Humsafar ,Part 6

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Woman:-who I’m , A human of Emotions, wish, dream or Commodity & Flesh

Man:-Who is She,I have to save her, y m feeling pain to see her in

At morning maan got a call from his hospital about how geet was violent, maan got angry and blasted over hospital stuff and runs towards hospital and makes mama and dadi ma shocked over the fact fully  , mama :- what happen to him suddenly mama.

Dadi ma:- may be something in hospital again, don’t know from coupe of day, there is some big thing.

Here on the way maan called few times to know about geet and her well being and finally able to reach Hospital and he just run towards her cabin hurriedly and called geet when found her sleeping but which is shocking him that chain is tieing on her leg and hands ,

He shouts Sister, sister, what the hell this is?

Nurse ward boy, doctor all runs and come towards the cabin and felt horrified over maan’s anger, their calm and cool boss changed lots,

Doctor:-yes sir, u  called us.

Maan went near to geet and shouts open this all damn chain and who the Hell tied her like this way,

Doctor and nurse gulpd their saliva in fear and one of the doctor said oh yesterday paiteint went vilolent so, maan looked at doctor by this time , geet was freed from all chains and just moaned in pain and stirred little.

Maan felt chocked in pain to see her like this so helpless, he carrassed her head then said get out from here and sister Malhotra, I need u later,out everyone.

All left after nodding postively when maan slowly carrassed her face and called her geet , geet, wake up when slowly slowly geet stirr but again no response, maan looks full frustrated and called doctor and nurse who was in duty for geet previous night . and came to know how previous night,geet suddenly wake up from her sleep and cried, they didn’t able understand anything except she is restless and fearing about something,

Maan roared y didn’t u informed me, how many times, I have to make u understand that any small problem ,let me inform first then anything , but u all r taking this not seriously, and who gave permission to give GEET shock treatment.

Maan I’m givng u all show cause noticed within 12 hrs I need ans , cause from this all, understood and now get lost from here, further if  any one ,

After every one left the room, maan went towards geet and looking at with great pain,he don’t know neither he understand the pain he is feeling to see her like this, he want to know what happen with her?

He looked at her wrist which has strong, rough marks of chain, he clinched his own fist ,make his own nail digged his own flesh, it’s nothing compare the pain geet felt , how could they tied her with chain, he took her here for better treatment but what is happening.

He failed to protect her from more pain, more truouble, more trauma,

He hold her hand and said ,I’m sorry geet, pls forgive me,

After some time, geet got conscious and when maan come close to her and asked geet?

Geet opened her eyes and looked in front of her ,the vision was full blurr , she try to move her hand when it’s hurt her,her face twisted in pain when maan called her geet, geet kya hua, what happen,? R they paining now?

Geet some how heard some familier voice, she want to see the source of the voice, she suddenly felt what if her eye sight also gone like she can’t say a word now, Tears falls from her eyes , when maan got panick to see the tear on her eyes and quickly asked what happen, is there any pain, geet ,kya hua say na, kya hua?

Geet just try to say something when her lips only moves little ,she don’t know how to say, how to convey, her msg to any one, she want to say where is maan , she don’t know y she only trust him, they way people betray her, left her, abandon her, only he stood besides her like a piller, only he is like angel, who sent by GOD, to save her from all evil, if maan is not there then,she remember their meeting in HP.she shudder to think about HP only now.her chain of thought break due to some familer touch, some one wipes her tears and softly with concernly said kya hua geet? Geet tell me what happen?

Geet just slowly slowly looked at him as the eyes vision slowly clearing but still it’s hazy.

When she felt him holding her hand softly and said is there paining, when she softly nodded, she raised her another hand and maan got to know she took her hand and shown on her head then her shoulder then her leg where tears from her eyes continue to fall,

She looked slowly as the vision got clear now almost and noticed her angel, who saved her also have tears in his eyes .

Maan looked at her face  which is pale her eyes which r puffy due to excessive crying , her lips still bear the mark of cut ,still there is bruised marks now due to his hospital and it’s sutff, her wrist, legs r also bearing marks, where he took her here to erase all scars, give her good treatment to reduce her pain, to make her heal soon, but what is happening, he is giving her pain only, when maan is oblivious of the fact that it’s him only who can reduce her pain.

