ll Tangled ll Maaneet SS Chapter 2


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   Geet was walking with some file but suddenly collided n fall on something hard she at first look shocked then stunt …..She look down n found her devil husband n smirking at her …she hated it yet loved it..GOD what is wrong with her. She don’t get it quite but then shrugged it off ..she try to get up but he hold her ..Before she can understand anything her saree freed from her body ..her eyes turn wide but maan look busy with something else…She try free herself when maan make her stand….She try to close herself but maan took her hand try to rub his hand all over …she try to wriggled out but couldn’t n finally she pushed him…

She has tears in her eyes….n said how dare u …Maan look confused n before he could say anything got tight slap then again another about to get third one when maan hold her hand , His eyes spitting fire n said what the F*** u r doing…

Geet was fighting with herself n her tears n said What u r doing with me….who gave u right to …..u BL**** n try to slap when maan pull her hand n hold her hand behind her back n said u have too much misconception Mrs khurana …..its u who fall on me…I can also say after seen me like this…..

Geet look at maan n seen his naked ermmm bare from top  …n wet also……guess he has taken bath but y he was wearing pant for it…for bath ppl need to nak** ermm..she shook herself n said U……make me wet wi….Maan smirk n said oh really so sacchin jaban mein aayi gaya ha jaanu…

Geet look confused but then got the meaning…she gulped her saliva n remember how she was pasted with him , his chiseled body has hold her with him like perfect shape…she said dekhiye

Maan :-I have seen enough n again geet found how her blouse n skirt clinging to her body n giving beautiful ermmm perfect of her body….she turn n covered her top by her hands when maan came behind her n cover her with some towel…

She can feels his smell engulfing her..she look down when maan said frm now check where u r going n what u have wore..

Geet turn n said What the F***

MAan yes what the F***…n took the  saree of her n then she notice  scorpion was lying dead..she gulped her saliva…Maan brought that saree near to her n said now think that I was opening this saree to have se* with u..as all men always think that ….

Geet pouts n said I was not….

Maan sarcastically smiles n said oh what u were not..like u have big assumption n think every men can be behind u as u have such Se** body n a hon ..Geet  throw a jug of water n said u b****

Maan pulled geet but both of them glaring each other….the simple incident can solve easily but thy will make everything tangled…

She murmur something n went to change but then notice herself n came out from the bathroom n said y u took bath with full clothes….

MAan look stunt n said wow such imp question for u so u came here half naked…

Geet was startled n  said what do u mean by this n got shocked when his rough lips slammed on her n getting passionate kiss….His hand roam over her back then to buttock n cupped it n make her moan….He entered inside her mouth n hold her close to him, her legs encircled his waist when her skirt jumbled up upto thigh but soon she found his hand going inside her thigh n fondling it lovingly…she sighed with the sensation…

But then she almost came there as his hand hold her panty n before she can do anything her panty ripped by her husband n her mouth seems free for few moments ..

She gasped as she found his finger found her wet place….she look shocked but he smirks devilish way n taking to the place of pleasure ..she moaned his name …when he leave her mouth but hold her whole throat for a good lick then kissing her upper chest the swell coming out from her blouse…She keep thrashing her head from there n here ….he increased his pace…She bite her lips she try to hold his hand but he hold them n make them pinned….He didn’t said anything other than doing magic with her…she buckled her hip as something is hitting her….she about to hit the O****** but he removed his finger ….to make it double ….n within moments she hit her first O***** ….but then he didn’t finished ..He keep circling her n make her come again…

She was flushed n look exhausted ….He look at her when she notice him sucking his finger as if tasting her..she gapsed but he smirks n said u really taste sweet & sour ..

Maan smirk to see her turning red n curling inside his body swiftly….

After 2 days geet try to avoid but its not possible, n she seems confuse with the thought that y its happening with her ,physical proximity is not new for her then. She don’t want to think but then what is wrong with her…she sighed n went out of her room….she notice her husband is taking sun bath n making his skin tan….

She felt like something hot inside her….she notice his long finger which was inside her then how his lips kissed her….she still has the mark on her upper chest…she clutched her suit ….

