Chapter 14 of Road To Love & Beyond 2


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He tackled n handle two of them when someone try to hit a stick on his head but geet took it…he look dead to see his life …he quickly hit that guy n even before he can react there r more sound , he can’t take risk, he can handle but ..he scoop her n try to move from there….

But oblivious from the fact , danger is still lurking there..

Maan is looking here n there when heard some weird sounds n behind someone pushed him badly when he fear for his life sona, he clutched him tightly more to him but loose the balance n fall down badly when his hold her n both rolled down to below n his first think went to sona , his sona he clutch her more n they rolled down more…dashed with a tree trunk…his head collided with the trunk he almost loose his sense  but notice his life is there lifelessly lying motionlessly…

Maan look panic  called sona , pls open ur eyes sona.pls when someone kick maan who stumble n rolled over Geet….that man try to kick geet when another man try to slash geet by sword but maan quickly move n push one man n held the sword before it can slash Geet’s throat ….

He holds it n tightly when another man try to attack but Maan punch him n break the sword in two piece..another one try to attack but maan tackle him n break his hand then another head…there came two more , hit maan but maan tackle well….when another hit a stone which hit maan’s head and another slash a attack on his back n chest…two deep cut put to those place & he is tired n well injured but some how he killed rest two n knock out others …he is feeling dead tired n his vision blurred …but he don’t have time to think he check his mobile but its not there…he might lost it some where but can’t check ,He went n check geet n called her who moaned n looking half conscious…

Maan called her who moaned kuwar sa…Maan smiles n said sona m here..when geet look at him but didn’t able to see much n just hugged him tightly……Maan hugged her back n said sona r u fine..Geet nodded then felt the sticky things n try to look at him..


Maan smiles n said lets move from here…n went from there to another side….Geet try to protest but maan didn’t pay any heed , he scoop her n moving from another side…Geet felt bad but she got shut by his glare…Geet can feeel maan is moving from one side to another side, she don’t know is he know the place or confuse due to darkness or tensed cause of this attack…they reach near a river when geet notice a cottage but looking like abandon…Geet said suniye..

Maan was walking & keep looking here n there n more tensed cause of those goons , so missed it as geet thought & said geet don’t start it again…

Geet :-aap ek baar suniye na..Maan didn’t listen n keep moving when geet hold his face n said dekhiye pehele …Maan about to say but geet said uha ek ghar hain agar hum help mange….

Maan look at the direction but looks skeptical or confuse then said hmmm let’s see

Geet said let’s see nehi chaliye uha, aap saare raat mujhe ais euthake aapka halat dekhiye u need first aid atleast not if the treatment…  

Maan chuckled first time then said ok but have to see any danger was there or not then ok…Geet nodded …they went near the house after couple of round..Geet try to say but maan will hushed her up with need to be cautios ….she pouts but maan do his work n finally they entered the cottage…when maan said geet close the door…Geet did it n limp little when maan again scoop her…..she said mein thik hoon..

Maan didn’t listen then both entered the room when geet said kuwar sa n at last maan dropped her near a bed …then looking here n there….he said iha baithe reho don’t move from here, will be back…

Geet  hold his elbow where r u going ?

Maan cupped her one cheek n said iha hoon don’t worry n went from there…he locked the door n secured other windows then come back with few curtain type things..Geet notice him covering those windows …she quickly understand what he was doing? She get up from the bed n went to another side …

Maan complete his task n said now it will be dark then turn but found out the bed is empty n for a moment he panic …he look here n there when he found some faint noise n he went behind it to notice geet is doing something at kitchen….he almost blasted on her for doing this…

Maan:- ek baat thik se sun nehi sakti , haar baar aapne maannn ki karna jaruri hain, kyuon uthi mein maana kya tha, what the hell is here going on ? who asked u to ligh the stove when u know danger is lurking here ha….

Geet 😮h aapke ..Maan snapped her n close the stove …geet look down when maan said now go….Geet nodded but turn n took the hot water when maan said wait n hold it n said now what u will do with this ?

Geet didn’t ans  just went from there..Maan one time felt to let it stay the hot water bowl but then….took it when again found geet is missing..he will get heart attack with his sona’s night advanture ..

He place the hot water bowl when geet came out with something in her hand..she is limping n guess sobbing…..

