Concept & Character Sketches of Ibadat -E- Ishq


Maaneet two different personality..Both has past…

Geet who faced death n the ugly face of dowry n this society…

Maan who has faced death of his only sister cause of Dowry…who is facing the ugly society n it’s bitter side everyday in his hospital….

Both r fighting n both r becoming inspiration for each other…

The story about Maan & Geet & how they will become Maaneet n how they will fall in love n their journet of love , care n Respect n many more things….


Character Sketches:-

Dr. Maan Singh Khurana :- Dr Maan Singh Khurana is doc….well known n famous….he is down to earth person n help other but maintain disclipne ….he follow rule but to save innocent he can break them also..he is demi GOD for his paitent …he do lots of social work but he never do show off…Media want to know about him n his personal life …



Geet is not only name but name of girl , woman who lost everything her surname, her identity, her baby, her husband, her family, her parents as everyone left her in mid way or abandon cause of their pregudice or this society …or geet’s ill fate.she is young woman who is survivor of Dowry system

Dr Savitri Singh Khurana


Dr Savitri Singh Khurana :-Maan’s Grand Mother ,geet’s mentor…Dr Savitri Singh Khurana survivor of the ugly system of this Dowry…she is one strong head woman who fought for herself n her selfrespect ….she helped other victim ..she lost her grand daughter n she witnessed day to day how many innocent lives lost…how many hope thrashed … many family destroyed….

Minor Characters will be introduce as per story….Ibadat -E- Ishq


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  1. Awesome concept and characters interlinked so well. Now I am eager to see how Maaneet becomes one:):):) Super excited & eager:):):)

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