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Protected: Final Chapter Of Tangled

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Teaser of Tangled

Teaser of Tangled


Love me….Accha toh itne din tak kya kar raha tha..well….pagal…..

Winner is…I am happy for u when he nuzzle her n said m more happy for us my fav gift…

R u crazy , u have bought Three Island for me…

Wrong u , me n our bundle ….n winks….

what is this omg MSK tatto on ur back…

he smiles n said yes my honeymoon spl gift old news….

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Protected: Tangled ,Chapter 7

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Teaser of Tangled

Teaser of Tangled


Geet :-checkmate

Sheetal was fuming when Police took her but maan said I have file case against her …

She try to sabotage my game also which is criminal offence as I was representing my Country ….

Sheetal still didn’t get how they change the whole game….how when she notice geet’s wink at her…


Maan fumed to see the handshake of geet n ……

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Protected: Tangled ,Chapter 6

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Teaser of Tangled

I have started typing n will ud from this week ….ready for the roller coaster ride for all ff…n fall in love with Maaneet…

Here is another teaser of Tangled ;

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark by Rabindranath Tagore….

Tangled is coming to meet its Climax..Ready for it… Guess the upcoming updates…

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Teaser for Next Chapter of Tangled:-

Teaser :-

Maan pulled geet n said what the F*** u r doing there outside..dont u have minimum knowledge …

Geet almost poking his chest with her finger n said who the hell u r to stop me? Its cause of ur so called GF or fiancée whatever We r stuck no I am stuck ….

Maan smirk with taunt voice said who is talking n what happen after our wedding ur so called friend want when geet slapped maan who pull geet by her neck n said don’t u dare to do this stunt geet..I will kill u geet …mind it……

Geet was seething in rage but the reason is different …..she has tears in her eyes yet trying hard to control it n shut it down for whole all…she is having high dilemma about this all thing


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Protected: Tangled ,Chapter 5

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Teaser for Next Chapter of Tangled:-

Teaser for Next Chapter :-

Breaking News

We r highly sad that We have to inform u all that the Famous Golfer Maan Singh Khurana & His Wife Cartoonist Mrs Geet Singh Khurana has died in an Attack


Is it true…No no its not happening…..Its all lie…they r alive…


Life is unpredictable but  if its all planned….Money give u everything fame name n enemy…

I am player ….I will never loose not in game not in LIFE…

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here is the link


Tangled ; Chapter 4 :- Page 54

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Tangled ,Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chocolate Lava Cake

Next Part:-

Maan look at geet who was enjoying the breeze n her face glowing with time. She look at him n smiles genuinely when he smiles back n said what is ur back that tattoo….when u have done it …

Geet turned when I was thinking to give  u something but …..Maan look puzzled but geet said…. she opens her string n maan can  see her back full bare the tantalizing white skin that tattoo, his face….she tilt her face try to look at him when he was shocked beyond imagination…He never guess what will be her surprise but this is…She turn slowly when his palm cupped her face …N kissed her gently as if try convey his emotions. When she gasped he just make her turn n kissed her back…She moaned his name…

He look at her with desire filled eyes…She tries to get away when maan hold her close to him n cupped her buttock n said sharma rehe ho

Geet nodded yes then nodded no..Maan smiles but then bit her earlobe n sucked it..

Geet hissed with pleasure when maan’s hand cupped her curve…..she bite her lower lips….She try to look at him but maan took her in his lap …..He removed her top fully to see her ….Her perfect curve n those pink bud he gently touch them….

Those buds turn instantly hard…She was taking hard breath ….she look at him with drowsy eyes….

He smiles n cupped her face n said u r my life u know Mishty..Geet smiles shyly mishty  then giggled n suddenly turn red when maan whisper huskily I found u mishty like honey….whenever I test u…but I am thinking let me see how much its , u r still as sweet like yesterday  ..Geet smiles then said but aapne toh thori der pehele but maan said there I didn’t taste u fully n geet’s bottom also gone…Maan lick suck n lips indeed worship her..

She has at least 2 “O” those r mind blowing n looking exhausted n content. Without deed someone can give so much love. She cover with soft red satin sheet when maan was checking some mail..She smiles at him but thn she wonder something…like she has notice after her returning from tattoo shop with their unending passion she forgot that time..She try to remember n almost get up n when maan notice how her curve sensually coming out from her cover then red bud jutting out…He gulped n said U know mishty u will be dead for me….

Geet pouts n said oh really n who was doing this all to …..u r insatiable …n I will be dead..

MAan said now u r sweet like honey so can taste once n geet try to put him there but she already sitting on his stomach fully bare…..when he is cover from bttom….Her core almost rubbed with rough cloths n make her hissed as they r already sensitive with his constant Su** n L****….

