Humsafar ,Part 7

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After make sure she is sleeping peacefully, he order his stuff to leave and report him each and everything about this incident tomorrow first,After make sure all left and geet is also sleeping , he try to move but found geet’s hold on his shirt and hand .

He sighed and sat besides her and rest his head on the bed post.

He know he will not get any sleep as manything going inside him, his mind and heart  r not at in peace.

Next day morning, maan get up early to found her sleeping like little kid, he smiles but frowned with the fact that this innocent girl is suffering for other

Maan sighed then went to washroom to fresh up ,when geet is sleeping there .

After maan came out he called and order for a coffee then take a seat in the couch and call back to his home to inform them as he will be late and say sorry to them for not coming home,

As his mom and dadi ma r worried but they know his work still, every time he informed them about his late arriving or not arriving but this time he forgot as the moment he saw geet in pain and crying like kid, he can’t think any thing more than her .

Later, geet wake up and found maan is talking with some one , she looks at him then the others who r standing there and giving him some paper, she closed her eyes and try to think something, how her life change, what she wants and what she got in return,

Her own family try to kill her, cause she want justice for her mother but nothing came in her hand except humiliation , insult, and death threat or say almost near to the death.

She closed her eyes and thinking what is her fault here ,from child hood she never have any one for her, she heard her parents left her, abandon her cause she is girl child but in real her father throw her and her mother just his lust fulfilled, what kind of world it’s, where people r behind her body no one cares about her emotion, heart, no one think about her as human , is it crime to born as women ,she sighed .

When maan came and called her geet, geet who softly looked at him when maan smiles and wished her good morning,how r u feeling now?

Geet looked at him just nodded something but her lips automatically curve into a smile little which make maan also smiles again, he  checked her up and then instruct something to nurse and fellow doctor then turn to geet and softly said geet, let’s fresh up , Sister, take her and help her but geet suddenly flinched and looked at maan with tear ful eyes when sister came and carrassed her head with motherly affection and said dear, don’t worry, maan sir is here dear.

Geet looked at maan who blinked his eyes and said don’t worry go and fresh up, nothing will happen ,I promised.

Geet nodded and slwoly went with nurse and after being fresh up ,and her morning routine , she came out but her eyes r on maan who just got some call and went out from the room but not aware behind him ,some one getting restless.

But sister noticed it and smiles , she gently wipes geet’s hair then comb it and said geet, dear, come here and sit and have some food but geet nodded no.

When sister slowly took her and make her seat in the couch and said geet, u know u r just like my little daughter, she is also like u,

Geet looked at her but her eyes fill with tear and she whimper siltentl when sister slowly wipes her tears and said dear, I don’t know what happen to u but I know u r very nice, innocent girl and u don’t deserve this but deserve love, , affection, care and I know ur mom loved u more but as mother I can say beta don’t be dishearten and u have to eat for ur closed ones and  we will search ur closed one , I ‘m mother of  girl and know how much u need ur mother now but if u think then I can, when geet sobbed more and hugged her tight, the unsaid word or unsaid or unfinished sentence left a mark on her but the questions r who is her near ones , her mother may be really loved her but she was not the lucky enough to got her love, she is so ill fated ,

Slowly sister make her eat , she keep talking about various thing but the word few moments ago she spoke to geet,make her wonder about herself, she want to speak, she want to say something but her voice, she wonder about her speak then thik what to say them as she is illegimate child, lust of her father, any one will believe her or they will think about her low like HP people, or she will say them how illtreated she was there from child hood and last they crossed all limits and stoop low, those hungry lust ful eyes, those hatred, those taunt, those mocking word, she want to erase them from her mind but can’t ,

Later maan came when she looked at him but with frowning expression little which is unnoticed by everyone except maan who quickly said oh , sister get ready the scanning room and see everything set, we have to move and give her few more instruction then look at geet once again check her up and asked her, how r u geet now?is there any pain, oh actually there is some urgent call from home, so ,have to attend and then two more patients also need my attention and then maan raised his head to see her expression and wonder y he is giving her explanation and y he want to look happy now.he is going crazy or becoming to personal  now.

