Humsafar ,Part 3


Next Part:-

Early morning HP:-

Geet sad numb with a file in her hand, she don’t know how to react , or what to say, papers flowing due to air coming from outside , but the storm she is feeling nothing ,there is no tears but a pain look, and more accusation y her fate like,this , can’t she lived like normal people., she want to scream, she want to shouts, y y only she.

What destiny she has, her own ones destroy her, betray her, abandon her, throw her away from their life, their family ,

She sighed in grief , she looked at sky which is turning dark with cloud but it’s like nature also feeling sad with her grief, her pain ,her hurt,

She slowly get up from there and take those files in her hand and said I have ask Madam about this, what is actual truth, I have to know, I have to know at any cost, she is determined about it, she went out from there with determined face with those files .

She knocked matron door when someone said u can’t meet her now, u have to wait for 10 a.m. in the morning ,

She cried I need to talk to her now, it’s urgent , it’s for my life,

When matron came out and shouts what is happening , y too early morning u r doing tamasha here miss geet.

Geet looked at matron and her state but didn’t get as geet’s mind is too occupied and said ma’m I want to ask u something ma’m

Matron looks disturb and said u want to ask me something and u can’t wait little more,

Geet looks disturb but said ma’m pls.

Matron shouts go and wait for me in my office .

Geet nodded and sat in her office, after 3 long hours , matron came and met with geet and said bolo kya hua achanak se ke , aise kya ho gaya , ha aise kya ho gaya ha, bolo aab.

Geet gulped her saliva then said oh ma’m I have seen there something, I have seen in the files there information about …..about….

Matron shouts what the **** can’t u speak clearly what is the matter ? what is the problem , rathar than mumbling about something

Geet raised her head and said mere janam ke baarein mein, she lumped down the clod of tears and said oh mere pa ,I mean parents ke baarein mein iha kuch , I mean.

Matron shocked then said , well, get, it’s…… it’s true

Geet asked matron :-is it true matron,

Matron first time feeling sad but her hand is tied and just nodded yes.

Geet fall down on the floor and said y , y with me, I’m illegimate child ,for them,

Matron felt bad for her and she sat with her in the floor and said ha, geet,ur mother is from lower caste and when ur father’s needs or lust fulfill he thrown away her from his life.

Geet felt her world is crashing down completely, she said or moaned maa……….with immense pain……

In Delhi :-

Dadi ma :- so maan, tumhe lerki pasand hain.

Maan closed his eyes and looked another way and said agar aapko aur mama ko pasand hain toh thik hain.

Mama:- but beta , this is ur life, u have seen her , have a chat with her, and we will be glad if u say ur decision .

Maan  looked at them as their eyes showing how much they r expected a yes from him but his own mind is not accepting this relation , don’t know, the girl, Parinita, nice girl but , there is something lacking, already he is feeling sad and restless for hurting his dadi ma and mama in past with  his rejection of girl and now also,what will he say now?

Maan’s mother placed her hand on his shoulder and said beta, kya hua, see we r not giving presure to u .Maan looked back at his mother then said mama, dadi ma, I want to see u both happy,and in peace ………

Mama and dadi ma both looked at maan with smiles and maan said but I need time Pari is nice girl but she is not for me, she is not made for me.she is not I really don’t know but I can feel it,

Mama cupped his face and said beta, r u in love,

Maan looked at his mama then remember those eyes, and one girl, GEET, how she placed garland on his neck, how they met before gurdwara , maan jerked his head and freed his mother’s hand and said nehiiiii, it’s just, nooo, it’s nothing like that, it’s nothing like that.

Dadi ma:-ok ….anyway, we will talk about this later, accha maan heard u got huge success in one of the complicated case .

Maan nodded yes then said ha oh kuch hatke case tha ,ekdam alag se,but got succeed.

Both chatted about the thing more time when mama think about maan and his ans there is something in his eyes, there is something else but what is this, she sighed and think to asked him later ,

Later maan in his study room, thinking about all incident, he don’t know y he behaved like that , y he deny to marry pari, who is beautiful and nice girl but he never felt anything not even a tiny bit of any kind of feeling or anything, yes may be it’ll arrange thing but still it’s too difficult for him to explain it clearly but his mind is restless, disturb with the feeling, he closed his eyes and remember his papa and his word, which his papa always used to told him

Flash back:-

Maan just complete his graduation, came and meet his dad, , he called him, dad,

Maan’s father was just came from hospital and said are maan beta, come here and hugged him and said congratulation son,u did .

Maan smiles when maan’s dad said ao baitho, iha.

Maan take a seat besides his dad and when maan’s father gave a beautiful watch and a pen set and few books as gift for him.

Maan looks like little kid, delighted , and said thanks dad, it’s to , this Rolex watch and this Mont Carlo pen set and dad , how do u know this r my fav books,,

Maan’s dad:- beta,I’m ur dad, I know about u and ur wish , desire, dream more than any one.

