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Teaser for Cross Roads In Love

Note :- U guys has lots of question after previous part  which I loved it , well that was good..m really happy u all r reading thoroughly n asking me question n giving me review coming to geet’s problem will end , of course it will…but it has process ….from where nt n bua dadi came… both r relative ..nt is close one but selfish one  / she never loves her brother , wants his property ….n bua dadi has not fully mystery person , she loves maan like her own grandson but she can do anything for her family n family name…now what happen that is the mystery will come out ….

y Geet turn aloof …y maan didn’t listen n accused her…all ans will me n stay tune for coming updates…

till then enjoy this teaser…a long update may come soon

Teaser for Cross Roads In Love :- 


Teaser :-

Kya mere galti hain mere pati mujhe bechna chahthe kya mere galti hain logo humara rista ko gali dete hain…kya mere galti hain mein Di ko roka Adarsh ko marne se…

Dadi ma blackmailed me….if I don’t become ur caretaker or give u pleasure…

Maan closed his eyes in pain n shame…when geet closed her face with her hands…she can’t reveal but she have to….


Mannnn unclllleee….mammma dekhooo kaun hain…

Maan hugged Swayam n hugged him when geet look at them but then look away….Maan :-I am sorry for everything..I know one sorry can’t erase ur pain but…ghar chalo geet…not as my caretaker or nanny for my Adarsh but …

Geet turn but for what Mr khurana to give u pleasure…she has tears on her eyes but she lashes out her pain on him first time n make him flinch…


Kya aabhi aap nehi manege…..ghar chalo geet…Geet Aap ghar jaiye , adarsh ko aapke jarurat hain…

Geet look away but then her motherly instinct n she said jab aap chahe hum jaye jab aap chahe aap hume phek de nehi hum nehi karehe hain we should have expectation but maan ji I expect atleast u will ask me first…

Maan :- geet u r hiding something….

Geet :-I can’t take more insult character assinationa in the name of flavor..isse accha hota toh mein…

Maan look shocked but know the unsaid words ….n now he is confirmed that something big happen that time n he will find out….

Hope u all like it

if u have missed previous part here is the link




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Teaser of Do Ajnabee 2

Teaser of Do Ajnabee 2




Geet was looking horrified , she just hugged him , when her tears soaking his shirt badly, he want to console her when she said iye sab mere wajay se hua…He just said nothing is ur fault….Maan’s mother body lying in pool of blood …Geet notice it again look away to hide the vomiting sensation as brain shattered everywhere …

Maan look at geet who was closing her eyes n said pls kuch peheniye aur bina mere help ke aap bath kyuon lene gaye….

MAan nehi next will take u with me for bathing n smirk at her when she look at him angrily but said Police aaye hain aapko arrest karne…..

she bite her lips in tension when geet hold his hand n said maan who didn’t reply just kissed her forehead…she can’t understand this unpredictable man …

Hope u all like this 

if u missed the previous part here is the link ,pls do check it


Teaser of Cross Roads In Love

Teaser :-

Maan is out of danger but has weak his hand so due to bullet n infection. need spl care…NT I will arrange but Someone said Geet go take care of him  , from today u will taking care of him n his son…

NT fumed at Savitri devi who is maan’s bua dadi….

Maan look at geet who look down n wipes his face n help him to take the food…

Maan is not liking this situation but first he want to meet his son…

Geet has nothing to say , she is like puppet from here n there but how long she will endure…is there no end….what happen to her , y is she crying ?cats

Maan:-I don’t need geet as my nanny , pls dadi ma…u also need to go to ur home , u shouldn’t be here offending ur family..I can manage .its my life….

Adarsh cooed at maan n hold maan & geet’s finger tightly….Maan & geet look down the kid n smiles first time from their heart when maan asked how r u Swayam who was looking shy but said finne…

Hope u will like this part

IF u have missed the previous part here is the link

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Teaser of Road To Love & Beyond 2

Teaser of Road To Love & Beyond 2 :-
Teaser 1 :-
Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye
Jab Koi Mushkil Pad Jaaye
Tum Dena Saath Mera
Wafadaari Ki Vo Rasmein
Nibhayenge Hum Tum Kasmein

Teaser 2

Ur Step Son choose Kumudini but me Bijendra didn’t choose Kumudini , I have to take the decision n that time I choose My bhabi ma..I am proud of u..u should be angry on me masa …u should slap me..but I had to …u know masa even Arya Bhai sa choose Kumudini…u know masa I want to safe both one side my bhabi and another side my little sister…..

Geet caressed Bijendra cheek n said ma ,ma hi hote hain she loves us she has right to get angry n she has fear for her daughter which is natural n u need to be with her…as her son…don’t ever neglect her she is ur mother has done things which can none do..she is upset she will understand…Masa listen from upstair n shed tears , who is wrong..her heart which is still scared for her daughter or her brain who want to trust…she look down….

Hope u will like this teaser …

if anyone missed the previous part here is the link

Love u all


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Camouflage New Banner


Hello all dearies

Hope u all remember  My FF Camouflage

well it will start soon…

I had put on hold this story for time being but now will continue u have time to read couple of previous part has updated till I will start new fresh updates…

btw new banner ,;

Camouflage New Banner

(Lakshmi made this beautiful Banner, thank u Lakshmi Lots of love n hugs )

Hope u will like this

check this link for couple of part of Camouflage will continue from next weekend most probably…

will post New updates from next weekend..

Till then enjoy


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