Humsafar ,Part 4



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Sukhbindar Handa:-oye lerki tu kaun hain iadhar kyuon aayi hain

Geet:-I want to meet my father opps not father but I want to meet the killer of my mother, I want to meet that cowered , that monster who destroyed my mother life and my life , who killed her brutally.

All handa haveli looking at her with rage and shocked that time someone shouts oyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeee lerki jaban samal ke baat kaar.

Geet:-jaban samal ke ha when ur family can commit crime then ,kya hua baat kyuon nehi bol rehe hain koi ,boliye aur aap MR Mohindar Handa ,

Mohindar looked at geet then said batimej lerki jaban samal ke baat kar,tujhe pata hain tu kya bol rehi hain humare khilaf , tere inti himmat, abhi ter akuad kya hain humare saamne khare hone ki aur iha tu betuki ki baatein kar rehi ahin tujhe toh iski maja chakahyenge and runs towards her and hold her by her hair and said do kauri ki lerki ha and shouts darjee isse toh muh kholne se pehele maar dena chaiye tha and hold her neck tightly almost chocking geet out of her breath when two women shouts brij kya ka raha hain ruk ja brij, mat kar aise kuch, hume pastana pare.

Brij:- maa  ,tai jee iye lerki ka himmat kaise hui iha aake hume baatein sunane ki koshish ki when geet freed herself and said with chocked voice sunne ki nehi suniya mein sacchai aap sab ko, jo mein iha kehe rehi hoon,cheekh cheekh ke kaha sach ,iye ke mohindar handa mere pita hain and who killed my mama, who was trapped her under the fake  love no, it’s lust only ,nothing else , suna sabne and u mr handa u played with my mom’s emotions and ditch her, chi,u r man, I ashamed to think that my mom was so innocent naïve to fall for u , a man not a cowered like u , chi, ghin aati hain.

But soon geet receied a slap from mohindar who is shivering in rage and insult he got from this girl,

Geet fall on the floor, when brij come and hold her by her hair and roared, ur mom might be naïve but u r fool, to enter the den of Handa.where any one can’t enter so easily and u did this biggest mistake and dig ur own grave now u will pay for it.

Geet smirked and said oh really then dream on mr brij handa, u can’t even touch me and it’s u and ur family dig ur ow grave by touching me and beaitng me like this , cause police will come any moments to take u all as I filed a complaint against Mohindar handa and full handa family for killing my mother , what do u think , m also like my mother no, I don’t trust u , but I trust law of this country and will make sure  that u will pay for it surely, u  will and I’ll make sure of it .

Brij roared and try to hit geet when police hold him and said behave of urself sir.

Geet looked at brij and said aapna saare excitement .

Here handa’s r shocked to see this , they never hoped a mere girl will destroy them like this ,they never imagine it  ever in their life.

Later at geet came back to her orphanage with little light heart but still there ia pain cause of her mother’s pain, and sadness, how she wished to reduced them but alas she was not that much lucky ,

She took her shower and went to her office, but not aware that danger and problem r waiting for her there.

She entered her office when she found every one looking at her ,she felt it’s strange then shurugged it off and went to her place but found the place is occupied by another one.

She asked excuse me ,it’s my place, I guess u r mistaken it but that man who is working there looked at geet and said sorry miss,I’m not it’s ur, as per I and we know , I’m working here from past couple of months ,

Geet looks full shocked and said iye kya bol rehe hain aap, it’s not true ,I worked here , every one know it, wait here, shamlal jee, aap , pls tell him na I worked here ,

Shamlal(one of the employee of that office):-sorry miss we didn’t know u.

Geet felt the floor beneath her feet is shaking gradually, she said no shamlal jee ,pls say true,

When a young girl came and sad see miss we really don’t know u, pls don’t create tamasha , pls don’t create any more scene .

Geet said no m not creating m here for my work, I appointed here for my work,

A young man said oh really on what basis?

Geet looked at him and felt the shiver running through her spine , she said what do u mean?

Therei conversation going on and it’s seem every one in that small office went against geet and geet is alone fighting , suddenly there is loud sound , their boss came out and shouts, what is this all nonsesne going on.

Geet runs towards him and said sir, pls tell them na sir, I worked here, they all r saying m not , worked,pls sir.

Boss:- come inside the cabin, will talk there and left inside the room.

Geet sighed and think may be now something good will happen.

In cabin  ,boss said aao baitho, have a seat, now tell me what happen ?

Geet explained what happen but that boss smirked and said hmm, serious problem but I can help u.

Geet looked at him when that boss said see here is file it’ll be ur contract and appointedment letter of this office as employee when geet said but I’m when boss said little sternly let me finish.

Geet nodded yes when that boss said ok here it’s the option u can work here life time but u have to stay here , with me when geet’s eyes got widen and before she can say anything  the boss said as my KEEP……

Geet’s felt all r going shatter, she felt numb but she shouts Dare u MR . chi, what do u think ? U r pervert, sick mind creature, I’m asking my job for talent and capability not for this,

When boss said with same tone, ok really, m pervert, then what u r miss geet …. What’s ur surname, oh let me think u don’t know as u don’t use it as u don’t know who r ur parents.

