Chapter 13 of Road To Love & Beyond 2


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Arya smiles n said my Gudiya …Geet blushed n hugged her bhai sa when rimita said u r looking too pretty   ..Geet shied when Arya said so let’s go..Maan said yes fine , u have brought ur car then let it be here n let’s go with my one…

Arya nodded but got a nudge from Rimita who said y not but if it will disturb u both , newly wed….Maan shurgged it when geet turn pink n followed maan quickly  …Rimita said they r two adorable …Arya smiles then said rimita who said I know baby what u r thinking about Maan Geet but I can see them giving each other chance..lets wait don’t worry if something happen we will help..

Arya nodded when rimita chuckled n said waise ur sister don’t like my interfence in their life n make arya gasped then sighed n said she is like this from childhood even I was not allowed when its come to her kuwar sa ..

Rimita nodded n said but she has golden hearts which only beat for her kuwar sa..Arya gasped again n said lets go…

They entered the Party when Aditya welcome them….Maan n Arya hugged..Rimita handshake with him when He patted Geet who smiles n asked how r u Aditya Bhai sa ?

Aditya smiles n said m fine n then said m happy for this Bhai sa…

Geet smiles…

They etnered n Adiya introduced them with his family , though few know Maan n Arya but not everyone know Geet n Rimita…

After the initial introduction they notice another family..Aditya hugs them when Geet’s eye fall on someone too cute little bundle of joy…Geet look at that place when maan came n nudge her n said what happen to my wifey…Geet nodded but then pout n said u r having drink or…

Maan chuckled n said well n make geet huff in angry when maan almost laughed n said taste it n tell me..

Geet took the glass then return it back with pink shades cover her face…

Maan smiles but then too a sip n said its not good too sour…

Geet look confuse  n said then y u r having it..

Maan with plain face said sweet kam hain

Geet look full confuse when maan sighed again n said u didn’t touch it….

Geet at first still look confuse but the her eyes turn wide then cheeks turn red she look down…she look up slowly to see him but then turn n try to move but then she turn again n stood there motionlessly…

Maan chuckled to see her cutie like this he come close to her n hold her waist n said chalo mein tumhe milati hoon kissise…

Geet nodded barely…they met few more business partner …Geet felt tensed to meet them as she thought everyone might know about her …but then with her kuwar sa nothing happen…none seems know…she took deep breath.

Maan look at her n said what happen geet nodded no but then maan said chup rehe ho mujhse aapne aapko..

Geet look down little then said oh mere oh past..Maan :- what is past sona n btw none know n none will know anything bad , if anyone have to know anything that will be good thing of u only..

Geet look confuse when maan said trust me…Geet nodded yes..

Suddenly Aditya announce  well well. This party is for anniversary of my cousin bro, so all couple I will invite u to joint them for a couple dance…

All clapped when geet stopped there n look at maan cutely..

Maan place his glass then slowly turn to notice geet is trying escape but hold her pallu then slowly bring her close to him n paste her with his front…Geet gasped when maan’s hand rest on her pallu abvoe of stomach.still she can feel the heat…

Maan’s hand resting on her stomach where some butterfly doing something or its her thinking…..but her kuwar sa’s lips gently give kisses on her ear..its hallunication or…

But then the music hit her ears..she turn jelly or putty in his hands when He leading her she is following but then when time change… She is leading n he is following her simply..they didn’t aware but they r creating a new world new life with them…

Kurbaan hua

Teri tishnagi mein yun

Kurbaan hua

Teri aashiqui mein yun

Bekhudi mein

Bekali mein

Bekafi mein hua

Tujhko har dua di

Aur daga bhi

Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan hua

Kurbaan hua ha haaa

Ada pe

Wafa pe

Jafa Pe

Kurbaan hua

Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa

Rubaru Tu Magar

Tanaha hai yeh jahan


Jal uthe Meri kuft se

Saanson ka yeh saamaa O O

Kya hua

Pal mein jane kho gaya kyun

Tu mila

Aur judaimaa hua yun

Bekhudi mein

Bekali mein

Bekafi mein hua

Tujhko har dua di

Aur daga bhi

Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan hua

Kurbaan hua ha haaa

Ada pe

Wafa pe

Jafa Pe

Kurbaan hua

Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa

Marne ka sabba mangata raha

Dar badar

Mitne ko to dil pal mein razzi  hua aaa aaaaa

Puri hui har arzoo har dastaaan meri

ki Tum suru hue jahan mein khatam hua

Kurbaan hua

Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa

Ada pe

Wafa pe

Jafa Pe

Kurbaan hua

Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa

new style

They turn swing twril  like magic they dance at each other tune so grace fully …they dance like creating a world for them n other can witnessed their passionate yet divine moments…

The music stop n claps started when maaneet turn to others,Maan at first shock then his lips curve little but Geet look full shocked n then turn embarrassed… Her cheeks turn full red , she just want to hide bt then felt her kuwar sa’s warmth besides her n its engulfing her…after some time its turn normal ,though heart beat fast as few teasing eyes few disapprove few acknowledging…rest of the party as usual..but she enjoyed also as the company of Rimita n Aditya’s wife not bad…though she felt tired she don’t know may be last couple of yrs she never spend time with anyone else than herself…she chuckled and leaned on kuwar sa at their limosine  after biding everyone bye.

She look at her kuwar sa who was checking some mail.she chuckled n then hold his elbow n close her eyes..Maan notice her leaning so he let her, as he know today till night its went n this party r not so easy with those easy to stay with this Royal rules n custom meeting ppl giving smiles its…too bad…he sighed….he hold her close to him ….Geet felt herself moving then she groaned but felt a feather kiss on her forehead, she try to think but tired feeling make her sleepy again…

They entered the their farm house when geet snuggle again…Maan also feeling little tired …

Maan notice geet but know to wake her up , so he scoop her n enetered inside  n asked helper to check the gate ….he went to the lift of for their bedroom, yes he can use stair but its easy….

