she is tired when geet said well u can . m going….if u want to do ur lunch then go for it….

But geet didn’t know that it’ll be cause a problem or atleast little mess… Anita called maan n inform geet lost some where…and this simple info make maan almost tensed and his heart almost came out from his mouth…..he quickly tried geet’s phone which is not reachable…..And after an hour geet called maan but before she can say anything he just blasted on her about her negligence…..when geet cut the call as she called for something but get scolding…..she cutely cribbed how maan blasted…..her eyes turn moist and she just sat on the couch ……

Maan came back when geet glare at him cutely but maan is just busy with his phone as if she doesn’t exist there…..

Geet stormed her feet and went to their room with cribbing……

Later maan noticed how geet is trying hard to control those precious parls and he shook his head…..he went near to her and noticed how she tried to avoid him….But maan just hugged her from behind and said my geetu is angry……sorry baba but geet sniffed when maan again said sorry geetu…I don’t want to but ….I was tensed n scared for u ….Geet turn n hugged maan n said u scold me for that chudail anita …….who eat my head completely….

Maan chuckled n said accha when geet try to push but maan just hugged her n said jaan…But geet said I know she is more beautiful, she is intelligent. She is educated…she is…she is……

Maan heard everything with patience and suddenly scoop her and went to open terrece cum balcony and sat there  and noticed geet hugged him tightly as if a insecurity, a fear there of loosing him….he smiles and know he need to erase it….he tucked her curls and said jaan u know there r many beautiful girls may be in the out side world but in my world only one beautiful girl exsist who is not from out side but from inside also…..who fought against everyone and studied and who again ready for continue her study….who is intelligent enough ….to take decision for her life who has intelligent and understanding enough to make her husband come from shell…..who is an angel for her husband to give him happiness….who is couregous to fight against goons , society….who is strong to face everything…who is strength of her husband, her mother in law n grand mother in law……who has little kids in her heart yet this woman matured…..who filled everyone live with love…….how come then her husband need to look any one else….

Geet looked at him then again cried but this time saying sorry…for her behavior when maan said it’s ok ..when geet said and shook her head ….no it’s not ok…I should….

But maan said u should what geet.u don’t need to do everyting perfect…..u can have argument with me…u can hit me…u can scold me……..geet we r life partner …..and more we r human….I also scold u….today when I should know u had n still have a problem with anita n more she has……

Geet looked at him in awe when maan wipes her tears and geet said how do u know that we have…..when maan said ur eyes….ur anger….n her baseless talk…..

Geet twist her lips n said see I told u…maan smiles inward to see the change in geet when maan just pull her close to him and said forget her… tell me how is ur day?miss me? Ha….Geet smiles and slowly narrated everyting and maan got to know how anita behaved with geet….well he was not aware before this but guess something happen with anita and geet and how anita send him text then call and try to say geet lost then the incident….and before also he guessed there is tension between them and from his hospital stuff maan got to know that only anita didn’t call geet as ma’m… with geet’s innocent confession make his guess confirm…he sighed n know what to do with that immature girl…..

Geet yawn when maan said dinner kare …..Geet nodded and maan order dinner for them.but geet just clinge to maan and playing with his shirt….and said y u didn’t change still…

Maan chuckled n said cause I want to spend this time with my geetu….Geet blushed and hugged maan who hugged her back and geet just felt peace in his arms when maan’s palm slowly rubbing her back and when his bare palm touch her bare back….she shiver….as if  a current going on her spine…her hold went strong on his shoulder….when maan at first didn’t get it then noticed it…..and the look on geet’s eyes it’s not discomfort but something else….maan’s finger slowly making pattern on her back which make geet moaned almost inaudible voice and her lips parted…when maan slowly bend towards her face n his hot breath r fanning her face and lips….maan looked at her eyes which is drwoning in love, desire….maan smirk and slowly give a gentle peck on her lips then lick them n geet shiver like leaf…..maan pull her more close as if pasting her petite body with n slowly maan’s lips start nibbling, kissing,licking her both lips and make geet’s closed eyes in ectasy when her nails digging maan’s shoulder and maan slowly start to suck her lips and then bite her and make her moan but before maan enter there there is knock from hotel room service for their dinner and this make maan groaned when geet  looks flushed n then snuggled in maan in shyness….

