Humsafar ,Part 19

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 They break when maan’s lips carras love, lick her face, neck, shoulder, ear and again claim on her lips…….Maan break again looked at her eyes with desire, passion, love….when geet shyly lowered her eyes ……Maan slowly bend n asked shall I……

Geet breath deep n turn red , cover her face in maan’s neck n slowly nodded yes  again hugged maan tightly when maan chuckled feel n see her naïve geet like this….but next moment he felt his soft lips on his chest no more specifically..his heart felt those wet kisses n it went to his neck n maan chuckled n pull geet little to see her face which has cover with red hue but love n shyness oazing out from her hazels ….maan bend n fanning her face with his hot breath when geet’s toe curl in anticipation n she bit her lips innocently n maan whisper my innocent geet u know what u r doing now?

Geet looked at him with confuse expression when maan gently brushed his lips with her n said u r seducing me u know…..hmmm kya baat hain geetu…

Geet’s eyes turn wide but she just hugged him in shyness when maan smiles but his sinful lips start his work n melting   her in another way…..Maan slowly make her sleep on the bed n whisper don’t u wanna wait for our official night…

Geet pouted then cupped maan’s face n said with u my every night is official….I’m ur wife from long….I’m urs only n want to be ur in every way….ur…want to claimed by u….loved by u…marked by u…..

Maan hold her palm then kissed it n noticed geet who is looking at him with confidence yet there is mixture of love n shyness….

Maan smiles n kissed her forehead then her eyes n slowly filled her face with love when geet’s toe curling in excitement n anticipation when maan’s lips n tongue teasing her face then went to her ear n bite her ear n pull the ear ring n suck the lobe sensually to make her hiss …..Maan repeat the same with another one …his nose nuzzle her n his lips n teeth carnally loving her shoulder ,collar bone…..n mark there….

Geet hissed with pain when maan’s toungue played there n giving her unique pleasure….Maan slowly …bend n hold her lips finally…his nibbling convert to sucking to licking then kissing carnelly….n finally a bite make geet gapsed n moaned which give easy access inside her mouth n hold her tongue where being naïve geet still trying hard to match with him…. When maan suck her tongue like it has honey for him. It’s one kind of tresure….Maan left her then when he felt there is lack of air….but after all he will not leave today his geetu , he slowly bend n carnally start kissing sucking nibbling her shoulder, collar bone, throat,neck to cleavage before geet can know her kurti move from her shoulder n dori opend..she shivered when maan pull her close to him n his rough hand carrassed her bare back fully…his tough make her wriggle in pleasure n hissed in ectasy ,he never think a simple touch can give so much pleasure ….his finger , hand, lips , teeth n tounge creating havoc on her…..

Her body is worshipping, loving by her maan, she is wriggling in pleasure, moanin his name in ectasy….he is magician doing magic ,wonder on her……

Suddenly she felt chill air hit her n goose bump cover her first then a warmth of bare body……n she looked shyly her maan bare her but bare himself also n cover her with his love n body n giving her his warmth….they r still cover by their inner….but from maan’s inner geet can feel the hardness poking on her belly which make her new sensation….

Maan again went to her lips n capture it fully  n his time geet hold his neck n massage his scalp n scartching his shoulder in pleasure…..

Maan left her lips to cover her face with kiss then move again n this time attack on her Curves above from the inner when geet wriggling more…….Maan bite softly n groaned geetu ….n bite her buds then went to her shoulder by his teeth removed the strap n bite again there n put a mark of his love….when maan’s hand pull down both cups n bare her beautiful twin which make geet full red,she turn her face n closed her eyes in shyness n wriggling her hand to free it from maan’s grip who tigten it n pinned in both side n come close to her face n nuzzled cheek with his nose n said u know u r like sweet honey but how much I taste u still there is too much to explore….

