Chapter 19 of Saathi


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Geet look at maan n said what thy r veggy ..I don’t know much veggy dish then….

Adi chuckled but stop to see the glare from his dearest bhabi when maan said isliye kabhi kabhi ghar ka kaam karna chaiye but tum hoke saas ko saatate ke bahar tch tch kaise bahu hain…

Geet narrowed her eyes then whinned maaa….Maan mimic  it maaa  pls dekhiye maan kaise mujhe..

Adi almost laugh but Geet said maaaaa…Gayatri came out n said kyuon tang kar rehe ho mere beti ko….

Geet said its not my fault that I don’t know much about veg cooking..Gayatri nodded n said don’t worry …will help u , lets start from now… when adi murmur bro do u want to stay tonight out side of ur room bro..

Maan look shocked n said mar khayega when someone said waise adi its not bad idea , it will be grt hmm …Maan look at his darling wifey who sweetly smiles but her eyes showing dagger….he gulped his saliva n said jaan when gayatri said geet aaj veggy tray lekar iha…Geet wink at maan n moved from there…

Maan look shocked when adi almost whisheled n said tch tch bro how could bhabi do this with u ha….she shouldn’t but finally she has done with it , her wicked approach .omg today finally bhab ouch , bhabi , ma bachiaye aapke bare bete pagal hogaya…

Geet came out n said maan what r u doing ?

Maan look at adi with glaring eyes when gayatri came out n said what r u doing here maan, don’t u have any office or any other work n u adi….

Adi said mom pls..I was sitting but bro starts it…Gayatri try to say when geet said he is right ma…aap jaante aapke bare bete ko…Gayatri chuckled n understand something the younger ppl has done when maan glare at geet who twist her nose…

Maan said mom I didn’t do anything this two ermm this adi has done everything..

Adi look like me when no not me but bro has done kyuon bhabi aap jaante ho na..

Geet nodded n said its started by maan , mom….he has done it ….

Gayatri shook her head n think this ppl r childish but they make this house as home ….when maan said what , m ur husband ..Geet narrowed her eyes n said so u have started it , kyuon adi..

Adi nodded yes bhabi…

Maan smirk suddenly n said mom can u tell me something…Gayatri said what now ? Maan smiles devilish way n said when husband wife discussing something that time sone third person poking their nose , is it right or wrong…       

Adi look shocked n murmur now m third person..poking nose, he makes baby face n look at geet who said mom jhooth there was no discussing , that was something else…

Maan:- care to explain that mrs khurana..

Geet open her mouth but then close it with pout….she turn at mom who seems long ago went from here….Adi scratch his head when notice maan went closed n cupped geet’s face for wet smooch then wink at her n move from there.

Adi sat down with thud n said cencor part now days openly airing..

Geet glare at him n run from there….

That day maaneet silent nok jhok going on…all smiles n thinks the light atomsphere came back n its indeed…After dinner geet try to move fast but can’t as Ma n dadi ma stopped her for some chatting when maan smirk n run towards their room…when she pout …..

At night ,maan was ready for the night but went out to attend a call from office when geet close the door…

He came back later n found it locked he asked her to open the door but she said m sleeping pls don’t disturb me..

Maan:-u can sleep later jaan but let it open…

Geet yawnnnn pls disturb mat kijiye sone dijiye..

Maan:- jaan, baby open the door…

Geet :-I told u don’t disturb me waise u have to be outside bahut maja aata hain mere piche parke then soiye bahar…

Maan look shocked n said jaan..that was just majak I was joking u know ghar ka weather kaise tha..

Geet :-ghar weather sahi ho gaya but now aapka room ke temperature nehi..

Maan:-kya temparture ..

Geet :- u were making ur house weather fine but ur room flooded with ur nonsense so stay away…

Maan chuckled n said but how can I let my jaanu stay there…Geet  smiles in return n replied kya kare aab sirf ek hi rehe sakte hain we can’t sleep together na in one bed….

Maan :-what

Geet :-Good night n don’t create scene just so jaiye outhouse guest house any where n let me sleep..

