Humsafar ,Part 18

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Maan slowly turn geet when their lips touch and fire work start the kiss is full passaionate….soulful ….. maan pull her little when geet looked at him all flushed but maan’s hand cupped her back curve n make her moan…….she bite her lips to hide the excitement yet nervousness when maan pull her and kissed her forehead…..both smiles when geet lifted by maan for the night…..geet just looked at maan after maan placing her on the bed…..she slowly come top of him n first time looks hesitated but still kissed her eyes nose then his neck throat heart n make him moan again went to his lips n kissed her ….tryng to show the love she held for him the respect she held when her soft small hand carras his rough body with utmost love n care…….maan’s hand come n slowly engulfed her tightly……their kiss turn more than passionate more than divine….it can’t be express….it’s just something magical….

Both maaneet landed on the bed n their lips n hands carressing each other gently but their love paradise broke by a maan’s phone…. N make maan groaned in irritation but he took it as may be some imp call n which is from ADI….maan attend n then said geet who is looking lost but said hu…..

Maan giggled when geet turn n frown n said kya hua maan, aap aise kyuon has rehe ho…..dekha kaise aap ….huh I’m not joking here

Maan said hmmmm.

Geet turn n said adi bhaiya ne kyuon call kya

Maan:-oh my conference date fixed so for that.

Geet:-oh ok.

Maan looked at geet n said will u not asked me where I will be going ….

Geet smiles n settled herself in his arms n said I know u will say me so I didn’t…..

Maan chuckled n said geet ,I’ll go to Denmark for 1month …..

Geet’s face fell but soon she noticed some naughty smirk on maan’s eyes n that make her blush hard when maan chuckled n rubbed her nose on his cheek n said so now u know me well ha…

Geet blushed n bit the lips in shyness n embarassment….but slowly said no actually I thought u told me u can’t live without me so …I….just….

Maan just chuckled n rolled on the bed….where geet just giggle with the sensation as his long finger causing a sensation which make her jolt in pleasure n she turned n moaned his name, begged his name but maan’s finger busy to doing…..some magic on her back…she know now her maan is laughing at her plight n chuckled loudly which make her frown but maan just enjoyed more…..

Next day morning , geet get up early than usual but looking fresh , she qucikly took shower n called maan to get up for the day as they will go to GOLDEN TEMPLE……n more geet is like little kid who want to know the surprise ….

Maan shook his head in disbeliefe but fact is he is enjoying this …’s giving him a pleasure of happiness n more she is happy n enjoying the life full , the life which she forget…which she never got …..Maan vowed to give her everything…..

They headed for GOLDEN TEMPLE n Adi joined them….After reveal the surprise….n i.e their marriage date fixed n ma n dadi ma want GOD’s blessing first……

On the way , geet is still shocking mode when maan chuckled n adi only person who is trying to understand the situation………

He clearly remember how maaneet shouts …first time he witnessed how maan shouts in joy when geet went to silent n keep looking at the invitation card…..he smiles but he just want their happiness….he seen geet few times but he know his maan sir n his suffering….fame , name power everything still lost ……women run behind his status not the man…n he is running away from everything…he thought those days how many rista for maan came n how many times he only denied them…..those r from reputated family….he prayed silently to Almighty….

They reached the Temple ….. n geet got another surprise ma n dadi ma r there…Geet is looking at them in awe then ran n hugged them tight n cried in joy….

She cried when ma wipes her tears n said now no more tears beta….chalo let’s come inside….

Geet nodded then hugged ma n said thanku maa….not for everything….I know thanks is small word but I’m really don’t know how to express my joy n what to say … ma….I never dream of…I…..when ma shook her head n said forget it beta….it’s ur life..ur presant n future…..

Geet nodded n With ma n dadi ma n maan enter the Temple n when maan went with adi n take shower there then went to pray… n geet with ma n dadi ma….then they prayed….for each other happiness n life long accompany of each other…..n their family happiness…their well being….

Where Maan said to GOD pls give me strehgnth to fulfill her all wish, fill her life with all happiness she deserve as she deserve best n for that if I have to burn I will ….I will do anything for her happiness……

When Geet said to GOD pls Babajee give me strength to make my maan’s life peaceful love fill…I want to be his Ardhangini in true meaning…I want to be his life partner , his friend….want to erase all pain n fill with love…..fill with happiness…I love him….my only family is he….no one is there.pls Babajee always protect him…save him from all danger…..

When ma n dadi ma prayed for their children’s happeniess …their well being….


Maaneet stay there few times for their peace where maaneet felt extreme peace, serene feelings….    They prayed……each other success …..

