Chapter 18 of Saathi

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Geet look shock when maan hold her shoulder , she said they r alive, they love me maan….geet hugged maan n cried…After some time she said u went to meet them in newzeland but..

Maan cupped her face I can do anything for u but I don’t know much its take 20 days almost to search them n their home..then I can’t say much as it will raise hope pain n anything n I want to be sure then ur foster parents..Geet hugged maan when maan said do u want to meet them..Geet nodded yes…

Maan smiles n said they will be here but before than u need to know few things more…Geet nodded…

Maan :-   I wanna say something..when u lost conscious that day, I felt some one take my life..I don’t know what happen n what to do. But never felt u r at wrong son I was in pain but ur friend n husband maan never lost his faith …     but u know thy have putted ur false signature there ..against me n my family as we were abusing u..Geet try to protest but maan held her n said no no mishty , listen to me…I am not complaining but letting u know I don’t want to hide things n…I have makes things complicated but I was scare for u..I was thinking if u..I can’t lie n stay normal I can’t hide n stay normal but then I have done wrong to hide things .I have committed sin n hurt u  ..I was…

Geet slammed her lips on maan n  hold maan n settled herself on his lap n make  him shock with the action but then both abosrob each other with kiss, as if making up for those moments..for those longing nights, days.they didn’t fought they just relish each other moments, they took time n cherishing each other mouth as if making love n try to pentertating more ..they lost in n with each other n stop only due to lack of air…Geet giggle n said its amazing if u dare to blame my darling hot husband then I will punish u….Maan chuckled but then hugged her tightly n pull her more into him when geet said but I am angry ..

Maan look confuse n look at him when geet is playing with his vest coller n said u r bad, u hurt my jaan, my life u know…u hurt urself ..u hurt me by this…do u think any pain will be more than to see u in pain n struggling with it…y maan.u said I am ur friend can’t u share n lessen this pain..y u took everything by urself…y maan….u take every pain to save me u take everything to protect me..y 

Maan look at her when she said I know I also hide it but its my insecurity….as I thought u will …I was so confuse n scare never want that to come out..I don’t know what to do..I know I have done wrong by hiding it n more not trusting u..its

Maan said u did hide its just u don’t want to disclose n yes I hurt ur jaan but I can’t see my jaan is in pain …u know m selfish ….n u trust me but u fear , I can understand it more now after dealing with those B******* so..I can understand it..

Geet I don’t understand that but I understand…We hurt each other..Maan chuckled when geet said m angry…

Maan said jhootha gussa accha nehi jaan n rubbed his nose with her…

Geet bite her shoulder n said sab jayessh hain pyaar mein..Maan chuckled again… but then hold her face n said but Geet I wanna say something more to u…

Geet look puzzled when maan turn n took her over him n kissed her forehead n said I don’t want to hide things more…but pls trust me they will not able to harm u any more n I hav done everyting fine….

Geet look confuse n said what r u saying maan who replied Mr n Mrs handa has done lots of things they used to smuggle things , has bad influence on n good connection with them…they were involved with trafficing n u were lucky that they didn’t sell….

Geet didn’t shudder but laugh little then said don’t shock n don’t think Baba je save me as u were born for me so I have to meet u like this n if nto then other way…

Maan said its not so easy thing sweets…u r joking..Geet laughed n said my sweetu my cutu

Maan makes face when geet said kabhi bhi aapne jude kuch cheeson se joke nehi kar sakti ..its just I know I had to save….n this is my gut feelings that we were meant to be n by any how we would have meet by now somjhee…

Maan shook his head n said but that time they didn’t its still mystery n may be it will remain like that…

Geet :- y so n y no police law  has notice this..

Maan chuckled n kissed her cheek n said cause sweets they have used influence n but more money, u spread bucks throw them n get ur way seems…

Geet:-hmmm then maan continued then they used u….but that was not main plot there is something..Geet raised her eyes brows when maan said they have tranfered n owned every place on ur name, nothing they have done officially by their name..yes ur age but they have played good game…see from the time of ur adult hood u will face direct problem n for ur childhood they have washed out everything..