Maan was like mein aapne ghar mein paraya n will sleep there kabhi nehi…

Maan said last time asking geet just open the DAMN door..

Geet didn’t repeat anything but inside said aajeeb insaan hain piche par gaye hain , kyuon jaiye na so jaiye mein cry baby nautanki n use pehele itna baat chupaya , try to stay away huh rahiye na…then closed her eyes but maan constantly knocking the door as if he will break it…he finally curse himself, adi n geet…he turn n notice his dad is there…He smiles at him sheepishly then said dad u should sleep now..

Yash :- u too same but what u r doing now ?

Maan :-oh oh I was trying to search ermmm I was attending a call yes a call…

Yash look at him narrowedly when maan said see phone its n We can call from here which is m doing u know na , office work, too much pressure tension so…night time then USA there time difference client imp…but work is good n imp so…kk…

Maan felt relief but he himself don’t know what he was talking…Yash said so if u have conference call then what u r doing…

Maan :-I am going to attend the call so telling tis…

Yash:-by breaking the door ..Maan about to say when Yash said but u have said u were in a call n attending that then..

MAan look like GOD y he has sharp memory, can’t he sleep n let me , this house grr…MAan again smiles yes I had then they called me for another…

Yash narrowed when maan said with stern voice I have to call Mom now that u r walking n wake up till late its not good for ur health but y u will think…Yash shook his head n went from there when Maan sighed n took deep breath ..Bach gaye then try to knock but no aise nehi kuch aur karna parega but suddenly heard some sound like anklet …he pressed his ear n found his sweets talking,or say giggle at his plight…

Geet from the room heard the confrontation half atleast tried with evesdropping then giggle to listen MSK is fumbling but then said agar iye phir door knock kare n koi dekhe toh mujhe darwaja kholna hoga, ek din inhe maja aana chiaye tang karne ke liye lekin….iye gaye kya nehi khol ke dekhu , nehi nehi phir ghush aayenge andar jor jabardasti n inke irade kuch thik nehi…dusht danav, ravan ho gaye hain..

Maan is like is she talking about me like that then geet continue mein aaj shanti se sona chaithi inke sath rahi toh shanty nehi rehegi,pls Baba ji inhe aaj dur rakhiye…pls pls babaji…

Maan smirk think dur chalo aab nehi dur nehi pass phir bhi dur bahut tarpaya na Geet aab dekho iye tumhara jhootha gussa kya karte hain….

MAan yawn loudly n said lets go n sleep at outhouse iha kisiko MSK ka kadar nehi n move from there silently..Geet smiles iye sacchi emin chale gaye thnku Thanku …but then slowly peep in n relax to find none is there..Geet close the door n said today its my room n then giggle after doing victory dance…. then throw a flying kiss towards their picture at their room..


(Hugs n Lots Of Luv n Thanks Tanu for this beautiful Banner for this Chapter ) 

Geet slept at the bed after covering herself with blanket as due to rainy season there is little chilly weather….upar se she has open her window but don’t feel like closing it….she closed her eyes to get some sleep. But after sometime she found some hands crawling on her then hold tigtly…she felt some sensation near her belly n then a pinch on belly button she moaned n sharp teeth bit her shoulder blade when another hand open her bra hooks…

Geet opened her eyes in horror at first but soon understand who is it….their limbs entangled with each other her breath is turning heavy when maan pulled her n within  a moment she is beneath him..…

She is like prey n he is like predator n that smiles like he make her fall inside his trap…

He whisper huskily wanna sleep baby..oh my jaaan is feeling so chilly chilly…want some heat…sweets.

Geet make baby face when maan just lick her neck then said u know sweets..this is perfect out side its rainy…inside we r the moon is giving enough light….see ur fav way m..wet with running climbing n from dizzle…..u loved my sweaty scent see…

Geet turn red when maan said but rubbing his face on her neck….today no sleep..only love…n love….its indeed love n love for geet…..maan’s love fill her again n again she forget the time she forget her jhootha gussa she forget everything just sang one name MAAN…

Maan make her swirl twirl n dance on his tune the tune he set is define love n love…he mark her he claim her he love her again n again.there is no rule boundary but only love….at the wee hours geet snuggled on maan’s damp chest..when their waist cover with satin black sheets n their upper ermm geet’s upper hide inside maan…their limps entangled with each other when maan’s hand caressing her spine….

