Chapter 15 of Road To Love & Beyond 2


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She cried KUWAR SAAAAAAAAAAAA,pls open ur eyes pls ur sona will listen ur every words, pls don’t punish me like pls u can hate me u can ..she lost her words n mumbling n hugging his head like her life depends on there….

She thought some help will come but nothing ….

She sobbed there n trying to find some help but its seem no where, she prayed to almighty but nothing came , she is loosing hope n she feared for his safety… she holds him tightly with her bosom n praying constantly but nothing she got.. she felt scared she hugged his head dearly n praying for some miracale when she heard some sound but at first she felt scare to the core…

She thought who r they , what sound those r, r they friend security guards or enemy

When she prayed hard n may ber her prayer got her ans but then she was scared if they r comng back then she hold maan more tightly n looking here n there n then find out & she took a rod to protect her kuwar sa but to her surprise when she notice that person n cried in joy n despraration..DADI Sa , her Dadi sa n Sugandha was there…n along with few guards , all look horrified ..Dadi sa said GEET…then said take Damad sa now then cover Geet with a shawl…..but geet was shivering more ….her hand tightly hold by kuwar sa n vice versa , they didn’t leave even that moment….Dadi sa notice it but want to say something but again thought it will be not the right time so let it go.

On the way , Geet hold maan close to her n keep praying for his safety….she begged little ago infront of her DADI Sa to save her kuwar sa..she can do anything….for his safety..its like her dadi sa turn angel in disguise ..she can’t think n thank enough of Dadi sa , she prayed to GOD,.. Hey Bhagwan pls save my kuwar sa..pls GOD…


They reached Sisodia  Estate n near the Sisodia Nursing home ….Dadi sa already has informed n they quickly attend Maan n admit him….their owner future king ….Geet was also injured when dadi sa asked about it, she said pls save her dadi sa n hugged her..

First time Dadi sa after long felt something deep, she hugged her back n said don’t worry, he will be fine..n u r Rajput , u shouldn’t share n show ur emotions like this, hold urself , u have to be strong…have faith in GOD…

Geet look lost but nodded, she don’t know or neither want to understand certain things now she just want him to be fine …

She sat there infront the temple inside the nursing home…they were operating him but she careless she don’t get manything as if her life stop, world stop infront of this all.. she just praying from her heart with every feeling she has for him….

She has closed her eyes n remember those moments good or bad. How he treat her always like angel for him, always like princess queen for him…her happiness matter most…for her smile , he did everything….he took her blame indifference . he even took those hit for her n her honor..

She sighed n prayed for anything , she just want him to be fine…

Her in laws joined her parents joined but she doesn’t care , they asked her to get treated but she didn’t budge when her Sister try , she said I have said once n will nt repeat..n first time all witnessed firm strict voice…they know Maan & Geet meants lots for each other but this is…

Dr came out n said 72 hrs as blood loss huge n need to monitor the head injury which was looking fatal….Maan’s dadi sa moaned in pain when Geet didn’t hear anything just concentrate on her prayer….

Dr , parents in law , all req…but nothing affecting they try to force when she turn violent n said she will do something drastic ….when dadi sa asked others to not intervane ..Arya reached there also…even Rimita when all asked , Rimita said she is friend of Maan….

Hrs passing but its seem era , a decade…1 day , 2 day they felt tense nothing is going good where they can’t even move Geet ..whenever they tried she turn viloent….they never witnessed their calm timid geet like this…..70 hrs passed when they said Maan is out of danger….

Arya sat besides Geet n informed her same but nothing seems going inside her ..she keep praying n chating for her kuwar sa’s well being when Arya instruct at Rimita who nodded n n inject something on Geet’s hand who said Kuwarrr sa…then see at  Arya with accuse fill eyes …

Arya can take anything but can’t see his darling sister will engulfed her death like this..she is stubborn n equally naïve stupid….possessive for her kuwar sa…he chuckled after scooping her body n went to admit her to another cabin for further treatment….

He will not let her play with her life…n even Maan..this two r equally crazy …..

Everyone from their family don’t know what to say or think…they moved by this sudden accident…sply Yash as who was with them before they left the office ..they were happy so much glowing with the success their togetherness..he felt burn near his eyes…he wish if he can undo certain things….

