Chapter 3 of Tangled

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Geet look at maan who was sleeping ..she felt bore well after their another session of foreplay , she really felt exhausted. Without doing the final deed how he is controlling himself, might be has many exp..then pinch herself for thinking like its burning her inwards  ..she try to get up n slowly freed from his strong arms which is making her caged…she shook her head n went to bathroom for fresh up ..she open her sheet n look at her body.its glowing with all those affection her husband showering n indeed some place bear his marks…she turn little n find her back has bite mark by her husband

She remember how its came …yesterday , when she came back from the shower , how he was shamelessly whistled…before she can say anything , he took her towel n said I need this towel n went inside bathroom….but didn’t close it..He said shamelessly…how this smell of her….he eyed her body when she realized how she shameless standing nak** ..she quickly searching some thing when a pull n she entered inside…n his shameless comments

Maan:- What r u trying to cover jaan when m here to cover u with my….Geet look at him with drugged eyes , she was indeed intoxicated with her husband n his passion…n that night was wild..yet that devil didn’t cross the last barrier ..

what the F*** was he doing …he is making her loose…is he making some plan..then she will kill him but then those touches…

Last night he bite her spine ..this marks….she sometimes feel silly with this all but then….She came back n slide besides her after changing into night dress…they were inside his private jet…n in side its bedroom…its beautiful n classy ….she look at him sleeping peacefully .she love it , to see him smiling content, in peace, she caressed his hair then place her head on his chest…she traces his mustache , those light stubble …which always give her marks..her thoughts always turn sinful with him…but is it wrong…she shrugged it off .

They reached the Island Moofushi, Island in the Maldives she look at the site  felt its enchanting beautiful…..when maan hold her from behind n said how is it …

GEet smirks n said accha hain but I found its not good actually…For a moments maan look hurt but quickly cover it when geet bite her cheek n said waise I have heard about ur choice….

Maan make little straight face which turning rigged when geet keep pulling his leg about choice ..Maan said ok fine. Lets go to other place…when his PA said they can move only tomorrow .

Maan with gritted teeth said ok n hung up phone..then look at shocking geet n said stay to this idiotic place with this idiotic man more for 24 hr I hope I will arrange something more good or best for her highness…

Geet was fully shocked maan entered the cottage angrily…..

He was looking angry when someone hold his waist from behind n said mere pati ko gussa bhi aata hain, waise aata hain meine dekha hain chupe hue AYM ko….Maan moved his hand n went inside the bathroom…when suddenly he felt someone has opened the shower n cold water drenching him completely …He felt his shirt button opening when she said I loved everything u r doing for it cooking or spending time with me like friends..I had not much friend only couple of ….I found things with u I discover new life with u…n I cherished everything with u…n ur choice is best….MAan pulled her infront of him n said then y did u …

Geet cupped his face n said is it matter that much for u..

Maan whisper yess…Geet sighed n pressed her lips with him n said how much she is loving this place…when maan take her almost there n geet’s leg encircled his waist….

They were panting yet feeling ectasy ….Maan smirks n hold her n both soon forget their clothes then just remember themselves only ..

As geet was enjoying sun bath next day when maan said so what do you think?

Geet smiles n said well I am now in rest….I can’ thnk much, why u r not doing n choosing the right option..

Maan bend down n said what u r doing exactly…

Geet yawn sensually n lick her lips provocatively n said well u know m tired after the longgg showerrrr …..

MAan smirk n said I felt u didn’t take shower …Geet funny…then closed her eyes..

Maan shook his head then hold his phone n book for scuba diving then for a movie….She smiles within her closed eyes when suddenly she felt some thing cold  …

She notice the cool chocolate was dripping on her belly to belly button…she said what the F*** u r doing maan ?

Maan look at her n said I have done ur work madam now I am feeling hungry….

Geet gulped her saliva n said u r incorrigible all time one track get lost..this Chocolate I bought for….Maan said for what desert …so m doing that…

Geet pushed him but maan hold her hand n said jaan u shouldn’t make ur husband hungry for food..