She moaned maan aab toh sone dijiye, aapne kar diya na…Maan chuckled n said accha maine kya aur tumne kuch nehi kya waise thori der pehene someone was  desparate n want to have some Banna n Geet said besharam….

Geet turn n found her self bare she at first try to close but then she smirk at maan who was enjoing it but the next she removed the sheet n turn on his stomach ..She smirk n give a blow on his naval…He hissed when she seductively giving butterfly kisses…on his abs chest…..

He is taking deep breath when her lips give him bite near his nipple then with her buds she rubbed it…her eyes hold him innocently but her smiles is pure devilish n feel with desire…she tease she torture n at last she ride on him……the pleasure she give him its unbearable n beyond imagination…..

She kissed his eyes when her eyes turning sleepy..he kissed her lips then her forehead n said so jao u r too exhaust to much work out ha..Geet smiles shyly as red hue cover her pinks whn maan cover themselves with blanket well….now …

He smiles n  look at geet for few moments then call at office for delaying their meeting…he kissed her cheek n close the eyes for some sleep …

They came out later when geet was feeling highly embarrasing but came to know Dadi ma n ma went out for dr check up…She turn n said dekha aapkje liye iye sab…

Maan sat near a couch n fished out his phone when geet keep blabering , u never get ur hands from me n u can be never satiated ..

When geet suddenly heard her MIL is speaking what can be never , what happen geet ?

Geet gasped & said r u out of ur mind….

Gayatri said GEET…Geet look shocked n clapsed her mouth n shook no..whn maan just chuckiling n enjoying the situation…Geet glare at her then took deep breath n lick her lips when maan suddenly snapped to see it…

Geet glare n murmur badmash then said no mom.I was saying to MAAN,aapke bete paata hain na kaise hain..maine kaha tha aaj meeting nehi jana chaliye koi movie dekhne but he wanna…abhi bhi dekhiye na kaise files leke baithe hain ….aur aapko phone bhi jor karva ke.

Gayatri :maan is it ? y u r taking stress n Geet sometimes asked not much n y u…Maan said mom I was busy I mean kal raat and jara puchiye kyuon busy tha , aapke bahu nehi uske koi spl project ke liye mujhe busy karva dia..

Maan wink at her…Geet turn red n maan said GEET with extra sweet he asked pls tell me about our project with that we went so busy….u know at yesterday night..Geet :- moommmmmm..

Maan murmur stuttering grt….n control highly from laughing….Geet throw a coushion then said no mom its like its my project means my dream project n then Geet sat on maan’s lap by straddling him..Maan look shocked n looked here n there when Geet said but I asked him to wait for some moments but he didn’t mom is my fault , if he so eager…then give quick lick to his neck…

Gayatri shook her head n said anyway , u both should take thing easily n have some lunch we will be join at during evening snacks..

Geet nodded and about to move when maan hold her n make her fall on him..this time Geet look shocked n soon found him fondling her buttock…She gapsed when gayatri said bye bete…Geet nodded but maan said yes mom , tc n if u need any help just call us….Gayatri replied positively …Geet some how free herself but fall on couch n maan on her top ..Geet said mom dadi ma is fine na..

Gayatri chuckled n said yes beta don’t worry now its too late have something..n cut the phone when geet gasped as maan’s hand went inside her clothes to fonlde her n his lip almost give her hickey…she push him somehow n move from there n said u r just pervert u know..Maan chuckled n seductively licked the lips n said oh back is showing marks of someone who was insatiable last night..

Geet look red n said maan then took deep breath n said its u who has started it..Maan said n I was not control so loose n went on..kyuon my darling wife…

Geet turn n murmur inse baat karna muskil hain one track mind ho gaye hain  she try to move when a pair of arms slide on her stomach n pulled her gently she look starlted n said maan whattt ru doing but maan twril her n said dil karta hain abhi kha jaaun tumhe..

