Chapter 3 of Camouflage



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But maan heard when geet realized n bite her tongue but maan said u have sharp tongue n within moments her lips slammed by him…  Geet try to protest but her attempt futile ….he almost ate her supple lips ermmm makes love ….her fist hold his t-shirt badly when he make her paste with  his hard body when his another hand squeezing her buttock tightly …she almost moaned ahhhh maaannnnnn….but maan almost took her there where her both legs entagnled with his waist n tightly holding her with him …..he paste her with wall when his mouth decending from her mouth n fall on her shoulder , both of them r panting badly when geet try too look gather her voice but felt kiss on her shoulder…then on her lips again when she felt herself moving along with him…his hardness poking her….n he is not innocent he is grinding n making her more wet…he make her lie on the bed when she felt him leaving his mouth….she was panting n feeling like heavy , her eyes felt dizzy with this kind of passion..she never ever felt when his lips adoring her face to neck then whispering sweet nothing…she turn pink to red when he hold her close to him…she look at him n felt blush n rush of heat in side her belly n turn when he smirk n slowly come top of her….his finger playing with her  back…as if its some strument n he is making some song…every note of some feeling…she moaned basss kijiye but received numerous wet kisses there when she moaned MAANNN plsss…

He smirk n get up little then bite her spine little n make her hiss in pain n pleasure …he bend n lick the area ..she heard him closing the door..she look down the place where he sat n caress the area but then drugged with his love , she closed her eyes but later found him coming n wrapped him with her there up is bare but they got mingled with each other n finally they dose off to deep sleep…

Next day, maan was out for some work n geet felt something is missing..well she can’t stop her work, as time is going fast..  she continue her work…there maan went for the tour for his office for couple of days but his mind is far away..he scold himself for loosing the control…

Geet was eating her food alone n cursing maan for not coming….she can’t sleep from past 1 week…not cause of that night but she is not having any kind of fondness or longing but she wanna beat him…she is having difficult night….all cause of him…she is having Roti with Bhindi Raita when maan’s father came n said are wah Geet Bhindi raita…Geet smiles then said baaareee shaahhab aappp loge…

Maan’s father said no beta..I don’t like raita iye toh maan ka fav hain…

Geet almost got hiccup n look shocked beyond imagination…

Another day she serve all when her father said from when u have start eating chilly…

Maan’s father notice whn geet frown but maan’s father said rehene do na. usse agar accha lage waise bhi oh toh maan ki tarh nehi chilly khake teekha bolega…

Geet pouts n pushed it but maan’s father said are we were joking tere chote shahab ke baare mein kuch nehi nehi bola humne..

She pouts more n murmur mujhe kya aap unhe taana maree iya bole..

Maan’s father chuckled when geet’s father said chal aab khana suru kar….she try to have the chilly but then remember its maan’s fav she pouts n push it her father look at her….

She try to have her food without it but then take it…her father chuckled at her antics….

Her father notice her irriatate something is bothering her ..even heard her talking to herself.

She was sleeping late one day when her father called her n wake her up from deep slumber but she looks irritate n stated that she was feeling sleepy…

Her father scold her which make her cry bucket…Geet’s father look worried n shocked as she never cried like this but ….

Later geet went for grocery market, when a young woman said how she didn’t get y she was sleeping so late….but later she said this to her MIL who asked when she has last period n then they gguess she was pregnant but she was little skeptical so shed asked her husband for those pregnancy test kit n its confirmed then  dr check up…they giggled n more chatted but Geet found soil from her feet lost…she quickly ran from there when vendor shouts from behind are behenji aap ka sabji are ajeeb hain….

Geet ran inside with heavy breath..her face is burning she quickly went inside her room..she is panting badly…she checked her calender yes she missed periods no she didn’t its just late 2 days what is wrong with her she is looking really tensed…then curse khottta da puttar sab uske wajah se , dussshhhttt dannaavvv…

She felt sick suddenly she felt like vommitting n ran to wards bathroom…

She was irritated that day more..her face showing it..when her father said if she felt tired then she should take rest….n she quickly remember that conversation which she heard at market during pregnancy woman felt tired n sleepy..she look at her father with moist eyes….