They take a tour of the serene place n slowly come out …..Maaneet went from there to local restaurent n have their breakfast……when Maan asked geet about her health n if she felt well then they will take city tour….

Geet pouted n complaint y always u think I’m fragile …I’m fine….u always make me thing as if I’m Glass Doll….

Adi just chuckled but maan said yes u….for me ….but geet pout n cribbed n throw some profanities on maan…

Adi murmur Geet has guts ….soon geet noticed Golgappa n Chat stall n shouts in joy…..Golgappa…….yummym….. she stopped n when maan said adi car nikalo……but geet  said maan chaliye na …..

Maan:- geet that is unhyginic…let’s move ,I’ll make chat….but geet cribbed n complaint like kids….when maan also stubborn n finally geet stop middle at street n said aap mujhe kuch nehi de rehe ho, nahi golgappa, nahi chat, na Gola…..har cheese mein na na aur na……

Geet turn n said ma dekhiye na…she cribbed when dadi ma said well….mujhe bhi aaj khana hain golgappa….u know geet when ur dada jee alive he used to take me for this tour but now a days…..I’m telling u today’s guys r so ….

Maan squeezed his eyes brows n said what do u mean by today’s guys ?

Dadi ma shurgged if off when maa chuckled n maan cribbed ma did u see how geet n dadi ma r making team n dadi ma she is just manipulating …..

Ma:- well what to do now?let’s eat golgappa thn will think something n ma wink at geet n dadi ma when dadi ma laughed but geet giggled….

Maan is full shocked but can’t do anything ….but still cribbing how unhyginic the place n this out side food when ma said beta , everyone eating from here, let’s eat….don’t worry nothing will happen to u geet…just shrugged it ur fear from ur heart….

Maan looked at ma who said I know her previous hospital trip n those vents still haunts u but that accident n something else…let’s enjoy life n let her….atlast he agreed n join everyone….

They went to sight seeing of the CITY then took lunch outside n went to movie..which make ma, n dadi ma shocked but teary …..the maan in college enjoyed but now…..

When geet asked ma said once he was like others but with the sudden death of dada jee n papa jee make him alone then busy with office, professional career….in fact we first tried to handle the loss then take care of each other n everything n forget to live the life……

Geet keep wondering how much maan suffered n changed…..she hold maan’s elbow when maan said have it popcorn….

Geet giggled n took it n all enjoyed the movie when maan enjoyed to stare at geet only….he keep admire her antics smiles n enjoying it….

They return after dinner…n all retired for the night when maan pull geet who happily snuggled in to him…..

Next day, they return back to KM when ma n dadi ma start preparation of Wedding….when ma arrainged a beauty parlor meeting fixed for geet with shopping arrangements of wedding….maan tried some time… give her company but his work schedule didn’t permit…..though everynight their…, passion increase n slowly geet also showed her another side….some times’ they cuddle in each other’s arm n talk about random thing….

Geet’s admission on college went well….though geet is nervous cause of new place, new atmosphere…but with maan’s sath n love….ma n dadi ma’s blessing geet is adjusting….thought after one week of class she had to take break due to marriage preparation….

Geet sitting on a rycliner n thinking n giggling about something when a gentle peck on her lips n make her froze.she looked n noticed maan is smirking…..

Geet startled then said aap aap kab aaye.then noticed he is wearing only vest n half pant…….

Maan looked at the garden n said bahut pehele jab aap aapne khayalo mein dube hue the.

Geet get up n hugged maan who asked where is everyone?

Geet :-hmmm everyone went to meet marriage related stuff….

Maan squeezed his eye brows n said matlab….

Geet:-pata nehi , ma, dadi ma r saying something they need to meet event manager then some jwelary stauff, dress etc……there r long list…..

Maan took out his phone n punch ma’s no n got to know they went to meet event manager to finalize something but more they need buy few things n geet is tired n more she need rest n looks fresh…

Maan agreed n more happy that he will be able to spend time with her….

They settled on garden n witnessed the evening coming n the change of color of the sky…..when geet leaned on maan n asked about his day, work….maan replied n both chatted it’s long time when maan noticed it’s time for dinner….n servant informed that ma n dadi ma also came

During dinner….maan asked ma n dadi ma about their meeting n  pleased to hear that all went fine….

After dinner maan went to meet ma n dadi ma to discuss about something when geet get ready for the day….after few days she got this early night n full day rest….other wise, study, college…then preparation of marriage r taking her time….then meet new new ppl for marriage , thei learn few things….but ma n dadi ma r making everything easy, on another hand she is enjoying………though she n her maan r married to each other legally but still…it’s her long lost dream something which maan is making possible…..

