Humsafar ,Part 21

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Life Blossoming


Maan smiles n peck her lips….Maan fulfill her all dreams , demands n along with her pregnancy is hassle free. N she is enjoying it…..with love by maan, pamper by maan ….her life is full peaceful along with her ma , dadi ma….maan postponned her study though he is little upset but never mind she will do it after their baby….she didn’t regret anything n she will fulfill this also as it’s her maan’s dream…….

7months pass , geet’s Godbharai fixed in coming Sunday….Km is busy to prepare it in grand way …when geet is beaming in joy…..her life change… change for betterment….her maan, ma, dadi ma all asked her suggestion…for their home or business or hospital….

Here in maaneet’s room,Geet is smiling  n thinking how her life change…she turn to see her husband is sleeping now…she bend n kissed his cheek when he pull her close….she felt pity as she make him awake full night almost with her n her tanterms. N mood swing but still he didn’t say anything …he pamper her….n fulfil her every wish  ,every dream…she bend n kissed his face…..she noticed he has his office shirt till  as last night was really hectic for him…her mood swing….her dream…her wish..she bend n kissed his cheek again n carrased the face lovingly ….when maan felt something feather like soft touch on his cheek stuble n lips n some time something wet….

Maan smiles n know who is it he hold her tightly against    n said kya hua geetu?

Geet said nothing n snuggled in his arms happily….it’s her home…..the sense of relief….Much later maan is reading some mail n resting on bed still when geet making pattern on his chest some on this abdomen n lower n make him groan….when finally maan said geet u r disturbing me…..n that is it….Geet twist her lips without any warning her eyes filled with tears n she just turn her face……

Maan sighed n complete the mail n turn n called her softly but she nodded no when maan smiles n nuzzled on her neck n his hand playfully tickling her……n within moments she is fine again…it’s daily routine for them… she will show her mood swing or something n he will pamper her….though both know geet didn’t do all time cause of her hormonal change some time it’s intentional to pamper by her loving husband….

Next day , Geet is ready for her “God Bharai”….she is blushing when maan bend n adjust her anklets n toe rings….but she felt tickling…..n moaned…

Maan:- shhh geetu don’t do it otherwise I’ll take u now n forget all this rituals…

Geet pouted n said aab Dusht Danav Ban gaye ho…

Maan:- accha…..

Geet nodded n said aap mujhe sone kab dia , jab dekho aapko badmashi shoojhta hain ..

Maan shook his head n cover her head with pallu n said come with me…..

Geet twist n said dekha kaise topic change kar dia..

Maan put her in his n taking her down stair when she again whisper..raat ko batata hoon….

Geet flushed n murmur again dekha babajee….

They reached down when everyone just looked at the gorgeous couple n slowly the ritual start n maan captured every moment in camera.

He felt so good to see her geetu smiling glowing n blushing like red roses when some tease her…..After ceremony n all blessing… helped geet to come out n give her food which she deny as she didn’t felt but again her motherly scolding n advice make her eat….

Maan just folded his hand n enjoy it throughly…..though after lunch he had to go for hospital as some lined up meeting n case pending for him….

Time passed with maan’s heavy busy profesional life still maan took care of geet….mid night craving or massasing her leg or some time sharing jokes to make her mind good…or some sharing his childhood memory….or painting………

N time came geet got labor pain…..n ma n dadi ma ,admitted to the hospital …..After 8hrs of long time geet give birth of jr MSK…..but due to some imp seminer …n maan got the news of geet’s admission there….he booked early ticket to get bak….n when he came back he got the good news of become proud father of a son….

He is beaming in joy n happiness….ma n dadi ma hugged him , blessed him when his colleguea congratulate him…..but his eyes n heart r searching for his two angel…..

Finally he got the time n went inside to see a divine , serene moment, his geetu is talking with their little son n feeding her ….

