Humsafar ,Part 20

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Haldi n Wedding


They sat in their respective place when ma applied maan first haldi n took it n the haldi of maan’s touch to geet as sagun then start haldi , all confused as both maaneet had slight haldi touch on their cheek ……

All giggled but maan just glare when they stopped n ma slapped his head playfully when everyone tease geet who turn deeper shade of red due to this n hugged dadi ma when ma shook her head….

They told maan to take shower when maan’s cousin wait for him to help him in a getting ready…later, ma took geet to washroom n help her to take bath in rose n milk water…..

When some cousin of maan tease geet n told her how much she will get ready that much…..maan will love to devour her….

Geet is now full crimson red..when ma scold them…..After make her  ready for the wedding……ma told everyone to get ready n dadi ma came n accompany geet for some time but geet is feeling excited yet nervous n look at dadi ma n slowly said dadi ma dar lag raha hain..

Dadi ma cupped geet’s face n said kyuon aap toh sab jante ho na….n dariye mat…I can understand the feeling it’s happen with all of us….but geet u know me , maan n ur sasu ma then y u r worrying…..

Geet clapped her hand n said pata nehi baas daar lag raha hain dadi ma…

Dadi ma looked worried n said kis baat ka dar beta…..kuch hua hain kya…

Geet nodded no then said actually I don’t know but…

Dadi ma smiles n cupped her face n said don’t  worry bahu u might be out bahu but u r our daughter first….u r just doing a formality n more it’s dream of ur , maan , mine n ur ma … we r fulfilling it..n u r coming to ur own house…not any other house…don’t worry       ..n geet as woman I can understand how much u know ur husband n ur own house there will be still nervousness, excitement …it’s common but belive urself n don’t be so stress…be on ur self…when u r true to urself then nothing to worry…about expectation of others it’ll continue full life in one or some way….but till u kow ur love is with ur family with u n more u r true then nothing to worry….

But if I wound’t able to make all  when dadi ma said geet n I know u r thinking how to make everyone happy ……don’t think about them….just stay calm n believe on urself ….hmmmm…

Geet nodded n hugged Dadi sa…

Here ma took aarti of maan who enter inside the KM …….

Later girls escort Geet towards mandap where maan is waiting for her….when maan stood froze to see his dulhan they share Jay mala…….then proceed for the next ritual…maaneet sat together in the mandap  n rituals begins…slowly slowly maaneet fulfil n complete all rituals n step to become man n wife….maan fill geet’s parting with pure vermillion when pinch of vermillion fall on her nose  n few tease geet n said how much maan will love..then maan tie up the mangasutra on her neck n carrssed her slender neck which soon turn pink … maan can see the shy smiles adorn her lips n how she blushing…..maaneet get up n took Sath Phere …Seven vows of their wedding n life n if there is any time coming then all time they want to be each other….Man n wife…..when all throw flowers on them Elders blessed them n youngers wish for their best…..everyone accept they made for each other…how they compliment each other……

After Sath pehere Priest announce them as Man n Wife.Maaneet bend n took blessings from elders n dadi ma….ma has tears in her eyes…

Maaneet wipes it with a smile they hugged ma n dadi ma…finally their dream fulfill….which they never think …to able fulfill when geet forget to see this dream…

Maaneet went to their temple in their mansion n took blessing from GOD n did arti of GOD ….then went to take blessing from maan’s father n grand father…..

Later maaneet sat for the night as dinner….when all teased n chatted with them…some one asked geet where they will going for honeymoon….n tease her when one of the cousin whisper something on geet’s ear n make geet blush crimson red…..

When maan smirk n geet looked at him for help but he only giving her passionate looks which make her more blushing …..

Maan in between not only by his eyes but his hands also teasing geet some time holding sometimes ticking sometime carrassing when geet fear if any one caught them but maan is oblivious from this n full mood to tease n torture poor geet.

Later ma took geet with her n helped her to settled in the bed…when maan’s few cousin try to tease but ma scold them…..

After setting geet , ma kissed her forehead n said thanks beta….

Geet looked at ma who said u bring back my maan…bring back the happiness which this house is lacking…..I wish papa n maan’s papa r here today…

Geet also felt sad but she wipes ma’s tear n said they r with us ma, they r….don’t cry ma, nehi toh dada jee n papa jee will feel bad….I know ..some times feel bad but then they r with u all n they r watching me n blessing me from above …I know nothing can make this fine….but they r watching na mama…….n they also loves u if htye seen u crying u n feeling bad, they will think geet is bad aayi n aapne sasu ma ko rula dia

Ma smiles n hugged geet n patted her cheek then n said GOD bless….u….

Geet smiles……n ma get up n said take care n if my son will tease u much then call me…

Geet blushed n lowered her head in embarrasement….

Here geet heard some noise n soon understand something going on there….n it’s the token of maan’s entering the room…she blushed…..she heard something like maan’s voice then…..she seen from her veil maan is entering …she cluthced the knee more tightly n found her maan is coming close but he just stood few moments n slowly sat but noticed geet curl her toe….he chuckled then said congratulation mrs khurana n thanks for coming in my life….

Geet blushed n whisper congratulation to u also…maan smiles n said feeling tired…Geet nodded no whe maan removed the veil to see the most beautiful enchanting face which is cover with red hue……

Maan chuckled when geet looked at him n said aap hass kyuon rehe ho

Maan nodded no n said bass dekh rehi thi…APSARA jameen mein jab mere baan ke aayi toh kaise lagta hain ..

Geet blushed n said u r flirting Dr Khurana….

Maan smirk n said who is Dr Khurana right now m patient of ur Madame…….

Geet giggled when maan smile …Geet said aap bhi na .n maan said mein kya mrs khurana….

