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Promo for my All FFs:-



Promo for my All FFs:-

Saathi :-

Le chali main apne devar ki barat le ke….

Adi was feeling shy n looking down….Geet said haye mere chota sa devar will marry…..

Maan mocked ha ekdam chota kal hi iska birth hua…..Geet narrowed her eyes then twist her lips n said Adi haye tut oh ek dam laal ho gaye….n elbowed him…Adi with all shy feeling said bhabi…

MAan shook his head n said SR ke din ghughat dall ke baith jana…

Adi look horrified when Geet said haye not a bad idea..


Maan look at him with smirk when she wriggled more ….He bend to take those pink buds but she pinch his Ni*****..She get up from the bed n ran when the silk satin cover her fully yet displaying her sensually….He smiles n bend little about to take her ….


She tackled those goons so easily….he should proud of her but he know its nursery rhymes for her who tackled 5 terrorist alone



Road To Love & Beyond :-

Maan was looking at geet who was feeling shy but maan pull her n said shall I write poem for u sona…Geet pouts when maan said nope that was cheesy n not romantic …I should draw u…..

Geet was looking confuse when maan took a hold on brush n paint a butterfly on her upper chest …Geet was feeling sensation when his finger went down to her belly for doing another work….but maan’s next sort of word make her red…my canvas is covering with too many clothes n look at her wickedly…


Kumudini look at her bhaiya bhabi as they r busy n took another route without knowing which can bring havoc on her n her family…




Geet smiles n said miss this is most worst way n too cheesy or say too Soap type u know Daily soap where Vamp came n claim to be mother of hero’s child n heroine will shed bucket n left or adopt the kid well m not that.

First I know its not my maan’s child sec maan may be have S** with u but he will not give his SE** to u….n third before hiring this boy u should cover his past from that orphanage …

Maan was enjoying the cat fight oops Cat one side n his tigress another side….

Geet bite his shoulder n said I HATE U…….MAan pull her on his lap n said I like how u stalk my work n go bottom……but geet again slapped n said cause u might trust her…Maan :- wrong assumption ..I don’t trust a B***** who want to kill my GEET…I have my type of punishment for them…Geet can see the ruthless cold player in maan ….She should proud or scare but she loved him ?



Cross Roads in Love:-

DCP u don’t know sir u son has fed by this woman , for that I bring u here…which woman has 3yrs old boy n breast feed him still…

Geet felt ashamed n numb with the humiliation when maan pull out his shawl n cover geet n said his pa don’t let anyone come here…First time took DCP by collar who is in civil dress n said .U will meet ur end MR khurana for harassing a Police..when maan said u will lose ur job for humiliating n try to molest a woman …

DCP was seething in rage n said who is that woman ur Mis******


Dr thank god for GEET , ur son is now safe…she did it ago mr khurana n I will say none can take place of mother….Maan look at with tear fill eyes who was still shivering n cover with maan’s shawl…..

GOD can’ come all time here in earth but GOD is here as Mother…Maan turn away with pain n remember this line said by his mother….


Do Ajnabee :-

Life was always harsh on me…I found my life love but I throw them n I got my punishment..

I am not recognizing u..who r u Miss….or mrs..y u r here , where is husband ?how could u touch me like that?

I am ur wife damn it….

Ha ha ha joke ..all want to be my wife ….khurana name my power my money…..

Its u who want to marry me….

Then I am freeing u from all BANDHAN…

I reject ur offer…I will win my love n u….

By seducing me…

R u scared….or u r already seduced

U r mine MAAN n u will be always…will see u geet …


All updates will post After new year means from 2nd jan 2018

See u then….

Love u all….


Teaser of Cross Roads in Love

 Teaser of Cross Roads in Love :-

I can’t thank u enough ….

its was my duty…..

I am sorry shona for whatever happen….

U r lucky u to have ur angel….

First time he was crying infront of stranger ….a woman….