Geet looked at him then noticed the pain, tears, unsaid words r in his eyes.

She almost raised her hand to wipes his tear but her hand stopped in mid way,both look at each other, what is this, y he  is feeling pain for her, y he is feeling sad to see her in pain,what is this all, what kind of feeling? When geet kept looking at maan try to know the situation and try to knw the man who gave her new life, is he like others then y he would saved her from them,but that will help her to trust any one, now, when her trust brutally killed, when her so called near ones killed her trust, killed the humanity in the name of honor, in the name of their lust, she don’t know how she will be able to trust him or any one, she don’t know y it’s happen with her,what she wants and in return what she gain ?once trust is broken then it can’t be repair , it can’t be, after killing trust , belief of some one ,it’s not easy for that person trust and belief again,one simple question, one simple right lead her here ,y ?

Her chain of thought break due to maan’s word, she looked at maan , the person who is her savior , who is took her from hell to give her support.

She kept looks at maan with different emotions when  Maan softly said, I’m sorry geet, whatever happen, I know it’ll not heal ur wounds , I’m really sorry, I don’t know who it’s happen but I know whatever I said it’ll be not heal or erase the pain u felt last night, I’m ……I’m sorry geet, but I promised u from now , no one will harm u, trust me, ……..I know it’s not easy to trust a stranger but still.

Maan slowly get up to call nurse when he felt a tug on his hand , He stopped and she sobbed and looked at maan then shook her head when maan looked at her with many emotions as don’t know what to say, what to do, for the first he is feeling helpless as a doctor also, or it’s his inner feeling , confusion make him confuse.

Maan sat on edge of the bed and said geet, …I……don’t know what to say or do to erase ur wounds , as I took u here to reduce ur pain but in return I ….He paused for sec then said will try to rectify my mistake and will reduce ur pain, for and by me , u will never get any more pain.

When geet just looked at him with lots of hope which was once snatched but then again the eyes turn blank as the fear is clouding, the nightmare, the trauma r coming back to haunt her, she can’t express her feeling, her problem but may be GOD really Gave her an angel for her , to reduce all pain and bring all color.

Maan slowly called nurse then said  geet come slowly and complete ur brush ur teeth, Sister Priya , can u help her,

Sister Priya nodded and  slowly said geet, beta, come with me when geet nodded no and hold maan’s hand tightly .

Maan hold her hand and said geet, do u trust me,

Geet looked at him and nodded when maan smiles little which make geet just thik most beautiful , serene scene she is watching now.

Maan:- then come and trust Sister Priya as she will help u, trust me.

Geet look few moments then nodded yes softly but with lots of hesitation she went with sister.

After all morning routine, geet is sitting on the bed and sister priya make her eat little breakfast but geet’s eyes r on door as if searching some one.

Sister:-beta, what happen ?do u need something.

Geet nodded no , when sister help her to take another morsel and said Dr Khurana will be here soon as he is checking his other patient also.

Geet just looked at her and try to think is he Doctor ?then remember faintly the meeting with him in HP, but within moment she clinched with fear and pain to remember HP.

Sister noticed this all changes?

Here in cabin :-

Maan came here urgently as police found his patient and patient is perfectly fine.

Comminioner :- maan, we r really feeling glad that she is fine and nothing happen to her, before anything happen we rescue her .

Maan barely nodded then said yup, thanks SIR but its just unacceptable and unexpected incident happen here first time and I assure u sir it’s last also.

Commisioner :-I know maan, we caught the ward boy and the person who helped him,

Maan looked at adi and said sir as he is newly appointed here and gave us all false documents.

Maan:-still some where we failed but we will be more carefull from some people r stooping low and with their fake face, info , came for this sin ,human traficing , business.


Commisioner nodded and said yes, we making a meeting coming week, as it’s not ur problem but our also, and we have to do this work together so we can prevent them from this.

Maan:-yea sir, we will fully co –operate ur side.

Comminisioner :- maan yes, as they r coming from all side and maan u have to face may be little legal hassle as it’s happen in ur hospital.

Maan nodded then said when it’s happen in my hospital, I’ll take full rspinisbilty and will face it, may be we r not involved directly but still it’s no reduce anything.