When both her n maan’s father look alarm n her father said y she has such mood swing if anything happen ,then she can tell…she again remember mood swing , woman sometimes turn irritatated n felt like crying she burst out in tears n ran from there…

After lots of cajoling she stop her crying but looks sad..when maan’s father asked her to take rest, she agreed.. later at night she again cried n when next day maan called at home she screamed curse him….mein pregnanttttt apkka wajay se when Maan said kya phaltu ke baat bol rehe ho..Geet mujhe ulti ho rehiiii haaaaain mein ma n aurrrrrrr aap baap….

Maan :- kuch sunai nehi de raha hain patalo ki tarah chillao mat will back by evening…she cruse more as she assume he did it intentionally..n when he come back , he felt relax after long time home sweet home sply his fab person will be here….

His father greet him when he beamed with smiles n said I missed u…then notice Geet n said I missssseeddddd uuuuu alllllll…

His father laughed n think this is expression of joy when Geet pouts angrily n glare at him ..He took the sarbat glass but almost puke as it has too much salt…..when his father asked , he accused geet for putting salt but his father scold him ..

Even later during snacks time his tea has mirchy….he gritted his teeth n glare at her ..

But his father again scold him for scaring her…then he got to know how she was not well from past few days…

He look tensed… n later corner her but she ignored him again…

She wipes her tears….n said don’ booooother urseeeelf…

He look confused but then asked iye toh sach ke asoon hain koi onion cutting nehi pichli baar ki tarah but soon said ouch as a potato hit his head….

She looks angry n fuming her nose turn red…when he shouts bachao bachaoooo.bacchaoo

Geet’s father came n maan’s father when maan said khoon kar dia mere , …

Maan’s father asked kya hua n maan said aapke laadli itni bara patthar uthake mere sar phod dia…Geet’s father look shocked …..

Geet said maineeeeeee kuchhhhhh nehiiii kyaaaa….

Maan showed all the potato when geet’s father scold geet but maan’s father just laughed n said choro iye maan bhi na bachapna nehi gaya aatehi bechari ke piche par gaye..

Maan look shocked n said bechari oh bechari aapko apke bete bechara nehi dikhta…

Maan’s father accha tune kya .. Maan meinneee mein kuch nehiii..

Maan’s father  look at me n bol Maan whined but usne iye pheke meri taraf uska kuch nehi…

Maan’s father kk usne  pheka but tune kya ..

Maan look here n there when maan’s father repeat question but maan didn’t reply..

Geet’s father said shahab ji, he might be missing his aid…

Maan’s father shook his head when geet said nehiiiii unhonneee nikaallll diaaaa abhiiii..

Geet’s father glare at him but geet said meinnneee dekhaaa….unhone hear aid nikal dia 

Geet’s father said maafi mang n chal aapna kaam kar…

Geet pout again when maan smirk n show her tongue but got angry glare n that time she threaten her with knife by mistake n maan shouts

Bacha o bacchaooo chaku chaku daku rani hain gundi…..

Geet look shocked n hide the knife when maan’s father pull maan n geet’s father geet..both got scolding for being childish…

There at night.. geet was watching sky….. when maan come from behind n shouts ahhhhhhhhhh…

Geet look scared then twist her nose n said darrraaa kyuonnnn reheeee hain aap….

Maan didn’t ans when geet look at him curiously..but he turn to another side…..she murmur aab kyaaaa huaaa inheee,, dekhaaa wapas aaye n pareshaan karnaa suruuuu kar diaaaa mujheeee..she called him suniyeeee choteee shahaabbbbb…

But not response n she murmur hey baba ji…she ran behind him n poke his shoulder which he shurgged it off n said neela neela ambar….