Geet gasped when maan hugged her more n said calm down jaan..they will not able to touch ur hair..I have used their weapon n gift them back their things..I had to careful n planned things…I had to use my money n more influence to know n dig out their past then…used their weapon, adi’s help private investigator n…they have weakness used it..both r loose from character little honey trap n everything come out easily…

Geet gasped again n when maan said what do u think I will leave them so easily after whatever they have done with u…n they have planned to do with u…nope…its start to see hell for them…don’t expect mercy..

Geet clapsed her hand on her mouth n said what r u saying ?

Maan smirk when geet said btw u said this means ,oh mom dad..I mean to say…

Maan:-little bit not fully, don’t want to give them pressure…

Geet nodded when again she asked bua ji..

Maan look stiff but said nope  .whne geet said but what happen with mom..Maan cupped her face n said nothing happen…Geet sobbed but there was chance when maan said there was no chance….see accident happen it can happen with anyone..shh …Geet try to say again when maan stopped her n said let me finish first then u …   

Geet pouted n look away when maan said whatever happen its not cause of u, like us , u also trapped by them its accident n unfortunate for both of us. Ur parents suffer my parents suffer its not one way round sweets that u will take all blame …

Geet sighed when maan said u have to meet comminisioner n investigation officer for some testimony…

Geet nodded when maan said I may say this but my wish not to hurt u n more I want to clear things n caught ppl..Geet nodded n said who r that ? Sasha…

Maan:- Sasha is one of them but not the main but main is Mr Saxena n Miss Manchanda

Geet gapsed what they r most trusted empolyee for us then..Maan shook his head n said they have sold themselves to them..Geet look down when maan said Mr n Mrs Handa will try to contact with u so u can show some mercy on them. They want to behave good n get bail but u know what u have to do..

Geet smiles n nodded….Maan said btw how did u guess it..

Geet chuckled said ur works u went to newzeland but not about any project as per my knowledge u don’t have there anything n that for more than15 days… then u calling for me that day at office sweets ..then here during ur illness , ur behavior , n during the puja ur eyes n I know that something is there  u r doing all this to help me for something…Maan smiles n said itna try kya bhi pakar lya mujhe ha..Geet encirled her arms on his neck n said aap mere dil mein sama ho so kaise na samjhu aapne dhadkan ko…

Maan chuckled n rubbed her nose with him n again steal a sensual kiss ….Finally geet settled on maan’s chest n said aab jobhi ho maan aap pls mujhe batana mujhe dar lagta hain kabhi kabhi..u know na..

Maan nodded n said pakka promise…when geet playing with his finger n said maan..Maan whose hand inside her night dress n playing with her curve when geet said maannnn pls suno na…

Maan turn her n just ripped her dress n said bolo ..

Geet who want to asked about something but forget as her devil husband latching her buds hungrily   n geet try to stop but the pleasure n the love she is receving from her husband n soon their all clothes shatter n maan make her forget everything except his sinful finger lips n *******.

She screamed in pleasure when maan took her to new height n   new world of love….they were settling inside each other arms after some time….they were panting when maan kissed geet eyes n took her in his arms.n slowly they drifted for slumber…

There Gayatri was waiting for them n felt weird to not see them for breakfast…when dadi ma said may be maan left but adi said bro’s car is here driver he fine..

Yash said then geet might inform us but she didn’t so..

Gayatri nodded n said may be there were sleeping, will check later, all of u have ur breakfast, maa ji u have to take ur medicine later…

Maaneet joined Gayatri during lunch when gayatri notice the glow on geet n maan’s smiling face..she felt relief..Geet took blessing from her n hugged gayatri..

Geet n gayatri both has tears when maan smiles then hugged them n said mujhe jalan ho raha hin itna pyaar saas bahu ke beech mein dekh ke..