Geet was hell shocked n somehow push him n freed herself..she said maan bass harbaar nautanki badmashi, kaam hain dil nehi bharta inta time ke baad.chaliye hatiye haar baar sirf chune ke bahana chaiye aapko..

Maan squeezed his eye brows n said is it darling. geet scream bassss kahana jaiye n jake baithye nautanki bandh ekdam…

Maan didn’t say anything n said badmashi, ha aab mein badmashi..karta hoon when someone said harder maan, faster….come for me….ha pls in n felt some soft hand on his lips…he smirks n kissed her hand loudly..she said maan pls….

Maan :-what pls jaan..maine aise kya , humne abhi thik kya jab bhi kahnege sach kehnge , kuch chupayenge nehi ek duze se ha..

Geet rolled her eyes n said aapne baat karna is waste of time..

Maan :-yes I am also saying same n pinch her naval……then said kaam karte hain don’t waste time…

Geet slapped his hand n said maan… y u r so desperate like hormone crazy teenager , don’t u have any control ha…Maan narrowed his eyes n said what , say again sweet heart , m or what ….      

Geet smirk n can see the affect on maan n said well u r hormone crazy some despo I guess u know what I meant…

Maan narrowed his eyes then said hmmmmm n went back to living room with grumpy face..Geet murmur nautanki …she entered the kitchen n try to look few food for them as Gayatri inform that she has asked cook to make food for them. When she notice something…A gift pack..she felt confused as gift pack lying here at kitchen slab its something..she took it to see whose its , as she thought might be mom place it here when she has read then name

My darling sweets

A small gift for u…see it n now u will not have any difficulties to make any veg dishes for Ma & Dad….n if u have then mom can help u otherwise MSK is here na…

Geet giggle n then read…

Hope u will like it…ur Maan…

Geet has tears for this gesture n kissed the  book & note…n whisper I love u baby..then ran n almost jump on maan who startled then smirk ..he didn’t say anything when she just shower her love by kissing every portion of his face…he sat there with smirking face but enjoying this adoration lots.

When some one said oh GOD bro, bhabi..u both need to stay inside ur room…what is going on ? I can’t see ur love making at living room..

Maan said ADIII…when geet turn red n try to get up but entangled her saree n fall on maan…who hold her ..Geet’s face on maan’s head but maan face snuggled on geet’s bosom….

Adi said shit…n turn n said when both of u r ready then tell me n pls don’t make the place dirty…

Maan said ADIII…then help geet to get up n said mind ur language..n what u r want to say…

Adi chuckled n said see urself n bhabi, both of u…pls get fresh then call me for lunch, m sterving…n ran from there…Maan about to say when geet gasped as notice her light pink lipstick on maan’s face lips n her sindoor on his neck, to chest…she turn red n suddenly hugged maan…who look shock n then said kya baat hain abhi koi mujhe bol rehe the , kya mere control nehi hain aur koi aur…

Geet shyly smiles but then said so I was not like u n I was loving u….

Maan oh really ma’m then what I was doing…

Geet encircled her arms on his neck n said playing …Maan narrowed his eyes n said playing, jaan do u wanna really know what is call play..

Geet raised herself n said well my jaan is too weak n can’t control ….Maan about to held her when geet pushed him n said no more now.  Go n sit..I will bring food for our lunch n before that just fresh urself….bhai , chote bhai ghar mein hain n bare bhai kya adi sochnege…

Maan :- what adi , u did this , make me like this…

Geet raise her finger so..u should control n before I have done this ..u have …n if u don’t give me that book at kitchen n I wouldn’t…

Maan :- what u wouldn’t….now its my fault that I have given u a book to help u..Grt…

Geet was stammering n said aur nehi toh kya..aap ne dia aur sab garbar ho gaya..