He can clearly noticed how matured his geetu is looking now….he smiles n slowly entered but as usual his family may be guessed it before…..his geet is looking at him thorugh tears n smile on her face…he reached n gently wipes them with his thumb pad n bend n peck her forehead n lips then looked at the little wonder , their bundle of joy…

Geet complete her feeding n maan took little budnle of joy n patted his back for burping who did it when maan slowly wipes his mouth with small soft cloth….he softly snuggled in his papa’s big broad chest when maan patted him lovingly n within moment he slept there….maan hold him carefully with his two hands n geet just noticed it n admire it …..she never thought this day would come in her life but it came …

Maan placed their little angle in the Crib n kissed his forehead when he smile in his sleep ….

Maan just admired him while geet felt drowsy n slept there…Maan turn to find her sleeping…

Maan came n sat besides her n admiring her peaceful features…he tucked those loose strand n slide besides her…

Geet get up to find maan is looking at her lovingly….his eyes showed the love he felt for her the respect, care for her.Maan bend n kissed geet’s lips n whisper huskily thanks geetu…..

Geet blushed but maan bend again kissed her face n slowly slowly n intensely….geet wind her hand on his neck n maan kissed her lips slowly slowly nibbling to sucking passionately…..n whisper sweet things….n melting geet…finally maan break this teasing n loving session n said I’m sorry jaan…I want to stay with u….give u moral support but….

Geet kissed his cheek n said shhhh u r with me always….u don’t know that I’ll have sudden pain…but …it’s all right…next time…..aap rehe lena mere sath…

Maan chuckled next time ha..Geet pull him n said ha kyuon ki iye toh aapki gift hain mujhe aur aapka mere taraf se ek chota geet n she blushed full crimson red…..

Maan hugged geet then said naam kya socha geetu…

Geet smiles n said Ayushmaan…..

Maan smiles n kissed her finger n hold it tightly when both drifted to their talk, their dream about their Ayushmaan…..


Coming days maan helped geet to feed n take care of their little son n along with this maan’s full attention towards geet her care, her comfort….her health first….Maan’s help care n love make those thing easy n geet is recovering well also…..

But this not lessen maan’s teasing geet or loving her…..n which caught by ma or dadi ma some time both will scold playfully maan for giving hard time to geet then tease geet also n make her turn red.

Along with this they fight tease each other like little kid n some time all wonder r they parents now or kid…..

After 5month,ma is walking with little ayush in her hand when she heard some caos coming from the nursery n there is maaneet fighting over something….both fighting like kids now days..

Ma coughed n rolled her eyes …when maan said ma just see what she is doing….

Geet qucikly retort what m doing or u , maan…ma aap dekhiye ….

Ma shook her head n said geet. ayush so gaya but he will wake up n need feed so have him n stop fighting both of u….

Maaneet make face n both get up to took Ayush when ma said iye kya kar rehe ho maan aap baithiye uha , geet ko lene dijiye she need to feed him…


Geet smiles n took him n settled in bed to feed him when maan sat besides him with longing face….Ma murmur iye dono becoming kid day by day …kya karu in dono ka…

Geet noticed maan’s longing face n placed peck on his cheek n I love u maan…

Maan who smiles n just admire the beautiful divine moment when little ayushmaan is taking his feed from his mamma…

Maan hold geet’s shoulder n took ayush after his feed who is smiling now n maan just rubbed his nose with him n patted his back for burp …….

Geet smiles n said aap usse sula dijiye mein humara room ready karta hoon when maan smirk kyuon aaj kya hain room ready karna…

Geet innocently said kuch nehi mein toh but soon got the smirk n said besharam han aap ekdam….

Maan laughed at her comment n said yes but it’s not my fault ur red apple cheeks make me hard…..

Geet face turn “O” n she just ran from there when maan tickle little ayush who has full mood to play now…..

Maan enter their room with with ayush when geet said so gaya aapka laadla nehi na mujhe pata hain aap dono baap bete ……btw aapka ph aaya tha kuch imp nehi phir bhi dekh lijiye aapka pa ka hain n dijiye aapke shahabjaade ko dekhte hain sote nehi sirf mamma ko tang papa ke sath milke…

Maan took ph n said ayush say ur mama that ur papa didn’t tease till now…

Geet turn to retort but said badmash dusht danav……

Their life is Blossoming now with their love n little Ayush…..who is slwoly growing up n maaneet’s time passing more with him n watching his antics…..though they faced some hard times also as it’s life but they over come it together…..


Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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