She didn’t say just took some cotton ball n drenched them with hot water n said aapna shirt utariye..Maan said what…Geet didn’t listen just said again same along with aapke wounds saaf karna hain. Maan try to say something but geet’s next sort of sentence make him shut..if u think I have that rights…

Maan looks defeated n removed his shirt when geet move closer n wipes blood but found something more inside his vest n asked her to removed…but maan looks hesitated as becoming bare though its half but already her hot breath falling on him n her smell is so intoxitacting , he don’t know how to control what is over pwoering him….but her tear striken face …

He try to say when she again said about rights…He closed his eyes n obliged n she wipes the wounds then apply dettol well… his chest back stomach neck forehead all clear n applied medicine .aftr taking care of his wounds , she whisper sorry for giving u much pain …I will not do anything with my own wish from now….n turn n slept there….

Maan at first look puzzle then ,n shook his head…he quickly went away from there n when geet peep in found him leaving..she pouts n said chale gaye mannya nehi , ek toh daant dia when I was trying to help him but…he is bad dusht danav…nehi nehi geet, see how much pain he has taken for u but still..he should…when she got the foot step, she turn silent…she felt him sit near her feet.

He notice cut she received during their suvival fight ….he moved the pants till her knees then gently wipes the cut when she moaned ahhh…

He bend n blow his breath when she clutched the pillow with hissed when maan smirk..but he nearly clean n applied medicine then allow a bandage to take over it n make a mental note for throughly doc check up…..he went near her back n open the dori , when geet said whhhhattt r u doingggg ?

Maan :- playing ludo…

Geet pouts n murmur Dusth Danav , seedha muh baat nehi akr sakte hain kya….He wipes the blood then near neck n used medicine…..

Geet felt sensation but is it cause of dettol or his touch n breath ,she don’t know….when he said done & he get up from there …she closed her eyes more tightly but then heard some water falling, she get up with confuse look…

Geet felt the pain on her body its already soar don’t know what will be at morning n more how they will move…she is scare not for her but for her kuwar sa who turn dusht danav n don’t know went where…

She soon got her ans when maan came out after wearing only a sheet near this waist n looking like freshly bath….

She felt someone knock out her breath….or something wrong with her…she notice him moving at her like predator , she gulped her saliva n think what is happening, she has seen him taking bath rmmm no no after bath like wiping hair but then dressed but till now he has dressed…

She shook her head with her confusion when maan bend with smirk n said go n have bath.I have put hot water there….will apply another round of medicine..we should have taken that but anyway go n have it…other wise u will feel more soar n this wound will sting go..n there I have put the dress for u…

She look confuse but didn’t move..when  maan said sona  its too late , we have to take little rest if we have to move fast in the morning…

Geet look froze when maan said sona u can stare at me now move …other wise I have to give u the bath , then u can stare at me whole night…

Geet;s cheek turn red n she just jumped frm the bed to went inside …she herself felt confuse then those words, she didn’t feel bad or she felt, but she felt something else..she shook her head n then think again about those words n murmur besharam badmash ek no ke ho gaye, kaise kaise baatein kar rehe hain iss halat mein…kuch halat toh dikhte then chi chi, kya halat dekhkee aise baatein karenge mein bhi na…when maan said sona jaldi karna baatein baad mein karna …

Geet twist her lips then said inhe kaise pata chala , mein itna jor se baat kar rehi thi iya phir door open , chi chi , then check it but found it lock then slapped her forehead n said pagali, oh jitna bhi badmash ho, never will do something. Mein bhi na, n quickly took shower then said hey bhagwan, oh iha mere dress , meine toh….mein in chkkar mein bhul gayi its not our home….mein aab kya phenu but then he has said that here is something …she took it n gasped loud ….its another sheet…she can’t wear it but neither she cant stand here , there her clothes r wet …she pouts when maan said sona come out….u will catch cold….

She murmur mein bacchi hoon kya, iye karo oh karo iye na karo kar rehe hain, inhe kyuon samjhe mein nehi aarehe hain mein sach bcchi nehi hoon, aise kaise unke saamne mein jaaun….but iha khada kaise rahu….

Geet gulped her saliva n tight the sheet closly around her body as its cool air blowing..she came out or say peeping out from the bathrom door notice maan sleeping at bed with one hand over his face…or say eyes..she came out but her anklet make the noise, she look down but found maan is not moving n she thinks he may be falls on sleep….

She slowly slowly coming out & notice everything is dark except a fire place …..she took deep breath n trying to move slowly…when maan said put ur clothes there so they will be fine by the morning..Geet pout n said aap jaage hue ho..

