Humsafar ,Part 8

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 Geet opened her eyes and listen silently when her lips curve again to hear it, maan is waiting for her response and geet slowly turn and looked at him her lips try to say something but her eyes said manything when maan said pakka, and sacchi.

Geet smiles little and turn her head when a pink hue cover on her cheek when maan smiles .

Later geet slept that night due to medicine and the tired feeling ,make her sleep early and maan stay there as he can

Unsaid emotion, unsaid words, unsaid pain, but  mutual understanding , care, respect 
is it possible for two strangers understand each other without saying anything, is it possible if any one don’t have any  voice then other can understand the unsaid words, pain.
Is it possible of an ANGEL in today’s cruel selfish world 
An angel who will come or came to reduce pain, heal all wound and give only love, care , respect , affection and warmth


At night,maan looking through her all reports and find everything is normal except little bit about blood report and blood pressure ,maan is looking more tensed  now , one side he is happy with the fact that there is no problem in her but another side if there is no tension that then where the problem is lying now, y she is not able to say anything ,he turns and look at geet who is sleeping now peacefully but last two days went something different.

Maan keep looking at her, geet’s face full with innocense , maan tucked a soft hair behind her ear and said what happen with u that day, even when we met there u have melancholy look in ur face , what is ur past, where is ur family oh no u r from that orphanage , so it mean is it cause of that u r sad but there also few member smiling but u never did , and who r they and y they want to kill her,y , what is the reason behind this?u scared of people and it’s I guess cause of that incident and I have to sit with u but how it’ll start ,geet pls speak up something,

In the middle night  geet wake up with a jerk and sweating badly , tears flowing from her eyes ,she want to hide from those shadows which r comng to kill her in her nightmare , she want to hide herself from all and try to move when her hand felt a tug on her wrist , then some one place a hand on her shoulder, the hand doesn’t seems like them, it has warmth of closed one ,it has care for her, it has affection ,and she turn slowly to see it and noticed maan is there and looking intently at her.

She lowered her eye lashes as if feeling embarrassed suddenly but the tears of her condition of her fear flowing and make maan understand everything.he gently called geet when she sobbed more ,maan slowly placed a finger on her chin and softly called her geet, what happen, feeling scared ?

Geet nodded yes slowly ,she looked at maan with teary eyes which make maan’s heart shatter in pain. He said I’m here geet, nothing will happen but geet shook her head and try to say something by her gesture when maan said they r here?no geet, here is no one see me only with u.

But geet nodded no and shook her head in negative way and said no there is  , but geet keep shaking her head in negative way and shoved maan’s hand and try to move from there and almost about to fall down when maan hold her wrist and pull her .

Geet almost fall on him when maan hold her tightly and said geet, r u fine, see , geet but who try to again shove maan when maan hold her tightly and almost said in firm voice look at me geet, there is no one, u r safe, geet, look but geet try to move away from her, she again got those panic attack,

Maan pull her and said look at me geet , look at me, there is no one , see ,but geet shook her head in negative when maan shouts LISTEN CAREFULLY GEET THERE IS NO ONE ON THIS ROOM EXCEPT ME AND U, SEE T’S JUST DREAM A NIGHTMARE , NOTHING MORE, GEET, NOTHING MORE,U HAVE TO COME OUT FROM UR NIGHTMARE GEET, WHAT U HAVE SEEN TELL ME,tell me damnt ,who r they, y they want to kill u, tell me? Who r they,y they r behind u?GEET ans me, tell me?

When geet looked at maan with shocked face , maan looked at her and then her eyes which is only showing how much hurt she is now how much pain she is feeling now ?

Before maan can say anything, geet just push him forecefully and looked at with pain and hurt then just get out from the bed when she almost fall on floor and then get up and try to go out from the room when maan just heard the sound and came back to his sense and got how much he hurt her , how can he loose his control, loose his temper, he never did it but he has not time to think about this first he has to stop her , geet who is trying to open the door when maan hold her and said geet, listen,I’m sorry , geet listen , I’m sorry, u will be hurt, geet, don’t do it now, it’ll hurt u ,geet ,

But geet is not in mood to listen to him now , when he hurt her, her only companion when didn’t trust her then what she will do ,she try to move but maan hold her tight from behind and slowly turn her in his tight embrace and keep saying sorry  when geet is strongly trying to move from there, but maan hold her tightly and said sorry geet, sorry but geet hit him with her soft fist ,which maan didn’t mind but geet keep hitting him and saying something but her vocie r not coming but maan can understand those r her pain, hurt anguish, disbeielf and care ,he hugged her and let her hit him, after few moments, she felt tired and stay there calmly when maan is waiting pateintly for it, he know once he loose his temper and it affect geet so much, she want to go away from him and this instant thought make him suddenly restless,

He calm himself and slowly took geet in his arms who is still angry, upset and in pain but looking another side as if want to hide her tears from him also.