Geet shyly smiles but her face turn red with shyness….. when maan slowly from her chin to Curve came down n fill the path with kisses….n finally looked at those beautiful twin n said it’s mervellous….n slowly touch them his finger carrass first as if drawing there something n then his lips join n tantalize her with his sinful, passionate kissed , licking n kneading….when geet moaning his name in pleasure n want to hold him n she almost thrust her curve more on his mouth which he obliged happily…he suckled happily when his another hand kneeding another curve n tweaking her buds n geet’s hand scartaching his back …..Maan did same with another curve but don’t touch the buds with his mouth n make geet restless with sensation n something which geet is not aware…Maan chuckled to see her face which pouting n twisting when maan kissed the top of those buds n make geet hiss in pleasure as if a current run down through her spine..Maan tease her senses to the end kiss them sensually yet slowly then blow hot air then again lick them then slightly bite then suckled the bud of both twin n make her head fly in air , in some other world…..After giving enough attention to both twins but still not satiated , maan went down to her midriff where he placed nuemrous kiss then naval sucked it gently place a bite then to her Panty line ….n stop there to see her but his hand already fondling, carrasing her both legs n slowly itching towards her secret place above from the inner…n find it’s wedding…maan cupped from outside then slowly enter n teasing her sense there n finally entered with a finger n make geet throw her head when his another hand slwoly remove the panty n finger doing wonder then slowly bend n his lips touch n make geet almost screamed n another finger n finally geet felt she is floating n went to another place of ectasy n shivering badly…Maan smiles n placed gentle kiss n come n kissed her forehead n carrassed her forehead n saying soothing words….

Geet hold him tightly n after some time when she gain sense she can feel him also as bare as she…she blushed like scarlate red when maan bend n kissed her cheek , eyes n lips gently n said r u ready…

Geet bite her lips n said yes when maan slowly kissed her ear n went n position n soon slowly slowly claimed her…when geet felt a sharp pain but maan continously saying soothing words n sweet words to calm n lessen the pain…n slwoly pain subsided n pleasure took place when maan also took her a journey of new world n went with rythym …….he know she is naïve n innocent but she is quiet good lerner who try to match with his passion…..n participating atleast trying.

Maan took her a world of ectasy n both reached zenith of pleasure…….n geet felt this is not world she lived it’s somewhere else n screamed his name in pleasure when maan followed n fall on geet but with careful to not put his full weight ..when geet fully hold him n his sweaty body tightly….

Maan smiles after coming back fully in his sense n wipes the sweat from her eye brow n kissed her forehead n said thanks….

Geet shyly smiles n kissed his cheeks n forehead n thanks to u for making ur in all way…

Maan chuckled n slowly turn with took her in his arms when geet sunggled in his arms n happily carrassing her bare chest n smiling ….

Maan kissed her hair n hold her one hand n said geet, so jao, u r tired….tomorrow we have long day

But geet nodded no n said nehi mujhe aapko kuch dena hain.

Maan smiles n said baad mein de dena jaan.

Geet nodded no when maan said abhi kya , dekho u but geet plonked on her elbow n kissed his nose n whisper I want to give u something…

Maan hold her bare waist n said what do u want to give me….

Geet shied then kissed his heart n said I want to love u now….

Maan looked at him few moments then slowly understand n try to say but geet nodded n her earnest eyes make him agree when geet shower her love on maan…kissing him loving him worshiping him…..n make him groaned n moaned her name in pleasure n ectasy….he never thought his naïve geet can but well love can do wonder….finally maan couldn’t take he just get up n turn her n loved her from head to toe…cherished her in new ways which geet never know….her every inch now mark by his same his every inch now mark by her….n both loved each other till they r satieted n felt tired for the night or say early morning……

Both snuggled in each other arms……n mingling their sweaty body in rhytmic way…..their heart beat match , their breath mingled their hands hold each other tightlty against each other , their finger entwinted with each other n slept…..

Next day morning ,maan get up when there is continous n loud knock on the door…Geet frowned n hide on maan more…Maan looked at the time n it’s pass 11.30….he was shocked then smiles as how they full night love each other…some time gently some time rough ,wild sometime …..some time just touching each other soul n satiating each other….he turn n looked at her geetu who almost hide herself on his chest….her white marbel like body mark by his love n few places it’s showing….he said we r coming n slowly make geet sleep on her back but she frowned when maan kissed her forehead n eyes n whisper geetu, good morning jaan…

Geet hugged his waist n pull him on her n rubbing her cheek on his chest when maan groaned n said don’t geet who is oblivious of the fact what she is doing n making maan go instantly hard….he bend n kissed her slender neck n whisper in her ear jaan it’s past 12 now lets get up…..

Geet frowned n looked at him then slowly realize n get up without bothering n said aab kya hoga..

Maan chuckled n cover her with a sheet then scoop her in his arms when geet continue her blabering …   …but maan enter the bathroom n slowly make her stand n said shhhh Miss Chatter box now complete ur morning routine then will help in shower….

Geet then realized n blushed hard when maan held her chin n said  I love u geetu….Geet blushed n hugged him…….

