Humsafar ,Part 2



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Meeting of A prince and an Angel


Here in Geet is trying to cope up with her new life and try to gain much money for her orphanage and her rent to stay there

Maan in guest house is busy with his phone with his dadi ma and mama.

After their conversation,maan went to washroom for fresh shower and calm his stressed muscle with cold water and it’s relaxed him but there is unknown sensation also but what is that? He shrugged the thought and wear a towel from his waist and come out from shower room and open the cupboard to take his cloths when his phone ring again  , he sighed and took the call and said hmmm, what happen now ?hmmm but that was not in my schedule wait, listen ask Miss Gupta for the schedule and informed her to redo everything again and informed me also, ok.

Maan cut the call and went to balcony   and looking at the nature , don’t know y his mind is feeling peace along with some kind unknown sensation in his heart, what is that, y this place is making him feel like that , or he is thinking too much.

Later maan went to orphanage where geet lived ,along with many girls.Maan enter the premises and look at the house , he noticed few girls r standing there with thal of flowers,he shook his head and come inside when head of the orphanage came and greeted him then pull an another girl who r too slim but her eyes r down and head also, she is holding a garland and after few moments , she placed in maan’s neck when both looked at each other , their eyes met ,eyes which r soul of the mind, heart and soul,

Time froze, world stop no nothing sort of this happen but those  few moments both felt something , matron called that girl geet can u move and let mr khurana entered the home.Geet nodded her head slightly and slide when maan said to himself geet, music,sangeet, he smiles little which makes few girls went back to their dream land where geet didn’t noticed anything as she went back to her room.

Here maan is doing little small work shop with all girls who lived in the Orphanage.

But don’t know y maan’s eyes r searching for that doe shapes girl, his eyes r searching for her, and there she is sitting in the corner but aloof from this world but y. All r taking participants of this workshop when she is sitting alone.

He wonder y, then shrugged it off and concentrate on the event.


Later, After the Small function and Dr Maan Singh Khurana’s lecture , maan went back but all time his heart and mind r thinking about that doe shaped girl, “GEET”

He sat in the car but holding the garland ,and caressed it , Maan thought it’s same garland which Geet make him wear but it’s ordinary thing , many functions, seminar he attend this type of thing happen, they welcome him by garland somewhere.

Maan closed his eyes and think, he need to stop and then he got call from his office and he is busy with that.

Next day , Geet went to Gurdawara cause she got the job and somehow she can spend the money for her living and she can lived also. she prayed to Babajee for giving her an another chance, though she want to continue her study but don’t know how she will manage, tears fill in her doe shapes eyes and she tried to control it.

She took Prasad and went from there  and in outside when she almost collided with few little girls and boys.

She shouts are dheera, iye bacche bhi na but then stopped there as her child hood is not less than sorrow, never got family love, neither parents affection.

Her chain of thinking broke due to little noise and outside she noticed a talk guy and another medium height guy r shouting, well that medium height guy mainly

then she noticed those children who runs from there and collided with her, r running or going from there as if they r running for their life.

Geet looking at them then about to turn and when she heard that tall height guy lost the Prasad from Gurdwara .

She felt bad to hear it,she don’t know but her legs make her go there and she called hi Suniye,

Here that Tall man stopped in his place, his world stop just to hear this and he turn slowly and find out the same girl, GEET

He called just GEET and that girl looked at him with shocking and puzzle expression and said jee, aap, aapko kaise pata?

That tall height guy smiles and said hi m Dr Khurana. Dr Maan Singh Khurana,oh actually we meet yesterday at ur home. But geet snapped quickly and make maan said quickly ,I mean orphanage .After this both Maaneet looked away the word make the atmosphere also bitter ,Maan said I’m sorry ,ok , see u soon , bye,But geet stopped him and said oh oh, it’s ok, it’s my house, or rehene ka ek  place . anyway, take this, u lost ur Prasad na.