Maan smirk sacrastically n said oh really thank u Geet Khurana…

Geet mimic back u r welcome Maan Khurana… listen no more badmashi..u make me distract from my work…

Maan :- suno geet iye idhar udhar ke baatein karna n distract hona tumahra kaam hain..n I didn’t do anything samjhe ..

Adi came n said oh no..what is wrong with u guys, either u had open se* or Fighting but stop as got a slap at head by maan ….

Adi said ouch bro what is wrong…..

Maan glare at adi then geet n said I have meeting n need to move fast.

Geet :- no u r not going any where phele lunch phir n aapna iye nautanki kahi aur karna kaam ka….

Adi smirk n sat with amuse smiles….Maan:- daant dikhane koi jarurat nehi hain aapne bhabi ke saath milkeee…n kehe de aapne bhabi se jaldi kare mere pass pura time nehi hain time pass karne ke liye tere bhabi ki tarah ..

Geet came out with a spoon on her hand n said what did u say?

Maan with attitude replied I don’t reply same thing twice…Geet narrowed her eyes when adi said bhabi bhookh lagi hain ,pls give me lunch n bro ka pata nehi oh kuch aur se aapna bhookh mita lenge….

Maan hit adi who said slip of toungue when maan said too much slip of toungue ha n its slip of hand n punch him …Geet shook her head ..later they setteled for the lunch…Maan  said aur gheee nehi tha iya pura dabbba khali kar dia iha..

Geet rolled her eyes n said adi pass the roti yes plain one to ur bro……..Maan about to say something but geet said either have this oily paratha or that sukhi rukhi Roti…

Adi almost control the giggle which one try to escape but maan glare at both geet n adi…when Geet said iye ghurna baad mein aur kisi aur ke…waise iye shaam ko kaunsa meeting hain aapka…

Maan :-tumhe usse kya….aapnee kaam se kaam rakho…geet just replied hmm… they have finished their food when Adi took leave n geet was just waiting for this moments …she asked waise iye aise meeting toh nehi like kuch nehi but u can’t control so u wanna leave …

Maan turn then said with extra attitude MSK don’t scare of anything neither need any excuse..I have meetings..

Geet :- abhi toh kaha meeting , or now meetings ha….Geet’s extra smiling face make maan almost caught n bite his own tounge n said well its meetings but u know I can cancel the meeting but if some loss will happen then u can take …Geet snapped him go n attend ur precious meeting or meetings….

Maan smiles extra sweetly n said thank u Baby u r such sweet heart btw u know this meeting can turn late meetingss if I would meet Miss Samira Mishra …….

Geet turn n said what the hell is this Amira mirshra…

Maan try to control his smug smiles n think now she caught…n said well my precious client….

Geet :- I will go with u…..

Maan laugh out loud but said u but u have work here, u have to practice ur cooking talent …

Geet quickly hold maan’s elbow n said dare u take ur feet outside this home..Maan rolled his eyes n said I have work baby…n don’t u trust me…

Geet rolled her eyes n said nautanki bandh kijiye n chaliye kaha jana hain..Maan:-ur cooking practice ?

Geet :- aab chaliye agar meeting attend karna hain toh chaliye warna iha rahiye…Maan sighed then said ok chalo baad mein complain mat karna …

Geet chaliye…Maan nodded but then said waise adi ekele rehega….

Geet glare at him n said jaanna hain baby iha phir iha rehena n u will sleep outside n …

Maan :- chalo waise outside toh kaal bhi….geet whinned maaannnnn..

Maan chuckled n went to office , they met Accountant for  new govt project… Geet notice few changes n make some note to discuss this with Adi as who is handling it though Maan is supervising n last decision will be his….Adi is getting exposure…

Geet was sitting near her husband cabin when maan said come with me n both of them entered their video conference room when maan asked his secretary to open the video n connect with his client..His secreatary nodded n do the needfull thing..