2days later, geet was sitting at the guest chair n enjoying the cool breeze n her husband who is playing friend match here…..She first time watching him….though she don’t understand but she intend to know it…as his passion will be her….she smiles suddenly …as she has planned something ……she went to meet someone n come back quickly…she is happy ….She enjoyed the match….

After match both of them enjoyed charity dinner…they have to smiles pose for photograph n met many guest from world wide….

Maaneet went to their yacht at night when maan look at geet who give him kissed but which he didn’t expect that she loves him….she give him pleasure she worshiped him she tickled his senses… but the moment he about to hold him she said they can’t as she has her P*****..

He look upset but then kissed her lips n let her go but notice a twinkles ..she smiles n went to another room..He look little confuse but then shrugged it off , he was tired n want to sleep some time…

Next day morning maan was sipping his coffee n reading news paper when geet came there with bikini…she smiles at him n going down to take dip at adjoin pool ..He look confuse but then continue to read the news paper when he notice …his Cartoon well then a picture of his playing from yesterday’s game n a news done by Mrs GEET Khurana…

Well not only praise but some cynical criticism also there though some place she has miscalculate but the writing more from point of view how youth icon making name n try to make his country proud ….he smiles when her slender hand encircled his neck n kissed neck sloppily …He groaned n she said I guess someone didn’t like but maan hold her hand n pull her in front of him…

He looks at her n said well its not that bad but …Geet pouts u r just too mean but maan pull her n make her sat on him like straddling him….

She look at him who just open his string n pull her more close to him n said so u lied to me..Geet look at first confuse then blushed …..but try to cover well I had when maan smiles n said yes u had with 1 dyas geet screamed almost stop it…y u r discussing this…

Maan chuckled but soon make her lie on his leg when his hands soon doing magic on her body like playing some instruments ..

His lips tantalizing her sense to some where else….she now get it way of his praising n she loved it more….actions speaks louder than work….she giggled but soon found maan looking at her when she pinch his nipple ….but her hand got tied n she son forgot the sense of her belonging……touching like feather with her finger…..she make her almost came there…..n his wet kissed on her feminine core make her scream in pleasure but least she underestimated her handsome husband who seems has someone thing other in mind .He picked strawberry which he take in over her core n rubbing it slowly yet sensually n finally bite it with her core little…She screamed with pleasure….when he find her chuckling then sucking there…as if he got some strawberry juice …she hit her O****** soon his lip tounge did magic n soon his finger also….such pleasure… when she forgot everything…


He lick her naval went above n sucked the chocolate clad curve n bud….She hissed with pleasure…

He get up n sprinkled Choco chips on her….n give her wicked smiles…She just getting devoured when he said u did it with me yesterday remember…

Geet smiles n said is it pay back time or…..MAan bit her lips n pull it slowly..but said nope its pleasuring time…..I am having my personal Chocolate Lava Cake…I am thinking shall I add for some whipped cream or …

Geet huskily moaned or……she is getting wet with the excitement…..Maan replied or it will be some other time….like  Fruit custard….

Geet smiles n her eyes her full of desire…they have their food but their foreplay session….they didn’t make love n She don’t know how maan is controlling himself….

With cold shower nope it can’t be possible……She fall back to sleep entangled with her devil husband bare form….when his thing poking her…she sighed n giggled…

She wake up next day with song playing…

Raat ka nasha abhi

She smiles to hear it n found him there …combing her hair…its giving her soothing sensation..

She  turn n look at Him with droopy eyes …

His finger entangled her curly hair n said u r beautiful jaan…n my lucky charm  ;Geet give his chest a kiss ….Geet wake up with sheet wrapping to complete the morning routine…

They settled down for some breakfast…when   She pouts n said u didn’t say that u have a friendly match here…

He chuckled in return..n said I loved ur surprises from last couple of days..

Geet took on piece from chicken salad when maan took sip from Seafood soup…Geet said don’t change the topic maan…

Maan chuckled n said nope m telling right u were giving me surprise after surprise ..I loved it..

Geet wipes her lips with napkin n said u r still changing the topic…Maan nope I am saying about the surprise….Geet look at him narrowly when maan said ok ok…Well its sudden little u know Dadi ma went to her kitty party some thing n said n they have already planned it….

Geet smiles n said its grt think Dadi ma has done it..

Maan look surprise n said u didn’t get offended with the break …Geet rolled her eyes n said maan u r incorrigible u know…we r doing that only …except n murmur something..

Maan said what did u say..

Geet nodded no but maan again pressed little when geet didn’t reply n said today I wanna go for some shopping n no argue…Maan didn’t argue but said well ….I was thinking…

Geet slapped his arm n said u r thinking only on thing one track mind typical man chaliye….