Geet bite her lips as her NI**** already turn tight n hard but then maan smirk as he can see the hard bud from her Bikini…

Geet look down n said u should order something or go in but hissed at maan give a long lick near her belly button then circling it….he said ymmmmuyyyy……He bite her naval then came top of her….He look at her eyes which is already droopy due to the sensation her husband is creating…soon they got sweaty…..

At night geet was not able to sleep when maan spooning from behind n said Jaan..y u r not sleeping..

Geet said oh baas aise..

Maan smiles n kissed her eyes n said baas aaiise ..Geet look down then look at him with a thought in her mind “ is this relation based one physical only , noting more or its just”

She is so confused when maan caressed her face n said this relation is not based on physical aspects it’s the deep feeling we both felt for each other..the mutual care the mutual understanding n respect….

Geet look at him with wide eyes n said n love..Maan rubbed his nose with her n said with time it will come…I want to know u Jaan as ur friend as ur companion ur saathi, Humsafar…n want to know the meaning of love, the true Love the soulmate…I want to tangled with u like we both can’t stay away from each other N entwined with each other like nest of our feeling…

Geet has tear on her eyes when maan kissed her eyes  n said u r confused cause of frequently coming close like u regret jaan or feeling uncomfortable

Geet nodded no then said how did u know it..Maan well ur eyes always speak volume about ur feelings…I always see ur eyes which is transparent .I know what u think…I had a feeling…

Geet then y u have asked me..

MAan smirk n said well u know sometimes we also need to boost our EGO …n wink at her when geet slapped his chest…

Next day they went to Scuba diving…Both maaneet enjoyed lots…they tease each other news..Later thy were taking rest at Beach..

Maan see geet again lost in some where…some how he felt bad, he is man of flesh n blood n he don’t ever shown any patience for anything or any human n here he is doing everything to pleased her, to see smiles on her lips n …when geet said never anyone did anything for me from their heart..except my parents ofcourse…they were busy n has tight schedule yet they care for me …give time when my many friends from childhood said how they deprived from the parents love…

She sigh n said maan I never know what is being neglected …but now  I felt what is this..I thought that is love but that is pure physical lust …nothing more…I was also involved n blame him…I never seen the relation needed affection care n emotion..there we I mean he n me had some need n fulfilled it ..but its more thn ….everyone sold cause of  money..Everyone almost …used others for lust..but…

Then I met u…

When maan stopped her n said do u think I am God..Well then mrs khurana m not..I am also same like u..I also had needs…I also has some weakness …

Both sighed when geet said I am ruining out honeymoon….

Maan shrugged it off but said yes I was thinking same when u said WE but then I heard u n trying to understand u n then understand it..Geet I know we married like any other maximum wealthy n celebrity family do ..I never expect much from this..once..I was just have to do …but I don’t know what is it with u…be ur relation with others before the wedding or ur innocence or ue eyes or ur companion which makes me thing else..there is something else for this wedding..

Geet wedding n partner r not physical thing only I got it from u..I don’t know but …I didn’t .ermm I don’t able to make u understand but..I want to say we will be friend we will see other things for this…Geet I want ur trust , ur sath..

Maan look at him when geet nodded n maan said we both has past n partners but I am assuring u from out both …that none will come between us Geet..

Geet smiles..thy were standing in the beach where waves washing those past n engulfing them tangling them with new emotions…Geet tip toe n kissed his lips n said I like this part of ur but I like that wild naughty Maan also n wink…..When maan  scoop her n said really honey oh I loved it also..I loved to devoured u like Beast….

Geet  oh really when maan throw her in the water n both played there….they enjoyed there like anything….At night maan took geet out for movie …

Geet giggled too see the movie title beauty n beast..

Geet :- u choose this one maan, the kid..