He let her sit on the bed then slwoly said I’m sorry,if u want I can hold my ear, geet, I never intend to shout on u, I was frustrated on myself, as if it’s my failure geet ,

When geet just looked at him for few moments then just lay down on the bed when maan sighed and said I know geet I shouldn’t shout on u but I’m frustrated and feeling helpless geet ,I’m ….. just…worried, y it’s happen with u, who r they, y they want to harm ,I’m just full confused , frustrated and more helpless, geet pls don’t misunderstand me, geet I know I hurt u but geet, when maan didn’t get any response from her, he lowered his head in pain and guilt and turn to leave when geet hold his hand and slowly shook her head in no then come close and hold her ears and mouthed a sorry but again voiced not come out but maan understand it and nodded no but soon got shocked of the life when geet hold his ear and raised her eye brows and mouthed sorry again but this time told him to say sorry , maan is full lost in geet and in trance whispered sorry then noticed her giggling like little kid when he smiles in return .

Both smiles and giggled then geet pull his hand from his ear and nodded no more.

Both laughed again then after some time lost and looked at each other when maan said hmmm

Both sat there few moments like little kid , two friends or two companion who had a fight now after sorted out it , they r sitting , maan after some time looked at window and found it’s dawn now and he wishper it when Geet looked at him and noticed it, she slowly shook his elbow ,when maan turn and raised his eye when she looked at him then again looked at out side and shook her head as nothing when maan whisper , wanna sleep,

Geet nodded yes then looked at him again when maan said what happen, do u want anything?

Geet looked at him then her face turn pale when maan said , m here , whjat u want , will listen I mean do , but now try to sleep, u need sleep, rest for ur body.

Geet nodded but with little reluctance , she slept for few times.

Later maan came when she just complete his break fast and after checking her up,maan instructed nurse to take her in Doctor who will check her vocal cord.

She looked at maan who is reading her file then instruct something and went out.

She felt so lonely, disturb, then thought, may be his angry on her as she hold his ear., she slowly hold sister’s hand come down .

She reached there and sat in the chair when she noticed maan is there, unknwoingly smiles reached her lips , sister noticed it when also noticed when maan blink and she smiles little shyly.

After checking her up, maan have a chat with doctor when geet restlessly looking at him but he was busy, she sighed and went back with nurse.

On the way to her cabin she heard gossip, how owner of this Hospital, gave his private cabin to her, y Dr khurana is taking extra interest on that girl, that new patient who is she, she is some one close to doctor , no no u r all wrong she is just patient.

Geet wonder and try to say something but her helpless came out again ,

Later Maan told her there will be another details test but as per now they r positive and voice can come back, After final test they will be more confirmed, when geet nodded .

Later maan asked her do u want to read anything when geet nodded no just, she herself confuse with many thing,

Maan can read her confusion and smiles next almost two weeks, geet under go few more test and with every time , maan was there with her as her pillar of strengh ,she fear some time, stumble some time but maan’s support , care, affection make her confidence ,

Here everyday few hospital stuff r gossiping about the relationship their maan sir and new pateint geet r sharing,

Every morning maan read news paper , gossip, politics, little bit sports and geet will listen some time she will help maan in cross words, without saying anything they r understand each other completely, some times in night, maan read some story when geet makes face and try to make him understand she is not kid, don’t want to hear bed time story, but maan laughed and will say ok then will he sing lluaby for her.

She will be pouting her lips and turn away when maan will manao her.

But in this time , no one understand how it’s taking toll for maan ,one side he is almost awake full night and another side, every later morning he has to go home as his family r there then came back attend meeting, cases,then in between look after geet who is now slowly depending on him fully

After some days, maan came with few decision and after check up geet, she instruct sister for something and went out to take the final report of geet’s vocal cord test.

Later sister give her (GEET) a dress which is other than hospital dress, she looked with confused expression when sister said today u r going with sir,

Geet still looking at sister with confuse expression when sister clarified it’s our Dr Maan sir.

When geet nodded then looked at sister and took the dress when sister helped her to wear .

Sister looked at her face and wonders how much trust this young girl has on their maan sir, without asking anything she got ready and waiting for maan sir.

She smiles and pray to GOD that her voice will back, , this young girl deserve happiness.

Maan came back after some time when geet looked at him with pouted expression when maan said geetu ,I’m sorry dear, I was so busy with few case and meeting, now m free, so ready geetu,

Geet nodded happily when maan said let’s go. Then to sister , I hope all packed neatly.

Sister nodded yes then said I have sent them in ur car sir, I have checked personally two times.

Maan smiles then said if  we felt and think the need of more help then ready to come there .

Sister:-I’ll sir and I wish before my help , this young girl.

