Humsafar ,Part 9

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Maan slowly put ointment her leg and said now within few time it’ll be fine and give her pain killer if there will be pain. When she with her teary eyes looking at him continuously with many emotions and confusion.

Maan asked it’ll be pain little but then slowly slowly it’ll reduce,

Ma :- nakul bring her food here, I will feed her,

Maan smiles and looked at geet and said will be back  soon.

He looked at geet who looked away for that moment .maan got confuse with it but shrugged it off  for that moments and went away  from there.

Later ma slowly feed geet and tucked her well under soft duvet and sat there when dadi ma said poor girl, one by one only problem is coming in her life, she is so small, fragile and suffering like this.

Ma caressed her face and said yes ma and I’m fearing about her future , what will happen ? and we don’t know anything about her except she was an orphan.

Dadi ma sighed and said wish she said more about her past from where she came and y they want to kill her, who r those people ?

Maan came at night and noticed her sleeping peacefully, when he bend and placed a kiss on her forehead then wished her good night.Maan tucked her securely under soft duvet and off the lights and close the door fully…

Maan came in his room but with painful mind as how to disclose this to geet, he don’t know what will be her reaction, without any realization her reaction, her opinions r imp …..

Full night ,maan didn’t close his eyes and felt restless to think that soon for his work , they have to parted and it’s paining him but y.Early morning ,maan went to geet’s room and looked at her then slowly closed the door and slide besides her .

He don’t know himself y he is doing this all and when geet turned and snuggled close to him ,it’s felt so nice, pure .maan’s hand slowly carrassed her face , his long finger trace the features of her face, her slikly smooth skin, her innocent face ,all maan want to capture it in his mind .he bend and kissed her eyes then her cheeks and both time his lips lingered than need.

Maan pull her more close and paste her soft petite body into his rough body and automatically they fitted against each other perfectly, where maan dipped his head on her neck when geet placed her head on his chest.


Geet is fidgeting with her duppatta when maan said don’t give me that look , I told u that from today ur therapy will start.

Geet smiles then again make fearing face.Maan sighed and said geetu don’t u want to call me .

Geet nodded yes when maan said so now start slowly slowly ok, for first day it’ll be 10-15 mins.

Geet nodded and the therapy start when maan is trying to help her but some times his concentration broke as he noticed her face , her pink lips .how much he want to taste it.

Maan snapped himself and turned his face to control his wild thought, he don’t know what is happening .

Next two days he is busy with his work but the time he got free, that was only for his geetu.Help her in her day ,maan came back early from hospital and found geet’s room empty.

He almost took whole mansion in his head and finally geet came back with dadi ma and maan said where r u, don’t u know how much I was tensed, and who told u to go out side, do u know here any one baas bahar chale gaye. Now y u r stadning like that I’m asking u something , maan is continously saying something when dadi ma try to intervane  but maan stopped her and said no Dadi ma , u will not say anyting, can’t she take little responisbility , what is the need to go out and without informing,

Maan is so busy and irriatated , tensed and frustrated that didn’t know what was he saying and what’s impact he make on her mind and heart .

Ma came from out side and stunned to see the scene , geet is standing there with shocked expression and dadi ma is trying to say something when maan is keep saying something to geet.

She shouts MAANN…. Stop for a moments, just shurt ur mouth , y u r blaming this poor girl, GOD sake , she didn’t go but I took her with me .is it crime or shall I took ur permission from now.

Maan stop on his place and looked at his ma then dadi ma to his geetu but he only found a painful expression , so much hurt, pain ,r there .

He try to say something when geet turn another side ,when dadi ma noticed geet is going out side and no body noticed it , Dadi ma called geet ruk jaiye beta, geet stop dear. But geet is so much in pain to hear anything or listen about anything after those words ……

Maan noticed and called her but no result when ma hold her hand beta, pls, where r u going, come in , but geet just stand still there.

When maan look at her with pain as he hurt her badly, he went there and called her again but in return he got two pair of angry eyes and one pair of painfil eyes.

Maan hold geet’s hand when she just snapped it away and shook her head as no.But maan hold her hand again but again she snapped it when maan forcefully pulled her and scoop her in his arms and went inside to her room.