They entereted their room ..when maan called geet softly sona , wake up…pls sona utho …

Geet nodded no n said sone dijiye na aap na humesha aise karte raat ke waqt ,aapko kya kareshani mujhe itna pareshan karte ho,.

Maan look shocked but then chuckled n think how double meaning this words r but thank GOD none is here to listen except he…

He placed her to their bed n again try to wake her up when geet said kuwar sa pls but maan pull her n said utho now go n change dress, u will be feeling not comfortable with it..

Geet try to protest but maan pull her again n said sona , Geet nodded no ..Maan sighed n said sternly fineI will do that then don’t complaint when Geet’s eyes turn wide n said r u crazy n pushed him…she was sleeping few moments ago.. but this words …she blinked few times to adjust the surroundings n everyting then said U can’t do that..

Maan casually removed this tie n waist coat n opening his shirt button n said y not we r husband wife n we  but Geet said what…….no we ca….she stopped , she was mortified with the thought , she don’t know what to say , yes as husband wife she know little he has right n those valuable lesson from her mom but something inside her telling no..this is not time but his touch always make her feel spl…no no what she was thinking when geet look at maan …

Maan notice some confusion then suddenly moist filling her eyes n maan turn alart n said Sona, I was joking …he pull her in his arms n said u were sleeping n I had wake u up ..u know with this heavy dress n accessarories u can’t sleep….Sona, u trust me..

Geet look at him n said I trust u… but then look down when maan smiles n said go & change …I will ask helper but geet stopped him n said aap rukiye…I will manage…

Maan smiles n nodded but he also felt confuse…She went to change with confuse way..her reaction y she behaved like this way, what conflict of emotions..

He there stood still n thinking how n y he said those words n y this reaction..he felt confuse , he just want to wake her up but then his words n followed by her reaction..she was about to cry but he make himself so low, so bad that disgust her ….he shook his head with confusion n went to change the dress….Geet came out n sat there with thudding heart…

She still shudder when maan came out, but the frown at his face make her heart went out….she don’t know reason..she don’t know anything , she don’t understand her or his behavior

She get up n just hugged him tightly then said I II…I m sorry…Maan look confused when geet said I was just…but u have right as husband I…

Maan smiles n hugged her back then cupped her face n said shant ho jaooo sona…come on..its late n when geet said I shouldn’t behave that but masa has ..she don’t know what she was blabering ..Maan make her sit n said sona look at me…Geet turn at maan who gently wipes those precious parl n said u don’t have to be stressed like this..I am ur hsuband but before we r friend..did u think I will access my right as husband on u…Geet…We have to understand each other more know each other…then this rights…

Geet nodded when maan continued I was joking that time to make u change nothing more sona..I am sorr but geet hastily put her hand on his lips n nodded no n make him smiles…

Maan said now try to sleep…Geet nodded…they both retired for the night , Maan was carressing geet’s head , soon she fall on sleep.

But maan can’t , he lied today , he didn’t say that line to make her change but he intend to..he gapsed with his own feeling n thinking..he look at her innocent face..n then few times her reaction n his own action …he couldn’t sleep…

Next day geet get up n found maan is sleeping on his stomach but a frown covering his face.she look disturb n slowly hold maan’s shoulder n said kuwar sa..who said hmmm

Geet smiles n replied nope , aab so jiaye…n went for morning routine… but after returning she find him sleeping…She look worried n came n sat close to him..

Geet check the temparture its little warm but nothing much she didn’t take time n wake him up when maan said sona…pls sone do..

Geet :- r u feeling not well,m mein dr ko call doon..    Maan look little confuse then said no its headache, didn’t sleep well..

Geet look shock n said kyuon, aapne mujhe jagaya kyuon nehi, aapko taklieef hua aur aap hoke..jada dard ho raha hain..

Maan smiles slightly n said its ok ,I am used to it , anyway its late, let but geet stopped him n said chup chap iha lete rahiye, uthne ki koshish tak mat karna, warna…

Maan was taken aback when geet moved quickly n come back even more quickly ,Maan was looking at her antics , she said aap letiye n then rub balm at his head n said now chup chap sone ke koshi kijiye don’t think other wise….no more arguments…

Maan nodded n after couple of hours geet came n notice him not in bed …She fumed then lumped form in her thoart …she try to move but Stop when maan asked are sona u here , ok good , can u then notice the coffee n said grt sona..n took it….then said Sona feeling so good…u know ur when geet said but u didn’t  listen to me or think me ..its ok…

Maan look at her n said u r crying..Oh Sona,  n hold her then said trust me I am fine , trust me…

Geet :-hmm , I will ask driver to get ready so u will join ur office soon..

Maan notice the anger his sona try to control..but oops there is not only anger but there is hurt…he sighed n hold her shoulder n said Sona , mere paagli, are mein kyuon office jaaun aaj toh chutti lena hain n today I had takne leave n u know my home minister didn’t give me permission u know n wink at geet who fumes more n said I never stop u..