Later they joined ma n dadi ma who r look tensed, worried but ma noticed a glow on their face n the way their hand holds each other,finger entwined each other n geet’s cheek is full red……

Maaneet greeted them n said sorry for late but averted the gaze also…

Ma noticed geet’s face closely to find her eyes r tired but it has glow then her lips r swellon n then ma discovered the mark on her shoulder….

Ma averted gaze but smile inward then think this marriage need to be done fast….both of them need each other…

Dadi ma coughed n said there will be beautisian….for geet sply….n u both need to stay away from each other couple of days for the marriage n Dr khurana ur adress from now will be at out house ….

Maan nodded but the longing clearly coming out of his face n geet’s also…Dadi ma coughed n said so geet come with me I have some work n need to talk….

Geet nodded n reluctantly get upn followed dadi ma but some time looking back at maan n pouting sadly…when maan looking at geet like some one snatch his fav candy n toy together….

Ma n Dadi ma shook their heads… disbelief….

Geet sat infront of dadi ma who is telling her when sangeet n mehendi n haldi n marriage n how many guest will come n who r their close n what she need to do. Try to make her relax n after talking with dadi ma geet is feeling relax more…..

Dadi ma:- beta don’t worry n don’t panic we r with’s just formality u have to do during this but with maan his love I know everything will be fine ha…

Geet nodded n shyly smiles….

Dadi ma carrased her face n said now there will be girls will help u  …..

Geet nodded…n coming days ,Geet just relax with dadi ma n ma n guest eventually start to come few praise with the selection few as usual taunt n mock but geet ignored it completely…..

Morning of Sangeet, geet get up with a kiss on her forehead n startled little when dadi ma teased kyuon thinking of ur patidev ha…

Geet blushed n slowly get up n bend to took blessing but dadi ma said it’s ok beta…go n ready u need to be with ur personal beautisian ermm I don’t mean ur maan but ….

Geet whisper dadi ma n run inside bathroom….Later she joined everyone breakfast table where some one said btw Savitri Kaki we thought u will choose some one close to ur status or atleast from some one who is educated n not illitarete….

Geet looked at maan who is fuming but ma said she is close to our status  from her golden heart from her smiles n more she is queen of my maan’s heart she is educated n u don’t have to worry mrs Sodhi….my bahu will complete her study as her desire….she is well educated till her age….n I hope u came to enjoy the wedding n bless my son n daughter in law if not then u can go……I don’t want any one to say a single word ……

When another one get up n said but   this is like u want to close many lips….

Maan get up with anger when geet plead him through her eyes ..when dadi ma said nehi we r not putting any one to gun point for closing the lip but we r expecting to give respect to our bahu ….as not cause she is our bahu or maan’s n our choice but cause she is nice girl n perfect for Maan…..not everytime status did everything if it’s then Mrs sodhi ur daughter is here today with u not Ran away with local goon or mrs Bakshi ur son n daughter in law would have grt with each other but they r taking or searching love or say whatever it’s from outside….both in this case they r from high status n so called riched family but it’s not only about status n riched but ur heart…which need to be gold……..Gold many time u put in ur chest but make ur heart golden then will see everything nice n will not compare or try to put everyone down….hope I’m clear n now enjoy….

When maan just smiles n admire his family his dadi ma, his ma who support his n their geet who didn’t take anything in her heart just has the confidence on them….

He gesutered at her with a smile…n love oazing out from his eyes which make her shy n lowerd her eye lashes when maan slowly turn n thanks ma n dadi ma when dadi ma rolled her eyes as if no thanks they did what is right as geet is not only his wife but their daughter in law also who is more daughter to them….when ma smiles in return….

Later , maan went to hospital as next one months he took holiday except his one tour n oh bhi he will turn to honeymoon later on.

Here in KM, geet is sitting in the tub n smiling  when those girls teasing her n said u need to relax n calm as it’ll help to come out more beautiful n u will need ur SR night…. This will make u relax n calm n it’ll enhance ur beauty ….n u know Dr khurana will love u more…waise bhi we know u will not able to sleep…well or say full night…so u need to maintain few things to increase ur energy….n wink at they tease geet n make her blush when she giggling sometimes blushing n remember their morning encounter how maan came n kissed her cheek n even in KM every time try to get a way to love or fondled her….she bite her lips then winced in pain when they aske dhwta happen but geet nodded no and slowly come out when they helped her in dress n said they will come tomorrow….

Geet sat in the bed for sangeet as little later it’ll start when maan enter there n stood like a statue for few moments then said Pari, ekdam pari jaise lag rehe ho geetu….