Geet’s felt her eyes got clouded still she said don’t u dare to  when that boss get up and pull geet and said then what u will do miss, and ur parents who never ackonodelge u and more ur mother who is she what kind of relationship she has with man , u r product of unwed lust.

Geet’s eyes filled with tear after this humilation and said pls…..don’t take my mom’s name in ur mouth and don’t insult her.

That boss pushed her and said yes I shouldn’t and neither I will give u the job but the condition I told u.

Geet gave him disgusted look and said never.

Boss said huh then keep searching job no one will give a job a girl like u who is B***** but soon the boss received a hard slap from geet and geet just went frm there, whole office looked at her and some start gossipping .

Geet runs from there and went streaight to her orphan as she don’t know what to do ? she need few document from her room before complaining against her office .

She went there but find the gate is close and said trespasser r not allowed to cross the limit.

She is feeling again shocked and she said bhaiya jee pls gate khol dijiye na ,I have to enter but guard said can’t , we r sorry, but the matron said u can’t enter the premises .

Geet looks full shocked and said but how could it happen, I mean , member of this home then.

Guard said I don’t know but u can’t as per order ,


Geet fell on her knees what is all happening, what is this just in morning m here and now, this all r happening when guard said if u want , will help u

Geet looked at him with lots of expcetation when that guard said if u give me what I want, and looked at her lustfully as if scanning her.

Geet quickly get up and retorted back, u sick, disgusting people, all of u  what do u think , we r just commodity of flesh chi , sick all of u.

She runs from there and walking alone in the path where she is standing alone, cause she protest, cause she take up a fight against evil, cause she is woman, cause she is honest .

She went to police station , she complained there but they ridicloued her, bashed her abused her verbally.the confidence, courage all r draining away, she again got nasty cheap proposal from them , those police men mocked her, abused her again and her late mother.

She didn’t left any more courage and run away from there .

She is standing near one of road when sky also pouring out , like nature also crying with her , to see her never ending suffering and misery


Maan is looking frustrated, he informed police about it, they r searching, still he informed his private dective to found out the matter and search his pateint , he still can’t understand believe or understand how this would happen and when police confirm that there is some one from his hospital r behind this, it’s makes him furiated more, he punch the punching bag more furiously.

He just couldn’t get the fact, how could it,who is or r behind this, they found one of the cctv broken badly in the  entrance and still they found later cctv and they find an inform him,

Maan already told them whoever is behind this crime, he or she should  be get drastic punishment and his hospital doesn’t know them and neither hold them but yes he and his hospital r responsible for this misery some how, if he had more careful.

He turn and break the ice slab

Here in out side both maan’s mom and dadi ma r feeling sad and asked nakul what happen ?

Nakul:-pata nehi ma’m but after he came back from hospital  and from that time, he is too angry and he just right went there with anger ,from that time he didn’t came out.

Maan’s mother:-mama, shall we  ask him or.

Dadi ma, wait few min, then we will.

Nakul:-ma’m we have never seen him got so angry like this ,

They r waiting for maan few min but suddenly maan come out and said nakul bring out my camp kit and then said to mama and dadi ma, sorry mama, dadi ma, right now , m too frustrated over few things and need to sort out and m going out for camp, pls dadi ma, mama, give me time, and before that can say anything, maan just stromed out from there

Both maan’s mother and dadi ma stand there still, when dadi ma sighed and she know little bit of the problem but maan’s mama, she said how much he needs time and this, till when he will running away from everything.

Dadi ma quickly stopped her and said no beta, he is not running, he is trying to co operate with everything and every one but something going against his principal and morality which he not able to understand, give him time, he will be back soon.

Mama:-ummmm, hope so.


Geet is crying her heart out  when Brij is called her oyyeeeeeee

Geet turned and looked at some blur view due to heavy rain and her tears, make it impossible for her.

She heard some faint noise when some one hit her on her face and she fall down on the road when some one hold her hair and said u have too much will power to stand against us ha, brij said We  really glad to know that u loved ur mom so much so we r not intend to waste any time and will send u there and said come on ur last time came and placed a sword near her throat ,when geet is looking at him with shocked eyes and she can’t stand any more the mental pain she is bearing from last few days, she  closed her eyes and some how pushed him and runs from there , she don’t know how she pushed  monster like brij but she did it and brij also runs behind her.

She is running  and running hard when heard they r shouting from back, suddeny she bumped with a tree and fall down

She cried in pain and hurt , she hold her leg in pain and it’s bleeding profusely, her head is also has injury sply on her forehead, when slowly she try to get up, brij’s men hold her and brij came and said tu kaha bhagegi ha, how much u will run ,run , geet, run, but U have to die, u have the guts to stand against us, u humiliated us, insult us , are now u will pay by ur life, u try to snatch our honor by came on our haveli,, he hold her tightly and try to put something liquid on her mouth , she is struggling for breath and freedom, but some how little bit poured down on her throat, it’s paining, burning her throat badly, she pushed and fall down when brij said  U little B***** and about to cut her when some one said STOP  THERE ,DARE U TOUCH HIM,

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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