Maan smiles but said nope so raha hoon..

Geet whinned dusht danav but then she thinks that he is right ..she is spreading her clothes when she about to to with her inner her eyes caught something, his inner…she gulped saliva n jumped from there…she look here n there like has seen something forbidden she quickly hide her inner inside her clothes n spread them then look down, the room is almost dark except the light from fire n out side nothing can guess…she turn n notice the room n think whose house its n what they will think if they found them like this….almost bare injured….

She sighed when maan said u can’t count stars or secs by standing there as u were limping few moments ago …Geet twist her lips then said where I will sleep ?

Maan now moved his hand n look at her amusingly n said where u have slept last few months…

Geet look down n murmur tab toh hum fully clothes phene hue but iha toh ….nangu pangu…

Geet gulped her saliva n found him looking at her intensely …Maan cursed himself for looking at her ..he is in pain already with this wound n headache how to move from here securely there she came , innocent seductress looking so alluring tempting …he want to devour her throughly full night..the burning need in his southern reigion is growing too much…he cursed himself for opening his eyes n look at her side..where she is looking like enchanting doe with innocent eyes…half parted lips , pink skin which is softly glowing that clothes didn’t hide anything the outline of her body…he didn’t think before giving her the clothes he has one thing on his mind that she need to clean her clothes wet fully…but the way she is standing.. when his thought seems sinfull geet felt something they need to dress soon of their wounds..she coughed to gain his attention n said we have cleaned but those wounds…

Maan turn n said sternly don’t need anything just sleep….she was taken aback by the snapping n said good then I also don’t need anything n sit near the fireplace…

He was stunt n slowly turn to find her sitting but trembling due to chill weather then looking so pale tired…He can’t over power his own feeling now when she needed care..

He get up n scoop up her when she try to protest…but that was too weak …   he make her sit on the bed when she try to move but found him glaring at her…she twist her lips n slept in one corner though the bed is not for perfect double bed…but she can feel him moving close to her, she clutch the pillow …..the tension between them rising when maan bend slowly near her leg n raise the clothes….Geet hissed out….Maan slowly concentrate on his work which is next to impossible but he still  trying…

He applied the ointment then gently allow the bandage there but his mini treatment gives almost a mini heart attack to geet….his hand move towards her neck then said moved ur clothes down n when geet nodded no..

Maan said if u trust me then sona ,pls…n turn….geet did but she is trembling now but not for chilly weather but for his closeness ….they so close with this only satin sheets covering them…

She squeezed her eyes n try to say something but her voice caught her …she wets her lips as its dry due to nervousness .but soon found some faint noise n then turn slightly to find her kuwar sa lie down again..She pouts n said iye kabhi aapne baarein mein kyuon nehi sochte aise so gaye….she turn slowly try to take first aid box when maan hold her both hand & make her shock but then she almost shouts as her cloths knots turn loose ..

She look down with panic feel eyes but her kuwar sa is there who turn n rolled over but its another thing for them to shirked as Geet came under maan who pinned her both hands ….she look at maan confuse eyes ….but then gulped her saliva, she can feel heat raising when his eyes falling on her body..But she doesn’t feel bad instead she felt something deep inside..

She moved her eyes when he look at her..the bulge of her curve the clevage, the pinkish skin so close to him..he just want bend his head n give its quick lick nope a good suck…n make it red….with his ..his…he look shocked n look at her then just freed her n laid down with frustration when she felt something is missing but then remember something n said oh oh..

Maan didn’t ans & turn but found someone poking his shoulder n he just turn when she said aapke chot..dawai….

He didn’t say anything n turn but she again try to take first aid box when he didn’t ans her couple of calls..he just sat n said what is ur problem…she quickly asked that n then apply the medicine…She said I don’t have problem but u have …n turn to her side…

He want to retort but then turn n slept…both r different side….try to gather some sleep…. But its like impossible….they r tossing but when one turn another turn to another side..its like game n finally both drift to fatgue but for not long time as some sound make geet wake who was scared n almost shouts when Maan turn n within moments make her come beneath him..