They check geet’s wound n give her medicine for sleeping….where Maan’s treatment going on ,,though he is out of danger but still they have to wait for maan’s waking up ..

Its pass 3 days n n in between , family member n dr witnessed something Divine….yet so passionate…they can feel it…..they know Maan & Geet felt for each other but that is so deep yet so passionate they never realized it ago.

Maan’s eye open for few moments n he called Sona, Sona , even in half conscius or semi conscius way he keep saying sona , sona sona…

There Geet whenever she is waking up just said kuwar saaa mujhe unke passsss jnnnaaa hain..pls…kuwarrrrr sa….those words those ..     cruel remarks on her n her kuwar sa..she suddenly snapped her eyes n cried kuwarr then lost conscious..Arya called dr who assured him its more due to shock when Rimita also said sam..there Geet’s Dadi sa suspect Rimita n her Grandson’s relationship but didn’t say anything…


its  2 days more pass..& finally get got conscious & Geet didn’t say anything at first n try to adjust then noitce at Arya n dr who checked her up when Geet remember what happen with her n she said u did it bhai sa…y bhai sa, mein , mujhe uha unke paas jana hain bhai sa…when someone said jo Arya ne kaha or kya sahi kya…..then she turn n find her kuwar sa is there … she smiles she cried then suddenly jump when her drip pull her , she felt the pain ….before Arya n Maan can say anythng she just removed it n ran n jump almost on Maan , hugged him tightly n cried there..Kuwar saaa.. she was out of word she was just feeling relief to see him n talking to her , even if its scolding she can take anything…..Dr cough n said Her Highness when Arya said dr excuse them pls n don’t let it go out..Dr nodded with affectionate smiles…

Arya look at maan who blink n Arya leave them in privacy for couple of minutes..At out side he thnk GOD for none of the family member r  present…as Geet ..he chuckled….

There at inside Geet look at maan who smiles but then again got hug from geet who mumble something again …Maan chuckled but then with heavy voice said m fine sona n caress her head lovingly…She look at him with her teary eyes n said aapko itna chot laagi, dr ne kaha …she got hiccup when maan try to called dr or attendence but geet again hugged him n said u know how I was died each moment from that time….every moment was living hell for me…u know how I felt…Kuwar sa……she hugged again …she mumble something more when he try to say something more but soon he felt her going limp , he look panic n called Sona, Geet then shouts Arya….n try to hold as Geet loose the balance about to fall when Maan hold her but couldn’ n maan pulled himself more to safe her from hurting the ground…

Arya enter n look shocked, he quickly hold Geet when Maan try to hold her also….Arya said maan relax I wil but maan snapped don’t u see, she has collapsed n she …before Arya can say anything maan hold her n almost scoop her …..Arya murmur both r crazy ….Gone case..then push the emergency button when dr n nurse came…..they  were worried for maan as his stiches opened but he was careless ….Geet loose her conscious cause of stress dehydretion lots of stress. its cause a panic attack…

Dr stich Maan’s wound again n warned him for moving much or take any weight for time being….& about geet , as she need to be stress free …when Maan has full doubt she will be as he knew how she will react now…..

Arya came later n inform family member will come to visit at evening ….that day Maan try to sleep which he get due to medicine n Geet was also sleeping…At evening during visiting hours geet opened her eyes but didn’t able to talk with Maan but found Arya’s glare n even her kuwar sa look not happy though they didn’t say anything…

She look at her dadi sa then remember something but that was faintly , her Dadi sa helped her n save her kuwar sa , she will never forget it….n now also she didn’t show any rudeness…but she still look skeptical from her…..she look at her MAsa n hugged her to gather some courage….

She needs the warmth of love n care .she is scared but not for herself but for her kuwar sa…she cried there silently almost try to surpress the pain but her kuwar sa know her , he immidiately look at her with worried eyes but she assured her by blinking eyes ..this all notice by Geet’s Dadi sa , who was keenly watching them then smiles to herself…

She chuckled as she remember something else then asked Geet how is she ?

After visitng hours all left except Arya who was staying there ….he want to discuss something with Maan but being with geet same cabin seems next to impossible but then they have to wait but how long ?

Geet look at maan with potuing face n murmur something then have the medicine with grt difficulty…Arya chuckled to see the drama …Maan;s one glare did the work ..but least he know how maan now have to pamper her ……

Arya cough n said maan …need to talk..Geet almost about to jump n say but then close her mouth n again murmur something..