Maan nodded yes but got shocked to see geet is looking restless suddenly.

He took her hand and volunteer her towards lift when she felt the warmth there but her heart is going restless with the thought of going somewhere else, where is she going and more importantly will her maan will be there,

Both r unaware of the fact both unknowingly accepting each other in each other life, her maan, his geet, the possessiveness r coming.

Geet came out with lift when holds maan’s elbow and maan asked how r u feeling? Don’t worry doctor give us good news, well with few treatment u voice will be back.

Geet smiles and hold his hand more firmly when maan said happy

Geet nodded slowly they came near the basement when Driver said sir car is ready and maan helped her to sit and settled besides her and said KM.

Driver nodded and start car when geet is looking out side and try to comprehend everything, after long time she is outside , though she is little scared but with maan , she know nothing will happen and the good news is her voice will be back.

She then remember those days those horrible truth, those sorrow ful, horrendous, her ma, left her as she betray by her love, , her father , she noticed how shamelessly her father never  felt any kind of emotions for her, no repentation ,  and her so called family, no they r not her family , no family will ever try to kill their daughter  , no one, she sobbed when maan called her softly geetu.

Geet just sobbed, a whimper came out silently when she cover her face with her shaky palms. Maan hold her palm and shake his head in negative direction then said what happen geetu, feeling scared?

Geet nodded no then maan said I’m with u na, share ur pain geetu, don’t hide it, don’t close it, she just hugged maan when maan willingly hugged her back and patted her back and said geetu ,shhh, I’m here na, nothing will happen and soon u can say me ur problem, u can share me ur pain,

Geet just hugged him tight as if want to hide from this world, from this cruelty.

Later they reached their destination when maan noticed her calm but lay on his chest perfectly, but he know she is thinking something, he tucked a loose hair behind her ear when she looked at maan slowly and wipes her tears by back of her palms and maan said we reached at the place,

Geet nodded when maan more carefully wipes her tears then said have this,

Geet noticed a bottle of water, she took it and have a sip then give it back when maan slowly helped her to come out and instruct driver to take out all luggage , when geet noticed the place and it’s palace, she felt numb to see this big place then she read the name “KHURANA MANSION”

She feared, cringed with new feeling when maan held her by her shoulder and said come inside geet, who is fearing, don’t know y, but her heart want to know y maan took her here, she feared to meet any new person now, her faith is shaken totally, her trust is shattered , and the little bit of emotions r still left and tiny bit of faith is on maan who took her here y?

They entered the mansion when ma said wait beta , and bring arti thali to take arti of  geet who is clinging to maan when maan patted her arms and both unknowingly or by desinty’s wish enter the home together.when dadi ma came and said are geet beta aap gaye how r u dear?

Geet just faintly smiles and looked at the mansion which is like came out from story book,she thought or read ,  A huge hall room where they r standing when a huge shandiler on the roof and big big comfy couch with decorative pillow , one side  huge wooden table with few wooden chair with decorative show pieces and another side huge glass table with few chair ,she gulped her saliva then noticed  huge stair case going upside and there many rooms, or….she looked down and find beautiful curtains r flowing in air when she shook by maan who said where r u lost geetu, come, have a seat, but she shrugged her hand with frown and looked at him with pain again.

Maan got confused y she is looking at him like this and asked kya hua geetu, anything problem, do u want anything?

She looked at another side when ma said maan, let her comfortable dear, come here geet, then ma slowly took her hand and make her seat in the couch, her warmness gave her confidence and she slowly ease out there but still whenever her eyes falling on maan it’s just saying complain and her lips pouting with it.

Maan still wonderging what happen but no he can’t talk with her as his ma and dadi ma r there to taking care of her, he excused himself and went out but oblivious from the fact that a pair of eyes now looking at curioisty and tension as where is he going?

At night  ma helped geet to eat dinner and have an chat with her, dadi ma found the new zeal on her daughter in law also which was hide from the time they lost two precious person from their life, how much she want to see her daughter in law will smilesing freely, spending time without tension,she missed her old daughter in law. But she is praying that may be she will be get her old daughter in law soon.

Later at night ,geet is tossing on her bed ,half sleep when maan came from office and looked at her restless form, a smile spread on his lips and slowly he come close to her and patted her head when her hand clutched his hand ,maan shook his head and sat besides her , within few moments she dose off deep sleep when maan tucked her in soft duvet and off the light and went to fresh up and have his dinner .

Dadi ma noticed it but didn’t say anything , after maan’s dinner ma asked about progress of geet’s health and sply her voice when maan said they r confident about her voice will be back, all test done till date r positive, little bit of medicine and few threapy and little bit of instruction  have to follow ,he will start it day after tomorrow as the specalist will be come day tomorrow night so.

Ma and dadi ma r looking happy and said they r confident that geet will be back her voice.