Both ma and dadi ma r looking at the scene , they don’t know what to say but few things slowly clear but still there is confusion also.

Here geet is keep wriggling to free herself but maan took her to her room .maan make her seat when she just curled into herself and hugged her knees tightly.But from the posture and shaking body of her can clearly say she is crying badly,she is shaking within herself.

When ma came and said maan out from this room now.Maan try to say something but ma ignored him and said u did what u want ,now will u leave us alone and before u do ur job , ur duty just try to calm ur mind as a doctor , as a professional also , what u have done is completely wrong .now excuse us.

Maan looked at his ma then at geet who was already showing her back and still crying.

After maan left from there ma took geet in her embrace and the motherly love she gave to geet who was finally crying there as if complaining to her mother about maan .

2 days geet ignored maan and maan just checked her as a doctor and other than it both didn’t share any moments like past.though it’s hell for both of them , this two days maan tried to ask forgiveness but geet ignored when geet every time hope that he will come .both r confuse , both r irritated ,both r longing for each other……

But at last maan’s pateint broke and one after all retired to their room at night , maan enter  geet’s room with a guilty face .he found her sitting in the window pane.

Maan slide besides her when she turned and looked at him with frown and pain.Maan hold his ear and whisper sorry geetu.I’m really sorry ,I was worried , tensed for u , I feared to loose u .Sorry.

When geet looked at him few moments and then turned again but tear of pain and hurt start flowing when maan turned her and held her chin and said I’m sorry geetu sacchi , saaza do chahe kuch bhi, but muh mat moro asie ,pls geet.

Geet with sniffing and crying looked at maan and found his eyes moist and a drop of tear fall from his eyes, she never seen any man has tears in his eyes , geet slowly touch his face and slowly , gently wipes his tear and nodded know when maan just pulled her in his arms and said numroeus time sorry and soothing sweet words.

But get just clinge to maan and cried , hit him as if complaing y he hurt her like that.Maan let her do it, or say he is enjoying her complain , her showing rights on him , he knows how painful for her as how badly he scolded her and in this delicate situation he shouldn’t…..

Both stay in each other arms and fall on sleep there…….aftet two long days their craving mind went to peaceful sleep, their longing calm down but a new sensation, feeling rising inside their mind which r yet to recognize……..

Next day evening, maan came back from hospital early and went to geet’s room and noticed geet is practicing speech therapy and so much lost in her thought.He smiles at her and noticed her keenly how fare she is looking now, her pink cheek glowing and her eyes tweaking as she is improving slowly slowly,maan eyes suddenly fall on her light reddish lip and instantly he felt to take them in his mouth . he thought how those soft juicy lips r , and want to taste them and drink their juice .

Suddenly maan snapped away,and turn another side, he shook his head and try to calm his mind but it’s not possible now.

Later ,ma came and told geet to get ready as maan want to take her for her check up, when geet surprise to hear it first as maan didn’t say her anything then ignore and went to change ……

Maan is looking at his blackberry and checking all mail when he heard a sound of sweet music…… He looked at the source but found his ma standing there with dadi ma and discussing something ,he shrugged it off and concentrate to check his mail.

Ma:-maan , she is ready and listen before going for a check up, take her to near by temple for few moments as she wants to thank GOD.

Maan nodded then said but she didn’t say this to me.

Ma:- so, it’ll create any differences now

Maan nodded no when dadi ma said with teasing voice may be she is still angry and upset over u.this statement make maan startled and he try to looked at geet or search her but she is no where to seen. He sighed and said ma where is she now.

Ma:- she is here, are geet , y u r there, all noticed then geet is standing behind the pillar and almost hiding herself, her eyes down cast and is that a pink hue on her cheek,

Maan want to see her and know the reason y she is hiding like that ………….

Geet slowly slowly came out and then maan got heart attack almost when he noticed her in saree ….. a simple brown saree with short slevee and nothing is there for make up, her innocent, natural beauty r there to cover up everything.

She slowly slowly taking step towards maan when that musical sound again heard by him, he want to know from where that sound is coming but left clueless.

Dadi ma :- looking pretty beta.