Maan startled then said but aapko, Geet koi baat nehi milke khayenge toh Babajee dua denge,

after this she just left from there where makes maan’s heart beat fast,

Maan sat in the car and his car went towards Delhi but his heart is here, just simple meeting ,turn his world , he sighed and try to control his erotic heart beat but his mind is here, y he said her, see u soon, he closed his eyes but he can only see those two doe shaped eyes which is boring on his soul

Here geet felt little indifferent, her heart suddenly felt peace little bit but she try to concentrate on her work as her journey is too tough ,

After two days ,geet came back from orphanage when some one informed her to meet matron in her office now.

Geet nodded though she is hell tiredbut she went to meet her as she know either way matron will create scene again,

She went to meet her and after entering inside , matron said come geet, sit here, see this files r for new one dozen girls came, u have to put their name, no, and assending them then few old file from this yr to this yr . and arrange them also.

Geet looks full shocked and said itna sab then gulped her saliva and said sab karna hoga.

Matron :-hmmm and now start this all.

Geet looked at the page which has full of instruction and said but sir this will take full night may be , I have a work for my office also.

Matron look but her lips curving in a wicked smiles and said toh, iha rehoge, muft mein rotiya khaoge but kaam nehi karoge , wah, toh ek kaam karo aaj se saare logo ke liye tumhi khana banoge, iye thik rehega na kyuon?

Geet looked at matron like she is from other girls, she said she will do the file work as it’ll be easy for her,she get up from there after taking all neccassary thing and went to store room where all files kept , she try to run out from there but where she will go,


Here in Delhi:-

Maan is sitting in the floor and smiling to himself which is noticed by dadi ma who came inside and smiles then came and sat in the bed and place her hand on his shoulder when maan just turn and hugged her and said dadi ma.

Dadi ma carrassed his hair lovingly and said kya hua aaj humare maan bete itne khush hain.

Maan smiles and said pata nehi dadi ma but feeling good and light hearted after long time , don’t know y ,

Dadi ma smiles and ruffled his hair and said accha hain We always want to see u like this,

Maan smiles and just said hmmmmm, when dadi ma kissed his forehead and keep patting him lovingly.

Dadi ma just wished his happiness and left from there.

Here in HP:-

Geet complete the one work which is for new entry and now she has to  do ,the main big work, search those old files , she want to curse matron, how cruel she is giving her all tough work & if she didn’t do this , she sighed and think about her life, how mess ,it’s don’t know when she will see some sun sign , she has to do this then office work , more she is hell tired and when some one came and said matron said her to complete the dinner then resume the work.

She smiles and thanks atleast that old lady has this knowledge .

After dinner she went back to the store room and start her work

Here in Delhi:-

Maan is eating when maan’s mother said son.

Maan:-hmmm, oh …boliye na mama.

Mama:- there is one proposal for u .

Maan stopped his work and said proposal didn’t get it.

Dadi ma sighed and said for ur marriage proposal.

Maan’s facial expression changed and he said I don’t want to marry , and u know very well then y u alywas behind this and more I need time ,

Mama:- we r not telling u to go and marry now son, just look and talk with the girl if u don’t want to proceed further we will not beta,

Maan try to get up when dadi ma said beta, don’t we have the right to see u marriad and happy with ur it crime for us.

Maan closed his eyes tight and want to say something but don’t know what to say one side they r right, it’s their right but he can’t marriage , he has many reason but how to say them, they will not understand , he get up from the chair and said I’ll but just one condition m just going to see the girl not to marry her and don’t think u can say yes to them,I accept ur proposal , hope u do the same with mine.

After this maan went away from there. Here maan’s mother and dadi ma sighed in helpless situation when maan’s mama said shall we cancel this , ma , he was happy after long time , don’t want to make him sad but we did it .

Dadi ma herself looks disturb and said don’t know bahu, what is his exact problem with marriage , y he always want to run away from this, ,and  let it be but from next time we have to careful before proceedding for any proposal.