First time she was smiling infront of stranger….A Man…

Hope u all like it

If anyone missed the previous part here is the link

Love u all


Teaser of Do Ajnabee 2


Geet was caressing the wound on his chest when he keep looking at her…..She smiles n bend to kissed near his chest…..He felt electric wave going inside him when she said I she was feeling shy but then next word he said ….Who R u Miss ? r u from opponent ? do u want to seduce me ?

Geet felt nothing from inside ….she was looking down..Dr said I am sorry…We need to see more but test result will come later n …..u have to be brave ….he will be fine….it may be temporary phase…I mean Amnesia…..

Geet look inside when Adi was giving brief to Maan about party condition n upcoming election……He was in bed but has start working ….but his eyes turn something else with him..Karma coming back to her but what is her fault ?


Hope u all like it

if u missed the previous part here is the link

Love u all

Protected: Road To Love N Beyond 2, Chapter 21

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Teaser of Road To Love & Beyond 2

Hi all upcoming Teaser for my ff  Road To Love & Beyond 2

Siggies made by me :- 

pls do check this vm which made by Anu Gurti….

do let me know ur views about the Teaser

Protected: Chapter 9 of Do Ajnabee 2

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Teaser of Cross Roads in Love 

Cross Roads in Love

A Savior;

He will save her Soul….

She will Save his heart…

He will save her Boy

She will save her girl

He will protect her from darkness

She will light his world

Hope u all like it.

UD is coming till then enjoy

Love u all



Protected: Chapter 8 of Do Ajnabee 2

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Teaser of Do Ajnabee 2

Small Teaser before I post update :-


Chaha Hai Tujhko Chahunga Hardam Mar Ke Bhi Dil Se Ye Pyaar Na Hoga Kam Teri Yaad Jo Aati Hai Mere Aansoon Behte Hain Apna To Milan Hoga Pal Pal Yeh Kehte Hain Kya Yeh Zindgani Hai Bas Teri Kahani Hai


Hope u all like it

Do Ajnabee 2 Chapter 7


Next Part:-

Maaneet haldi, mehendi, sangeet all happen n even marriage also…Maan take participants with geet in every rituals , he laughed smiles n make other…none believe he is the Politician who has bad reputation who was Ppl’s worker who went against his own mother for truth….who was dancing or teasing his bride..where geet seems forgot all inhabitation all confusion n went with flow. She danced with flow she enjoyed….

The time for her wedding when jaymala all teased n pull her but maan didn’t loose patience n she enjoyed she felt happy n heavenly.

The time real wedding start…Maan can’t blink to see the angel infront of him where she shyly steals glances of him …for her he was best man in this earth…the aura, personality all r coming out from him..

They look just perfectly match… As if Jodi made in heaven…

Maan filled her mang tie mangulsutra….Geet felt heaven …with this touch as if so serene ..nothing can be angelic, pure like this…she got another birth by this ….She felt safe when they start their sath phere as if taking a path towards their new life…Maan hold her hand they entwined their fingers n start their phere …they took each phere with each oath to help each other …protect each other…save each other …respect each other…Love each other…Cherish each other….care for each other…Bring peace n happiness in each other life  ….they will face every storm for each other first….

Maan smiles n bow down infront of his wife’s brother n sister (though they r cousin of geet) …

Geet cried during vidaayi when dadi ma notice maan was little restless also…She felt may be its cause of all rona dhona….But its not easy even adi notice who was sweating profusely n look at dadi ma again n again then went from there…

Dadi ma don’t understand suddenly what happen…y she was feeling restless…y the happiness of wedding change into something dark forbidden.

She wants to know it from adi who escaped, she wants to know it from maan but can’t…she have to wait for the right time but what is right time…

They have completed the vidayi when maaneet settled inside the car..Geet was crying when Maan said have it..n give her handkerchief …She smiles slowly when he just nodded n closed his eyes in pain..

He tried every way to make this wedding beautiful but now….

He find it hard but still he did everything to make her happy but he is fighting a battle….he don’t know what is right or wrong….he don’t get ans of his confusion no logical ans but he just…his thought came to halt when their car stopped in front of KM….