Maan narrowed his eyes n said well mrs khurana I am really sorry to disappointed u for not showing Adult movie but I guess u can see the movie n I can do the the adult thing hmmm n cupped her buttock …He hand sneak inside her short dress n fondled her thigh …When geet gasped then almost grinding with him..

She whisper u r so hard….Maan bite her nose n said u r so wet n taste his fnger… sensually…

Both left for the time being n try to enjoy the movie…Later at night maan reveal his plan they got 3 months holiday…

Geet said 3 months n what to do maan..U need to practice after 6 months or so u have series..

Maan was combing his hair n said wow wifey start counting my schedule ,what is the reason..

Geet cause I can’t share this fav desert of mine with anyone n any Witch came then wll burn down u know na n wink at him..

Maan but I need full course n will try various things…

Geet felt heat burning her when geet said still 3 months n where we will go..

Maan we will visit this Island fully then yatch then Star cruise…

Geet pouted but when maan said I need to check various place n eyed her sensually…

She smirk n said well my beast has full proof plan then I can say I need to think As I don’t aware the various place , things….she open her house coat to reveal the satin maroon  nighty…n sit there ….

Maan :- is it invitation to open up the gift pack…


Geet nodded no but said yes..

Maan smiles n slowly like predator coming …..She invites him n he accepts her invitation….

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Chocolate Lava Cake

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  1. wow
    cool cool pics like awesome udpate

  2. Wow this is a Fantastic Chapter

    the good thing about both is that they can easily speak they mind
    Geet telling Maan about her past and she realizes just how different it is to been
    with Maan while Maan reassures her that their past will not come between them now
    but he wants to be her friend her lover her husband and her world and the fact that
    he been passionate with her does not want her to feel that she is been used

  3. Beautiful update dear. Love the way Maan & Geet are working on their relationship…sorting out their feelings & thoughts…like what Maan wanted out of Geet and their marriage…despite both of their pasts…Maan is trying so hard to give happiness to Geet…though she feels lost due to her past and confused over her relationship with Maan, Maan always tries his best to bring that smile and peace to her…giving her love and doing every single thing for her…never making her feel left alone…these 3 months of holiday for both of them is very crucial as they build their relationship away from everyone…just the 2 of them and their love to be discovered. So looking forward to reading more of this love story:)

  4. Hayee love is in air for Maaneet though they are yet to consummate their wedding 🙂 🙂 They could now communicate without any inhibition. Geet doesn’t worry about telling about her past and how she assumed about love and how different is her life and experience of love with Maan.. True na will clear communication is there between couples there will never be a chance for any misunderstanding. Wow Maan is on a long holiday before his game starts 🙂 ❤ lengthy honeymoon for them to get to know each other.. both are equally super duper naughty 😛 ❤ ❤ ❤ Naughty Maan is always a treat and now he has his super naughty wife to compliment him :p who is super worried about any witch snatching her favorite dessert 😛 😀 😀 😀

  5. Woww!! They r on a longggg holiday n maan is in teasing mood. Geet has started to open up with maan telling her past n started to think about their relation . Maan is trying his best to feel her at ease n make her happy. Hope u will give the next onr shortly .
    Thanks for this update.

  6. awesome pt
    maan geet in island fr honeymoon
    they shared their thoughts and maan loved
    to b with hr

  7. sumasridhar123

    Plz Plz any how I come to ur blog but tangled myself in ur ff n ss Plz help now I want index of ur ffs as I’m confused coz in blog I couldn’t read on ff in a series as every different ff r there Plz help me to read ur ff in series plz

  8. awsemm update liking the fact that there is no communication gap

  9. Oh wowwww maaneet on honeymoon ahem ahem
    Ufff yeh donon kitna tease krte hai ek dusre ko bt loving it n hw they can share each n everythng abt themselves is wat wl make their relation grow n maan do understanding he trying to make geet underdtand things as she is confused abt their relation
    Both love each other company n feels comfortable
    Aww geet keeping track of maan schedule really nice
    Hehe love maan teasing n geet bhi koi kam nhi
    Loving all ur uds

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