Geet mein ihaaaa paresshaaan hoonnn aur iye dekho  kaise gannnnaa ga reheeee hain…

when he sing mein paresshaaan pareshaan 

She said aab kya karu when he turn n make her startled ..but he wrapped her with him n make him shocked…

She try to wriggled n freed herself then showed her anger cutely..when he also make faces….but suddenly she narrowed her eyes then leaned on him n mke him shocked..

He hold her n said kya karti hoon..jab bahon mein leti hoon ho dur bhagati hoon n now , what is ur problem….ha…..tumhe kya lagta hain kaise lerka aise idea kaha se hey bhagwan dekhiye aajkal ke lerkiya kitna dangerous hain kitna pervert ho gaye hain

Geet stromed her feet n turn to go when suddenly felt dizzy about to fall but maan hold her….He clutch her close to him then look at her tired face..her face look tensed , her neck fill with sweat n he just scoop her …

He make her sit on her lap then give her glass n said r u fine now ?

She look at him accusingly….he look at her then wipes those sweat n slowly opne the string…….

She look horrified but maan seems careless now..she try to say something but he seems didn’t mind anything …she try to hold him but he make her lie n open her back n loose her top then moved her pallu n said now sit here…Geet look confuse but maan come with wet towel n slowly rub it near her neck shoulder n chest almost when geet jumped …..

Geet hold her blouse n said whattt r uuuu doingggg…

Maan look confused….but then ignore n took her near to his arms n freed her from her saree n said u need bath atleast now….

But geet took oppositely n said I took bath every monring n evening…

Maan said kya….

Geet look at angrily..when maan said kya subha se suru kya kabhi phone pe kabhi samne kiss baat kar problem hain…..

Geet start crying….almost when maan hold her n shhh shhh geet kya kar rehe ho….chup chup, kya hua iye hyper kyuon ho…..she look at him fumingly n took the phone n said mein then suddenly closed her mouth n went to bathroom n vomit when maan ran behind her….After sometimes when geet was sleeping n maan was keep patting her back ….he took his phone n call someone….then look at geet n kissed her forehead…..

Next day when maan found geet was still sleeping….he felt tension n went to meet her….but didn’t wake her up as his father also said same….Maan said he will call dr..maan’s father nodded n patted his back for doing something good…


He went to meet her when she look tired n said kya hua abhi bhi feeling not good…

Geet glare at him n sat quietly ..Maan shook his head n said iye har baar mujhe glare karne problem solve hoga…Geet look at him n said sab aapke wajay se….

Maan :-meri wajay se meine kya kya..

Geet whineed aapne kya isliye mein ulti kar rehi hoon..oh log bhi kehethe hain issi halat mein aise hota hain..

Maan look more confused when she said u did isliye mujhe ulti ho rehi hain..

Maan :-kya ..Geet nodded cutely , u did isliye mujhe sleepy feel har time hota hain..

Maan :-kya bak rehi hoon…

Geet glare at him n said mein bak nehi rehi hoon..aapne aapne sab kuch kya when maan look more shocked n geet said ulti hora hain

Maan replied :- food poision

Geet  :-sar ghum raha hain

Maan:-BP low hain

Geet :- feeling sleepy n tired..

Maan:- exhausted …Geet app dr nehi ho  but maan smirked n got beat by geet who said mein pregnant hoon…

Maan shouts kyaaaa……Geet nodded n said for this ulti horaha hain meineee usse din bolllaa aapko par…

Maan:-ulti hone ma baap hoteee hain ……Geet look red n said ussss dinnnnn ..Maan smirk kya hua ussss dinnnn..She leaned on her bed post when maan’s nose nuzzled her cheek..she try to push him but his closeness….she said aap mujheee oh laaaa doooo…..

Maan didn’t hear just bend to kissed her neck n sucking those tender spot….Geet hissed with pleasure….then said plssss maannnnnn pregnannncccyyy kitttt chaiyeee….

Maan again didn’t respond.. when geet with deep breath hold his face n said suniyeee meri baattt …go n bring PREGNANCY KITTTTt first..