They entered the KM when maan help geet with her heavy bridal dress ..Dadi ma took Arti then Geet make the Kalash fall then place her feet at Red vermillion filled water…

After placing her foot print Dadi ma ordered maan to stop n take geet in his arms when geet felt red n embarrassed but maan look rigid for a moment then slowly scoop geet as if she weight nothing…as if she is some feather…Maan went behind Dadi ma when other giggle n tease geet who look down with shyness..they put her hand print on the wall…n welcoming her as Khurana bahu….

Later they took participants on some game but after  ring game which maan lost  n said he has some work n escape from there..All said maan is too busy n it’s the life of politician so she have to accept it….

Geet titled her head to see at maan who get up n going towards upstair..Dadi ma felt bad n odds with this behavior…

Geet look at Dadi ma then at the back of maan..she felt something wrong..But last few moments ago also its fine then…   she felt something chilling on her spine..Her stomach churn in pain ….she fears something but try to maintain the cool…

Later , Dadi ma asked some cousin to make geet sit in maan’s room which is now geet’s room also …they settled geet n teased her…

She felt shiver running down not only for shyness but with fear , an unknown fear gripping her….she hold her knees close to her  …

She almost falling on sleep when she get up with jerk as some noise is coming ..she felt scared n get up n said whh whooooo is there? But no response

.she try to get up but then notice her husband coming out with full dress in shirt pant waist coat…she gulped down the saliva n said mmmaannn…

Maan who was checking something n heard the voice but didn’t say a word…she look here n there felt little awkward when maan said I am going for a tour …here is the key for ur cupboard help urself..n here is other necessary things…

Geet look confuse but then asked where u r going?

Maan close his briefcase n said I have already mentioned GEET….u need to practice it I will not repeat …

Geet look at him when maan didn’t turn but said Shaadi ho gayi jo meine chacha tha ….now my work finished I have my work …..waise u also will get what u want freedom for urself n do ur work…

Geet look confuse   when maan said don’t u remember Geet ?

Geet bite her lower lips but then said aap kya bol rehe ho?

Maan smiles but it’s more of mocking smiles.

He turns n said u want to study further do it…I am giving u freedom…u want to be independent do it…I am giving u freedom….

Geet tremble when maan said u r wondering then y I marry…first I want to marry u..Sec..u reject me Geet Handa…U may be forgot or u may be..anyway..I can’t forget the rejection which u have done…u have the guts to insult me u have the guts to say no… its fair deal…now u r bind to me …

Geet already get up n look shock when maan said now u have two choice stay with me do as I wish or get lost…but yes remember u already played with fire…

Geet look shock , he was married cause she reject him but when n where, she can’t remember anything….n today is their first night n he is going out for abroad to finalize some deal, is it so imp than his bride….

She said but he didn’t listen n move from there… He gave her two choices once …a 19yrs girl without education so he can mold her as per his choice n complete her education bt don’t expect anything from him…

She didn’t cry as cry is not solution n tears seem dried up long ago but what is truth beneath those rage those eyes depicted something else…he is saying something n doing something but his eyes….

Maan look at her with plane face n try to rude when she didn’t say anything much just stare at him then whisper all the best….I wish best for u…when maan turn n said I wish I can give u same n went away….when a mute spectators r there…Adi….Maan’s pa…who knows everything yet mute ….Adi came to take maan as there is some emergency ..

Maan left there when adi awkwardly look at her then murmur a sorry but then got maan’s barking….he almost ran…

Geet sat down there with huff… she felt pain she felt shocked..she fel choked with sudden turn of event ..if he want to take revenge then y he didn’t mention ago y he give too many good memory related to wedding their wedding y he make it like dreamy…y he fulfill her dream y…she slapped her hand on the floor n said kyuon maan , kyuon aap mujhe nehi samjhe…ek baar mujhe mere side toh .mujhe kyuon saaza de rehe ho aap…kyuon..she cried she complaint but none is there to listen her…

paas aaye..
dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa huin
ek adhoori si hamaari kahaani rahi
aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
jaa mile.. jaa mile..
ishq sachcha wahi
jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..

rang thay, noor tha
jab kareeb tu tha
ek jannat sa tha, ye jahaan
waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan

She eventually fall on sleep on the floor…she curl into ball..she sobbed whimpered she cried but no one is there…

Where Maan hit the steering in pain n anger n regret..he shouts y GEET y y betrayed me u….cheated me…u….