Maan sat in sofa n said yummm nice coffee sona…btw I didn’t say u…then laugh when geet glare at him n move from there…

Maan shook his head n think oops my cutie….Maan took rest n was watching news channel when geet came there after couple of hours..n look at him longingly..then pout in anger n said u didn’t look for me , where I was…what I was doing? Mein …Maan cut her after changing channel n said u were there n doing some work for ur further studies turn to move but soon found herself pull n she landed on her kuwar sa’s lap who said but now when both of us free then…

Geet pouts n said mere mood nehi hain ,Maan raised his eye brows n said accha n tickle her …n make geet giggle …she try to move but maan hold her n tickle her like their childhood…just exception her bhai sa is not there…she giggle n laughing wholeheartedly when maan smiles n get distracted but soon geet tackle n tickle maan …they laughed n almost rolled over from the couch when geet shirked n when maan hold her n said sona…Geet was panting n clutch his vest tightly then open one eyes n look at him…

Both smiles n laughed ….when maan said u r like that cutie from my childhood…when geet replied accha u r also still same kuwar sa from my childhood..Both again laughed…..they felt so relax , so better now with this…

Geet said hope u r fine….Maan nodded when geet said well I make light food today…

Maan sighed n smiles then to see the pout n said anything is fine but u have do it all

Geet chuckled but said I like to do things for u..the pink hue covering her cheeks ..he leaned into her n whisper huskily iye gulabi gaal….n almost nuzzle his nose there n make geet red ….His nose touch her cheek when she took sharp intake of breath when someone knock their door n said Hukum..

Maan sighed then look at geet who hold his hand n said aap jaiye…koi jaruri kaam hoga..Maan nodded….they felt awkard yet something different..but then maan turn at geet n pull her n place a kiss or peck on her pinkish cheek n went from the room but leave shocking geet..who felt shy like teenager

2 days went when maan come back from office n found geet is doing something ….he chuckled then something caught on his eyes n he looks at out of curiosity n found her trying,maan whisper Sona..when geet turn n found him staring at her shock..she herself felt embarrassed…n try to hide herself but from whom ?

Come out….pls….when he turn to see her felt his breath knock out from his lungs… she angel or princess or his sona only..She shied ..she try to cross her leg when he going close to her…
Maan look at her with disbelief n whisper again sona…but geet try to cover herself n hide behind a curtain….she felt like deep inside her …Maan coming close to her moth going towards fire…Geet sense something different but…then she is feeling too shy….

Maan hold the curtain n move it from his front….when geet turn n found him looking at her with dark eyes..there is something deep, she can’t comprehend ..she close her eyes n cross her leg then crossed her hands over her front……he stand behind her..his hot breath fanning her neck..she felt too much hot inside the room yet there is AC…she look at him from her corner of her eyes …she notice there something deep ,she turn with red face n suddenly moved from there to hide behind a partition …He didn’t say anything at first just following her move…she felt some deep feeling bathing her…but what is that but y hr kuwar sa is looking at her like this.what is there…

Maan slowly said sona….who closed her eyes but her lips curve with small smiles…

Maan said   Come out….pls….Geet nodded no as if he can see..Maan turn n said sona who replied I can’t…

Maan chuckled n said y…Geet whined kuwar sa , then innocently said m feeling shy..

Maan:- from whom..

Geet took deep breath n said from uuu

Maan:- chuckled then said softly once my sona said she don’t have anything to hide from me…

Geet shook her head n said kuwar sa aap kyuon….nehi samjhte ho…Maan softly asked kya samjhu…

Geet :- kuch nehi

Maan chuckled n said this is for the surprise …

Geet nodded no then slapped her head n no u said today we will be alone for surprise , only us so….Maan smiles n said so , Geet said I was confuse as u didn’t say what is theme ,what is surprise , should wear traditional casual western normal or….

Maan chuckled n open his waist court n tie n said hmmm bahut bara imtihaan hain…Geet pout n said I don’t want my surprise m going…Maan said are ruko ruko ruko….then softly added  do u trust me…do u think I will be …Geet come out with little pout ….

Maan himself don’t know y he want to see her, in any other circumstances he will be avoid or respect her wish, even still he wants save , to respect her but something inside him….n when he turn to see her felt his breath knock out from his lungs… she angel or princess or his sona only..She shied ..she try to cross her leg when he going close to her…He titled her chin n look at her eyes which was downcast but the red hue covering her cheeks…..He said u r looking an angel….u know sona…..she bite her lips gently when maan said the angel came for me only…u r looking breath takingly , heveanly gorgeous….She placed her face on his chest ….when maan smiles….

Maan , y u were hiding from me…sona ..u r looking beautiful n when its for us u can wear is no rule of being royal …

Geet turn when maan hold her shoulder from behind…n maan said if u r feeling not comfortable with it then y u …But geet nodded no then yes n make maan chuckled when geet turn n said I wore for one gown  party at my college but all scold even Dadi sa then ..Maan look disturb n said then Geet look down n replied Dadi sa beat me….she bite her lips to control those horrible memory..I don’t know u will but party theme or , m confuse, its so silly of me to wear it, I know I sometimes …

Maan look shocked , he just don’t understand this things…n hugged her tightly…they r royal but that doesn’t mean to stop enjoying life , away from their state place if…he don’t know y her dadi sa, he have to do but now he have to see his sona…he parted when geet said wait I will change but maan hold her n said If u r feeling comfortable n don’t have any problem then don’t change as I loved it…u r looking beautiful yet so innocent…Geet shyly smiles….

Maan said lets get ready n wipes those tears n said Sona, remember do whatever u want , u have right to live ur life with ur choice n I know u know what to do n what not..I have that trust on u….

Geet smiles n hugged him then said I will join u then said will u change..

Maan nodded ,I will change within 10mins..Geet nodded n said will meet u at living room..Maan said ok her Highness…

Geet blushed….