MAan laughed n said so u has exp of lots of man n soon geet’s face cover dark cloud

Geet get up suddenly but maan hold her n said I didn’t mean that jaan..listen to me..Geet said no its fine…I was actually thinking yes I had exp ..

MAan shush her but geet said no maan its right….U r not wrong here..

Maan said shhh listen to me then I…..

Geet hold the railing n said we both has different exp…

MAan nodded though he didn’t like the things..

Geet said I never found him charming or was care free with him ever…I was sad during our wedding true…I forgot him also soon with u…Maan…I has exp with him but not the man I ever want…

Maan look at her…when geet cupped his face n said I know u said that was just slip of toungue n I was initially angry n upset on both of us but then suddenly I was thinking u r not wrong ..yes possessive side of me don’t like that even u know certain woman…or MAan hold her lips with his n said or I don’t like u think about him…

Geet twist her lips n said who bring him here..

MAan bite her lips n said I didn’t bring him here..I just joke..

Geet whined n said ur joke r bad….n tasteless..

Maan smiles n said well I apology …….BUT I taste well u like that also…

Geet turn red to remember the previous night with him n his ahem ahem…..she look at his eyes …n want to asked y they r not doing that..y he is stopping himself when MAan understand her inner dilemma n said I want to do it when I really realize I am making love ..not just se*….

Geet look confuse….when maan said We both know what kind of relation we had as we had need but I don’t want to succumb infront of need ..I want to make u fine for something else jaan..not for SE*….

Geet look still confuse……n said u r not happy that I am not virgin…

Maan chuckled n said wrong..I am never think like that then I am also not some saint or virgin….Jaan its not like that..I want to feel it..

Geet rued if u not do then how do u then bite her tongue …Geet look down when maan lick her lips n said u r right…Geet look shocked….but then  She asked what is Love…how we will know what we felt for each other..

He bend n said I don’t know I never experienced it before…I want to know it..and u r right…I am stupid n confused n making u also…hmmmmm…..lets do ur shopping then I will..

Geet look red but then said hmmmmm when maan hugged but geet said well till we have done this shopping u will not touch me…U make me upset nope confuse with ur over confuse brain now move…..But maan hold her halter neck top’s string n pulled it..which make it loose…..Geet look shocked but then removed it n said have it mr khurana n with tantalizing view of her B**** she moved from there..n make maan hard instant….

Both of them was going for shopping then some auction when geet put the song

Zara Zara Touch Me

Geet giggle almost when maan make serious face….she said my fav song u know maan…

Maan :-hmmmm

Geet said waise u know where I will get some SE** Linge**** ..

Geet smiles at him but maan said hmmm

Geet giggle almost n said waise I want some fruit sply  Pear,Banana,Cherry,Maan hold the steering tightly…he took deep breath but said only hmm..Geet almost laughed but then said waise meine aapko chune ko nehi kaha but not to take maun vrat…

Maan glare which in return geet smiles…

They were shopping for couple of hours when geet said aaapne kuch nehi lya..MAan said I have done..Geet look skeptical n said aap naraj ho..Maan smiles n said nope..y I will be angry…

Geet nehi oh meine Maan smiles n said u r my wife n u have that right….be it serious or play..n I know what to check this skirt….

Geet smiles n check few but then rejected when maan said u wil not take them…

Geet nodded no n said aapne kya lya..

Maan :-well I have taken some…Geet cut him n said grt have u tried..Maan nodded yes n Geet said ok but u didn’t went to male section there I was alone n u…….

Maan came close n leaned on her n whisper huskily I have brought few things for u….n u will be wondering how will it match ur size bt then last couple weeks I know ur everything size curve mole mountain dive .Geet said shut up u r incorrigible ….

Maan chuckled waise how do u know my T shirt or …Geet blushed…n said chaliye kuch kha lete hain …

Maan hungrily moved his gaze from her b****** to V***** when she felt wet there…she pulled him with her….Maan give order some salad with Mushroom pasta &tomato spaghetti….Both of them enjoying their food when geet said maan aapse kuch puchna tha…..

Maan nodded ;Geet said if u don’t know love then what u have expectation from this wedding….

MAan:- nothing…I had no expectation from this wedding mishty..I had to marry to settled down…but don’t know during our wedding ur simple look or simple touch make me think something else…u know I turn possessive ,other than my game I never become this much possessive over anything…

There some where;

U r good for nothing…that chit woman Ditch me..

Oh really she ditch u or u sold urself..


There at Maaneet’s place ;

Geet nodded but maaan said what about u…Well…..Maan notice someone aiming Gun at their side n pulled GEET with loud scream GEETTTTTT….


Precap :-




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