Geet notice some male its from Cotton & Pipe contrustion ….MD…Sameer…she felt her cheek turn red with embarrasment then with anger when she felt her devil husband was chuckling then with extra sweet voice n smirk , he introduced her with the MD…she politely greet him n then start the meeting….Geet include few inputs & that make them impressed by her innovative idea.. they came back during dinner when Gayatri scolded them for going to office…

Geet said its all maan’s idea n maan got scolding more n adding Adi’s dramatically adding of how maan has make geet…Maan just makes face..

At night maan hugged geet from behind n nuzzle her neck Maan said u r tasting like strawbneryyy yummmmyy when geet shut ur mouth ..n stop behaving like hormone crazy teenager…Maan try to say but geet said aaj aapke waja y se mom kya soch rehe honge…u r stil behaving despo…

Maan :-bu when geet snapped no but n if jaiye dress change kijiye n so jaiye…n nautanki nehi other wise m telling u ..I will asked mom to send u at Guest room n m serious….Geet move but maan said y u r behaving like this as If u r not my wife n m some stranger as if we make love then ….its not…Geet shook her head n said maan so jaiye m tired…do u want to me to fall ill…

N this trick maan who said u know I can never hmmm so jao , kisne kaha itne raat tak jaagne ko n who asked u to went behind me…jealous soul..Geet about to retort but leave it as maan was going towards bathroom..she sighed n think what is going with this mind..sometimes he is turning it cause he was or is it  playful mood or is it cause of our that separation..she sighed..she try to get some sleep.

Next day , she found another drama..She try to wake maan who was pretending to have heavy body ache n head ache as her constant snoring…Geet glare at him n said stop pretending I didn’t u just making it up..Maan..  sighed n said chalo going will u be happy if I fall down n fall ill…..

Geet look shocked then said rahiye…n get up from there when maan murmur pati is not fine n madam went out GOD what life I got a wife like but she is my sweets n smirk then closed his eyes when geet came back with little hot horlicks n few buiscuits, n said wake up Maan pls , suniye na kya hua aapko , where maan felt stunt …he almost giggled but then controlled when geet look tensed….

MAan slowly turn n said kya hua geet….Geet aapko jada talif horehe hain kya, ek kama kijiye aaj leave lijiye, Adi will handle if anyting serious then I will see btw have it …HOrlics with busicuits it will help ..I will make some light food n but u need painkiller n for this..n where r u having pain exactly…I will use balm then…

Maan nodded but then said aabhi painkiller is fine geet..I need some sleep..will take later, u think so much for me…n then grabbed her face n give her sloppy kiss ..Geet is confuse but then..she shrugged it off…

Maan had n try to sleep…Later geet came with breakfast n fed him ..she asked how is he but he said he needs little rest..he asked if she could stay with him….Geet said ok fine..but do u need Balm..shall I apply it..

Maan said baas tum raho n take hand near his cheek…Geet look confuse but stay there..she was worried…but then felt something wet…on her palm like some kissing..She took it away n think its sensation may be n its may be by chance..She felt more confuse but  stay with maan….

She give sponge bath then fed lunch…but Dadi ma n Gayatri look confused when dadi ma said geet but he is not having any medicine but only…Geet said no dadi ma , he waa not taking but then he took I have applied balm.

Dadi ma said then good..I was so confused n work

There Maan :- OH God will be mad by sleeping like this…kya kya karna parta hain but sometimes its looking so good …Night time same

when adi said but bhabi just cause body ache he is sleeping no painkiller or anything…shall we call dr..

Geet replied I have asked him but said no needed…Adi nodded but then said only by sleeping his body ache will be fine…

Geet look confuse for a moment but then said may be Adi, he was taking loads ..he need rest..other wise tomorrow will call dr..

Adi nodded ..At night all retired after asking maan…who just want to sleep…

Adi felt this confusing n something missing..he said bhabi , pls don’t mind….but Bro is fine na..means only sleeping..

Geet was already tensed n said I know adi but he is ..ek kaam karte hain kal dr call karte hain..

Adi nodded but then said bhabi ek baat bolu pls don’t mind…kya bro really unwell hain.I mean..

Geet turn with flash of angry eyes n said what r u saying, do u know what u r saying, that man who never take rest always working , that man want to sleep n u….