Gayatri slapped maan when geet pinch him..Maan makes face n murmur wah iye aurten humesha team bana leti hain but then hugged them both…

They later met Yash n dadi ma….along with gayatri, when geet try to say sorry but they asked not n they said same as maan…its just accident n unfortunate when geet cried again with dadi ma n gayatri…

Maan n adi felt the pain for them….when 2days pass with geet is still in she want to take care of dadi ma…Maan accepted it as he also need to do something for geet.he know she will kill him but he needs it…

But his surprise is not surprise as by chance one of the imp paper was at home when geet notice it n gets angry…she quickly call him when she find out that he is busy with some site inspection.she was waiting for him patiently but he seems busy after coming home also he got busy with some presentation even asked her opinion..

She might be angry on him but can’t let him down n sply for this..they work out for that contract next two days then meeting with comminisioner n handle the emotional blackmailing of handas.even their threatning …then a tele conference with geet’s parents n video conferenece where geet n her parents turn real emotional n crying..they can’t believe their kid is now married woman n successfully business woman..neither geet can believe how fate was so cruel n snatch her from such loving parents..

They will be coming n joinning maaneet’s wedding anniversary in coming month…they want to come just now but visa thing n few others things need to handle …then they will…

From that day Geet sometimes talk with them sometimes with maan sometimes alone..she is little skeptical but she can felt the warmth but its long way to go….its 15 days more when suddenly she caught that paper n corner Maan…at their bedroom.

Maan:- jaan pls listen to me..Geet look away when maan said again... jaan pls .. Geet :- u r saying right .its not my fault but u know they have tied us cause of this whole shit property thing they want ur property n its seems they got success …hit it correctly…

Maan said its wrong..nothing like that..if I transfer my 51 % share then u don’t want handa construction kk I accept it n I have merge it but still didn’t give pressure to handle that damn company but m doing it..If I want some relaxation from this damn prssure u not ready n start this all what those B****** wants..If I will give something from now , it will be their wish or what…

Geet narrowed her eyes n said don’t start this emotional blackmailing maan..u know I will help u n about handas  go to hell..I can’t stand on that place..I will suggest u to sell that damn company, we need nothing from them…

MAan :- turn n give something file n said have it..this have all list..but geet said I don’t need them , u just see n hugged him again…Maan :-but u have to n more handa con .Geet cut u will take care of it..I am not going to see it..If I will join then with u only no more sharing transfering I am not interested about prooerty n not of them also n turns to go but maan pull her n said Its not abt property u know it sweets…

Geet turn again when her back pasted on maan’s front n maan bend n nuzzle his nose on her neck n said u know me..Geet :- I know u don’t need property but I don’t felt good with those company I felt horrible n sply after all this deeds..I want to forgot those thing.I don’t want this past to come n again create some rifts between us..u know those days maan..I died in fear..I can’t live like that then those thing with my family n in childhood…maan..Pls sold that company pls just stay away from the name …n turn n hugged maan..

Maan sighed n hugged her back then said I don’t know my sherni is cry I can’t make u cry cause of them n if u want then I will that..ur happiness is much more imp than anything…

Geet smiles when maan kissed her eyes n said I will sold it ….as can’t just leave it but will do n As soon as possible hmm..Geet nodded …

But 2 days later geet found maan is busy to sell tht handa company but the 51 % share is same..She looks irriatate n asked same to maan who said we have agreed about handa not other thing…when Maan shurgged it out n said no need to get hyper…woman u need to understand something btw when u have raise this topic , check it n help me n btw madam CEO of Khurana give me a black coffee I will take shower waise u can join me..I mean giving service to khurana n ur MD of khurana same na..

Geet look more furious n said u have guts to talk like this flirt with me now…n thorw something n said I will talk with dad..Maan replied he is aware of it n all r agreed now …do something other work than cry baby …..

Geet said I hate u…

Maan laugh n said I know ur hate u n feeling mutual…Geet whinned ..she give coffee but narrowed her eyes n went from there..

Geet want to complaint to gayatri but don’t want to give her pressure so she avoided it..she don’t want anything this share or property hold she feared that one day all will blame her as handa’s planned to take property..she pout n blackmail fight with maan who didn’t listen n try to make her understand many way..

N finally she succumb infront of his luv n but she tried still but maan didn’t listen when she show her gussa which maan said jhootha gussa n make geet fume more..