Maan quickly said geet, I want to say u something, like we need to check u up, don’t worry , nothing will cause u problem or hurt u anyway, just need to know few things as per our treatment, don’t tense or get worry,I’m here nothing will happen.

But geet looked at him little worried when maan said geet, still I don’t know what exactly what happen but my worry was not that but ur voice, as I know u had ur voice but ……after that horrible incident…..

Geet lowered her eyes in shame as may be he also hate him or say something when maan slowly said I trust u geet, may be I don’t know what happen there but I trust u ,ur eyes ,which is speaking ur innocense,ur loyalty, ur helpless, if u trust me enough then pls co –operate with me geet, I’m not asking about that night but I need u fit and fine fully, confidant,fully.will u help me.

Maan looked at her with expected eyes and geet nodded yes when maan smiles and said good, then we shall proceed towards ur X Ray and Ultrasound.

Geet nodded yes and later geet’s Xray done neatfully then maan said r u fine?

Geet nodded yes when maan said ok, now we need to do ur ultra sound then city scan, will u co-opearate geet?

Geet looks little puzzle and looked maan when he hold her hand and said geet nothing to worry trust me, want to see u fine and for that need to few test, nothing more, trust me it’ll not hurt u,I will be there with u, don’t worry.

Geet nodded when maan give her  a glass of juice and said have it geet who makes face but maan said it’ll help u to fine soon and it’ll help me to test the further thing ,

Geet reluctantly take it and finish it slowly then maan motion doctor and said once more to nurse I hope she had the medicine last night for this test.

Nurse nodded when geet nudge maan’s hand as the glass is empty when maan smiles and said that is like my geet, good girl .

Geet smiles little more when another specialist for the test and nurse chuckled little.

Later maan helped geet to lay on the table when her hand cluthced his hand tightly .

Maan indicate doctor to proceed the test  and doctor said nurse to open the string of her pant so they can apply GEL then start the test and nurse is about to proceed when geet suddenly jolt and almost jumped on maan and nodded no, she looked at maan with fearful expression and keep shaking her head no when said geet what happen, see there is nothing worry, they will not harm, they will just test u, see geet ,let them help u but geet keep shaking her head no and almost clinge  to maan .

Maan sighed and indicate others to move from the cabin then hugged geet back and said ok ok calm down we will not do anything .ok, accha now calm down, me is here na, shhhh, don’t’ cry.

Maan cupped her face and wipes her tears gently then said shhhh geet, we will not hurt u, will not do anything without ur permisson , trust me ,

Geet just lay on his chest and sobbing slowly.

After some mome her sob stopped when maan carrassed her hair then said r u fine?

Geet nodded yes little, maan said ok, then come with me but geet hold his hand and looked down .

Maan stood there and waiting for her word when geet slowly looked at the maching and nodded her like yes.

Maan noticed her gesture few moments then said r u sure

Geet nodded yes again

Maan:-ok fine and said again don’t worry nothing will happen to neither ur honor geet who looked at him with expected eyes and tears breaming on her eyes but maan slowly wipes them and called the specialist doctor and nurse for the ultrasound of geet.

Maan cover geet with a sheet when nurse slowly opent he string of her pant and moved the top little so her belly would exposed and now only belly was exposed but geet feel shamed and the body muscled stiff suddenly.when maan noticed it and looking tensed he hold her hand and carrassed it gently and said looked at me geet, see relax, nothing will happen, see she is ur sister aunty, she will not hurt u and she is another didi, like ur elder sis , they will not hurt u, trust me geet and u know me na, I’ll not , looked at me, see here, when geet slowly looked at maan and her eyes looked at chocolet brown eyes and felt there is immense care, respect, affection for her,she lost there where doctor proceed the test and maan slowly turn and looked at the monitor and where geet is lost in maan .