Maan nodded when arya show him something…


This msg decoded by our security n this is the wireless system was there at the place from where Dadi sa resuced u n Gudiya..

Maan look at the thing then said sona…Who look at him n said hmmm

Have u seen that day anything but notice her shivering to hear it, maan said Arya will talk about this later….Arya nodded …

2days later dr came …  n inform about some more test though maan is reocvering well still they need to be sure..Geet is now more often doing all work for maan..helping him , feeding him….he like this pamper but something is missing…Geet also has few test

There Arya notice them together n felt relief to see them fine but he can’t forget those moments when he heard about it then after operation what dr has said about Maan n Geet’s condition during that time…

He felt someone knocked out his breath from his lungs..he felt terrible helpless ….Maan was unconscious…his head injury serious ..he has one broken arm…has deep cut at stomach n back…there his sister didn’t have anything just praying….when they have later admit her they found how stress full she was…she has low blood pressure n it was danger…her suger level also decrease…

He shudder to think this…those cut on her hand n back….what they have face ..what happen there ? then he got those msgs …..he still needs ans… how his dadi ma reached there, who has attacked them, what they want n the premises r under Sisodia state then…he sighed as he can’t get those ans..he need to know ..he has already asked their security to be tripple n asked to investigate the matter…..he is scare n he is angry, if he came to know about the truth n who r behind them then….


Inside the cabin , geet was looking at maan lovingly, she caress his head then took his hand n stay there…she has lived nightmare …she don’t know y someone attack them ? who r they but she know her kuwar  sa fought like real warrior  to save her…she can still feel goosebump whenever she remember those , she shudder inside ..then she remember that cottage n those moment of their closeness but she quickly shurrgged it off.

She look at her kuwar sa ..she notice those bandage those difficulty in moving ..those headache, she felt so horrible, she couldn’t able to do anything , anything to lessen his pain …she bite her lips she can’t control her tears which threatn to fall ..she took deep breath n hold herself n ame herself remember that she have to be strong not weak , she have to be strong for maan her kuwar sa….

She got discharge from there that evening itself but she didn’t move she stay there n help maan…

2days later maan’s MRI test happen ….but till the result come they can’t say anything…

2 days more pass n result came which has nothing to worry…but maan need to be stress free n in rest now….his right hand broken n it will take 3 months to heal completely….n few wounds on his back also needed time.his leg alos has slight injury.other than this he is fine….stiches r healing fast…Dadi sa (Maan’s ) came n feed maaneet…she helped them..evening time Geet’s masa came..another day maan’s masa….Both Maaneet got lots of pamper when they enjoyed it but apart from this whenever maaneet were alone ,maan was trying to sleep..

Geet want to speak, chat with him but..then she thought may be he needs rest after this…as Dr also prescribed it.

Before the discharge, Maan asked arya to bring all neccassary files as he forgot about those when Arya nodded his head n Geet seephishly smiles ..

Maan look confuse n said its my fault I forgot about it , geet why u r smiling what happen ?

Arya said ur sona has went n bring them already…..

Maan remember yesterday he has missed geet n thought she might be went to Palace but then…its risky n she took…but before he can say anything she give him a glass of juice n medicine n said they r fine with Baba Maharaj n I have plenty of security..I had to go ..I know I didn’t inform but I had to pack our clothes…

Maan retort but u have taken huge risk there r plenty Lackey out there to pack our clothes , n before going out u didn’t think to inform me n now u said u know that , what does it mean GEETAKShi…

Geet look shocked when Arya leave the cabin…Geet fumed n pout angrily n said Hukum its not my fault if I think for my husband n his well being…anyway I don’t like anyone else than myself will pack my n my husband’s clothes….

Maan said but I have packed n then stopped as Geet give me r u out of ur mind look…

Geet said u have hit really well in ur head then took the glass n wipes his lips when maan said mein kar but got glare from geet…who said I don’t like someone else will touch my n ur clothes..I didn’t inform u as u were sleeping then I don’t want to make u panick  n now I think I took right decision n ur files those r imp …I can’t give all responsibility of my husband to anyone else…I know it might be riskly but I can take n face anything for u…

Maan can see something deep ….then geet said my husband said couple of weeks ago that I have right on him I can take any decision for him n his work…I can help him as his better half but then those r , anyway hukum we will move tomorrow so have some sleep when maan hold her n said Sona…..m ur kuwar sa ..