There maan went to change n n thinking there is no particular rule as everyone from both royal family , sply female wore sometimes western dresses, yes there wore more decent not much explict …n he know his sona would have never try but the y its always with his sona, y her dadi sa behind her..y not her family didn’t object….even his & her siblingss has wore then ..he have to sit with them but before …he have to concentre on his sona now…

He met her at living room n found her checking something…she is looking outstanding n carrying the dress with so ease…he want to just wrapped his arms n hold her with him but then he have to control , he himself not aware what his desire n libido wants now days…

He cough when she smiles n said ok bhai sa…Maan said Arya..Geet nodded n said he is going to Greece for some work..

Maan chuckled when geet said what..Maan nodded nothing..Geet pressed her lips then ignore it…they sat on car when maan said u didn’t ask about the surprise any more..

Geet sighed n said u will not reply me about it so no need of asking….

Maan :-hmmm who knows might be..Geet turn n found him chuckling n has devil smirk when she said u r DUSHT DANAV…

Maan look shocked n said pati ko galiii Sona..Geet pout n said Das Sarwale Ravan…

Maan laughed when geet said I will not tie any ribbon on my eyes….then suddenly leaned n check maan has wore tie or not n make maan startled ..Maan said what r u doing..He pressed the break when geet sheepishly smiles then sat again…she don’t know what she is doing with her kuwar sa…who is taking deep breath to calm himself…her breath was fanning on his face few moments ago..her soft pink fingers was playing on his neck as if playing with his nerves…she don’t know what she is doing ….when geet turn n said what happen ? hume chalna nehi hain….

Maan nodded hmm

N finally they came there…Geet notice everything is dark n kuwar sa here is..nothing I able to see…see u will not tie my eyes like typical romantic movie…I am not kid we r not its no teenager n she continue her blabering  when maan finally came n closed her lips with his finger n said huskily shhhh..then asked what is typical romantice movie sona…yes I am not kid nor teenager but don’t know about others…

Geet was blushing when she heard n bite his finger n make him screamed almost ..He whisper junglee ho..Geet bite her lips n shied then said oh oh n try to hold his finger but touch his lips…n make both of them jolt…Geet quickly remove it the rough lips yet so soft n wet….

She turn n try to hold her heavy heart beat, what was that n what is happening…this is..when she heard him saying something n soon the place turn bright ..she felt little hazy blur then notice a beautiful place n heading

A Paradise for ;Kuwar Sa & His Sona…….


She look at it with awe when maan hold her from behind n then said u remember yr project…Geet nodded the last project u asked my help…Maan took deep breath n said but the last project of mine has soul also..after that only ..Geet turn n hugged him n said pls..

Maan nodded no n said I stopped from doing anything for work education n whatever project its to gain marks ….but u know I have instilled soul n u were with me….

Geet look confuse when suddenly something strike n said don’t..u u mean u include my painting for ur project , kuwar sa those r mine childhood game nothing serious..Maan chuckled n slide his hand on her waist n said those r not childhood n those sketches r ur vision from that time..n ur work ur dream ur passion r my wish my life…n if u trust me then u can see there is nothing wrong..

Geet smiles n said I know if also I would have done wrong then u will make it fine..

Maan chuckled both looking at the thing garden to park to farmhouse to play area to tent …she chuckled n said u remember..this as far as I know this were with me…

Maan smiles only in return…Geet look at him confuse when maan said here is another surprise ..there is huge light type banner

Congratulation Sona, for ur achievement for ur success …

She looked shock n she felt tears start falling whne maan said sona…Geet didn’t say just hugged him tight n said Kuwar sa..her sobbed make him alart but before he can say anything , she tiptoes n kissed his cheek then hide herself n softly said thank u will be small infront of ur work for me..u always support me.but maan try to when geet said that time also u support me but the process is different…Maan smiles when geet said today I can feel really I got something but that degree is nothing imp of ur smiles..I am happy to make u proud…

Maan look at her n whisper I always proud of u…Geet giggle …after some moments, they take a tour at the place ,when both praise each other …after the tour maan said let’s have dinner…Geet nodded n said let me prepare when maan said today u will not do anything my queen, u will just sit n enjoy this sucesss shhh no more argument ….

Geet giggle n said as u say Maharaj…both giggle ….Geet sat there enjoying cool breeze when maan arrange everything, she love this pamper though she want to help him but she know he will not like when he want to do everything for her..she just sat n enjoying n admiring everything there..Maan arrange everyting finely..

Geet just admire him , his work, that how much compose he is n how he planned n know what to do…he is king , always ppl behind him , n wants to do everything but he is like his work he will ….all admire him but he never shows any attitude…but the lost smile , she can see its back…he is happy with she is , then its mean , they r meant to be together..she jerked herself ..she is like , is it she is looking at maan who is doing some barbecue, she sighed n try to think something else…

Later maan joined her n both have their dinner they completely enjoying the company of each other…

Maan brings two glass one of him n another for her…one is pure Mango Juice n his Bloody Mary when geet said wow what u r drinking.its look nice..

Maan smiles at her innocence n said sona its Bloody Mary ..Geet :-hmmm give me one sip when maan almost coughed n geet said shh n patted his back n said take cold water n sit …then said aap thik ho..

Maan said hmmm Geet look relax then said I will be back with water..Maan nodded as their water finished…Geet went inside when maan took sigh n chuckled she wanna have it cause of color, she is such cutie pie..

She went inside n had glass of water when something caught her eyes ,she smiles n take it…

She come with the glass n said Kuwar sa , y u have gave me this Mango juice this is y8ummmyyy n maan said yummy n soon got alert n think bloody mary but then notice its not he said sona who said yummm…Maan murmur ho gaya kalyan n if she came to know then I will become  chocolate martrini…he chuckled when she nudge what happen..He said nothing n both settled again n talking randomly when ,Geet said kuwar sa ek baat bolna tha.