Adi hastily said bhabi pls don’t mind..I am really really sorry its just..u know two days means last two days how bro behaved means..he felt embarrassed when geet said whatever..he can never do this..anyway its late…m going..

Adi nodded but then said Bhabi m really sorry pls forgive me..m also worried but its strange u know its just..I just wish its simple thing or even Bro is doing some prank but.

Geet nodded..she felt tears gather at her eyes but then controlled n entered inside after patting Adi lovingly…

She was watching maan sleeping..she felt like kissing him, she can take her badmashi but not this , she said it where maan felt so happy..but then controlled..Later at mid night geet felt some wet things….on her neck n strong grip on her waist opps inside  her night dress….She felt strange as if the finger moving..she look shocked n eyes wide awake…she try too look at maan but found him sleeping….she shrugged it off as the sensation stop…

But at early morning same thing when she turn n with early morning light make her notice the little smirk adoring her handsome yet devil naughty husbands lips. Thought she check him n no fever but then she remember Adi’s word but can’t trust that as this much…but that smirk …n those sensation..she squeezed her eyes then closed her eyes n again same thing she didn’t open her eyes n try to see what will happen..she almost gasped but control as her bra hook open her devil pati’s  hot palm caressing her bare back she try to control her moan which was try to escaped soon…

His finger doing magic when his lips start acting more sensually…..she almost melt n came under him….those touches those moment she was feeling like hevean….

Next day morning, maan as usual said same when gayatri said she will call dr but Geet said Mom don’t worry I know what is the Medicine of his illness.

Maan look shocked but pretend to having pain….Adi also look tensed…

Later during maan’s sponge bath ,geet with extra sweet smile n tensed eyes asked bahut dard ho raha hain maan n wipes his hand ..Maan cough n said bahut jaan…Geet said I have medicine for this u know n bend near to her lips as if her lips will touch his anytime but her breath faning on her face to make him crazy , she moved her face like this giving her butterfly kisses almost n make maan hard n then maan almost scream as she pinch him hard then Maan asked what r u dong woman crazy aurat..

Geet replied m crazy what u r doing

Maan look alart but said what whaattt r u saying..I was ill n ..Geet said yes u r ill….hormone se ,dimag mein sharam nehi aata aapko gharwale ko bhi pareshan karna suru kar dia aapne aise harkat o se..pehele toh mujhe now,saaara ghar aapke liye aur…n beat him on his hand leg …Maan said ouch geet, pagal mat banno…n hold her when geet freed herself n said dare u touch me….pagal kar dia aapne.pehele mere piche now full family ko, kya sochnege kyuon kya aapne…mere attention pane ke liye ,aapko toh kuch nehi lagta par mujhe face karna parta hain..

Maan sat on the bed n said ha toh ek agar tum attitude nehi show karti toh..

Geet raise her finger n said stop giving lame excuse maan who replied huh lame excuse..

Geet :-aapke wajay se pura family pareshan hain..Maan:- who asked u to inform them its about us..

Geet :- hey babaji kya karu main inka….

MAan :kar dia na tumne

Geet look puzzled n said stop doing drama n play more riddle maan..I will kill u now..

MAan mar dia na pehele kuch aur when geet again slapped at his arms n said shut ur mouth…

Maan ha aab toh chup kara doge na…

Geet glare at him when he said job hi body ache nehi tha oh hogaya itna maar khane se kaise patni mila hain kaise marti hain paati ko..

Geet murmur nautanki ….Maan make face when geet said aapko waise saram nehi aayi maar khane mein..

Maan:- kya kare aab…m most obedient husband u know….sudh hindi mein Jaru ka Gulam

Geet :- u r useless hopeless….n said aab sochiye gharwale ko kya kahenge kyuon ki I will say them the truth n they will decide what to do…btw m going to take bath n ur count down start now…

Maan pout almost but then start to think  sply how to stop his devil wife opps who is devil ?

Maan was busy in thinking when he suddenly notice the sliteouhte of geet at their transparent bathroom , she forgot to cover the curtain , she is so innocent sometimes n he smirk wickedly….