After the test maan said doctor to make the report and make the cd also .then said nurse to help geet to close the top and her pant then looked at geet who is still looking at him.

Maan smiles and carrassed her cheek and called geet, it’s done.

Geet when break the gaze looked at infront then another side and found the test is over but she didn’t feel or she is too much lost in maan, what is happening with her.

Maan helped geet to come down then said nurse to inform dortor sisodia for scan as after 4 and half hours there will be scan for geet.

Nurse nodded and left from there .

After 4 and half hours maan make geet ready for scan of her brain.

When geet felt tired due to no food as from past 4hours she didn’t have any food or water but feeling hungry .

Maan as if know and understand it , said don’t worrybaaas 15mins and both of us will have our food when she felt embarrased then shocked with the revelation that maan is also hungry,she looked at him in awe.

Later,Geet was on scan table but hold maan’s hand tightly when maan bend over her and said don’t worry, nothing will happen u will fine , and proceed the test .

At the time of moving table going inside the machine, geet fear ,there is unknown fear but maan hold her hand and squeezzed it little which makes her relax and slowly she co-opearate with the test.

After test done , maan told her to take their private cabin and he was little busy with doctor to talk about the test then told him to make the report fast and went to meet geet.

Maan came and found her lying on the bed and looking tired , he told nurse to bring little jiuce and sandwitch and called geet?

Geet turn and noticed him then lay down again when maan said sorry baba, accha see , as I promised to have food together and come now chalo get up and have ur food first.

Both don’t know y geet is little angry now it’s just few min he came later and y maan is giving her explannation about his little late coming, the unsaid word, the unsaid emotion and the trust and mututal understanding couldn’t explain by words .

After feeding her and have his food, maan sure geet got full rest after long test procedure and make her sleep .

Later geet wake up but find still drowsy when sister came and carrassed her head affectionately and said how r u feeling now dear?

Geet nodded ok when sister said good, do u want to eat something or drink something.

Geet nodded no but again moved her head another way to see Maan .

Sister:- sir will be come any moment ,

Geet looked away with the caught moment but felt peace .

Later at evening maan is going through a report of geet when maan’s dadi ma and mom came and said may we come in side Dr Khurana.

Maan look up then said ma , dadi ma, u both r na, come y u r taking my permission , it’s ur son.

When dadi ma said yes u r our son but more than that u r Doctor and we have to maintain certain professionalism.

Maan smiles then said have seat and order two cup of tea for his mom and dadi ma then said ok.

Ma:- beta, how is everything going on?hope no more problem is there.

Maan:-no ma, problem got it’s soulution but need few more time, but will end it fully.

Dadi ma:- do u planned more security

Maan nodded yes.

Ma:- how is that patient ?

Maan:-much better ma.will discharge her ( the patient lost from hospital few days ago) if coming couple of days goes well.

Dadi ma nodded ok then said maan beta, oh, how is geet?

Maan looked at dadi ma then said she (GEET ) is ok now, but same condition no voice and we did few test, let’s wait for the report and need to examine her previous night she also got the attack of fear,panic.

Dadi ma:-ok , if u don’t mind then shall I meet her once, may be it’ll help u.

Maan looked at few moments then said I have no problem and I have full trust on u dadi ma.

Dadi ma smiles and carrassed his face when ma only observed maan, his son how his face played multiple emotions, tweaked in joy then felt in sorrow then excited then tensed ,worried, there r multiple emotions his face and eyes r showing but no one noticed it still. Ma also didn’t understand it clearly.

Later dadi ma went and meet geet who is looking at her lap some times another side and looking little bit restless.

Dadi ma coughed and entered the room when sister get up and greeted her and said ma’m aap?

Dadi ma:-yea, came to meet ur sir and ……

Sister nodded and dadi ma looked at geet who is feeling scared of her.she hugged herself and going little far when dadi ma said slow down beta, don’t worry,I’ll not hurt u.

