Humsafar ,Part 5


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She cried in pain and hurt , she hold her leg in pain and it’s bleeding profusely, her head is also has injury sply on her forehead, when slowly she try to get up, brij’s men hold her and brij came and said tu kaha bhagegi ha, how much u will run ,run , geet, run, but U have to die, u have the guts to stand against us, u humiliated us, insult us , are now u will pay by ur life, u try to snatch our honor by came on our haveli,, he hold her tightly and try to put something liquid on her mouth , she is struggling for breath and freedom, but some how little bit poured down on her throat, it’s paining, burning her throat badly, she pushed and fall down when brij said  U little B***** and about to cut her when some one said STOP  THERE ,DARE U TOUCH HIM,

Brij stopped for a moments then said oyyyyee tu kaun hain.

Where geet is feeling dizzy and like vomiting, she felt something coming out from her mouth her throat is still burning like hell, she try to get up but her legs r feeling weak, she hold  trunk of tree for support and then looked at source who is there to help her when whole world abandon her or try to take her sanity, purity just for their own revange and lust, she looked at blurred for her, she try to clear her vision and noticed her savior, a familer face but couldn’t get the fact where she has seen her,

Brij again shouts if u want to save urself from my wrath then go away from here other wise u will face the worst , when some one said brij bhai jee time waist mat kijiye kill the girl then this boy .

Brij:-yes and turn to kill brij when that young man said stop there and went to stop brij from killing geet when brij’s men attack him badly,he start fight with them, he kicked them punched them and trying hard to save geet who is again wriggling against brij’s hard grip

Where brij raised the sword to kill her when that young man some how dogdged those attack and reached to geet to save her and hold brij’s sword and pushed him and kicked him on his stomach then punch and take the sword and said dare any one try to harm this girl, will not hesitate to kill u all in a moments.

Brij who almost falling on the ground said  y u r coming between us go and give this B***** to u but again received a hard blow from that young man,

Brij groaned in pain and blood split out from his mouth ,others men try to attack that young man and geet but that young man roared ,will cut every one here.

That young man looked at geet when brij’s one man attack him from behind and his back and left arm got cut but she turn and hit the man with sword and then said itna shakh hain marna ka toh aajao, if u all want to die so much then come here and show me ur guts.

They want to got but then noticed brij and two of their men is lying in the ground and bloding coming out from their mouth, they think to diver their attention their first they will see GEET LATER or may be they know geet will lost before that only.

They turn and run away from there with their gang ,

That young man looked at unconscious geet who is bleeding and he just quickly took her in his arms , though it’s tough as he is not well, as brij’s men injured him also.

He placed geet in the jeap and try to call her, he took a bottle from the back  and sprinkle water on her but no reaction then young man noticed blood coming  from geet’s mouth,he looked tensed and slapped geet’s cheek, utho, get up , geet,come on , get up,damn it.

He quickly take his phone and punch a no and said something then hurriedly went to wards city area for urgent treatment of geet, on the way he keep chatting and try to wake up geet, he is sweating now in hot condition but in tension what will happen now , he has to save her at any cost,

He some how reached  the city hospital near main HOSHIYARPUR CITY far away from that village and he first scoop geet which is covered with mud, and blood almost.

He shouts Doctor Doctor ,pls come here and check her up.

Nurse and one ward boy come out when one doctor also but they said what happen to her, ,what happen to u,

Young man:- will u chek her up now

Doctor:-but what happen to her, nurse called for strecher and mr do u both faced any  kind of accident.

Young Man:-I’ll fulfilled all query first see her

Doctor :-but sir without knowing anything how when that young maan roared DOCTOR, LET ME REMIND U , I’m DOCTOR also and know what procedure we need to fill, and one more thing if u being late and anything happen with geet then u will Finish.

Doctor want to say something when few more men came and said maan what happen ?

Maan turned with geet in his arms said adi ,raj , good u came, did u informed commisioner

Raj:-ha maan, what happen

Maan tured and shouts Doctor hurry up .

Doctor looked few moments then called strecher and said u will be responsible for this mr maan and said nurse to proceed where maan with utmost care placed geet in strecher.

When Maan said ,and u will be responsible if anything happen to her Doctor and this is promise from DR MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

Doctor stopped when raj said yes what u r thinking famous phsyricitrst now don’t waste time here.

Couple of hours later :-

Couple of hours later police came and lodged FIR , here commisioner of Delhi called Punjab and informed him everything, maan managed to give his statement but then due to sedative he went to geet is still unconscious , when maan wake up, asked about her,

Here Neither Raj ,maan;s friend, nor Adi can understand what is going on? Who is this girl, y maan is like that, y he injured

Later maan got conscious when doctor examined him and said he is fine now though he needs mdical attention and little bit rest , police took his statement later maan asked about geet, when adi said sir she is still not gain his conscious.

Maan:- hmmm, and get up from the bed when raj said maan what r u doing. Police commisioner came and said may I have little chat with u

Maan nodded and all left from there.