He try to scold her but lost in her doe shaped eyes….that bewitching him…..her eyes blink few moments but then he was so lost….that he forgot that he has closed her mouth….her soft supple lips touch his palm like burning sensation….he almost chocking her when she shook her head virgeously …when he some how moved the hand but his eyes still stuck with her ..Geet can feel the intensity & both were lost there …they seems forgetting the world, the life the everything…when maan at first close the distance between their lips n slowly pecking her lips….then turn it slow nibbling when geet can only try to grab the things , though she is confuse but she can’t deny that she is feeling something , someone like tickling her as if something happening deep inside her when he bite her lips lightly….she winched but its not pain, its like something else n soon she moaned when his toungue caressing that area n making her curl toes…..their finger entwined with each other …they almost making out …when their limbs entangle amost but some loud sound like gun shot make them alert of their position situation n everything..when maan break n look like something happen ..Geet closed her eyes n hold her lips .she try to get up but her clothes moves n almost her upper curve bare when maan just moved from there …..Geet try to cover herself but can’t help n notice her kuwar sa …who almost punched the wall….

She felt herself responsible for this….she don’t know what happen suddenly..this closeness this almost its right or wrong..she felt herself crying shouting what is this emotion what is this ? she turn n slept with curling position….when maan turn n find her in fetal way….he can’t bear it..

He know his own emotion he himself responsible for this, he can’t control himself but what is her fault , y he is doing this..he need to control n take care…he has already hurt her more than enough from that tender age of teen…

He coughed but her shaking didn’t stop & finally he went close n hold her shoulder but found her turn n hugged him….she crying silently but her sobs making her body shake….he keep saying sweets consoling words n finally she give in n slept there…with confuse state …

He make her sleep then cover the sheet ….properly…he kissed her forehead n take some moments of they don’t have much time for dawn…but she said pls…..don’t….Maan kissed her forehead n stay there…

Little later, Geet get up n found him not there she look panic n try to get up when maan came there with some glass fill with milk….

Geet look at him with question when maan replied with smiles magic…then said have it ..found some buiscuits n painkiller…..Geet look confuse….when maan said magic kaha na..

Geet look down when maan sat n said don’t think much , we will discuss it later…I will ans ur all questions sona…

Geet nodded but asked u r not angry with me..

Maan smiles n replied y I will be…sona….but yes I can if u don’t have it..Geet smiles but finally have it..she can see him, roaming n doing something…she felt little tired…may be milk but then from where it came, he didn’t move as he still wearing that sheet..

She again look down when maan said sona, sleep for some time..will move from here within 3 hrs…

Geet nodded then couldn’t stop n asked u r seems familer with this house n room..

Maan at first look little startled then smirk but didn’t reply anythng..Geet notice that little fumble then again doing something…when she murmur something , like what is so mysterious , first this attack then he is behaving like some alien..huh….

When maan said alien hasone tail with claws attack with two more legs n h hands..Geet look confused n squzzed her eye brows n then asked r u reading my mind…Maan sat with something but replied when u r thinking or saying something toooooooooooo loud then what to do ? n give her most innocent & tentalizing smiles …

Geet want to strangle him for this ans but look away then asked u met an alien… guess so u know about them more..but he replied with xtra sweet smiles… thanks to stay in my house & another thanks to that alien .I have seen  movies & u know it sincrease my knowledge thousand fold about them…

Geet narrowed her eyes& said u called me an alien but maan only smiles…….Geet try to hold him & beat him when maan dodged & said samala ke geet ur clothes…Geet look shocked n her eyes turn wide & hold her clothes tightly.


Next day geet didn’t say much just stay silent even his apporach make her nodding only….he shook his head n moved from there..they start their journey next day….one with confusion feeling another with guilt to hurt her….n hiding things from her…

Geet notice , how easily maan is moving but its like calculative move like something with this house, something is there but she can’t then she gasped , she turn n notice there is mark , it’s the mark of their kingdom , their state & their surname  is engrave there..

Geet thought that mean their place , its their place, that is y her kuwar sa was roaming like that but…she asked when he didn’t reply anything…

Geet & Maan walking when geet look lost in her thoughts so many incidents so many things, she try to absorb things….she is confuse with her own emotions then this attack this..she don’t know what is happening n y its happening…

She finally asked oh humara ghar tha iha..Maan nodded when geet asked again then koi kyuon nehi tha..Maan replied its secu ermm its farm house n has automatic alarm n security system….in this part…none cam…..

He took deep breath n remember when they r moving from there how a dead body hanging from the fencing when he makes geet to look another side…He is missing also something there….

When geet voice make him turn n she asked again then y u didn’t want to enter the home at first n u tried u were looking ..what..