Maan was trying hard to control but not able..the cold shower the golf practice nothing helping him only remember her…how she moaned how she wriggled under him how her perfect body molded …when she screamed his name ….in pleasure those flushed look …n more her taste…

He cursed himself..damn….for the day he has seen her, he was thinking about her..during wedding during reception every moment he took to touch her like he possessed her….then those revelation …he himself don’t know about his behavior….

He just want to know what is wrong with him or then he said F*** it off…y running behind logic……He just want her….his need want desire everything is she…n then he heard some sound n bang the devil oops his se** wife is top of her……He was shocked the notice how she is clinging to him….

She try to get up but not able to do when maan said y ur here ….

Geet narrowed her eyes n said do u have problem ?

Maan smirk n said nope why I will have btw…  Mrs Khurana I don’t know u came here with salwar suit ..

Geet turn n retort what is wrong with salwar suit..

Maan leaned on him n said nothing is wrong..I like u with everything n even will like without everything …

Geet turn pink when maan’s lip give a quick lick on her ear n said I said about salwar  suit cause its swimming pool so dress will be like one piece two piece or nothing….

Geet pushed him n said u r incorrigible….Maan  smirk n said thank u baby….I know m too se** sply like this way n u loved to see n came …..u might be wet also hmmm..

Geet look stunt n eyes turn wide when maan replied pee loon teri teri….Geet turning crimson red with this ….she notice him sucking his finger with meaningful look .

She look down felt heat creeping upto her neck…she look at him n said with so called straight face ur admirer has call u…

Maan look at her when geet said the Dr….MAan look stunt but ten suddenly smirk make geet confuse….She try to moved but soon maan trick her n make her fall on him…she look at him shocked when he said so mrs khurana what has dr said….u didn’t say it…

Geet narrowed her eyes n said u stop tricking me n if u so much curious about ur admirer then u shouldn’t lay ur phone inside…now leave me  n about to move but maan hold her still there n said so mrs khurana is jealous..

Geet mocked him y I will be , if u want , then u can do anything  , even sleep with ur admirer ..

Maan rolled over n make her lie beneath him when heat make her face red along with eyes little moist…

He bends down but got stop as she said I said LEAVE ME NOW…

Maan smirks again n kissed her eyes then cheek then her lips n said I slept with my admires every day, every night…Geet look at him with slight anger when maan with smirk said I like her , infact u know I loved her taste its still..

Geet’s neck turning pink , she wriggled again when maan said I know that admirer of mine has noticed me always from upside..Geet look down but found her duppatta gone missing n the string of her kurti opening……She try to do slight protest but maan licked her ear lobe n huskily whisper I will handle Dr as I said u don’t worry.. Did she call u or try to anything…

Geet nodded no with soft moan…..Maan smirk but then geet said  but what will u do. Sleep wi….n got angry glare then yanked at her head to get rough kiss from her devil hubby…

She gasped with the intensity….but maan said I don’t sleep with every person…sec I said I will do handle her means not to go n have S** with her…third….We r married n we give each other few Vow so….

Maan look at her when she said but my past…Again another yanked n bite on her shoulder n said Past is past…Geet , remember one thing u R mine only mine…

Some where deep inside geet heard those lines from some song…

Pyaar Deewana Hota hain

Pyaar PagalPan hota hain

She can feel it….her kurti removed almost n her b** hook got ripped ….she look little scared when maan said beautiful as he is looking at her pinkish  nub..she felt her nub becoming hard when his nose nuzzle there n then soft peck , he said I will never let another human be it man or woman see u…ur every inch every thing r mine only…

Geet look at him one side feel good then said what about u..

Maan look at her with smirking expression n said I am urs baby….

Geet smiles when their bare top paste with each other creates current n their lips entwined with each other for making love…

Geet was feeling ecstatic as her one project completes…she look at her work n felt satisfied, she close down ….

She went to her bed oops their bed n found him sleeping on her site n more sprawling all over the bed…she said maan just give me the my side…Maan groaned didn’t say anything…

Geet tap his shoulder but same result when finally she poked n said give me my blanket …tugged it but maan said let me sleep , tab se bak bak bak bak….n turn away but geet pull it again geet pull it when maan finally get up n said what is ur problem ha …

Geet :-nothing…just go to ur side n give me place to sleep…

Maan :- what is ur side…last 2 days we u r sleeping on me with….