Maan smiles and hugged him tight then said thankuuuuu dad,

Maan’s dad smiles, he know how grown up maan would be still he will be kid from inside the heart,

He chuckled …..Maan’s mom came and shook her head and said I really don’t know when ur son will be grown up.

Maan makes face then said mom , I’m grown up see.

Mama:- oh really I can see it and too maan’s dad u too mr khurana ,he is not kid any more.

Maan’s father:- he is ,he will be, always, and I will always fulfilled all his dream.

Maan smiles and hugged him and said mama didn’t love me.she is jealous that dad loves me more.

Mama:- badmash ruk mein tujhe dekhti hoon ruk.

But maan runs from there when maan’s dad broke out in loud laugh and maan’s mom said aap ke wajy se iye lerka na.then shied and said aap dono ek jaise ho , baap bête, bilkul same

When maan shouts akhir father- son like hoga hi na.

Maan’s mom shook her head in disbelief when maan’s dad pull her in bear hug.


Flash back end

Maan cried and called m missing u papa, humara happy family ,sab kuch bikhar gaya,I know mama, dadi ma want to see me marry but how could I marry any one or pari, I don’t love her, I don’t know dad but I just, dad pls help me, I want to see mama and dadi ma r not happy to see me like this but how can I marry any one dad, when my heart didn’t beat for her, what to do dad, what to do, y m always remembering geet , y m feeling some kind of feel for geet but not for pari, both r nice, beautiful but y geet is inside my mind, y her smiles make me smiles, I never felt like that, I always used to see girls r behind my name and fame and money, as m khurana ,what is this, y m first time feeling like this ,it’s love or infatuation, I have to take a concrete decision ,not only dadi ma, mama but for me and all of us. I have to clear my mind and this confusion …..

He closed his eyes to get an ans for his confusion,

He opened his eyes and smiles and said mama, dadi ma, I know what is this, I’ll tell,he turned and looked at out side and remember HP, the place make him smiles again, the place make him met with his fate ,his chain of thought broke due to a call from his hospital and he look tensed and for the first time he almost loose his control, though he ,himself is doctor but this vulnerable condition of his own mind and situation and more the tension and then news now he got , it’s make him loose the control, he quickly grab the key and runs for the hospital, Nakul noticed it and informed  Dadi ma who looks tensed then call hospital and got to know what happen there and y suddenly maan runs like that .


Geet in her room, still sitting in near the window and looking at the sky and remember the word of matron, what she said about her birth, her parents, her mama, how she suffered and what happen to her,she cried, till tears dried down completely but nature is crying till with her pain, Geet shouts almost agony, pain, anguish , she cried y babajee y mee, y u have done it with me and my family, y u have done it y u couldn’t help my mama, y u couldn’t save her from a monster , y,she suffered , what is her fault , is it crime to love , y this cast and creed in love, y y, say me babajee, say me pls,

No one ans this as God also don’t know the ans but can cry with her pain only, can sympathies with her pain and sorrow

Geet break down completely and cried , shouts, scream for her ill fate and her mother who died cause of her father.


Delhi :-

Maan shouts and said one of the attendant u r giving me lame excuse and put a board meeting immediate and said want proper explanation and give that attendant show cause letter .

Maan immediately inform senior doctor and co admn of the hospital, and guards and police and lodged a missing diary of a patient of being missing from the hospital .

He looks disturb with this, where he and his hospital always treated patient as if they r their family members but what is happening here, how could anyone neglect his duty , how could anyone said so easily, he slept off and don’t know what happen, maan called one of the ward boy and said call man who is watching CCTV and told him to bring all cds of today’s.

Maan’s one of his subordinate  ,Dr Aditya Khanna came and said maan sir, she is ok till morning don’t know after morning breakfast what happen?

Maan hit the table and said adi, it’s not so easy, where she went from this big hospital, it’s never happen here and one of patient is missing from the morning and no one know it, no one inform me either, how could ?

Adi sighed then said we came but she is recovering and today after checking her , doctor think she is fine and when doctor came at the evening , no one is there.

Maan:- no one informed me earlier about it, how irresponsible r people here, we don’t hire this kind of people and adi who is the doctor who is in charge of the patient , Adi need full report about the patient and the doctor who is monitoring her case

Adi nodded and left .

Maan sat down in the sofa with deep thought and planning next course of action


Geet looked at the man who is sitting there easily, her grand father,Sukhbindar Handa and there is the man who give birth to her ,

One of the servant called Sukhbindar Handa, shahab jee, iye lerki aaye hain aapse milne ?

All eyes turned at geet who is silently looking at her papa mohindar handa , who should be her angel but not, who run away from her and their mother,as there is no love only lust

She looks at mohindar handa with rage…..

Sukhbindar Handa:-oye lerki tu kaun hain iadhar kyuon aayi hain

Geet:-I want to meet my father opps not father but I want to meet the killer of my mother, I want to meet that cowered , that monster who destroyed my mother life and my life , who killed her brutally.

All handa haveli looking at her with rage and shocked that time someone shouts oyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeee lerki jaban samal ke baat kaar.

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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