Geet look at him with mist eyes n said then m ur sona only , u called me….

Maan chuckled to see the kid in  her n said m sorry…but soon geet shook her head n said m sorry..I should but when maan cut her n said I got it …but u know I am still worried…Geet place her face on his chest n said I am still even scared..when maan at first started as his bare chest got the touch of her soft cheek…n even slight brush of her lips which she was not aware…

But then when he heard next sort of words , he was in his protective mode n said sona shshh m here na nothng will happen to u…Geet wipes her tears like kid n said m not worried for myself but for u…u know…..I but then chocked n just hugged him…

Maan can guess the pain she endured cause of, he vowed to go bottom of it then said sona .Geet look down but didn’t’ say anything…..when maan said I will take care of them don’t worry..nothng will harm us any more hmm..Geet nodded when maan said just trust me..Geet said I trust u more than anythng kuwar sa..

Maan smiles back …

When geet said kuwar sa, Maan caress her face with his good hand n said hmm sona..who said I got ermm I heard something..

Maan look confuse when geet narrated what happen that day when maan was unconscious


Abc…his highness pls give ur location..

Geet look confuse she try to locate the thing which is buzzing…she try to grab it but couldn’t move much…she tried again n then try to handle it but then nothing happen…

Flashback end

Geet look down n said I was scared n don’t know how to handle it was..

Maan nodded then said its ok when geet nodded no n sad I am sorry I thought they might be but then I was confuse . just want to save u by any chance… or any how…

Maan sighed then said sona…its ok..u r not at fault…Its …actually I never thought something like this will happen n…..

Then little pause n maan said that was  satalite phone ,that was from our security….its not ur fault…..hmm..

Geet nodded gingerly when she said again but how they have aware…

Maan sighed n said I have inform them…Geet asked but our phone..Maan said was broken &  Where we have stayed that was out place but we have spl underground place n satelite n intercom things n manything more thing through which ..Geet nodded as she remember those sign when maan continued I have tried previous night but didn’t help much n next day….I did it but then its …

When can’t gasped those thing n said OMG but how then remember how easily he has roamed n those medicine hot water… sahe asked for that u have easily access ….omg then but u didn’t want to enter but later…

Maan chuckled then said I want to be assure fully….I don’t know but …n those things I got easily cause we had care taker when geet asked but where is the caretaker we didn’t see…

Maan didn’t say anything but think.something is wrong then remember next day scene that deadbody…without someone from inside..

Geet said some where from inside …Maan nodded then said they can’t enter our place those r protected…n this….something is big missing..Geet nodded then said yes something n I have to ask amnythings also , u hide from me.but kuwar sa I am scared if they do that again MAan said now we r preparaed geet nothing will me..

Geet nodded but said u hide me things Maan look confuse but then geet said u need rest now…..then settled him well n caress his head n said have some sleep…Kuywar sa we will talk later….

Maan smiles back with affection she is bundle of cutenss joy everything for him but then dose off ..


Welcome Back

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  2. Wow yaar reading it was like watching a movie. the narrative was such that i could see it happening in front of the eyes 🙂 loved it. yeah the suspense in Intact and like Maaneet we are all yet to know who,how,when needs to be answered 🙂 🙂 Aryan is too right Maaneet are completely crazy. for the first time Geet’s daadisa is different. waiting to see whats in store

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    Ch 15 – very lovely part. Geet was scared that maan got attacked. Glad that dadi came on time to save maan and helped geet. Glad that dadi took care of both maan and senseless geet. She should thank dadi for saving both. Arya was suspicious about the attack. Geet told maan about the convo she heard. Good to see their immense love for each other.

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    after getting conscious geet just jumped to hug maan without caring about hr drip arya send everyone out yo gave privacy yo couple
    but geet get unconscious again he called arya but scoops gert in his arm and his stiches get opens arya press emergency button all staff came in and treated maan and geet
    maan want to know about his attacks details
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    but after some day geet get discharge but still their fr maan he have broken arm which take 3 months to heals daadi sa’s not showing any rudeness ro geet still they want to know how she comes their geet told about some weird sounds maan told its his security

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