Hamari adhuri kahani..

Geet if u once said if u once trust me but u only hide u betrayed u played with my emotions….not only one time but….

Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

Maan took his wallet n look at his misthy’s pic.his mishty …he still don’t don’t belive how could she did could she …he want to destroy her he want to shake her he want to hurt her but he can’t…he is so helpless…

He thought after his dadi ma she will ….yes he fall for her but she …

He kissed pic of Geet like madly crazily

Jannatein agar yahin
Tu dikhe kyon nahin
Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan
Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan

As if he is loving her he rest his forehead there n said y mishty y u lied can’t u asked me. Can’t u..I know I was never good with u..forcefully kiss u…hurt u last time u came to meet me but can’t u give me one chance .I never intend to hurt..I want to love u protect u….I …kyuon geet kyuon…

Hamari adhuri kahani..

She was sitting in the bed , their bed, their first night, they may be have differences but they have feeling for each other  but y then they r facing this kind of hard ship…

She look at the bed n felt she is sitting there n waiting for him , her maan..

He smiles at her…

Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

Geet turn with smile she shied to see his eyes which reflect only love….

He sat beside her ..her heart beat raised when their finger touched…..their eyes met their lips touched the room become too hot….they look at each other when their lips seek each other warmth ..Their tongue fight n this was sensual this was electrifying yet so divine…They almost fought with each other lips as if making love they fall on the bed….when maan’s hand about to open her blouse string there is sound a huge noise

She get up n found herself at cold floor like her life now become like …suddenly again some sound n noise…she quickly get up n rubbed her face .she heard someone saying bahu rani pls come out side…Dadi ma is not well..Geet panic but quickly clean her face n ran towards Dadi ma’s room…she asked what happen…

Nakul, said Dadi ma fainted suddenly ..n n ..

Geet said aapne doc ku bulaya hain ..

Nakul nodded then said oh shahab je eke ma…

Geet didn’t get but then someone said nakul bahar jao n u e lerki..

Geet turn n seen the nightmare..her Saash MIL…she gulped her saliva n try to cover her head with ghunghat then try to take blessing but Maan’s mom pushed her then slapped her hard n said u B***** , so finally u snatch the happiness of others n entered in side this house ha..

Geet who startled n almost tremble behind n try to say something but Maan’s mom hold her wrist n said but see ur husband left u when he should with u at ur SR bt he will be where he need ..

Geet turn pale when Maan’s mom smirk n pull her n said u shouldn’t e here n try to push when some one said with ice cold voice who shouldn’t b here n who should that was decided already Mrs Khurana …..n took Geet hand in his hand…

His eyes scan the hand print when she lowered her eyes….her lips r trembling when he said misty…She look down again n nodded …He sighed n said ADI ….called security  threw away this woman…

Jannatein agar yahin
Tu dikhe kyon nahin
Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan
Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan

Geet didn’t see just heard n shiver but soon notice guards going behind her n hold someone else…She slowly look at him who was giving more order..She closed her eyes then cling more to him…When he just turn n look at her…She can hear him saying..

Nakul, Dr ke sath jao…Nakul nodded when One of the maid came with some medical kit n hot water…maan said bring this to my study room…

Geet look confuse but he took her with him inside the study room..She look so confuse n just let him lead it…

She don’t have anything to say now she is tired she is feeling miserable ….her first night turn nightmare…when he gently wipes her check, she moaned mannn who didn’t reply when geet look at him n said u don’t have to..