She used moisture n apply it on her hand n giggle she never used this before but ma make her here….she smiles n noticed maan entered the room …..she smiles n in return maan also smile back…they r staying like husband wife still maan didn’t cross limit or say waiting for their marriage to make her , fully his….she smiles n know how tough he is trying…they came close, physically, mentally , intimate but still maan stopped at the time….but everytime it’s new feeling n her inhavitation. Fear.shyness r going away n now she is also exploring her maan…..

Nexy day , is shocking for everyone or say surprise for everyone as the wedding invitation of maaneet published in NEWSPAPER n they r legally married that news also break down…Geet took the paper n ran on maan’s study when ma smiles n shook her head…..

Dadi ma :- this is the thing maan said us yesterday but he didn’t say it to geet n give her surprise…

Ma nodded then said well ma he said us but not fully what he did now see less or more we all r getting sweet surprise…

Dadi ma nodded but no one know y maan did it…yes maan want to do it long ago but didn’t for many reason but now for many those reason he break it infront of world…but with limit…

Geet panted n said maan who is checking some mail in his lappy n said yes geetu come here…

Geet came n said iye aapne dekha, iye sab….

Maan :-hmmm, what is that honey…oh about our wedding…..well.

Geet carefully examine him n said omg u know this from ago or did u planned it, maan but y,,,, I mean….

Maan gestured her to seat then said this is formality for all n a invitation to them n inform to all…geet….how much I hate it but it’s fact….we have n need to for society….I need to inform it….but don’t worry media may be come n will attend it but they will stay for certain time.n now for y I announce our legal marriage well geet I want it long ago, for same reason…..but with that not for me but for u…I want everyone know u r my wife n I wish ppl remember it n when their fantasy didn’t fulfill that doesn’t mean they will try to humilate u……

Geet gapsed then said r u thinking of that …maan she is ur pa n more she may be has some crush , it’s normal…maan what ppl think is not need to be the actual truth….

Maan turn n said yes exactly…what she thinkg need to not to be truth…like what she think for u…but she n everyone need to know u r my wife n I will not tolarate ur insult easily sec…..

Geet smiles n said ok baba as u wish……

Maan look at her then said hmmmmm…..

At evening , geet after giving a final trial for her wedding dress went to meet maan n noticed a new pa sitting there…she starlted then enter maan’s cabin who is signing few documents ….

He gestured her to take seat….n complete his task then looked at geet n smiles…….

Geet frowned n said aab kya hua , y u r smiling like this….

Maan nodded no but he thinks how much geet changed that timid shy geet now slowly changing to confidant woman, but still her geet is same still so innocent…..

Maan :- so ur all work complete n will go to home or do u have any pending work…

Geet:-nothing…everything complete….

Maan nodded hmmm, that’s grt…….did u collect my dress also…Geet nodded when maan keep asking few things n geet just repling…

Maan stopped for a moment n said geet what happen

Geet nodded no n make maan take sigh n maan just get up from his seat n went to geet’s seat n cupped her face n said what is bothering u jaan

Geet pouted n said aapne nikal dia na…

Maan looks puzzled nikal dia, kisse…

Geet :-aapke pa ko…

Maan smiles n said yes nikal dia tha ….n want to give her lesson but then remember u n stopped n just …..throw her from this office other wise want to throw her n make sure she didn’t get any job any where near….

Geet gapsed when maan said it’s not so simple geetu……any insult of u…I’ll not take it easy..anyway forget it….let’s discuss something else….

Geet turned her head when maan nuzzled his nose on her cheek n said I was thinking to increase our honeymoon period….what say geetu….as first week will go with my conference then only can we….Geet turn red when maan said are then we can roam n explore the place na…..u r turning red for this ..OMG …..maan mimic geet n said so u r thinking cross way.geetu….naughty n geet just hit him n maan dodged……

Geet twist her lips n said I didn’t mean it…

Maan smirk n said accha really n pull geet by her waist when geet said ha , aap kuch aur meaning bana rehe ho….Dusht Danav….

Maan shocked to hear it n said what , say again…geet nodded no quickly when maan smirk n geet nodded yes then no n maan just took her lips n said in side her mouth said go n think ,till, let me busy  with my geetu n they both lost in each other n kissing each other fervantly……their thrist of each other. Their love n passion for each other , they r quenching through it…..when maan fall in couch n geet on him…

Maan’s palm massage geet’s back n arms when geet’s finger pull his hair……they stopped when there is lack of air but the hunger of love still not satisfied fully….n maan again clamied it with full force n make geet sleep on the couch when maan is come top on her…they forget time they forget place, they forget everything….

There is buzz in the inter –com which make then starlted….geet shied n hugged maan who take it n asked what is the matter…..n got to know there is meeting will start within 25mins n ,his pa is informing as per his instruction….