Geet’s Cabin:-

Later maan again came to geet’s cabin to check her with two specialist , though maan is angry and upset with few thing over his medical stuff regarding looking after geet and her case still his professional side do the thing maturely.

Maan noticed geet is half sitting and looking at out side when he take his seat besides her

He softly coughed and make geet looked at him when he said ,how r u now, do u have break fast.

Geet nodded yes then maan asked Geet, oh those wounds r still paining.

Geet nodded again yes when maan said geet shall I check ur wound?

Geet nodded no and maan sighed then said geet u trust me na.

Geet nodded yes when maan said will u check me ur wounds, but soon geet flinched and nodded no .

Maan :- geet, I promise u if there will be slight pain then I’ll not check. Trust me geet,

Geet looked few moments then nodded yes. When maan smiles and slowly examined her wounds, clean them, and apply medicine on them .in this time he continously chatted with geet as if making her forget her pain, just one geet flinched when maan softly blowed and said sorry, see now it’s fine na.

Geet with teary eyes nodded.Maan looked at and found her little lid kid who lost her parents and alone in this big cruel world.

Maan softly with affection carrassed her head and said this all wounds will be vanished ,when geet just looked at him .she don’t know what to say now  as the thing she want to say it’s not coming neither anything.

Maan called Dr. Sipra Saxena and told her few things when she slowly looked at geet and one thing both maan and Dr Saxena accept that only maan can handle geet as the report they got from stuff of geet’s here in last night.

Dr Saxena :- sir I prefer for a city scan and if possible full body scan and X ray .and further test when required maan agreed but the problem is to handle geet now and make her agree with this.

Maan :-I need little time will do it by tomorrow as don’t want to late and make her suffer more

Dr Saxena agreed and leave from there when maan noticed geet fall on sleep but the face is full with pain, not cause of physical wound but mental wound also, he know physical wounds will heal but what about the wounds, the scars on her mind, he sighed and want to know it, as he , himself felt suffocated .

Later at night after checking few pateint and hectic day ,maan just sat on the chair and thinking about geet and how to make her agree, when he noticed Dr. Adi and another nurse came and said sir sir, oh Miss Geet,

When maan get up and said what happen to her? What happen?

Adi:- sir, she is going violent, she crying and thoriwng thing, don’t know what happen suddenly, we give her sedative as u prescribed but after falling in sleep suddenly she wake up and start crying and thorwing things, pls sir, she…. But before adi can complete his sentence , maan runs towards, geet’s cabin and soon reached there ,

Maan noticed all things r thrown on the floor and it’s look so messy, she is crying and try to move as 5 nurse holding her . when he shouts leave her  and runs towards geet and soon engulfed her in his arms , as if hiding her from all evil eyes,

He hugged her tight when geet also hugged him back and clinging him like her whole life, everything depends on him.

Maan keep patting her back, carrassing her hair and said shhhh, geet shhhh, I’m here, ur maan is here na,shhhhhhhh, without knowing when he accepts or accidentaly said the truth.

After some time, geet fall tired and placed her face on his neck but still her small fist holding his shirt tightly on her small fist . she is like now small kid who want to take warmth from her gurdian, her angel who will save her from others, from all evil ,from all bad.

Tears falling from both of their eyes ,tears of pain, tears of hurt, tears of helpless situation, tears of anger, tears of frustration .

After some time, maan looked at her and find her sleeping . he carrassed her head, her hair when whole hospital stuff looking at them in awe, they know their Sir ,Maan sir is an angel who took spl care for all patient but here they found something more, the unsaid words beween their maan sir and geet, the un said emotions r going between them.

Maan slowly make her lay on the bed and tucked her with soft blanket and carassed her head then make sure she is sleeping sound and get up but soon found her tossing and twisting her face in pain, he sat there and carrassed her head and make her sleep again.

After make sure she is sleeping peacefully, he order his stuff to leave and report him each and everything about this incident tomorrow first,After make sure all left and geet is also sleeping , he try to move but found geet’s hold on his shirt and hand .

He sighed and sat besides her and rest his head on the bed post.

He know he will not get any sleep as manything going inside him, his mind and heart  r not at in peace.


Mutual Understanding

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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