Maan look at her eyes finally…..n said what I have to do or not….u don’t have to say….u r hurt cause of my mother n when geet snapped his hand n shouts what about u maan , u also hurt me h u also accuse me something…

Maan open the ointment n said my mom has done wrong n has accused wrongly but geet smiles sadly n said how do u know maan..u may be not aware that….

Maan pull her roughly n apply the ointment n said I know..I was not aware of one thing n then said u said I accuse u just asked urself Mrs GEET Khurana ..who has done the drama of Memory loss ..Partial Amnesia ha…

Geet look pale when maan said if u have discuss the problem if u have shared just once but u choose something else…U choose to believe them not me..u choose….I never claimed myself as white noble person..I am human who has desire who can make mistake but I never hide…

Geet lowered her head when maan said I did mistake geet big mistake… geet softly said y u married me then ..

Maan rubbed her cheek with ointment n said cause what is mine is mine..

Geet said m not commodity…Maan I never said u r commodity..did I mrs Khurana..

Geet get up n said u…Maan smirk n said let’s go to dadi ma’s room….

Later, they came at Dadi ma’s room where Dadi ma sleeping after Dr injected her when Dr said one of the panic attack n got huge stress ..I have prescribed few medicine n few things u have to follow…

Maan nodded when dr said bring her tomorrow for few check up..Maan nodded but geet can see , he is so cool..she look away with horrible feeling, is this man machine when maan said u don’t have to worry geet …I know what I ave for my dadi ma..I don’t show off neither I faked things….

Geet try to say but didn’t n look at dadi ma then went there… she caressed her head then check her temperature …Geet wipes her tears but sat there…

Geet look at maan who came with a cup of coffee for him when nakul bring hot milkshake for her with few biscuits ,she want to say no but she know she have to be strong n she have to say many things they can’t continue or start their life with mus n lots of unanswered questions…

Few days went by this Maan is again got busy with home n outside but both MAaneet avoid any argument for the sake of dadi ma n her health..but how long they will avoid the confrontation ..sooner or later they have to face each other n ..then..

Geet sighed n turn to see Maan is there , she look at the clock its said 3.30 a.m. she sighed she turn away from him but then heard turning away from me will be like turning away from truth which will never going to happen?

Geet turn n said oh really maan I am not running away when maan said ha ha mrs geet khruana didn’t but she did what she lied she faked ha…

Geet :-I never want to marry u

Maan didn’t say a word when geet said its my fault n ur fault to cross my path,

Maan upright get up n just pull geet roughly its my Fault Geet its my fault that u met me that way if I was not there then u would have killed n before that raped…do u know ? its my fault that I saved u again n again….what is ur problem ? ha can’t u say me ur problem but u …yes I can’t meet u yes our meeting is not in good way yes here we had bad memories n my family insult but there is only that don’t u feel any thing more…

Geet look at maan who said did I do something with u ? Geet ? I told u m not some saint …but what u have done meeting with those goons those political socio corrupt ppl who can do anything with u..Who GAVE u right..

Geet said no one, its my wish…I can defend myself m not that weak to take help from u..

Maan glare when Geet said u asked me y I didn’t but do u have the guts to listen …

Maan squeezed his eyes brows n said what do u mean ?

Geet :- u know everything u don’t know what happen under ur nose..u think too much of urself mr Khurana ..Maan almost roared n said GEEEETTTT…

Geet glare back n said I don’t will scare of ur shouting or screaming. Chillate oh jiske pass sach nehi ho…

Maan jump from his bed n try to hold her elbow forcefully when geet snapped n said don’t u dare to touch me…yes I was wrong yes I have done mistake but its not my fault mr Khurana ..asked ur mamma what she has done behind u or who knows its u who send it..

Maan almost roared when geet said meine sirf ek sach chupaya ha , mere parivaar dukh mein the they were worried yes I have done wrong but to save myself from u n ur world…I don’t have heart to hurt them or tell them what ur mom has said me…u blame me if u know I have done wrong then u could have dump me , y the need to of married to show how heroic u r ?