Maan look confuse then got it n look shocked n jumped from the bed…he screamed…R U MADDDD…

Geet whinned u r mad u r idiot u r dumbo u r duffer…for u…mein ma aur aap baap…

Maan :-kya ulta seedha bol rehe ho…..

Geet :-aap bol rehe ho…aap kar dia ulta seedha n mujhe ulti..

Maan sighed n try to reason with her when he finally accept defeat n said kkk kk…now closed ur mouth…..GOD…

the continued Geet do u have common sense…..uss din aise kuch nehi hua..

Geet slapped his arm n said kuchhh nehi hua aapne itna kuch , mere spinnee mein..

Maan :- tumhare spine mein kya..

Geet look red n blushed when maan said mein kata tha We didn’t make out n go completely….

Do u have proper knowledge or kaam ka chakkar mein dimag ghum gaya….

Geet look red with anger n embarraed when maan said dr ke pass chalo aur dimag ka treatment karao…

Geet said I will sueeeeeee u….u breach the contract when maan look again shocked ..he said idiot woman..then went out…. Maan brought out pregnancy kit n said with one condition..

Geet fumed n maan said u will go to dr..listen other wise u will not get them….

Geet fumed more….n glare at him..

They opps geet found the result negative when maan smirk but took her with him..they went to dr….n result is Geet is having food posiionin badly…along with low BP n Spondylitis…she pouts then asked maan y she was having craving for all his fav food….

Maan smirk n both come back…

Geet slept after taking the medicine n light soup….

Maan inform about this their father when bothlook tensed…they asked about her well being n asked if there is nothing serious….Maan assured them..

Later at night maan slide besided geet who turn n snuggled into his arms…Maan smiles n kissed those pouty lips gently n said after long time….

Next day, maan come back from office n found her sipping something….Maan sat besides her n try to check her forehead but she snapped..he asked her about her health but she snapped  again…. Maan try to hold her hand when she screamed DADDDDIIII MAAA…Maan look horrified .

Geet get up from there…she did small chores when maan helped her…Maan’s father look happy as first time he was involving there geets father look horrified n want to help but got reply from maan..ur help will make the work took 1yrs so let me do….

Geet  mixed chilly again but maan ate it …..she stromed her foot…..

Night maan try to slide but geet pushing him n finally maan hold her tightly n bring her beneath him…, he said sorry baba itna gussa kyun..

Geet look away when maan said uss din kuch nehi hua tha.u know….Geet said u came back again n I clearly remember we…..

Maan :- we didn’t do anything more than opps kaise bolu Geet…that day…I went out to make sure something u know then come back but didn’t go fully…we were bare only by top not bottom samjh kyuon nehi aata tumhe….

Geet look surprise then said we didn’t do…Maan slapped his forehead n said no…we don’t have time for those things Geet….she look at him n then look down when he said don’t feel sad its not ur fault..I make u exhuasted by that so u didn’t remember it clearly n in tension u….

Geet suddeny get up n said m idiot..Maan chuckled n said well that can say….just listening few…u come to this conclusion…Geet noddd no but with their conclusion my symptom..

Maan cupped her face n said u r innocent n naïve too much….how could u choose this work….u should consult with dr..

Geet :-I cn’t take risk…

Maan:- Geet itni jaldi koi pregnant asie nehi hote….tumhe kya ho gaya kyuon ..Geet look down n said I was scared didn’tttt think….

Maan sighed n hugged her n said mere pagli…



Ek pagal lerka aur ek pagal lerki…

 U  idiot dikhai nehi deti mein so rehi thi…

ahhhaaannn kya nawab shaheeeensah hain iye sooooo reeeehe hain dophere takkkkk

Hope u all like it

Sorry for any mistake pls read this part carefully…

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Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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  1. awesum update
    loved it

  2. stupid geet food poison pregnant good maan solved problem

  3. Awesome loved the update maan too smarty love it

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