(Hugs n Lots Of Luv n Thanks Tanu for this beautiful Banner for this Chapter ) 

Geet was taking shower when she felt some hush sound , she thinks something else n was applying soap when maan bolt the knock n humed Roothna na janna tumse kahotoh …

Geet look shocked n said aap iha…Maannn..Maan who smirk n came close to her n said ha jaan mein iha jaha geet uha maan..Geet closed her eyes n said pls maan har waqt aapko when Maan said in do chor akhon mein toh kuch aur kaha pls maan aap mujhe har waqt kyuon nehi pyaar karte…

Geet’s eyes turn wide n cheeks full red when maan said

Me in aankho me jo rahu to

Geet :-aap besharam lafange ho gaye ho….

Tum ye jano ya na jano

 Tum ye mano ya na mano

Maan hummed again when his finger caress her cheek sensually…

Mere jaisa diwana tum paoge nahi

Geet turn n try to hold the bathrobe when maan humed

Yaad karo ke me jo na hu to

The Bathrobe fall from her hand n she turned swiftl n said maan aap iha..pls don’t star blackmaling me

Now go out n give me some space..u know u seriously need some solid scolding from mom dad …

Meri ye diwanagi kabhi na hogi kam

 Jitne bhi chahe tum kar lo sitam

Geet almost slapped her head n said Babaji pls maan.then turn n pull the curtain when maan hummed with same wicked smirk

Mujh se bolo ya na bolo

 Mujh ko dekho ya na dekho

 Ye bhi mana mujhse

 Milne aaoge nahi

Geet  didn’t reply n said aaj se aap guest room mein rahenge…but maan replied

Sare sitam haske me sahu to

Suddenly geet gasped as Maan hold her tightly against his hot tough hard wet body n slammed his lip with her…she didn’t even have to protest the touch is so passionate n her body reacts immediately…

Prem ke dariya me lehre hazar

 Lehro me jo bhi duba

 Huwa wohi paar


(Hugs n Lots Of Luv n Thanks Tanu for this beautiful Banner for this Chapter ) 

When maan’s finger sensually caressing or said playing with her body as if playing instrument n making new song…..she felt like floating with maan’s love …when maan’s lips n finger give her new meaning of love her full body received numerous affection love as if he is worshipping her…n making her float in this new river of love or passion of sky…

Unchi nichi nichi unchi

 Nichi unchi unchi nichi

 Lehro me tum dekhu kaise aaoge nahi

 Me in lehro mai jo rahu to

Maan hummed again n make her look at him with love filled eyes but that eyes was drugged with his passion n her own confusion….he hold her tightly then n said u know what geet..Its not simple Se* or even making love whenever I touch u its feel like worshipping u…giving u the love u deserve….its not only action its my one way but there r many other way is that I wanna show u how muh I love u…

Ruth na jana tum se kahu to

 Me in aankho me jo rahu to

Geet gasped its not simple words when maan hummed

Mere jaisa diwana tum paoge nahi

Maan replied our love is not only bind by this..I do naughtiness to see ur affection ur anger ur rights over me ur bossiness as I loved those side of urs….I can’t say u how much I loved to play with u tease u love u ….yes its went wrong this time as I make u little worried n Maan just hold his ears…when geet nodded no n freed his hand n slam her lips with him….she kissed him dearly then said u don’t have to say ur acton always said u love me..I have never felt this lucky this blessed like to have u as my Life partner as my Saathi….I thank them mrs n mr handa for choosing u for me n I love u for loving me for accepting me as ur Saathi…n both drown in their love world where they make love their moaned fill the bathroom the streamy bathroom turn more streamy…where maan’s hand took support from one of the wall n geet’s leg encired his waist tightly…when her hand hold him tightly …..his lips writing their love at her body when her head throw at ectasy…..

They forget world they forget everything just remember them…..

Precap :-

Hua hain aaj pehli baar from sanam re

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept

Hope u all will like this chapter

Pls read & Do Comments

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Love u all lots



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