Maan throw his head in frutration and said I will die geetu. This is not done….Geet placed her palm on her mouth n shook her head negatively when maan smiles and said are oh wala nehi pagli…chalo……go n seat I’ll open the door…

Geet nodded and slowly coming down from his lap when by chance she slipped little and her hand settle on his M****** n this make her shock with the hard reaction and for maan he is too stunt to react but a groan coming out from his throat….

Geet looked at him without blink when maan slowly try to gain the breath and said geetu the man is waiting , let me go and take the food…

Geet nodded but maan can clearly seen the red hue cover her cheek….

They complete the dinner silently when maan try to know her mood but found her blushing and biting her lips with little quiver…he smiles….GOD know how he controlled or may be it didn’t occuer after whatever happen with them…they married legally but situation, guilt, tension, her health, medication everything make that out of mind….but now after their confession its like something ….he chuckled ……and noticed how cute she is looking……but still so naïve…..he sighed….in disbelieve that some one angel like her is his wife….

That night , geet retired in maan’s arm but at first she was like hesitated to come in his arms but then it’s her havit and soon she sunggled in him……but both can know how terrible beating their heat and its heard by both also……

Maan kissed her forehead and said sleep geetu……it’s late when geet smiles slightly but clutched  his vest and said maan…..

Maan ;-hmmm

Geet;-I bought gifts for u all …..i forgot to show u those gift to u…

Maan pulled her little n said tomorrow I’ll see….Geet smiles and happily slept on his chest…..thought they little excited but still the warmth they felt in each other arms that is ….something peaceful…..bliss…divine….

Next morning, geet wake up early due to maan’s phone and she picked it up to see a congratulation msg from adi…n raj…

Geet squeezed her eye brows then pushed maan and try to wake up when maan just turn n hugged her back…..

Geet said maan uthiye na dekhiye aapka phone aaya hain…maan just groaned n said geetu, let’s sleep…

Geet shook her head and said maan….finally maan wake up with irritated yet cute face n take the call….

Later maan told geet that there is huge award from Medical feternity and they r giving him for his work though maan thought he did very little but geet beamed with joy and her heart swell with pride for her man….

Maan went to washroom to take shower when geet packed the gift and pouted though m giving it but maan’s achivement what should I give to him…..le mein na jhalli hoon kuch dhang ka kharid sakti thi na…..but kya karu mujhe thora pata tha…..

Geet is busy in her talking when phone ring again….it’s from km and geet happily chirped and said how happy she is they laughed in joy…when ma n dadi ma also happily chatted n congratulate her…..After their call …Geet recived a call from a girl who want to talk with maan personally…

And that girl extremely rude with geet who just rolled her eyes and cut the call and said pagal lerki….

She at first felt irritated when the call came then angry with her tone but then remember maan’s word and it melted her anger…she smiles and looked at the gifts and smiling finally sat on the bed n order breakfast for them …..

Maan came out after shower when geet hugged her from behind in joy but that was real prblem for both of them ….as maan is still half bare and geet’s hugged maan his cold skin mate with her soft silky hot hand and both of their breath raged….when geet try to free but maan pulled her close to him and tucked her hands on his waist n her face rested on his damp back n the masculine fresh smell make her nostril wake up…….as if it’s natural n they both didn’t know how their hand clapsed near his waist and her nose rubbing his back and make her groan……Maan got his gift from his geetu…..her nose carrass his back when her soft small hands carrassing her abs……when finally maan pulled her and hugged her when geet’s trance break and she felt tremndously embarrased but maan just hugged her tightly as if taking her inside him…melting her with him…..and he bend slowly and peck on her shoulder….then whisper thanks jaan….but geet shied n hide her like rose buds closing her patels…..

Suddenly maan noticed geet is being stiff….maan bend his head and found her crying….he quickly took her face in his large palm n said jaan….