Commisioner of Delhi and Punjab both took seat there when maan said I know both of u want to know , well I was out for my campaining when in woods heard some screaming, shouting and more sound, that time I went there, what happen? And that time I saw few men almost killing GEET

Commisioner of Punjab:-but how do u know the girl, Dr Khurana

Maan:-I don’t know her personally but met her two times in HP, See as m doctor many times I went many where for seminer and workshop like this one of the work there one of the orhpahange, name let me remember, yes SYZ , that orphanage, went there for my workshop there I met her but later in front of gurdwara,

Commisioner of Punjab :-but it’s just offical work and mere co incidence that u have met her two times but y u r so keen remember her name, so keen to involved about her case may be there is something else, u don’t know this girl, may be she involved with a nti social but maan cut him and said really I have heard common people saying about police negligence and how they make victim is the guilty more, than accused, well may be I’m not so much close to her or known her but can say few things what happen infront of my eyes and those things r clearly said GEET is victim there and what she has done and not done it’s not imp for this case, as per law , every single human has the right for justice so, may I expected this from u .

Commisioner of Punjab startled little when Maan talked with him like that there is attitude, confidence but he never got angry on him with utmost respect but firm voice, maan said what is truth when commisioner of delhi only smirked and said So, don’t worry maan, we will handled this matter and truth will come out and geet will get justice and we r tyring to hold them but need’s geet’s statement as u know

Maan nodded positively, Later maan got to know geet wake up but sat numb ,he asked doctor about her health,

Doctor:- pressure is low, needs rest, she suffered from lots of stress and blood also lost in huge amount, and she has few injury in her legs ,hand and back. Her neck has little strangle marks also but no so deep.

Maan :-hmm, can I meet her and can I see the report.

Doctor agreed with him , later maanw went to meet geet in her cabin and find her lying in the bed but sleeping,Nurse said she is under sedative.

Maan sat besides her and noticed her pale face, she remember their meetings,  maan looked at out side and find it’s dawn , sun rising slowly but the darkness cover geet and her life ,

Maan again looked at geet and then remember about yesterday night,that horrific incident ,Maan felt sad , pain , he don’t what happen there, he don’t know who r they , he don’t know y he always feeling something, y ,what is going on?

Later maan went to doctor’s cabin to discuss about geet’s report, he went through fully, he know physical wound will be heal but till geet’s get conscious and say something they will understand anyting then

Doctor:- Dr khurana there is no rape or any molestation but there is cut marks in her legs, hands and back and poision went little on her body but as the may be poision was not so power ful and amout is little so she saved , survied ,we washed it fully but we will recommened u for her better treatment as here we don’t have advanced equipements and one more thing m fearing for something worst.

Maan knotted his eyes brows when doctor continued she gained her conscious but that tiem she doesn’t complained any pain or anything .

Maan:- may be there is sedative effort or pain killer.

Doctor:- first we also thought it but her eyes doesn’t hold any emotions, it’s blank fully.

Maan:- what

Doctor :-yes,

Maan :- may be it’s for shock what happen yesterday, may be for pain , may be for stress, may be for……..

Doctor sighed and said anything can happen , may be m reacting over but there is something, ,we can be confirm after she gain conscious.

Maan looked at doctor then took the file and said hmmm,

Later maan went to geet’s cabin and noticed her after few moments find her stirring , and her lips r shaking, maan went near to her, try to know her words but no words only shaking and then her body shaking also, maan got almered and as per his knowldeged it’s panic attack, he immidiately called doctor and try to stable geet by his knowledge .

Later geet get up but she is looking palte and stressed fully,

Police came for her statement but doctor said after they fully examine her , will permit and can say if she able to give her statement now .

After checking her, doctor called maan and said something him , maan got tensed and entered inside when police but doctor if u r not giving us permission then how come u, he is not her relative nor husband then.

Doctor:-Inspector , u want to meet her go meet her, she is violent now ,

Police looks shocked when maan noticed how geet is shaking and try to say something ,it’s strange how no sound is coming from her mouth,

Maan went to near her and said geet, geet looked at me, geet.

Geet who heard his voice and turn but suddenly went away and say something but again nothing come her lips shaking, her lips r try to form a word but nothing come, she throw the pillow and break down almost when polce entered and noticed the sorrow of the innocent girl, still unaware of what happen to her

Police calm themselves and asked doctor there is rape case kya

Doctor no nothing sort of , no molestation also,

Police think r u sure.

Doctor:- do u want to judge us

Police :-hmmm ok and said can u help me about yesterday incident what happen ? mean how both of them landed here?

Doctor knotted his eye brow then narrated the incident of previous night

Here suddenly geet noticed policed and remember that day and her encounter with them , she suddenly felt scared and try to hide from them, she still remember those lust full eyes, lewd comments on her and how they looked at her body, she suddenly hold,maan;s arms which make maan aware again he looked at her face which becoming more pale and tensed .

Maan hold her arms and softly called her geet,geet who just looked at him then pointed at those police who going from there and then just faint in his arms.

Maan looks full shocked nothing coming in his mind.

After another check up doctor still didn’t know the reason y she didn’t say anything, they r fully confused when maan informed them as he want to take geet from here for her better treatment as he took police’s permision and show them also.