Maan nodded when geet leaned on him n said I heard lots of from dadi sa n don’t know what to think or do….but I think she wants after wedding we should wear only sarees n traditional dress , so she ..Maan said what do u want sona, n who said it who make this rules sona, there is no certain rule, yes when we r here or we had to maintain certain rules dresses or dress code but u know how my aka our dadi sa..there is certain thing but dress r light not always heavy …n more she asked us to wear everything with situation n events …n we know she has trust on us n she know we will do what is best…Maan hold geet’s hand n said even in ur family there is no rules its Dadi sa’s stubborn ness n y that I will know…Geet try to say something but maan cut her n said u r my wife, u have rights on ur life. U will wear what u want…u never wore anything bad dress which too explict , then..its our life sona, which dress we will wear which not we have the rights to decide..n clothes doesn’t decide our royalty…from now on u will decide…..n sona don’t let others dictate ur life, its ur life….

Geet smiles but then snuggle into maan n said but u will decide which clothes will be good for me.I always got confuse…


Maan chuckled n both sat there few moments..when maan said btw u don’t scare to be alone..

Geet look little confuse.then smiles n said nope cause..

Maan repeat causeGeet replied cutely I have u then there is no problem..I have trust on u n I know there is guard every where …u will not so naïve …

Maan laughed ..when geet sheepishly smiles n they just enjoy this moments..After long time, the  10 yrs long pains slowly subsiding with their saath n care n affection..

They r redicscovering each other n themselves…n erasing all bad memory…

They sat there when geet said Kuwar sa..oh..I wanna ask u something..Maan narrowed his eyes n said y u r hesitating..ask me sona..Geet bite her lips then said y u stopped ur project, u like to do this type of porject, I can remember masa , wonder what u will do but she said u will be best with anything if u do art or enegeenering but ….

Maan didn’t say anything just looking at vast darkness but then said I was sad ..I was in pain to be away from u , to scold u to make u separated from me..I was in guilt..I can’t concentrate ..I don’t want to do n one full yr my grade drop also..

Geet gasped when maan chuckled n said I have started doing everything cause masa said…u will feel bad if I will be distracted…but then I still was suffering from that guilt ur eyes used to haunt me…I was lonely…

Geet hugged maan n said then y u went away from me y…there is no good without for me nor u..

Maan wipes that tear n said I know when geet slowly wipes maan eyes n said I don’t want to hear those things which will cause so much pain again..

Maan smiles then turn which made them change their place n geet come beneath him when maan said I am not in pain sona..I was in pain to cause those moments..if I would but geet stop when maan sighed n said I came back in holiday but here only ur memory then I randomly start working no aim nothing n I build a cottage with garden just like u have once painted..then its start..I channelize my energy with this..Geet smiles whisper I am proud of u kuwar sa…Maan smiles n that smiles make her heart beat fast n maan whisper I am proud of u too…

Maan smiles n said u know its not intentional or anything I just loved to do this whateveru have made I make them real..its give me always feel that u r with me, here n he showed his heart….Geet smiles…Maan continued I felt peace with ur painting…

Geet hit him suddenly n said u r really dusht danav , badmash ho aap bahut bure..

Maan look shocked when geet said aapke pass mere painting tha but mere pass kya tha…

Maan sighed when geet look that melanchonly look n said I had ur memory I had ur smiles I had ur anger I had ur laughter I had ur friendship I had ur care I had ur tease I had ur respect I had ur belief I had ur guilt I had ur pain there …Kuwar sa…

Maan smiles back when geet pinch his nose n make maan rubbed it like kids..Geet giggle but maan said mein dusht danav nehi tum ho…ek no ki badmash abhi bhi satate ho…

Geet :-pay back time ,u n bhai sa teas me lots…

Maan:-accha who used to save u from ur bhai sa after ur all badmashi..

Geet :-let me think when maan tickle her n both of them laugh there…

They settled there for few times when geet said kuwar sa who said hmmm..

Geet :-I wanna drink that again..Maan eyes snapped open n he looked like has seen some ghost or something..He gulped his saliva n said sona, let’s sleep inside, its too late n we will ermm u will have it later chalo.Geet pout but then agreed as feeling sleepy also…


They came back next day n after couple of days, Geet said kuwar sa , oh..Maan was trimming his stubble when..He said one mins sona, m coming out..Geet said ok..

She Sat there..n huming a song when maan come out after 5mins n said hmm bolo..Geet look at maan , n said kuwar sa I was thinking  , we should go back to our home..its long ..after being married newly..

Maan look little tensed n said matlab r u not happy..Geet quickly said no no aise nehi hain oh..

Maan sat besides her n said kisine kuch kaha..Geet nodded then cupped his face n said we came to spend time , its happen so we can go now we r not only husband wife we have other roles n duties n responsibilities also…

Maan look at her then grumpily said so we had spend enough time n now u will give others ur time..

Geet laugh almost n then pull him n said nope..if I can..I will only spend 24*7 with u…nehi kisine kuch kaha nahi I want to go home nehi our spending time has come end or we have spend enough time, that will never happen but we just have to see other side..we has family for them we have certain duties n its not compulsion but our love , infact its mutual love…

Maan sighed n still with cute pout said I have to share u with all ..its will be like..geet said nothing..still we will spend more time with each other…

Maan :-hmmm…I will think..Geet narrowed her eyes when maan said if I get my chcolate ice cream with chocochip n Vanila syrup then ..may be..

Geet giggle n said aapna ekdam bacche ho….