Geet sniffed more when maan pulled her face n said jaan tell me what happen when geet break in loud cry n said I’m not despo…s ..I chi…chi…I shouldn’t do that..I shouldn’t cross my limit…I shouldn’t…Maan hold her tightly and said with firm voice shhhh , let me say u onething u r not I also loved and love u…..sec what is u should do or cross limit to love u husband is chi thing or crossing limit…..what geet…or express ur happiness to ur love … or its I don’t deserve this ur love ha…geet…

Geet’s eyes turn full wide and shook her head almost frantically and said no with almost screaming n hugging maan in fear if she loose him again and said I never mean that…..I love u….u deserve best ….u deserve all love…..

Maan chuckled , smiles and said so then  geet rubbed her face on his chest when maan kissed her cheek n said order ki break fast…Geet nodded after wiping cutely her tears,,Maan smiles and peck her forehead n said oh ok fine then let’s have it and we will go out side…

Geet turn n said kaha….jayenge….aur are maan , aapko toh ma n dadi ma ko ph karna hain

Maan nodded n show her the  phone and dialed their home no when geet recived the breakfast…After their breakfast both went for little tour little sight scene and lunch outside and spending time and chatting with each other…….but this moments r blissful for both maaneet…they enjoyed lots…..After coming back……geet hugged maan who going all naughty as nuzzling his face on her neck n geet suddenly slapped his arm n said phir bhul gayi dekha aapna mujhe sab bhula dete ho aur aapna bhaut badmash ho gaye ho hatiye and took the gift and said hare it’s maan aapke liye iye for u….

When maan chuckled and pull her in his arms and said now open it….

Geet squeezed her eye brows when maan kissed her cheek n said we r not alag na jaan….Geet blushed when maan kissed her cheek or say nibble little and make geet hide herself again….

Maan open the gifts box n it has few books of his fav author n another box with paint brush, drawning paper……colors….and another box a beautiful globe where a couple dancing…..

Maan looked at geet who nervously biting her lower lips when maan smiles n peck her lips and make her mouth wide ….

Maan said it’s beautiful jaan…..and about drawing….I will….for my geet…I’ll do anything….but ha it’s depends on time u know na….

Geet smiles n hugged him when maan said accha did u enjoy here first couple of days….I also was so busy….Geet hold his hand n carrass it and said u give me time, u did everything inspite of ur busy schedule….and maan I enjoyed lots…..I never came never seen this never thing will be able but I …..n all cause of….u….

Maan smiles then said well grt n m glad that u loved this tour n enjoyed , don’t worry after our weddng will take a break and go for long holiday n sply for honeymoon when geet again shied….but maan just tease her make her blush and try to ran away but didn’t get time neither any option when maan her calm n gentleman dr khurana naughty husband……

Geet finally not able to control n hugged him n said bass kijiye na…..but maan cupped her face n looked at her face which is glowing with her love but her breath in fully uneven….maan slowly kissed her forehead then her eyes then her nose then her cheeks then her chin n make her hold strong…maan slowly bend but didn’t touch jkust kissing her with his breath then giving small pecks then start nibbling and make geet hold him tight and soon maan capture her full lips and kissing her fully…..n both landed on the bed when maan slowly climbed on her but not fully as her slim petite form make maan alart…when geet hand hold his hair and pulling it in ectasy….maan bit her lips entering to take honey from her mouth like a bee…..sucking her mouth every sweet necter like it’s huge tresure for him……geet try to kiss him back but she is fully naïve and the sensation was so strong and her shyness,make her timid and let’s cherished to be loved by her man whose hand now carrass her shoulder cheek to neck to arm and cause goosebumps…..this is insane this is insantiy this is divine this is passaionate this is beautiful this is craziness but she loved this sensation which caused her to envelop maan fully…..who is now full drown in her n finally he break cause of much needed air and he just panted there and rest on her fully when geet also try regain her sense which is totally out of world……as if she is gone by some other world with her maan…..

When maan smiles n kissed her neck to throat n murmur something sweet n make her blushed ……maan looked at her for once…..but again lost in those hazel eyes and bend n capture those patels for another long time…….they would continue like that n may be went far and mixed n claimed n mark each other by every mean…..but geet got call n it’s from maan’s ma…..Maan groaned when geet glare at him cutely….