Geet stop at her place but still looking at her with pale expression when sister said ma’m it’s her common expression for all except maan sir

Dadi ma nodded then said ok beta, don’t worry, as I said,I’ll not harm u, trust me.I’m came here to meet my grandson,

Geet looked at him with confusion when dadi ma said maan singh khurana,and hearing the name geet’s eyes tweaked in excitement and releif ,she instantly looked at out side as if searching maan then scanned the full room but disappointment grabbed her and her face again turn pale.she confused about herself y she is searching him, y she felt the peace, y she felt that he will protect her when everyone ….she stop her thinking and looked down and try to know and understand her own thinking and feeling.trusting a starnger , understanding a stranger.

Maan’s mom is looking and noticed everything , she is standing there few moments then entered inside the cabin.

Geet didn’t noticed at first then looked at her and starlted when dadi ma said beta don’t worry ,she is maan’s mother came here like me to meet her son.

But geet didn’t convince and her past is clouding in front of her, suddenlt she is feeling suffocating and fear to loose something, the unknown fear, the unknown sensation r coming back,she closed her eyes and keep shaking her head in negative . when and her lips also shaking maan’s mom looked at her closely and understand she is saying something and her gesture clealy showing how scared she is now.

Dadi ma came and try to say something but she quickly turn into a ball almost and curl herself and shaking.

Ma:- sister call maan now .

Sister nodded and rush to call him but he is in meeting ,sister left the msg for him there/

Here dadi ma try to control geet and after lots of effort she calm down when sister said shall we put any sedative ma’m but dadi ma said no , she was not violnt, she is feared , dadi ma keep carrassing her hair when ma said mama,she is sleeping now when dadi ma also noticed her sleeping with a little frown .

Dadi ma sighed then said poor girl,

Sister :-ma’m We informed sir but he is busy in some meeting but left the msg.

Ma:-ok .

Here after end of the meeting ,maan got the msg and without waisting a min, maan is there.

Maan looked at geet who is curl into ball when dadi ma carrassing her head.his ma is sitting near the bed when geet’s hand hold her hand tightly as if fearing to loose them.He is looking confuse what happen suddenly, as he got the msg of her being getting attack of panic again and now she is sleeping in dadi ma’s lap and holding his mom’s hand

He went close and looked at them then softly called ma, dadi ma.

When both turn and looked at him then dadi ma said she is fine now but her panic, fear r still there,

Maan nodded then said I know, but what happen exactly  ?

Ma narratted the incident when maan sighed and rubbed a hand on her forehead then said I really don’t know what I’ll do? Report is normal but her without voice, making the thing more complicated , more she is getting panick attack any moments. Some times she is scared, some times thinking or some time looking all lost. More she didn’t able to say a word now.

Ma:- what about her vocal cord.

Maan:-as basic examination said it’s ok, but need to examine afternoon there will be an examination for it and report will be come tomorrow

Ma placed her hand on his shoulder said don’t worry ,

Maan nodded and noticed geet is stirring little and then slowly opening her eyes and then noticed maan is standing there .

She get up and looked at him with frowning little and accusation that where was he ?

Maan chuckled to see it,when dadi ma and ma said ok now we r going, will see u later and then dadi ma pecked geet’s forehead which she respond with a smile when ma carrassed her cheek then left from there.

Here after both of them left from there, maan looked at geet then said oh oh mein. But geet turned her head and lay on the bed .

Maan sighed and don’t know y she is angry now and y he is trying to give her explannation.

Some times logic didn’t work but feeling, emotions which r unsaid but work .

Maan sat besides her and said oh there is some meeting geet , it’s imp other than I would never leave u.

Geet opened her eyes and listen silently when her lips curve again to hear it, maan is waiting for her response and geet slowly turn and looked at him her lips try to say something but her eyes said manything when maan said pakka, and sacchi.


Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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