Geet look at maan with wide eyes n said u r incorrigible  …MAan smirk n took the blanket but then both keep pulling n finally then landed on each other…Maan smiles n said this is perfect..

Geet whined n said u always do this..  u  r not letting me sleep..U know…Maan smiles back n said really…but I didn’t do anything….

Geet pouts when maan smiles n removed her nighty only her bottom inner is there n soon he himself turn bare from top…

She giggled when his beard tickling her neck, shoulder ….he nibbled her jaw little then move n bending more to have the treasure ….she moaned  she wriggled yet she enjoyed….

Couple of days later, Geet got ready when maan came n smiles but she feels shy suddenly…Maan said y u r feeling shy, I have seen u from inside n know also well then..

Geet felt hurt first time n said no I am not feeling shy sply infront of u. now move….

Maan didn’t reply but continue to look at the phone…

Geet :- if u don’t wish to come then do let them know otherwise ur family might blame me…

Maan turn sharp n took hold of her hand n said if u look at ur behavior after ur wedding then do let me know how should my family behave with u…

Geet look angry then bite her lips n said yes sure all rule for us as man can easily move on from one relationship to another , as its only F****** change of body huh..now leave me…

Geet rubbed her cheeks then wash her face ..Both of them attend the party then went for dinner…she was having it silently when maan cough n said jaan

Geet didn’t respond….Maan hold her hand said I am sorry for my outburst I was …Geet said forget it…. Then continue her eating..Maan sighed….both of them came out when paparazzi of reporters caught them, they had to give pose as happy couple…

They entered inside limousine when maan said jaan but geet didn’t respond still..He sighed n hold the intercom n said inform when they will reach….n close the chamber ..

Geet look confuse but maan within moments hold her n make her straddling him n her lips pasting with him….he chew her lips then slowly sucking it….she try to wriggled out but not able to…she was gasping for air when he pulled her more close n said I am sorry jaan..Really..its not my intention to hurt but I was disturb about something..Geet look at him..

She was looking flushed from that kiss , even he was , his lips has her lips stick mark….she wipes them gently then look at his eyes n said if u want then u can share…

MAan closed  his eyes n said I can’t……n before he can say anything she went far away from him…

He cursed himself n her…he look away..both of reached when maan got the phone n said Dr Abc….n geet turn n give him accuse fill look…

Maan look away n entered inside but didn’t find her…He call GeetJaan..Geet…n then notice her looking at the vast sky……she didn’t turn but she know him n heard his voice …

Maan took sigh of relief n said jaan…when she spun around n smack his lips with her….He look shocked then respond well…..within min she was straddling him from the waist..

She was panting hard but he seems careless her upper portion bare n receiving many kisses n sucking….those area will be red…..Suddenly she stop him n freed herself…He look confuse n said what the F***….

Geet didn’t reply n quickly wipes the single tear n went inside……Maan moved his hair n said F***…this woman is crazy D**** crazy… he went behind her….She was standing inside the bathroom with gaping at the Jacuzzi when  he give her ear a kiss..

She look at him cutely..He smiles just…..but then said y u came from there like this….

Geet didn’t reply but look away whne maan removed her dress c0mpletely ….he said I was  thinking for something…Geet said nothing …Maan went behind her n open B** hook then freed her….

She look at him n found him staring at her…He finger went near the panty line n said shall we go for honeymoon….

Geet look at him but bluntly said no

Maan :- y?

Geet didn’t ans when maan said I didn’t call or received any call from that Dr….I have settled score with her…so u don’t worry…

Geet try to say something but his finger stopped her when his other hand took hold of her hands n make her open his shirt button…

She almost blushed but try to control when she was busy doing her work, he said huskily I loved ur blush ..u know this red hue only for me

Geet look at him but then freed him from his shirt n caressing his chest….but then smirk gently n maan scream almost ouchhh…what the F***

Geet almost giggle n said what happen Mr Khurana..

Maan said u …Geet went close n said maine kya kuch, laga opps when she licks that place… then bite his Ni**** n make him winch with pleasure n pain…She smirks n said how is it mr khurana..

Maan narrowed his eyes n geet said what u do every day..Maan smirk n said I can do many more thing u don’t even aware….

Geet :- really…but before u touch me let me know what u have done with the Dr….

