Ibadat -E- Ishq



Dr Maan Singh Khurana coming out after attending a seminar about Domestic Violence n he felt proud to see Geet is presenting there n sharing her view n experience . it’s more than 2yrs & Geet changed lot for her betterment ..though he know only how she still hurt n her mental scar is there something….the day – night torture  inflinct upon her by her in laws , her husband is something which will never erase soon…those is fading slowly…. More she lost her baby..recently she adopted a boy….at first she got lots of problem , obstcakles on her way but with the help of Dadi ma, she had succeeded ….


Maan clapped after presentation….Later she met when geet look little disturb…Maan want to know the reason but sudden phone call make him distract….

There geet went away from there …after getting a call…

After two hrs , maan was going back to his home when he just asked his driver to turn the car n went to XYZ Street…

Driver nodded….

Maan reached at the place to find out the matter to see Geet is sitting with few  woman where her head is bleeding profusely….

Maan came out from the car when police try to handcuff geet….But maan said wait Inspector…..

Inspector stop but said Dr Khurana …

Maan greeted him back n said May I know the reason for this ? n indicate the handcuff.

Inspector:-well u know Miss Geet was imposing herself n try to break one family n Mrs Sharma alleged a complaint against Miss Geet n said she want to make her family break ….

Maan listen everything calmly then said here come my Lawyer n here is Geet’s anticipation bail….well I hope now there woule be no case of arrest…

Inspector nodded with curt smile….

But maan stopped him n said well she is guilty or not will prove later but humanity asked n said to help n give first aid when she was profusely bleeding here…

Inspector try to say when Maan said anyway….thanks…will see u tomorrow…

Inspector nodded but said well we may be asked her question for further enquiry…

Maan nodded when his team give first aid to GEET already…

Geet look little pale n vunarable…When maan hold her n took her inside the car….

Geet was looking restless but didn’t say anything at first but then said I didn’t do anything…I was helping her..she complaint to local police but they didn’t help her…our NGO got the complaint n….she now saying that…I didn’t she only asked my help….

Maan sighed n said geet this social work, working for NGO or helping common ppl or this all r not so easy..we can’t everytime think from our heart.I agree with u n know that she wants ur help but before taking final step u need to know n check everything…

Geet look confuse when Maan said geet …she complaint against her husband but then local police didn’t help ok..

Geet nodded when maan continue cause her husband influence his power then she want to take help but then he threaten her to kill her parents n her so finally she succumb infront of this…n if she want to fight against this she have to take step n show courage….her husband beating her abusing her she is victim of domestic violence but we can’t help unless she want to take step…

Geet lowered her eyes then look at Maan n said I was…

Maan it’s not ur fault geet….we all face this…btw…..we r going to hospital first ur wound need proper dressing ..

Geet nodded when she said but my son…

Maan:-he is with Dadi ma…

Geet nodded then said how do u know everything?

Maan smirk n said nothing…..but then said I’ll be out from tomorrow evening for some work for two days n u will take care of ur….

Geet nodded n said I will n I will not handle this case properly…

Maan nodded….but then said geet try to make a database n analyse them about this all domestic violence n this all case n make ur source more strong n don’t take stress…

Geet smiles…they reached hospital n after dressing maan went back to KM when geet to her home….

Next 2days, Maan was not at city n when he came back it’s evening almost..he glad he helped geet then came to know from his stuff how well Geet handle the later situation…

Geet in her office reading some paper when her one hand holding her son ,Rahul tightly….

Rahul look at his mother n giggle cutely….he try to hold his mother’s hair…But geet said shhh don’t beta…..mamma is working just 2mins….

Rahul pout as if understand his mother n geet’s work work n he placed his head on her shoulder….Geet chuckled n turn n kissed his chubby cheek…..After completing the work..Geet instruct her pa something ….She end the day with satisfied smiles , her wound is healing n with maan n dadi ma’s help she is now helping n working over the case more intelligent way.

She get up from her seat…she looked at her arms where her son sleeping now….her adopted son though she think Rahul is her own son …may be they r not blood related but they r related by heart n soul….

Rahul is another angel for her after Dadi ma n Maan.

She lost her baby, she lost many relations , she lost almost everything n face death yet she survived n this has definitely reason..she used this a positive way n last 2yrs helped her to come out as more confident positive person yet sometimes she faced problem where she take helps from other.

She with help of Dadi ma , Dr Savitri Khurana build a NGO n start working for victim she also helped n work for Khurana NGO.She solved case she learnt manything she increase her expericence ..

2yrs ago the old geet died n a new geet born n she lost almost everything but gain her confidence n many new friend..she didn’t lost her self respect which help her to rise like phenoix Bird..

Her attention turn to her son who is now again wake up..Geet smiles n wondered what makes her son sleeping n get up like this…she rubbed her nose with him when Rahul giggle…Both Settled in the mat when Adi , Maan’s junior dr n muh bola Brother of geet…Adi said geet ,let’s go , ur bhabi is ready…..

Geet nodded as they r going to attend a polo match but then geet said but bhaiya ,today we will get huge problem with Rahul , u know na he can’t stay one place at a time…

Pooja wife of Adi said geet don’t say anyting bad about my Rahul,I’ll take care of him…

When Adi’s father said yes we all r there then forget about us….with Dr Savitri Singh Khurana, he forget everyone…

Geet chuckled …..

Pooja took her little daughter Meethi with her…n all left….

Geet with her new family, she lost one n got new who respect her care her love her but not think about society neither they leaving her side for this cruel society like her own parents…n in laws who r greedy for money…



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  1. Fabulous prologue. It sets the scene for the oncoming story so well…I am eagerly waiting to see how Maan & Geet’s relationship develops further into a more personal one rather than work:):):)

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