When geet blushed and lowered her eyes & ma said ,today she is going to temple na so thought to make her wear it, and I don’t know any girl, woman will look so pretty without make up and accessories .

Geet blushed more and hugged ma . when she patted her back …….

On the way  ,Maan is stealing glances when geet is trying hard to avoid him but her eyes itching to know something, her ear want to hear something.

Maan looked at her and felt a deep sensation rising through his vain to his heart where feeling restless yet calm yet a feeling rising in his mind which want to claim her.

Maan turn his head to concentrate on the road so he can drive well.

They reached their destination when maan helped her to come out from the car like gentleman but both of them felt something when they hold each other hand..After parking car maan, found her looking at those shop puja thal is selling .Maan quickly buy one and said see everything r there na.Geet checked once and  nodded yes.

That shop keeper looked at them few moments…….

Maaneet entered the temple when geet hand over the thal to Priest who asked them the name he need to do the puja.

When geet looks little uncomfortable then shook maan and hold his palm and write the name of maan there and make maan smiles .Maan said his name when geet felt relief but then Maan added Geet…..

Prist smiles and asked about surname then stop and looked at geet who is  praying in front of GOD and prist assume her as maan’s wife and said ok…… and do the puja in the name of MAAN SINGH KHURANA AND GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

After their prayer ,Geet took back the thal from prist who bless them both ….

Geet tried by her another hand to placed the pallu correctly on her head but it’s keep falling , Maan noticed it and held it on her head protectively and smiles at her.

She smiles back then shied which make maan startled , as the way her face color changing .their moments break due to a sound when that prist shouts on a girl U CAME HERE AGAIN , GUARDS, GUARDS TOOK THIS GIRL AND THROW HER AWAY FROM THIS SERENE PLACE, DON’T KNOW WHOSE SIN THIS GIRL IS, WHO DON’T KNOW HER SURNAME WHO DON’T KNOW ABOUT HER PARENTS CHI,

That girl is crying and said but they told me that.mein iha asakti hoon. I came here to pray ,it’s GOD’s Place and here every people should come freely.


That little girl stumble when maan caught her and make her stand on her feet when that prist shouts don’t touch that flith sir, she will but stop at his place when he received an angry glare and maan said that flith is here is only u , u claim to do puja of GOD for whom every human is equal then who gave u rights to decide about any one , she is devotee and came here to pray .

That prist said with stammer shhh……doesn’t…..have……. any surname……

Maan look at him few moments then said so its crime, and whose fault her or those person who left her to this cruel world .is it her fault ha.

Prist said whatever it’s we can’t allow her to enter here and now we have to purify the place.

Maan got stunned and shock over this face but before he can say anything that little girl said bhaiya it’s ok and runs from there……

Maan sighed and turn in frustration when found his geetu is shivering and sat in the temple floor. He runs and took her in his arms when maan felt her trembling like leaf, he didn’t understand what happen with her suddenly and soon took her in his arms.

When some one said what r u doing , chi this temple, a pure place of GOD and u r doing this, go to ur home and another one said see this man few moments ago giving us lecture and now see what he is doing?

Maan got angry and took geet in his arms and glare at them and went away from there.He placed her in the car …..he took the bottle of water and gave her when she took few sip and rest her head in the seat……

Maan looked at her and then noticed the thal and instantly got angry over the situation and the incident happen in the temple……he try throw it when geet hold his hand and and shook her head negatively.Maan looks at her with frustration and went to take the seat of driver when geet hold it near to her heart. How could she throw it away when it’s for her maan.she can’t…..

Maan stop infront of the mansion.when geet looked at him shocked expression but maan said there is no check up ,I just want to spend time with u, we r going some where so……

Geet again got shocked or say sweet surprise she slowly hold his hand and shook her head and gesture she is fine.

Maan shrugged it off and said yes he can see it few moments ago. Geet pouted and hold his hand and shook her head and again gesture she is fine.Maan still look away when geet took his pen and hold his palm and write there

Sorry, I’m fine now, I was ..tensed and fear to hear those accusation ,problem , she is fine now and she want to spend time with him also……

Maan read it and sighed when geet took his palm again and write

Sorry but she can’t throw the thal of Puja as it’s for his and she can’t invite bad omen for him…..if he is angry then she also helpless ……

Maan sighed & shook his head and murmur something  when geet giggle to see his irritated face and to see him turn the car again towards out side…..

