Ibadat -E- Ishq (Sequel of Dowry )

There is end of one story to start of new story

Dowry is journey of Geet n her suffering n her struggle ..Geet is one woman but there r numerous women who r struggling suffering n some times loosing hope n that is the finish of their story only 5% case register n 3 % get help of family 2% get to chance of survival n from there 1% didn’t able to fight till end n rest 1% fight n from them .5 % only get the justice but that also depends on time n many things…very less cases r able to achive the justice…Fast track court r there but how many case r reaching there on time?there r many cases r still pending n eating by cockroaches in the store room where victims r fighting against society n waiting for the justice…..

We b lame govt we blame society but isn’t itour fault also. Isn’t it we make the Govt. we make the society then y can’t we r here to change the mentality of the society ,  y can’t we make a new society…

Law makers making law but who will implement them, who will know the law n who will take the courage to punish them

We have to change ourself then our family as there is proverb; charity begins from the home…so start from our home , start from our society …

It can’t come in one or two days , months or year it’ll come slowly if start from now ….n one day we will remove this DOWRY other than ready to engulfed in the DOWRY which r spreading like cancer……


Story end here but the story of GEET who suffer but fight with grt courage where in this time she met many ppl one side her parents who give her birth but for the fear of society just left her alone there her husband who took oath from holyfire to save her but did opposite .he throw her in the fire to die, he raped her to satisfy his need he raped her to show how much stronger he is from physically n his parents helped him. Parents who r the first teacher but they helped in his sin…his mom who was woman but forget everything infront of her son, his sister who was another owman just think asbout her greed….

GEET who was physically weak but fought bravely , she punsihed severally she brusied sevarally but still she didn’t left hope n fight, yes she lost something, her parents, her husband her home n her own chld but she didn’t lost her self respect n dignity n for that she fought n she won…she cmae out as winner with flying colors.

She sacrifice a part of her thing but she got justice…

During this time she met Dr Savitri Khurana n Dr maan Singh Khurana who r like angel but this type of ppl r in this world in between , inside us . just we have to see them….They support her, fought with her for her….n encourage her give her moral support n Khurana nursing home n their stuff all stand by her to fight this n they all won….

May be there is many geet who r not having any support for that we have to fight like khurana nursing home n Dr Savitri khurana n Dr Maan singh khurana r fighitng where GEET will start helping them

Story isn’t end there , it’s start…..as the fight , real fight start now in another sense..

the story will be now revolved around GEET n her fight for those victim, Maan n his fight for those victim n Maaneet’s of course wht will happen with them , is it a simple Doc n patient relation or they will have something else in future for their life for them….or will they continue like this…

For that stay tune with


With Maaneet soon ……


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  1. Beautiful synopsis dear. And a wonderful subject to base your story line. Am looking forward to reading the full story:):):)

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