Geet nodded no n try to get up when maan pull her n she fall on his lap n maan said where r u going ?our SR start just…..

Geet smiles n lowered her eye lashes when maan tucked one curl behind her ear n just staring at her as if drinking her beauty……

Maan bend n kissed her forehead n said jaanu u r looking tired…..n this all rituals also … make us tired na…but geet nodded no quickly n said nehi …..

Maan squeezed his eyes brows when geet said aaj mujhe aapko kuch dena hain…

Maan just stare at geet who took something n give it to maan …..n maan noticed a big packet….

When geet try to move so maan can open but maan hold her tightly n said shhh don’t move ….geet said but how u will n maan just give her a peck on her lips n said like this….n make geet giggle with shy smile……After maan settled geet on his lap , opened geet’s gift…..

Maan just froze on his place when cutely turn n said pasand nehi aaya….

Maan hugged geet when geet carrassed maan’s back n hold his cheek but found it wet n geet just looked at maan who said it’s the painting I made for my family, dada jee, papa, ma , dadi ma…..their painting ….but next day everything shattered geet….everything…..

Geet smiles slightly n wipes his tears n said I’m with u  maan…..I know it’s so saddening it’s or heart wrenching….I didn’t have family at once n crave for it..but now I know n understand how it felt….

Geet paused then said but maan this gift for good memory not for ur cry…or make u upset.

Maan smiles n said u didn’t geetu…u will never be…it’s best gift …n thanks jaan…..this gift….I may be this thanks is small word n ….

Geet smiles n happily snuggle on maan n said aap khush ho n khush raho mujhe aur kuch nehi chaiye…I found it couple of days ago n then seen ur sign there n got it …u made it….but it’s place on store room….I want to bring back…in ur life…may be dada jee n papa were left us but they r here in our heart n blessing us…n will be with us thorugh ur painting…

Maan nodded n said I just got emotional …..n geet placed her head on his heart n said I know ur heart is craving for them…..but u know may be this is called destiny….maan they left us but dekhiye they will never want to see u sad, upset n in pain….they always want to see u happy na…..u told me na..

Maan nodded n hugged geet n said I’ll never be sad as papa n dada jee send u ……an angel …who give me all happiness.I know papa n dada jee….their loss but I know life is about to cherish good memory n it’ll be good if I don’t hurt them by staying sad…

Geet nodded n hugged maan….who respond back n after some moments….maaneet parted when maan looked at her face, some curl flowing when maan cupped her face n whisper Love u……n geet smiles in return then pouted n said aapne toh mere aur gifts nehi dikha..

Maan :-aur bhi gift hain geetu..

Geet giggled like kid n give him another packet it’s has few   books written bymaan’s fav authon on pyschology ……Maan’s eyes twinkled like kids got fav toy n said jaan…how did u get this all…

Geet smiles n said aapko pasand aaya.

Maan nodded n give geet a wet kiss on her lips n geet replied oh I was searching something on net then suddenly click what to give u n searching something like this n got this book name ….then ….I really don’t know how useful this will be but bought them….

Maan placed them carefully n kissed geet lips with his all love n said nothing but his action speak how much he loves the gift n big gratitute from him …..

Maan slowly bend geet on the matress n he settled himself on her but careful to put the weight when geet pull her n said I want to feel u fully n kissed him again…Maan just chuckled to see the bold geet but he enjoyed……

Soon both of their lips met once again ignite the fire there their lips, teeth, tongue… finger, palm  carrass , rubbed suck, licked,bite each other, fondled each other……make love to each other…..they love, chreished each other long time still their soul didn’t satiatied n they want more from each other……their cloths scatter all where in the room …..they mark each other claim each other n finally settled in the morning 5.30 p.m. when maan noticed geet will faint any time….n he felt guilty as he was rough n his passion but geet slowly pull him n snuggled in him n said don’t feel bad now maan

I loved ur this side which only for me….

Maan chuckled n engulfed her in his arms fully…..n cover them with sheet also…n geet also happily snuggled into him.finally two different soul two different ppl get everything they want n that everything is peace solace n they got it in each other arms n the dream which one never think to see and another  forget to dream… but now Dreams become Reality , A sweet Reality…

Next day, all r teasing geet who is blushing profusely…when maan naughilty smiles at her….in the morning maaneet did the puja together n then geet did the rasui puja n then made sweet dish for all….

Everyone praise for her cooking n gift blessing gifts….when maan openly kissed her both palm n finger n make her crimson red….n all teased her more…when geet cutely pouting n cribbed for this ….

Time passed they went for honey moon when geet cribbed to take ma n dadi ma with them n maan also agreed but finally ma n dadi ma make them ready to alone n enjoy they will join some other time long time …

they indeed enjoyed , geet learn more about maan n his work when maaneet explore many place n enjoyed like kids….n many time they know each other ….their time spend by loved each other n pamper each other more imp know each other…they bond so well n gradually increase….many time they forget everything n chatted for long time n many tme they forget night or day n end long time in bed passionately…..their soul still not satiatie…..

they came back n with a goods news of geet is pregnant….where ma n dadi ma beamed in joy n happiness n maan turn more protective n possessive….

Geet smiles with happiness n always prayed for the well being of her family n looked at maan n kissed his bare chest when maan groaned n said geetu who nuzzle his neck n said maan I want a chocolate cake …..

Maan looked at him n said accha….Geet nodded n said ur baby wants it…

Maan smiles n peck her lips….Maan fulfill her all dreams , demands n along with her pregnancy is hassle free. N she is enjoying it…..with love by maan, pamper by maan ….her life is full peaceful along with her ma , dadi ma….maan postponned her study though he is little upset but never mind she will do it after their baby….she didn’t regret anything n she will fulfill this also as it’s her maan’s dream…….

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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