Ma:- beta,aapna maan ko leke ek baar GOLDEN TEMPLE ghum ke aana ,I’ll send something surprise for u both day after tomorrow n both of u just go there n thanks Babajee n take his blessing…

Geet look little surprise but said yes…Later geet narrated this when maan said accha hain we can visit and has little time more with each other but geet noticed the naughtiness in maan’s eyes and turn pink n said aap badmashi bandh karo….

Maan chuckled……but suddenly jump n said geet wait I have something for u …n take a packet when geet said are ha I seen this packet in the car but what is this? I thought u have gift for ur admirer….

Maan chuckled then said yes this is for my admirer my life….who is little nuaghty like kid yet matured like women…..

Geet blushed n said aap bhi na….

Maan just smiles when geet said dijiye kya hain oh….

Maan chuckled then handed her a gift packet and geet like little kid impatiently opened the gift and her face brighten with happiness then excited eyes then shocked n stunnt and looked at him with questioning eyes n said iye kya hain maan

Maan bend infront of her and took the churni out and placed it on her head and said ur bridal attire ,order before just got it now so how is it, pls check it the size n everything n u like design na see n tell me don’t hesitate pls tell me….

Geet has happy tears n she just giggle little n said it’s beautiful , she carrassed the attire lovingly n said it’s beautiful maan, aapne she again cried when maan sighed n pull her in his arms but next geet just said I was so …I thought cause of my past I’ll never but u ….maan ……I never seen this kind of dream after getting know I was orphan…..

Maan noticed the word was….he chuckled when geet said but in my childhood I loved to watch marriage but our metron……sigh she wipes her tears and said thanks maan….both huggs each other …slowly geet calm down …..

When maan hold her and held her chin and looked at him but now maan can see the change n said will u be able to wear it for me …..n just checked it I mean it’s perfect na…

Geet said but maan it’s beautiful n loved it when maan said I mean checking mean ur figure ermm I mean when geet flushed fully…. Red colors filled her cheek to neck but slowly nodded n went to change….

At night maan is cribbing when geet smiles n giggling to see him like kid…..he is sitting near the balcony of their cottage n said u just cheated….u told me u will check when geet said I chcked it na maan , aapne kaha ….

Maan:-but u didn’t come out when geet blushed but said u didn’t say that now let’s go it’s cold tomorrow Adi bhaiya is coming…

Maan cribbed n said hmmm but got a mail from his office n went busy with that when geet went another side and smiling at moon… her life changing like fairy tale and how it’s like magical , an GOD mother came n vanish her all problem …..her Babajee give her best things…her education will start ….her dreams r reaching it’s heights , she got a family, ma, dadi ma and more her maan , a husband…. Who is friend more…who erase all wrong thing…who give her light…who give her life a new meaning….who take her from dark n placed her in bright place…..he never felt her lonely….if she felt down he gave the boost of her confidence.he make her like a confident woman who now trust on herself….to fight to dream to walk…..and to love and her chain of thought broke when a pair of hand hold her n kissed her cheek n nuzzled his nose on her neck to shoulder n said sona nehi hain…..waise u didn’t say me how was our date…..

Geet smiles n said kal se hum dono ghum rehe hain kabhi sight scene , kabhi lunch or dinner or anything…..

Maan:-I asked u something… iye aajkal ghuma phira ke bahut ans chal raha hain ha…

Geet giggled when maan said geet bass few days then …..Geet leaned on him n staring at outside just to enjoy each other warmth….

Maan slowly turn geet when their lips touch and fire work start the kiss is full passaionate….soulful ….. maan pull her little when geet looked at him all flushed but maan’s hand cupped her back curve n make her moan…….she bite her lips to hide the excitement yet nervousness when maan pull her and kissed her forehead…..both smiles when geet lifted by maan for the night…..geet just looked at maan after maan placing her on the bed…..she slowly come top of him n first time looks hesitated but still kissed her eyes nose then his neck throat heart n make him moan again went to his lips n kissed her ….tryng to show the love she held for him the respect she held when her soft small hand carras his rough body with utmost love n care…….maan’s hand come n slowly engulfed her tightly……their kiss turn more than passionate more than divine….it can’t be express….it’s just something magical….

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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