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Protected: Tangled ,Chapter 7

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Hello all dearies

Hope u all remember  My FF Camouflage

well it will start soon…

I had put on hold this story for time being but now will continue u have time to read couple of previous part has updated till I will start new fresh updates…

btw new banner ,;

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check this link for couple of part of Camouflage will continue from next weekend most probably…

will post New updates from next weekend..

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Protected: Chapter 24 of Road To Love N Beyond 2

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Protected: Cross Roads in Love MG SS,Chapter 10

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Some Questions & Answers About CRIL

Some Questions & Answers About CRIL ;

  • Why Geet feel For Adarsh ?

Ans : Geet is mother n she its her motherly love for Adarsh which gradually increasing as she spending time with him due to complicated situations ..She is saving him cause of that motherly Feelings…she don’t know Adarsh..we may think how could someone put her own life in risk but sometimes we think from heart cause as a mother… Sec Geet has lost her child as u get from one of the ud , in future u will get to know more about Geet’s past n y she did what ….

  • What Maan Feel For Swayam

Ans :- Maan feel for Swayam a care , a feelings that an innocent child is longing for father’s love n his mother is struggling to cope up…may be some how subconsciously he is seeing his Adarsh in Swayam….

  • Does Maaneet Have any past connection?

Ans :-nope both r stranger n their destiny connected them through their pain..more or less both of them have some kind of betrayal from their ex spouses n Single parents….but they don’t have any connection with each other..Neither their ex spouses have any connection with them or their better half

  • IS it Love Story 

Ans :-Yup its Love story but the road is not easy either complicated ….its interesting one where both of them lost trust n love but will emerge as winner

  • y maan’s wife betray him..Does this happen ?

Ans :-Maan’s wife did what , few woman did doing still…its not about male or female its about whatever the gender ,innocent ppl suffer   cause of some ppl’s maan’s ex or soon to be ex wife whatever , her greed for money fame n body make her did that…she loves herself more than anything . ppl like her reality some where…she is imp part of this story ….

  • Y Geet’s husband want to kill his own son ? 

Ans – again the ans same greed , greed make him do it…sometime own blood flesh nothing matter more than money… its another reality ..

  • When Maaneet will become Maaneet..

Ans :-this is the journey u all have to read

  • When Maaneet will see happiness 

Ans :-after every dark stormy night there is Beautiful sunny day that Maan & Geet will see it…along with u all have to read it..

  • when will Romance come for Maaneet 

Ans :-When story will demand ….n for that u have to read the story…there will be romance happiness comedy action drama everything but u have to read it

  • Y geet make herself land in danger for Adarsh who is not even blood related ?

ans :-like same she is mother , motherly feeling make her do manything n more humanity still there for us…to help other who is in danger …sply a little baby

  • Y Maan & Geet compare their spouses with each other ?

ITs natural which their spouses didn’t give to their baby there maan n geet giving …so they think like that

  • Y Maan behave insensitively with Geet 

Maan is confuse with his own problem then adding geet..sometimes Maan want to behave selfishly for his son…he is having trust issue problem after his wife ditch him…he has seen manything within short time…he don’t want to hurt geet but its his helplessness though he regret it n try to rectify it

  • Y Neelima was rude with Geet ?

Ans Human tendency is to safe own blood family first..Geet is not related with neelima though neelima is not bad person but she is scared for her own family ….she likes geet n want to help her n solve her problem but Geet is hiding something both neelima n geet know n problem after problem  n its just reaction after all action happen…Neelima though regretted it badly know her one step call many problem…its not neelima is vamp..but like we have geet who want to help others neelima is there who want to help but has some problem when its come to her own family..Different human different way of dealing problem…

  • Y geet cry n hiding things from others ?

Ans :-this is the key point …u get to know about geet’s past little with time u will get to know more…n u will know y geet turn like that..Geet is not cry baby..she is tigress she will emerge when time needed but she has her own sort of problem to solve

  • Y Geet lactate still n Breastfeed Swayam ?

Ans :- u will get to know this in coming parts…its Geet’s compulsion to safe Swayam n y this is biggest thing n past which is related to geet’s past u will see in next part trust me…

  •  Is Geet selfish n Coward ?

Geet is not selfish nor coward but she suffered lots which affect her thinking process  ..She react like that…she is brave woman whom u will adore more with coming time

  • IS Maan selfish n coward ?

Maan is not selfish neither coward but having huge issue ..He want to move on but not able to when its coming to his son…he has his own problem …

  • When Maan & Geet will fall in love n who will be the first 

Ans :- u need to read the story for this to know what will happen next ?

  • Y Geet didn’t contact with Her family 

Ans :-she don’t want to make them suffer , be it from any class still society has some stigma about Divorcee woman which geet know n this make her stop from calling them…

  • Do I support this society’s Version ?

Nope ….

  • Do Maan has any family relatives ? 



hope this will ans ur queries for CRIL

 anything more pls do let me know will ans ur Queries n confusion regarding CRIL 



Which Road To Love & Beyond season u r liking most


Which Road To Love & Beyond season u r liking most & Why ?

Road To Love & Beyond 1

Road To Love & Beyond 2


Teaser of Do Ajnabee


Teaser of Do Ajnabee

Geet look at the telegram n look terrified , maan didn’t react when adi said I am now sure we have to increase the Security n maan sir pls listen to us…u need Z category security ….

They plan to assinated maan again..Geet feel shiver on her spine when his tongue lick that aread she arch n turn her back…..but his hand holding her when she said y u r doing this when u don’t feel anything for me..leave me n go enjoy ur death threat let others win….let’s truth lost the soil once again cause u r bloody c. ahhhh he nipped her neck when his palm crushed her B***** mercilessly…

Maan took a decision ,Maan folded his hand n said namste , hum khed ke sath khsama mangte hain sabse itne din dur rehene ke liye, parantu hum majbur the , jab aapno hi aapna ka khoon bahana chahe toh hum kya kar sakte hain…maan was addressing the crowd to make them calm n know he is here …n fine now

Maan came out of his office to address the huge crowd ….when unknown to them a gun has target on him….

Geet look at her mangalsutra n his few words If I die also why u will care geet , u have done ur part now I am saying just leave me….unknown to geet , maan’s rudeness has his reason…..

Hope u will like it

if anyone missed the previous part here is the link


Protected: Epilogue of Saathi

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Protected: Chapter 11 of Do Ajnabee 2

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Teaser for Cross Roads In Love

Teaser for Cross Roads In Love


Teaser :-

I am sorry to say but Mr Khurana is critical…when someone heard it n remember those harsh but bitter truth about her life…

U r nothing just a bad omen for everyone n him…he put his life in stake for u..he didn’t even think he has baby but u r …..

Geet look at Delhi bus station n close her eyes in misery when she said go Geet its not enough for u that we r doing this…

Neelima informed Jeet that Geet is missing …..

Hope u will like this teaser …

If anyone missed the previous part here is the link ;

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