At night after maan complete his little bit work , came into geet’s room and spread the sheet on the big couch and then lay down there after checking geet completely who is sleeping peacefully.

At early morning maan get up due to his havit and found geet is in sleep but frowning.

He get up and patted her again then went to washroom to fresh up .

Later maan wake up geet who only frowned before smiling at him.

Maan called one of maid to helped her .

At the time of break fast maan noticed his ma feeding geet and sharing some info about his mischiev.

He shook his head and joined them when dadi ma said u will not go office today,

Maan take a bite from his toast and said will be at late after noon , one meeting then today is rest for me , don’t know if any emergency of anything then have to go other wise nothing.

Ma:- that’s good, spend few time with us , kyuon geet when both maaneet looked at each other and geet just pouted and turn her face which make maan wonder when he didn’t spend time with her, he is giving his almost free time to her , this women na, first dadi ma ,ma then now geet also.

Later maan joined geet in her room and sat besides her when she looked away from him,

Maan sighed and said geetu what happen, y u r angry one me from yesterday?

Geet twist her nose and lips then give her a paper and maan looks confused then open the Note pad and found  a note for her

Where r u from yesterday?I was waiting for u,and y u didn’t inform me, or say me that m going to stay here?y u didn’t say me u have palace for u?y u always running away from me?u know too much work will affect ur health, ur pateint , family and me need u,I want to say u manything but u r busy, I will not talk with u, accha listen ,I was wondering yesterday what to do then suddenly got an idea, maan I can communicate with u through my writing , I can say my need by this , till me get my voice back,and u know ma I mean ur mom, as ma told me to called her as ma so …… accha ma told me now this? What do u suggest?

Maan only smiles and looks happy he hugged geet when she pushed him and make him starlted and he just looked away from her when geet hold her ear and nodded her head then write something on the note pad

Sorry, gussa mat ho, don’t be angry, see u need to say sorry and manao me but m doing this

Maan chuckled and happy to see the bubbly side of his geet

He took her hand and make her hold his ear then mouthed a sorry which make geet surprised the giggled and blushed in embarrasment .

When two pair of eyes r looking at them and wonder , surprise and happy also.

Maan slowly said geetu, I’m sorry for not telling u early as I don’t want to leave u alone, as u know I have my family here and u r staying there alone and I can’t let u stay there also, so I thought this and more if u stay with my ma and dadi ma, u will get the love from them and care, in hospital many times I can’t look after u or see how r u but here I know u r in secure hand ,no it doesn’t mean u r not secure there but may be home and family feeling more I’m little selfish as I want my full family here under one roof geetu with my ma and dadi ma.

Geet just blinked her eyes and try to understand it , absorb the whole truth.

When maan chuckled to see her like this then said ok now u want my suggestion na, well this is best soulution until u will get ur voice and which u will get soon

Geet smiles in return , they spend little time more together when maan shared few things and geet in return ans by writing note some times just listening him.

At evening, before dinner time, maan return from office with tensed face, when ma and geet is looking through some book and dadi ma is surfing TV.all noticed it but maan ignored all and went from there .

Dadi ma and ma looked at each other then ma said ma ,u pls stay here with geet,

Dadi ma nodded but look worried when geet shook her hand and raised her eye brows then look at the stair .

Dadi ma turn and look and know she want to know about maan and said nothing beta, he might be have tough day in hospital .

Geet nodded little but her mind looking restless ,dadi ma get up for few momens as she has some work .

Here geet is feeling restless and feeling huge worry for maan , y he is tensed, y he is restless like that ? she get up from her place and want to go and meet maan and in her absent minded condition she didn’t see ,some one is coming from another side she collided with him and hot coffee pour on her hand and leg and she almost dashed down in the floor.

When that servant look horrified and said I’m sorry ma’m ,I’m sorry,

But with the burning sensation , tears start fall from her eyes.

Here hearing sound, noise, maan and his mother and from other side dadi ma also come out and found geet is sitting in floor ,Maan almost rushed towards her and shouts how did it happen, and scoop geet in his arms and went to her room, nakul quick bring cold water and maan slowly wipes when geet twist her lips and face in pain . maan slowly wipes all with soft towel when ma came and said I’ll and apply ointment on her hand and maan said ma give me the ointment will apply here in her feet also.

Where geet’s eyes fill with tear as the love, affection , care she is getting now , the love of mother, the care of mother she wants full life , now she is geeting, dadi ma like her own grand mom, giving her love, care, maan’s mom is always besides her, she is taking care of her like her own daughter and maan, don’t know and don’t understand or realize the relation they share, as without saying anything they r saying many thing

Maan slowly put ointment her leg and said now within few time it’ll be fine and give her pain killer if there will be pain.when she with her teary eyes looking at him continuously with many emotions and confusion.

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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