She looks utterly confuse…Maan said electric fencing u can’t see if u don’t know something about this place…

Geet said u know this will happen..Maan nodded no n said if I would have then I never took risk to take u with me…

Geet didn’t like the ans as he will face danger alone…he said this attack this things…then said nothing lets move….

Geet nodded but this attack this revelation, this place , kuwar sa’s behavior n her confuse feeling one by one thing doesn’t make any sense..she felt little dizzy …..

Maan notice n hold her , he is checking time n thinking by now they should have come otherwise it will be dangerous….have sent signal then…he looks at his watch again with deep sigh …

They moved half way or so when someone hit Maan who almost fall n make geet shouts kuwar saaa….

Maan hold himself n found themselves in a trap..where dozen of goons round them n circling them….

One of the goon said kya maharaja oops honewala maharaja sahev suhag raat mana lya….

Another goon said accha hain honewali maharani saheva ko adat ho gayai n now we can enjoy n she also….Geet looks scared when maan hold her hand n make her stand behind him…she hold his shirt tightly , a fear gripped her nerve , she can’t let them touch her..she is only kuwar sa’s ..she whisper pls kuwar sa…..Maan nodded when another try to hold geet but met a punch from maan n broke his jaw then another whose nose met same fate…when another try to shot but maan throw a stone n hit his hand then hit his head with his…..all together try to hold maan but its seem impssoible some thing hold maan tightly ..those words against her sona, the insult is like his ..someone ripped his heart..the innocent heart never heard this type of comment but now….he tried hard always to protect n he will….he can’t mae any evil shadow also fall on her….they will never able to touch her now those tongue eyes will burn.

He smashed one’s head n another onw try to hold geet when his hand almost ripped away n Maan said cheer ke Rakh dunga agar koi uss tarag aakh uthake bhi dikhe toh.

He beat them he provoked them but infront his passion fury , they seems if they r witnessing Rudraroop of Maan, the volcano have erupt n all will die infront of his lava….

Geet only watching it with horror..she never seen this violence but she know it..she understnd it…she closed her eyes n shot a prayer for her kuwar sa…they need help, she trust her kuwar sa but if some more goons come or some other danger they have to move in safe place for him n his safety..she is hoping against hope some help will come….

She turn in horror when  3 of them with her kuwar sa fall on mud pit….she almost scream……but she stopped there, she don’t know neither able to see who is who as all r coverd with muds but she can feel her kuwar sa is over powering them n beating them left right center….

She felt him winning n punishing them for their sin….

There maan punch beat kicked them took smashed their head , lift them n throw them….he beat them till they bleed n beg for death ….he break their bones & moved from there…when someone hit his head with rod …

Geet notice it the blood spill out from his mouth when she scream KUWAR SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa …..a sound of blast……then only fog type….but there maan turn n hit that man with same rod….he try to take the step but fall down when geet came  n notice him lying motionlessly…she cried she take his head on his lap n hugged it..she try to wipes those blood, mud n wake him but he is motionless..she is keep screaming crying ….she only fear for his life nothing else matter. She cried kuwar sa get up ps get up Kuwar saaaa. But no sound nothing is there only win blowing slowly n schroching heat….

She hugged his head , her cheek smashed with his blood, her forehead fill with his blood but she only weeping for him…she is crying n calling him… n some help..she is keep praying for his safety…

She cried KUWAR SAAAAAAAAAAAA,pls open ur eyes pls ur sona will listen ur every words, pls don’t punish me like pls u can hate me u can ..she lost her words n mumbling n hugging his head like her life depends on there….


Precap :-


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Few questions from readers & Ans by me :-

Who Attack Maan Geet ?

Ans :-some enemy they belong from royal family, maan geet, they have many enemy..Maan will be crowned king n it may be danger for many 

Why geet’s dadi sa hate geet ?

Ans :- She don’t like geet but for her hatred has some reason, some thing happened during the period when geet caught for cheating…

Geet cheat in her childhood its true or not ?

Ans :-Geet cheat or not will also reveal, its the  key part of this story

Maan Geet & their feeling

Ans :- See both Maan Geet love each other but they r not aware ….what kind of love its for maan its more desire, attraction passion for geet ..or geet its friends wala luv not ish wala luv..But this journey will make them discover n rediscover each other n their feelings n emotions…

This story is romantic or something else..

Ans :- This is pure romantic maaneet passionate love story not rom com not thriller not saddy…


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