Maan:- u will pay geetu, every time u know how to make me agree with ur words. It’ll not continue , see …..I’m warning u…… when geet giggled and laughed ……

After that incident maan fear to see the smile again but thank GOD , she is laughing, giggling again…….

They went roam on the city when maan keep saying about the city and geet listen pateintly.

Maan heard some sound then understand it’s from geet’s stomach but the madam is too busy to see the city and hear maan’s word didn’t realize it. Maan noticed the time and said geet, will u have something,  when geet smiles sheepishly and maan came close to her and whisper y u didn’t say it.Geet give her innocent smiles then lowered her eyes .

Maan shook his head  and after parking the car and said come out.

Geet came with the thal when maan said geetu place it there .and don’t worry I’ll locked the car so no one will take it ,ok.

Geet nodded yes and do it then come with maan when geet noticed chat stall and golgappa stall and ice cream stall. She want to eat them but how to ask maan who is heading towards a restaurent for food.

Maan order food for her which she ate half heartedly  when maan asked geetu what happen y u r eating like that, but geet nodded no…..

Maan paid the bill and said ur prasad is perfect in the car, m not going to throw it ok…..

Geet pouted and came out from the restaurent and again looking at golgappa stand longingly.She sighed but suddenly found her hand hold by her maan who took her there and Maan whispered so u loved golgappa ha, when  Geet shyly smiles and nodded her head in yes .

Maan order one plate of golgappa with less psice but geet make face which maan instantly ignore and murmur this girl will kill him……..

she took bite of golgappa and the sour chatni of golgappa dripping from her lips when maan noticed it ,suddenly he felt like licking them and the piece of golgappa on her lips how lucky that piece is, maan snapped himself and turn away with flushed face .

but his erotic heart beat sound it different and his inner desire to taste her lips.he try to avoid this all wild thought and look another side when geet nudges him and offered him a golgappa but he politely denied as he was fool.

Geet again pouted but didn’t say anything neither maan did anything other than paying for the golgappa…….

They came back home when geet gave prasad to Dadi ma, ma .

Ma asked so how is she? Maan I was thinking u r her doctor  then where u went?

Geet blushed when maan said oh , eyes specialist. No cardiologist no….gynaecologist …….psychiatrist…..

When geet’s eyes turn wider and her cheeks turn red fully……when ma and dadi ma shocked then understand the matter and try to supress their laughter……..

Dadi ma with teasing voice oh really…..we didn’t know it , so what her DOCTORS said …….

Maan know he caught red handed but still said oh oh, yes she need to eat golgappa more …… her lips….. know her stomach will be full always…….

Geet lowered her eyes and her cheek full turn red and ear fill with hot air when ma and dadi ma looked at maan few moments then burst out in laugh loudly………………

Whole mansion  fill with happinees again……Geet runs from there when maan looked here and there as if trying another excuse then said yes I need to go……

Dadi ma asked for what

Ma with playful tone said are ma, he is going to buy golgappa it’ll make our ermmmm geet’s stomach full…….

Maan felt embarrassed and runs from there …….hurridly………

At night ,maan went to meet geet and found her giggling then looking at her note pad and again giggling, …He found it interesting and want to know the reason , he slowly tip toed behind her and try to peep on the note book when geet suddenly turn and hit him on his head by her note pad……

Maan want to say but again got another whacked then geet suddenly looked or say noticed maan ……. Geet shocked and closed her mouth when maan is looking at her intently, she gave him her innocent smiles and make his heart beat fast….. but he then said now what is that , u beat me like that…..

Geet smiles at him sheepishly then nodded nothing but maan came close to her and she almost bending and then suddenly fall on the bed on her back when she try to hold maan and hold his vest tightly and pull him and it’s make maan lost his balance and fall on the bed or fall on geet .for few moments, both fell everything froze or blank then both looked at each other and lost in each other eyes.