Geet slowly understand the situation with maan’s constant assurance n agreed but still show her jhootha gussa ….


Jhootha gussa or geet is really gussa or ermmmm maan is confuse

Rooth na jaana tumse kahoon to

Main in aankhon mein jo rahoon to

Saare sitamb hanske main sahoon to

Meri ye deewangi kabhi na hogi kam

Jitne bhi chaahe tum karlo sitamb



Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept

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  1. Ramses Nefret (FB) & Nefret19 (IF)

    Beautiful update dearie:):):) Finally all issues are cleared between Maan & Geet. Now its only happiness in their lives. Can’t bear to see them suffer. Yippeee! Am excited to read next update:)

    I am going to start reading all your FFs one by one from beginning to end dear. Pls bear with me.

    Oh ya. Can I check with you whether Road To Love & Beyond 2 is a 2nd season to an earlier story? If it is which is the earlier story so that I can read from there pls?

  2. pixelflower620

    Awesome update di …….Maan very efficiently trapped the Handas and made Geet talk to her real parents ………All the problems with her in laws is solved …..They all love her ….Maan on request of Geet sold that company …………Shes still angry as hes not complying to her other request cause she fears everyone will blame her but seeing his love she has let go ……….cont soon 😀 thnx fr d pm di 😀

  3. Great part.geet was so happy and exited to meet her real parents. These handas are criminals. They had been involved in many crimes and used to sell girls but thankfully they didn’t do this with geet. Reason is unknown to maan.
    Maan told geet that handas will call her for asking some mercy buy knows she has to do. Such time type needs only punishment not forgiveness.
    Geet was feeling guilty and asked sorry from evreryone but everyone assured her that there is not fault of hers.
    Geet asked maan to sell handa property as it only brings bad memories to her. Maan got agreed biy along that he transfered 50% share in the name of geet. She denied many times but maan is not ready to hear out anything. Waiting for next dear

  4. ❤ ❤ Phew finally all clear. Maan explained how pathetic her so called foster parents were and how he took care of them so there is none to harm Geet in any way. Geet is shocked to know two more loyal employees of them were working against them with Sasha.. Geet explained to Maan how she understood that he was doing something for her desperately ❤ .. Maaneet finally crossed one major problem in their life.. Love their journey so far.. Their marriage which was just planned as mere business benefit for her foster parents gave Maan and Geet a real Saathi in their life for whom / with whom their can fight the entire World. Geet doesnt want to do anything with her so called family property etc and Maan agreed with her to sell off. Geet is angry that its still not been sold 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. lets see what MSK does 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Fabolouss so muchh reveation for Geet n maan make her understand n at last they lost in their passion ol khuranas members to happy c Geet m aan happy 😊
    Waiting for nxt

  6. awsemm updatw all happy finally the fake are out

  7. Lovely update geet was happy and excited to meet her parents maan told how evil and greedy handas were they were even involved in trafficking but geet knew maan would save her maaneet sharing their fears and loving eachother maan being naughty maan punished the handas as he will not leave who will harm his sweets the family happy to see maaneet happy loved their bond geet talks to her real parents maan made geet ceo of kc geet against it she wants to sell of handa company as she wants nothing to do with it but maan wants her to be ceo of kc no matter how much geet protests maan was equally stubborn geet eventually accepted and understood why maan made her ceo

  8. awesome update . now everything is fine between maaneet 🙂 maan told her everything about disgusting handas . geet told him to sell that company & maan agreed . geet talked with her real parents & they are planning to visit her on maaneet anniversary .
    precap is interesting
    waiting for next

  9. Awesome update… loved it…
    Maan told geet everything.. no nore secrets btwn them…
    Handas are so cheap… want them to rot..
    Hopefully everything goes well…..
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  10. Nice update dear Mann solved problems and make geet talk to her real parents and transfer 51% share of geet name

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  13. superb update….
    loved it….
    geet showing jhota ghussa on maan….

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  15. Awesome update .
    Oh jhoota gussa is so cute.
    Lovely way to manoify ur wifey.
    Finally both know the almost complete truth so no more mu.