Maan didn’t say a word then turn n went to window when geet sat on the couch n crying ….the winds r blowing but the room is silent after the storm….

After lots of moment , Maan said I want to meet u after whatever happen with u here..I want to app…..I want to mend the thing I want to pr…I want manythings that time but..I was stuck here …I never wish to be delay but destiny strikes the moment I heard about u I want to I was never imagine..I went but that was late…I never know my mom would have done I never imagine it..its just..I thought u genuinely hurt by me so when Geet said I was n I am still hurt maan…

Maan didn’t say but said I can’t…I….cant forget what I felt that time…I was trying to save u..I heard how u have face the accident n what cause I got alert n find that my rival n more the local political ppl r behind u as u have seen some murder n..I don’t know how to protect…

Geet said so u married me out of pity…

Maan didn’t say when geet said who asked u to do the social service who I am to u..I can die or live ..Maan turn n said GEEETTTT…

Geet smiles sadly…I don’t know ur world maan..I have small dream, I want to do the study, stand by me father n my family..To see my mom smiling with my success ….I never seen this for me..But I met u..u pulled me to ur world like magnet pulling a iron… moth going towards fire…n I went n fall inside this darkness now…

Geet look down when maan turn again n said u can complete ur all dreams now I don’t want to be ur nightmare…This all start from here n this will end from here..u can go now..I will arrange for well protection n divorce for u    n alimony but thuddddddddddd..

A loud sound of slap shouts HOW DARE U MR KHURANA , WHO I AM  A DOLL A PUPPET WHEN U LIKE JUST TAKE ME WHEN U DON’T FEEL THEN REJECT ME ..WHO I AM , kyuonnnn maaannn kyuon..shaadi kya khel hain , for u jab chahe shaadi jab chahe…kya socha hain mujhe aapna….u n ur family, ur mom make hell of my life…n now this….if I don’t meet u then this wouldn’t have happen…but…

Maan look at her , he suddenly smirk n said  Mrs Geet Sing Khurana , u have guts to slap MSK n daring to shouts infront of me….interesting….

Geet who was at daze n confronting suddenly got alart n gulped her saliva when maan said if u wouldn’t met me also u have under problem , remember that incidents from where I have save u two times…atleast or do u have any problem to remember them like doing drama of partial amnesia…

Geet look at him when maan said u want to stay with me with this marriage good…u can…I never will go against ur wishes…u may not trust me but I will give u the protection stay here n fulfill ur dream…

1 month passed Dadi ma can see the differences the Maaneet now Maan n Geet both r staying apart she don’t know what happen but suddenly…

Dadi ma who shed tears..who thought what went wrong….

Geet inside KM under maan’s protection n she is protected by outer cruel world, maan’s enemy opposition n doing her study…

Maan is outside KM busy with his professional political career…..

But two hearts beat still two soul long still……

Dadi ma didn’t took it easily she did her investigation n from source she got to know..Maaneet met couple of times where maan save geet at HP…Geet later came here for Study n college work where she met Maan..they spend time ,she took even risk to entered KM…yes she has seen that , she know about it …she got from source thought not got full info but assumed that both Maan Geet has strong feelings but trapped by web of lies, mus, conspiracy …

She sighed… she read the reports n got to know that after maan’s mom insult Geet n said how sameera was engaged with maan , make her heart broke n here maan is restless which she has seen.

Then her illness n maan’s mother n sameera’s step make maan tied up here where maan’s rival n local political goons want to kill geet who save but met the accident…

Maan is not aware who took order from court against his own mother but she went to HP n threaten Geet to kill her n her family..she got scared…

Dadi ma said poor girl n did the amnesia drama..if she would have a person to say or…she would Maan got to know it n he is feeling she betrayed him…when she didn’t..She is thinking he is with his mother did it…

She don’t know what to do but she can’t force them ..she can’t break them or even think over it..but they r like..she need to know more , n now individually Maan n Geet then can she help them..her kids need it…they r under mu…

At inside Maaneet’s bed room geet slept at her side when maan slept at couch..



Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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