Mama:- hmmm ma.


Geet is still searching and assending all files , there is huge list for this files but she has to complete and more she has to do her office work, she thought to complete the office work then again start this as it’ll be easy for her.she proceed that way .


Maan is resting on his bed but his mind is disturb with the mere thought to see a girl or marriage proposal , he is tossing on his bed then think isn’t he taking this too much, yes his mama and dadi ma deserve to be happy but then y he is binding them with his own sorrow, he need to think about them. Their happiness, he get up slowly and looking at the sky , his life, their life all changed after his dad and grand pa left them forever, people thought he has everything,name, fame money , but he don’t have the shoulder where he should placed his head and say his inner feelings, he don’t have the friend with whom he should share everything, yes he has and his dadi ma and mama but they also drown in their sorrow, though they r sply his dadi ma r trying to cope up but .

He thinks and thinks and then take some decision to make them happy if they found their happiness by his marriage .he will do that.

He looked at sky and there is moon shining brightly but it’s make him remember the face which is full with mechanlocholy ,full with pain and aloof for life, those doe shapes innocent eyes which r boring into his soul make him at peace and restless also same time, those eyes r filled with menalcholy  , sadness but there.

Maan feel the cold wind touch him and it’s like soothing him to an extent and he can feel those winds like those sweet words from geet , those which she said in front of the GURDAWARA

Maan:-y m feeling everything resembles with her, what is happening with me, y everything is looking so vibrant, good , y,what she is doing with me?

Maan smiles and thinks geet bahut pyaare naam hain ,kya kar rehe hoge pata nehi, oh orphanage mein kyuon rehethe hain, kaha honge unke parents kaise log hain usse aise jeena par raha hain ,kyuon oh itna dookhi hain ,kya tha uske uske cherehe  pe ,what she has into those eyes, what those eyes r saying y there is so much melancholy,y it’s make me restless, y humare doosri mulakat mein meine kaha usse see u soon, I’m thinking too much.but wish she got what she want , bhagwan usse oh sab de jiske oh haqdar hain .

Maan patted himself and said don’t think too much logo ko counselling karte karte u need now one, it’s just, she is beautiful and ….maan again lost in geet


Here, geet almost complete her work when she think to take few moments of break and just standing near the window and looking at the sky, there is chill weather is blowing but the moon is shining brightly in the mid sky, it’s showing so much brightness that geet’s eyes and face is shining ,she closed her eyes and try to absorb the cool weather but within 10 sec she snapped open her eyes and and breathing heavily, she is trying to absorb the fact that she has seen Dr Khurana’s face there, his eyes ,

She hold the duppatta tightly near her chest and said iye kya hain babajee,kyuon unko dekh rehi hoon mein,kyuon iye sab mere sath ho raha hain, baba jee.

She closed the window as if want to closed those think about maan also.

She try to open again those files and try to concentrate but can’t her mind is blowing her some where, those eyes, those eyes held her ,there few moments of meeting ,she placed garland on him, she closed her eyes and tyr to closed those images but no, she never think this before but y now, she said geet control, u have to finish those work, don’t think ,shhhh, control.

Early morning,Delhi:-

Maan is looking at the sky and sitting near the window, welcoming the dawn but his hand carrassing that garland which he wore by geet, just one simple meeting made them like this , what is this, is it attaraction or something else , is it possible to happen in this world after one meeting

Maan’s chain of thoguht broke due to noise  by his phone, he checked the phone and find his assitant make him remember his early meeting , he thanks and get up ready for new day.

Early morning HP:-

Geet sad numb with a file in her hand, she don’t know how to react , or what to say, papers flowing due to air coming from out side , but the storm she is feeling nothing ,there is no tears but a pain look, and more accusation y her fate like,this , can’t she lived like normal people., she want to scream, she want to shouts, y y only she.

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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