Geet first startled then blushed n cover her face with palm when ma coughed ahem ahem day dreaming about hubby dear hmmm…

Geet turn scarlate red n hugged ma tightly to hide her face.

Ma smiles n blushed n kissed geet’s forehead when geet smiles shyly ….

Sangeet was real hit everyone enjoyed teasing maaneet together when maaneet make the perfece jodi….relatives, friends hardly seen recently ,a smiling laughing blushing maan but here it’s treat for all.even maan joined with geet n all danced n enjoyed lots….they almost forget everything n enjoyed n cherished when maan mostly enjoyed to see her geet is enjoying n laughing from her heart .n this is just small token from him as she deserve it.

Later they took a break when ma told maaneet to have the dinner n along with guests….

Maaneet sat together when maan’s cousin tease geet who is shing….

She is looking here n there when maan asked what happen?

She whisper oh necklace sayad phas gaya with dori n it’s pulling my hair n head back.

Maan smiles n said kehe nehi sakti thi mujhe n slowly removed it but his finger lingered much n carrass her neck n back little when his cousin coughs n one cousin whishelted n hooted.

N geet turn red again….

But maan enjoyed it……he is enjoying every moments with his geetu….

Next day , dadi ma came to maan’s room n knocked it but found a messy noise then maan open the door but his face look red as if embarassing..situation they caught by her….she came…..inside with mehendi’s dress when she noticed geet is half sitting but the sheet cover her half n then noticed how messy the bed was n sheet was crumbled n there r sindoor marks smug on geet’s forehead n fed n maan’s chest as his shirt almost full open…

Dadi ma shook her head but didn’t say anything further to embarassed but said maan aap iha kuch kaam the oh aap breakfast kar rehe hain…

Dadi ma noticed the breakfast trolly also there n think this kids r ….

Maan gulped a bite n said yes n took a sip from almost cold coffee when dadi ma said geet here is ur dress…for mehendi n get ready I will send some one to help but geet n indicate her the bed sheet when geet shied n nodded shyly but dadi ma patted her head n said maan aapka break fast hogaya toh bahar aayenge kaam hain bahut…

Maan nodded n left the room quickly as he don’t want any further prblm.

Later geet came down for mehendi when ma put duppatta on her head n maan just from the above look n smiles with admiration n as if geet got to know it n blushed heavily…

Maan went out to see further work for marriage done neatly .or not….

Here in KM, geet’s mehendi going on smoothly , cousins r teasing n some elders r saying if the mehendi will be dark then maan will love her more n make her scarlate….

They put mehendi on her both hands n legs when ma helped her to eat…n later maan came n scoop her to her house which make everyone whishled n geet blush….

But that time also maan said teasing jaan itna sarmao ge toh tab kya hoga…

Geet shied but innocently said par humne toh sab kuch kar then bite her tongue when maan nuzzled his nose n said accha humne kya kya kya ha…Geet nodded no but maan bite her earlobe n said sensually aage agee dekho humne kya kya chora hain SR ke liye….Geet full shied n hugged maan to hide her embarrasment

Next day Marriage day morning with Haldi…Km is beaming with happiness n joy  here .n Maan is looking for geet n finally found her near kitchen instrucing nakul for dadi ma’s food when maan pull her n said come with me….but geet said maan aap kya kar rehe ho, dadi ma told me to not to see u, see yesterday what we have done n what dadi ma was thinking when maan said after hugging her tightly n nuzzling her neck with his nose n some time lips , “Dadi ma will think I love u too much n can’t live without u now shhh let me remind u , dadi ma, ma told what we know n so .n don’t make excuses n let me love…. But geet stopped him n said maan pls, bass kuch pal, pls log kya sochenge.

Maan bite her nose n said u r thinking about ppl not me ha….with mock anger when geet giggle to see the kid in him n bite his nose n said nehi I was n am thinking that if we carring here then we will never be able to stop n within few moments out haldi then need to get ready for marriage but…..u know na…

Maan sighed n said hmmm btw u make me remember for what I came n then took out a pack of Haldi n slowly took out n put it on geet’s cheek who is full stunnt when maan said I want to color with my Haldi first n geet shyly smiles n kissed his cheek n hugged him then took a little bit haldi n put it on maan’s cheek but maan tease itna kanjusi mat karo geet kuch nehi hoga thora jada use karne mein ha mein tumse gora jada dikhunga….n geet looked at him shocked then giggled n maan joined her….

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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