Maan :- ok …

After cutting the call ,maan kissed geet shoulder n hair n said geetu…..will u wait here…till I’ll complete the meeting…n few check up.

Geet nodedd ….with shy smiles when maan give her gentle peck…..

At night , maan enter the room after shower to found a confuse geet cutely sat on the bed….n cribbing about something…

He brushes his hair n said kya hua jaan……

Geet looked at him then hugged maan n said I’m scared……

Maan:-for what?

Geet;-Ma, dadi ma loves me so well , u love me….but if I failed to fulfill my responsibility n didn’t do well upto ur expectation……

Maan chuckled then said geet…..jaan…u know we loves u very much simultanously u loves us……geet, here is emotion not test or exam like u have to fulfill something or u have to fulfill our expectation…..then I would say  u might be have some kind of expectation …want we will fulfill responsibilty …geet y n what we have to do…..what many or few or others expect from us, r this is burden for a normal relationship….yes we have responsibility as we love the other person so we will do it……we don’t have to think what others expect from us… expectation is huge word n it’ll keep increase with time being….geet, don’t think that we love or they love u so u have to do something….u will do what u want from ur mind….ur heart…cause u love us….n don’t think what we expect……as the relationship n this place is not an any exam center…hmmmm…

Geet nodded n hugged maan n said thanks n sorry nehi kahungi …but maan I don’t this as I never had parents or any elder before n I was so scare to think about this ….marrage n after marriage relation….

Maan know n kissed her hair then said geetu….now u, dadi ma..if any confusion any prblme just go n ask them , geet forget they r or will be ur in laws but they r n always be ur friend, ur ma, dadi ma. Samjhi.

Geet nodded cutely n said I’ll….maan….who said n don’t be scare of anything , we r not all perfect n marriage n this new relation is not exam for u that u have to be cautions do what ever u felt good….from ur heart….we r already marraied geet…it’s just formality to know this world….n we will make everyone aware n will ask everyone’s blessing….our relationship will be always like this….

Geet nodded n hugged maan n thanks Babajee for giving life partner like maan…..who not only love, care for her but understand her prblm…..

Geet nuzzle on his neck n said maan, one more confusion or prblem I have  …..

Maan squeezed his eye when geet bite her lower lips n heard an inaudible groaned n cribbing geetu don’t test my pateicne….

Geet shied then pouted cutely n said maa….told me…to stay alag from tomorrow…..till our marriage n it’s 5days from tomorrow……

Maan frowned n said from where this rule r coming…

Geet hastely said no maan, from no where but ma wants it as she wants to stay me with her as her daughter before she gave my hand to u infront of whole world….

Maan :- n u agreed with this, basically u want to stay away from me hain na ok go….

Geet sighed maan aise nehi hain….I can’t stay away….but it’s also fact ma ke sath mujhe shaadi ke pehele ka oh ehsassh bhi mil jayega….

Maan looked at geet intently when geet placed her head on his chest n said shaadi ka tension, excitement, nervousness, ek ma aapne beti ko samajhana. Suggestion dena…..himmat dena…Unka iye kuch pal I would never get if not u , ma, dadi ma r here n ….maan…to stay away from u it’s highly impossible but pls…waise bhi we r staying in same home bass kuch pal…..

Maan hugged geet n said jo karna hain kaor just let me marry u n claim u infront of this world then will not let u do anything……sab mere marji….

Geet nodded n said ha jee pakka …..they stay there few moment when geet said btw will u not be “Jaru ka Gulam”

Maan at first didn’t get then he said what geet who just jump n try to escape but maan hold her tightly n pinned her almost on the wall n said what did u say..

Geet gulped her saliva n nodded no when maan bend more closer n said mein jaru ka gulam hmmmm…..Geet just stare at him without blinking n his close proximity, his hot breath making her forget everything….she bit her lips when maan’s lips fall on her cheek to ear …he bit her ear n sucking it n when to his shoulder to neck again shoulder n bite there lightyly to make her moan his name when his hand pulled her roughly to his body n geet gasped …….as the portion of his part poking her abdomen when maan’s arm pull the string n bare her one shoulder n kissed it…..same thing repeat on her another side …..n top of her salwar loose n bare her upto her cleavage when maan’s lip claiming her lips for love fill kiss…..n now geet also actively participants n both kissed each other like quenching thirst of each other….

They break when maan’s lips carras love, lick her face, neck, shoulder, ear and again claim on her lips…….Maan break again looked at her eyes with desire, passion, love….when geet shyly lowered her eyes ……Maan slowly bend n asked shall I……

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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