MAan :- y u always put this board between us..we r middle of…Geet  cut him nothing

Maan took her hand n place it on his MA***** n said nothing ha…its hard …Geet gently cupped it…n said hmmm..Maan hissed n geet asked what u have done with that Dr….

Maan pulled geet but geet hold’s tighten there…..Geet will u say or shall I…..Maan replied u little M***…

Maan took sharp breath n said nothing , just make her dancing in the Illegal Ba* dancer

Geet’s hold loosens n said what …Maan panting almost n said yes…..

Geet look at him with shocking eyes but maan tore her Pant* n said mrs khurana now ready for the play…..  

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  1. OMG hot hot passionate Maaneet is always a treat. my laptop is on flames :p :p … yeh Maaneet bhi na ajeeb hai.. simple things ko bekaar mein complicate karthein hai 🙂 🙂 Geet was initially angry and indifferent .. Geet is still worried about her past and Maan makes her understand she is his 😀 .. wah kya tofa diya us creep doctor ko 🙂 .. hayee loved the way Geet made him tell the truth 😀 😀 ..Yeh dono toh unique hai ..

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  3. superb and hot update

  4. amazing
    both r passionate but weird too

  5. Wowwww​ it’s so fabulous dear n thqqqqqqqs for the update n PW diiiiiii…
    It’s z hot hottest​. Update n us doctor ki sahi jagah mil gayi or sahi kiya Maan ne uske sath I am so happy n maaneet ka starting romance Aisa to abide to pura honeymoon baki h let see​ age update mai maaneet ka sexy n hot romance ka sence ho I hope….

    N diiiiiii plz next update jaldi karna you know aapne kitne months ke Baad update di hai but is bahut jyada or thoda jaldi Dena plz please …….

  6. geet told him truth how she been cheated by lover friend and no husband
    she told dr. issue and maan said leave hr he handle hr it’s his mess and he will clear it
    maan loved hr and make hr to love him their nokh jhok r grt

  7. awesome update…
    loved it very much

  8. The fact that Maan cannot resist his wife while she too no matter how much she tries to stay away from him there is an invisable attraction pulling her to him and she probably knows the moments spend with Maan is different to her past encounters the touch and feel is defintely different

    I believe Geet was holding herself back as her past was a cloud over her head and even when she mentions this to Maan he tells her that its the past they are now married , I like that she does get jealous her reactions are there but her words differ while Maan makes it clear she belongs only to him and he does not have to have sex with anyone else but been with his wife making love as both just belong to each other

    Geet feels hurt by Maan’s words and she been angry or upset with him just proves that she too wants this marriage to work whether its subconsciously or she known about it and she is insecure and jealous too about the Dr but when she hears that Maan made the Dr dance in an illegal bar she is shocked

  9. lovely update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

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    maan is always upto something .. making poor geet all shy..hehe

    but their relation need lot of work.. they still have trust issue.. geet don’t trust maan maybe because of her past.how her ex betrayed her..and then maan behaviour in the starting..now too he sometimes shouts on her..and she too. both physical and emotional bonding is important in husband wife relation if guess..
    and I have one question why that Dr.was blackmailing geet???

    loved it.
    continue soon

    • Thanks u for beautiful comments…Dr is cheap minded has nothing to do, she wants to have Maan as he has name fame power…. so if she become his mistress then…its her low thinking process…

  12. Superb update dearie:) What did Maan do to settle the scores with the doctor? Wondering what is the full story behind Geet’s past…will she open up to Maan…how will Maan win her trust and love…how will Maan help Geet and punish the ones who wronged her….how will Maaneet bond develop and change positively…Excited to see what happens next dearie:):):)

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  15. I love them when both are in fighting mood 😛😂
    Simple thing but they seem to make it difficult for each other but I’m really happy Maan is not bothered for her…..Huh When they will be in Love I guess long way to go Maan is rude sometimes so is geet but both are perfect with each other and So is your edited pics I’ve Loved Them it was really beautiful….

    emotional bond is not strong between them nor that mutual understanding but their tangled relationship is making it more interesting….

    Will be waiting for next one mars vs Venus was amazing now will be waiting for en-route 😉

    Sorry for commenting late I was not well last month that’s why …

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