After completion of all discharge formality,maan went to meet geet and looked at her, he don’t what to say her and how to say her anyting . what he will say , he just know he can’t stay here as his hospital, pateint and mama and dadi ma needs him like he can’t make geet also stay here, what if those monster again come here . he took the decision for her betterment, if she wants to go away then she can but she needs to heal as a human, as doctor he will see about it.

Maan called geet who just turned and try to say something again  but can’t as tears fall from her eyes again when maan said shh, geet, shhh, don’t cry, u can be able to speak again

Geet looked at maan with expected eyes, they didn’t say anything, but their eyes speak the trust, care, affection standing there .

Maan thought , doctors thought may be it’s temporary that geet is unable from say anything , may be due to pain,stress or poision or something, they need exam further more to clearify the confusion,

Though maan said her with confidence but don’t know what will be the result?

He helped geet to stand on her feet but she is unable to move when hospital members give wheelchair for her and maan took her there and pushed it and went towards his car.

Where geet sat there numb, she don’t know what is happening,what is going on , she don’t know is she is doing to trust this man,with whom she met in past in Hp or ….

She let baba jee now to decide about her fate as she lost confidence , from child hood she is suffering and now big blow about her life, parents,ma and her birth then this all , accusation, humiliation, pain hurt, try to kill all r going havoc on her, she felt numb with this all,

Tears falling from her eyes when maan scoop her and looked at her with care and said geet,if u will cry then it’ll hurt ur near ones.

When geet looked another side and think near ones, who is my near one?

Maan settled geet in the car when maan’s driver took the driving sit and maan settled himself besides geet and chalo, another car of police behind them for their safety, don’t know but commisioner of both place didn’t want to take any risk,

Geet sat there numb but her mind was still thiking about those incident , those horrible memory when she became an object of flesh not a human with emotions, how stoop people come down.

She don’t know when due to fatigue and stress she dose off to disturb and painful sleep.

Maan reached mid way, he called geet , wake up,who is placed her head on window and sleeping ,and slowly get up and looked at him with blank eyes.

Maan :- have it, but geet shook her head negatively.

Maan:- geet, I know it’s not so easy but u know u r weak now, u need to eat for urself, for ur near but geet cover her face and cried siletnly,

Maan looked few moments then thought it’s some where related to her near one who betray her or go away from her, it’s I have to confirm but for that geet need to eat when maan said accha u know geet,if u will not eat then what will happen, ur enemy will laugh and think they won,yes they have win a battle but there is long way to u have to win many battles and this war,geet, I know this is not easy to say but u know what I have experienced it also, how u shatted, batter by cruel society, what it felt when ur near ones left u,it’s too painful but we have to live, we have to live for other, for our good memory, if there is not good memory still we have to and make good memory for us .

Maan stopped a placed juice bottle near to hear lips when geet automatically parted to take the sip and maan smiles and help her drink,

Some times, logic didn’t work, some times, trust, unsaid care, respect, understanding works more, some times little affection do the magic.

At evening Maaneet reached Delhi and maan took her in his hospital , private cabin for his family.

He scoop geet in his arms and went there with his private lift and streight went to his family cabin and make geet lay there confortably then called two senior elder nurse for geet’s help and told them what kind of help geet needs , everything, they nodded their head and helped geet to fresh up when geet’s eyes r looking at maan who just blinked with assureance and geet went with them.

Later maan make geet eat and ready the chart of her food, nutritions and medicine and held few test of her tomorrow and called few doctor to discuss the case.

After long journey and stress and due to still effect of medicine and pain ,makes Geet sleep soon.

Maan looked at her once again and tucked her in the blanket and patted her head and left from there but not before gave few instruction .

Maan left with heavy heart and tension and called police for further information about his own hospital case .

He went to meet and after few legal thing and meeting he went back to his home but again called and asked about geet once again.

He came inside the mansion with tired and exhaust face, diretly he went to his mama’s room and find his mama and dadi ma r there,

He coughed when both of them looked at him and said maan beta and before they could say antyhing he come and slowly slide in the floor and said I’m sorry ,I don’t want to go but situation made me , I just when maan’s mama placed her hand on his shoulder and said it’s ok son, we can understand it, then looked and found there is cut marks on her hand and forehead and said what is this all,

Dadi ma:-maan, what happen with u.

Maan looks hesitate then said oh little bit fighitng .

When both mama and dadi ma looks shocked and surprised and said what u and fight

Maan chuckled then said oh actually and narrated the whole incident which makes mama and dadi ma gasped in horror and shocked and pain.

They asked about the girl and how is she, they want to meet when maan said tomorrow they can meet her.

Destiny make them meet, two different individual who r suffering with their own problem , one is alone and has curse life and another one once had many things in his life still he lost two imp person and his life froze along with that he faced people r running behind him cause of name, fame and money and he became stand alone in this world fully


Woman:-who I’m , A human of Emotions, wish, dream or Commodity & Flesh

Man:-Who is She,I have to save her, y m feeling pain to see her in pain


Fighting for own indentity


Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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