Maan murmur ha bacche ke sath rehe rehi hoon isliye

Geet stop at her place n said kya..Maan look at her alart n said nothing jao na mere ice cream will melt..Geet shook her head…n murmur iye kabhi kabhi bacche ho jate hain but he is so adorable n giggle…

That day evening geet got the news , finally it’s the day, Geet look happy n giggle as finally official her kuwar sa’s coronation will happen..she has lots to plan…she sat n chalked down everyting oblivious that her hubby dearest planning something…

He look at her plan so manythings then make serious face n said sona..

Geet turn n said yes kuwar sa…who said well I need some help but ..

Geet look puzzle but…

Maan:- only u can help me but ..

Geet look more confuse n said but ..kya..


Geet said now tell me what is that..

Maan:-hmm oh mein soch rehi thi..but..

Geet look at him little angrily n almost maan giggle then said well I want ur help but..

Geet place the note pad at table n said sahi se boliye kya help itna ghuma phira ke , kya tab se but but..

Maan:-I am scare..Geet look shocked what ..Maan yes if u deny then I can’t do it…

Geet almost rolled the note pad n said kuwar sa..Maan said I need ur help in something but will u…

Geet :- what …phir se but why not..kya help oh toh boliye..kitna kaam hain , hume jana hain wapas n aap iha peheli bole je rehe hain but but but…

Maan:-tum karogi mujhe help

Geet :-mein kab inkaar kya aapne kaha..

Maan control his smiles n said pakka..Geet rolled her eyes n said m going to do others thing, masa has given me lots work..for ur coronation n u r here just..

Maan :-wait wait are gussa kyuon hoti sona,Geet almost blushed n maan continued so u will do pakka grt, aise patni, tumne mere bahut bari musibat se bacha lya..m alone can’t do now..Geet look at him pointedly when maan chuckled n said  well then fine…this is the file n this is the presentation u have to do it..kkk let me talk to Arya how he is going ? n when he will come, he needs here na….see u n read it , well u know..

Geet look confuse n said par mein kaise kuwar sa iye aap , kuwar sa rukiye..damn dusht danav das sar wala ravan, badmashi ka haad hain itne der se natak kar kar kaee…she took the file n got another shock but then she is stuck n she can’t say her could she…her life is for him..if he wants then she will , she smiles n start working when from upstair , he is looking at her intently…

2 days later Geet completes the presentation when Maan look proud n Yash was full shock but then bless n said Geet…u should do join us when geet took blessing n said Baba Maharaj..I have done it for Kuwar sa only…I am not prepare for it.its too tough this all things

Yash nodded n said whenever u r ready, just remember ur babasa n pati dev is eagerly waiting, waise we know if ur kuwar sa wish, u will do..n this tease make her blush again…but yash added, its not that we r forcing but we really want u r our pride , u should use ur talent…

Geet nodded..n said will think…when Maan said baba maharaj , this is her drawing when she was study at 12 st..Yash look more shocked , even geet…she don’t know how could he know then he can, he is her kuwar sa..she smiles….

That day , they were coming back for office when Maan’s body guard’s car stop n maan didn’t notice n he continue to drive …but then a huge sound of blast…he stop the car with forcefully….he try to see when geet said what happen..Maan pata nehi let me but geet pls.

Maan:- see guards r there , maan is oblivious from the situation n soon notice none is there n every where fog n smoke…he worried for sona n quickly turn but found none is there…

He look dead shock when he heard some faint sound , he follow it…he try to call his guards but signal jam …he again tried ..

There Some mask ppl hold geet tightly when geet is shouting leave me leave me I said try to fight …

One said this woman is strong not like others, she already injured one of our member…

Another said this woman is looking so yummy n will have our feast..n laugh ..

Geet scream Kuwar SAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa….pls leave me plsssssssss…..Maannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Thud…… a baritone voice said  hath lagaya tohi ha cheer ke adha kardengee…….

Geet notice him but soon found someone try to attack him n she kick one n tackle another n hugged maan…he look at her but someone hit him from behind…she screamed for his safety…

He tackled n handle two of them when someone try to hit a rod on his head but geet took it…he look dead to see his life …he quickly hit that guy n even before he can react there r more sound , he can’t take risk, he can handle but ..he scoop her n try to move from there….

But oblivious from the fact , danger is still lurking there..


Precap:-Thud ahhh Sonnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept

Hope u all will like this chapter

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Love u all lots



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  1. Wow long update 🙂 🙂 Maaneet getting close to each other slowly soothing their 10 years of separation and pain. Love Kuwarsa’s super innocent Sona 🙂 🙂 Maan opened up with her on how he spent his days alone. Geet was lost in her pain and now she knows what her kuwarsa faced.. Maan made her paintings all reality. Maan was pissed off with Geet’s Daadisa .. crap God only knows whats is bothering her to trouble Geet always. Loved the way Maan told her about how to live their life properly as they wish and not change anything for just the sake of their being Royal 🙂 ❤ ❤ lovely. Oops attack on Maaneet , scary precap 😥

  2. Wow…. super duper very nice update … really very enjoy &some time emotional feel when both gone on their pAST … thank u thank u sooooo much eagerly waiting for next update … kya hoga mere payare kuwarnsa &Sona ka …. I hope they r fine … but this time update soon … &I mean fast … ppzzzz dear