  16. beautiful update
    Handa r nt real parents of Geet …
    Maan arrested them and Geet s nt feeling bad at all ….. Maan was nt angry with Geet ….
    Geet spoke with her real parents
    Maan family supporting Geet in everything
    loved it so much
    Continue soon

  17. lovely part💜😊
    maaneet ki pyaari nok jhok
    maan’s family to gud👍

  18. Awesome n wonderful update. Thanks for PM

  19. loved it dear

    fabulous update


  20. I’m so amaze with maan love fr geet.. Happy that his family also a gem as him… After all geet suffering.. Babaji blessed geet with amazing family of maans. . Maan reveal all the happening about the handas n also about geet real parents.. He also maintain her kc share.. Geet don’t want anything related to handas n i can’t blame her.. Love the way maan fly never let geet blame her self.. Geet also took care of dadi n overwhelm with all the happening… Can’t wait for next part.. Geet going to meet her real parents..

  21. Awesome update .wow geet came to know the reality about handa from maan.. & her real parents…now everything all the best between maaneet..maan agreed to sell the co. as per geets advise.. geet talked with her real parents & her parents wanted to meet on maaneet anniversary ….lovely precap…excited for next soon..thanks for pm…!!

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    Geet wants maan to sell off that handa company

    Geet talked with her real parents

    Who love her more than anything

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    Too goo updAte
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  27. Hi di loved this update, glad ke ab maaneet talked it out wid each other aur promised ke abse will tell everything to each other , maan let her know ke usne chupaya coz he was protecting her aur geet was in awe jab she came to know ke maan found her parents aur will be taking her to meet them aur maan is still doing everything to protect his geet frm those dirty handas , di eagerly waiting for d next now

  28. Wonderful update. Maan explained things yo Geet. He told her about her real parents and promised to take her to meet them. He also told her about illegal businesses of Handas. He sent them to jail. He told Geet that she will have to see commissioner for testimony. Maan transfer his 51 percent of shares in Geet’s name Get saw that paper. She asked Maan to sell Handa Construction. Maan agreed.

  29. Beautiful amazing update
    Love maaneet bonding & trust for one another
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    IF mitzi11

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  31. awesome update..
    loved it..

    maan trying to make geet felling better.
    he slowely revealed everything to her.
    from her adoption to her birth parents and handa using her to their illegal work
    but now maan took care of everything and took all handa property
    but geet dont want maan to deal with handa property.and her fear is right too.what if in future handa’s create some problem in their life..

    loved their nok jhok and geet jhutta gussa.hehe

  32. Nice update
    Finally all misunderstandings between Maaneet are cleared.. Thank God ! Now they are happy. Maan so maturily clear everything infront of Geet. Maan’s family is so supportive. 🙂
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    I loved their cute fights and passionate moments…
    Lovely read
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  33. thank god finally everything is fine between Maaneet..they talked n cleared everything out now happy times ahead…Atlast Geet got her real parents back..God Handas are so cheap n dangerous..Great that Maan gave them what they deserved..Maan wanna make Geet 51% stake holder n Geet afraid taht it will create a tiff between them..don’t know why even i’ve instinct taht it will create some issue if not between Maaneet then surely between Geet n her Inlaws..hope everything will go fine..kamini sasha kabhi nahi badal sakti and Selling Handa’s business was a good decision by Geet and good that Maan obliged Geet’s this decision..Owww..Geet gussa gussa now Maan will be pareshan pareshan..cant wait to read next part di..update Soon…Muaaahhh Di..Ty For this awesome update.. 🙂 :* ❤

  34. lovely update……..atlast geet got her real parents love………..

  35. Saathi

    Part 18 – wow. Lovely part. Finally truth is out. Maan finally made geet meet her real parents. Her current foster parents were criminal. But they did a good job by tying geet & maan forever even though it was a business deal but they got soulmates in each other. On her request he sold whatever they had of that foster parents company. He transferred 50 % in her name but she was not ready to accept. Seems maan have some plans for handa property.

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  37. Beautiful update… finally maaneet are back together… and waiting for geet’s reunion with her parents

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