Maan’s hand automatically went to her hand and hold her wrist then entwined her finger with himself and bend his face when geet felt her whole body will be froze ,as she felt his hot breath fanning on her face.But maan just whisper u r angel Geetu,my angel my geet………

Maan just simply peck her lips then move on and said u had ur medicine na.tomorrow we have to go for a check up……

Geet who was just froze with the effect and still felt the little peck on her lips. When maan turned and said what happen geetu, now what r u thinking?

Geet looked at him but its most difficult for her as her whole body heated with shyness and her cheek turn red rose…. When maan carrassed them and said this time pakka wala check up……but geet shied and turn her face another side…..

Maan called her but she just shook her head as no…….both of them unaware when they came so close like that……their new feeling, little little hesitation but unconditional trust make their relationship pure, serene. Divine…….

Next morning maan is half sitting in his room and looking through geet’s prescription when ma came and said have ur coffee beta.

Maan smiles and said thanks ma….

Ma slapped his cheek playfully then said thanks oh bhi ma ko ha….

Maan chuckled then said ok thanks wapas…..

Ma joined him in morning coffee and both discussed about many things when ma noticed maan didn’t ignored his marrage thing fully this time but there is some restless and new enthu in his eyes…..

Ma keenly looks at him but left the matter for a moment…..

Later after check up , geet is waiting for maan when she moved little to the waiting room and roaming the place is decorated beautifully yet neatly, it’s oazing out Khurana family’s aura…..

She sat there noticed few magazine r there….. Geet is looking at those magazine when she heard few sounds and she went there and heard some gossip about her and her maan ,couple of nurse and ward boy gossiping and thinking low about them she felt so low to hear those words, she want to run away from them notice maan is looking at him ans asked what happen geetu?

She nodded no when maan held her protectively and possessively and went from there to their car…….

After reaching the home , geet complete ignored maan and run towards her room ……

Maan found it strange and went asked her matter when she looks dull and pale….maan carrassed her face and said geetu, say na what happen? R u feeling pain, any problem there…..

Geet nodded no but hold his hand tightly…..After some moments when she felt herself relax and calm little she took her note pad but maan try to stop her when she gesture him to stop then slowly write what happen in the hospital…….

Maan read it and instant got angry but for the sake of geet, he calm himself,then said shhh geetu, see , many people will say manything to us , but we shouldn’t let them rule us and our lives, if we r clear then y to  care about them and their cheap word…..

Geet looked at him with confuse face then suddenly  snatched the note pad and write there

Maan but if u find I don’t have any surname, I don’t have any recognition….I don’t have any parents…..I don’t have any name, I’m……illegimate child …….I don’t have…. any identity….

She cried and gave it to maan who was full confuse ……he took the letter and just about to read it when his phone ring , he first time ignored but again it ring and he took it irritatingly and said what happen now?What r u sure, damn it, I’m coming yes…..

He turn to leave but stop and looked at geet who was looking so pale,her eyes again turning blank with pain…..He hugged her and said I’ll be back and will listen everything but geetu remember one thing u r not at fault, if any one say anything about u that means that r insecure…..they have narrow mind…. We r clear , we didn’t do anything wrong then y to care…… about them .take care of urself and will see u …..

He kissed her forehead and hurriedly left from there. When geet just stay numb there…….her world crashing down again, her world or dreamland which is not reality, she don’t know anything, she just hugged herself and cried there……..those words those accusation again turning her condition miserable…..

Next day she sat in her room sadly when ma came with hot tea and said have it beta, u r sitting alone , geet, come out side and see how is the weather?

Geet looked at her with expected eyes as 15hrs complete but she didn’t see maan when ma understand and gave her a note and said he will be back soon.

Geet felt her heart will miss a beat with trembling hands,she open the envelop and then she open the note

I’m sorry geetu will be meet after one week , need to go.i know u r angry on me but geetu, it’s urgent I had to go,pls I’m really sorry ,don’t cry…..I’ll be back and will try to come back before the time,pls take care of urself, pls take medicine on time, pls take rest…..don’t give stress and don’t think about other words, just remember ur maan is with u, ma and dadi ma will be there . Take care of urself and them.

Urs maan

Geet is keep reading the letter and shook her head in negative, tears of pain fall from her eyes but there is no one to wipes it ………..

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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