  3. Wow Superb Update loved really enjoy emotional and playfull ness rollcoster
    ooops end

  4. Amazing update
    emotional one
    both thinking about their past
    loved it

  5. Excellent Update

    Maan feeling different emotions and seems now that he cannot stop his thinking and maybe been with Geet now after slowly sorting their issues and their pains he is accepting her gradually as his wife more then his Sona his friend , he is slowly making Geet to open up too while he also at the same is opening up they becoming more comfortable with each other and their small touches is effecting them .
    Geet’s Dadisa really did not treat Geet well I mean to beat her because she wore a certain dress its best to talk to the person make them understand but her Dadi sa seems to really dislike Geet for whatever reason .
    Maan and Geet spending time together speaking about past and present is very much needed in their relation both been proud of each other achievements too while Maan pampers his Sona was really great .
    now they back home as Geet says they also have other responsibilities and that fact I liked that she could see further than her Kuwar Sa but now what danger are they in and why

  6. Superb update
    Loved it
    Maan made all geet’s painting real
    Loved cute moments between maneet
    Scary precape

  7. maneet cute romance fab

  8. Superb update..
    loved that maneet are spending time together to sooth our the gmhurt and pain of so many years… still some way to go…
    Wonder who attacked them??
    Waiting for next part.

  9. Itsss was such a long update
    I love maan and geet bonding
    Its just going great
    Love where geet expressed her feelings wht she went thru
    Even maan opened up
    Love how geet gave the presentation
    Maan and geet both in trouble
    Awesome update

  10. awesome update . maaneet went to party & danced passionately , though at geet was thinking about past & hesitate but maan is always with her & made her easy . maan was affected by geet but geet was not ready to start hubby wifey life , she know as a husband maan has right . maan gave a sweet surprise to her . loved their sweet moments . OMG !! maaneet are in danger , some goon attacked them when they were back from somewhere .
    precap is scary
    waiting for next

  11. Fabolous great part
    KuwR sa n sona again making new memories
    Maan not understand his feeling but try to soth Geet pain.
    They had great time in party n thn after in their date
    Geet prepareation for cordonation n maan give presentation to her
    Which he show to his father n he to impres with Geet work he tell her to join them but Geet reluctant n take time to think
    While coming back someone’s attack on Maaneet n kidnap Geet
    Precap luk scary n interesting
    Waiting for nxt😊

  12. Lovely update Aryan was happy to see his Gudiya happy teasing her geet was hesitant to meet ppl but maan gave her confidence they had a passionate dance both were highly arouse but control geet fell asleep so maan teased her to wake her up but geet was hell scared maan consoled her but geet was feeling bad maan not well geet looking after him geet all dressed up in a sexy dress maan totally bowled over but when he came to know her dadisa beat her for wearing such dress in college maan was fuming he needed to talk to her maaneet talking their hearts out geet wanted to go back as they had other responsibilities but maan didn’t wanted to maan made geet to make presentation yash was impressed with her they were attacked by some goons though maan saved her but there r some danger that maan isn’t aware of

  13. Amazing dear. it’s such a long update. Loved it. geet was so shy seeing arya and rimita. Rimita told arya that how much geet is possessive. She doesn’t life anyone’s interference when it’s matter of her kuwarsa.maneet’s dance part was great. Everyone gave them big aplouse. She was so much shy.
    Maan told geet to change her dress but she wasn’t in a mood.intentionally or unintenally he said something to geet which made geet shocked. She become so nervous n seeing her condition , maan felt sad.though geet asked sorry but somewhere it imprinted on his heart.
    I loved the way geet was showing her bossy side to maan. Maan was also hearing her every instruction as he knew if he denied than she would become very angry. Maan gave geet a surprise. It was a project which maan prepared so beautifully and decorated withy he same pics which geet made roughly according to her. Geet was overwhelmed seeing that. She was loving and enjoying maan’s pampering.
    Geet asked maan to go back to home as it has been very long since they ate staying here. Though maan doesn’t want to leave so soon but geet was right as their family also needs their attention.
    Last part was shocking. Who ere those people. They were about to kidnap geet but maan reached there. Though he rescued geet but many more goons. One there. Precap is shocking. I hope geet is fine. Waiting for next dear.

  14. awesome and beautiful update………….
    Loved it so much
    Maaneet moments r beautiful
    Both r forgetting der past and wanna to forget der pain
    Continue soon

  15. hi thanks 4 da pm n great update! wonderfully written! Maaneet get closer! Maan assures Geet! Sizzling passionate dance! Geet is so adorable! Geet wears a gown! Maan bowled over! Maan surprised her! Oh no Maaneet in danger! update soon

  16. nice update….
    maaneet moments too gud…
    end me kya ho gaya sab acha ja raha tha
    i m waiting nxt update

  17. superb update
    maaneet’s rebonding is great
    who attack maaneet

  18. Awesome update di loved it how Maaneet Shari g their emotions. Geet came to know about Maan more. Both are coming together.
    Precap is scary…
    Thanks for pm di
    Richa kapoor

  19. kaun kiya aisa……….maan aur geet ko kuch nehi hona chahiye…….

    scary n llovely update……..

  20. best part is when both talk freely she bossing him ,and he accepting happily…loved it

  21. part 13 – nice part. loved it. I liked that maan made geet’s paining into reality. liked the moments they spent. it was needed to sooth their heart and lesser the old pain. want to know who attacked them..? scary precap

  22. Amazing,emotional n wonderful update

  23. Awesome update.
    Thanks for pm dear

  24. pixelflower620

    beautiful update di …….Maaneet have come closer than before and Geet feels secure with Maan…….Maan is attracted towards her …….hes horrified to know the troubles bestowed on her by that dadisa …..he gave her full liberty do what she wants …….Loved their cute moments …….Who attacked them and Geet injured hope everything will be fine ……….cont soon 😀

  25. Loved the whole update
    They r getting closer nd also knowing each othrr
    Nd omg who attacked them nd geet fought very well precap waiting for it

  26. WOW!! amazing and emotional update dear…..both maaneet thinking about their past

  27. Awesome update…Lovely maan and geet bonding as Geet expressed her feelings & even Maan opened up…sad to see Maan and Geet attacked.. both in trouble..hope for the best.. scary precap..excited for next..!!

  28. Nice update… Super like !! Still Kuban hua affect me in the same way…..
    Maaneet moments were awesome….. Their relationship is progressing smoothly after a long separation…
    Geet’s bossing over Maan is always a treat to read 🙂 and I enjoyed reading it 🙂
    It’s a long beautiful update….
    Precap is scary….

    Waiting for next….

  29. Lovelyy update dii,much beautifully expressed 🙂 Slowly slowly they are getting more comfortable,although sometimes geet does feels in butterflies in her stomach 😉 Even kuwar sa feels that :p Hate dadi ma truely,she runied a sweet,innocent girl :3
    cant wait more for the nxt update
    update sn dii,do pm 😉 Take care :* 🙂

  30. awesome update….
    loved it…..
    so long….
    geet gives presentation and yash maharaj impressed….

  31. Hey di after such a long time read my fav story ki update but d wait was worth it. Loving di how maaneet r coming more closer to each other aur di d best part they are understanding each other more well , dono maaneet r trying to make each other happy as well fulfilling each others dreams , di jahan sab acha tha the end scared me to the core aur precap bhi is scaring me di, jaldi se next dijiyega aur di praying ke next update main maaneet will come more closer to each other

  32. Wonderful part yaar….. Maan is supporting n encouraging geet.. But it is taking is self control to handle child temptress. .. Now maaneet in danger hope they will be fine… Precap scary..

  33. WOW!!!Amazing and Beautiful update dear…Loved it so much…

  34. Superb update. Please keep both Maan and Geet safe.

  35. Superb update
    Maneet are getting close
    Loved maneet moments both shred their pain
    Both are opening
    Too good update

  36. thanks for sch long n superb update

  37. Ramses Nefret

    Awesome update dearie👌👍Scared of what danger lies ahead for Maaneet🙏🏻The way try understand each other & take care is so endearing😍Excited to read what happens next😁✌️Pls update dearie❤️

  38. Finally I’m posting this long time pending Feedback of RTL&B2..delay ho gaya bahot I know..but der aaye durust aaye..😂😂😜😜

    Awesome concept Di..loved each n everything about this be it Maan n Arya’s friendship or Maan n Geet’s bonding n care towards each other they are so far yet so near..shocked to know about Geet’s dad how can she be so cruel that she didn’t believed her own blood.?? Geet suffered for no it the cheating fiasco in childhood or the fiasco of finding Maan n Geet togther..but in all this chaos one thing is really beautiful that Maaneet are progressing so well in their relationship..the way Maan n Geet are trying to be with each other , understand each other , standing with each other in every good n bad time..Geet’s insecurity is justified but time to time it’s vanishing with help of her Kuwar sa..Don’t know why Girls suffer for so called family values..Everybody blamed Maaneet no one tried to know what’s the reality behind it..All they did is gOving verdict without knowing..waise verdict was also not bad..Maaneet ko shadi kaise hoti.?? 😉😉 *Joking* 😜😜
    Last update was full on roller coaster it has care , compassion , somewhere I can feel love was also there..Maan’s care made geet confident n ease to face people around her in the party..Attack On Maaneet..Di kyu aap itne twisty ho acha bhala sab happy happy ho raha tha slowly slowly lekin aap ho kr..huh..but hoping Maaneet will be safe and all this mess will make their relationship n Bonding stronger..precap n Teaser looks scary hope kuch bura na ho..and moreover I don’t want anyone to blame Geet again for no reason..waiting for next Di..update soon..and yeah I know I’m late in giving feedback but you know the reason right..And last but not the least thank you for giving this beautiful , Aweome yet different jaldi se next de dena..popat matt karna mera..😁😁😁

  39. loved it..
    awesome update..

    geet trying to sort her painful past and her feeling with maan help.
    maan has been really supportive for geet. encouraging her to come out of her past and start afresh.
    both taking care of each other in between all the love and teasing..
    and now geet is doing presentation for maan.
    maan is only doing this for increase geet confidence.
    their sas past have ruined geet innocence and that’s what maan is trying to bring back..

    maaneet is attack.
    now who is their enemy.i think they wanted to kidnap geet.dont know..

    continue soon

  40. Wow soooooooooooooo cute and sweet update

    Maaneet enjoying their cosy moments

    But the last part was shocking

    Maaneet attacked and precap is soooooooooooooo scary

  41. Awesome pt
    voth having lovely time and coming closer maan feel something different fr geet but she’s so innocent he get angry on hr dadisa
    fr beating hr and making hr suffer maan admire hr paintings and maan gave hrr to work on presentation and she did very well yash also prasis hr work and told hr they will wait fr hr to join them in office wen ever she wants but suddenly that attack

  42. Nice update dear Mann and geet both are taking care of each other Mann gives surprise to geet yash is schoked to see that geet prepared presentation and the drawing and asked her to join office with them go god how attack them

  43. Maaneet dance 😍😍😍😍geet so shy shy… Geet bhai is happy for mannet 😊😊😊
    Maaneet having a perfect life … Maan take care of geet everything .. Geet also want maan happiness …..Lolzzz geet is a kid if geet heard maan u r gone 😂😂😂😂
    Geet so talented n maan can sense it n he want to explore geet talent 😃😃😃
    But geet only do it for maan..
    Oops goons attack 😳😳😳😳

  44. superb update di…after so many days u r here….

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