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Road To Love N Beyond 2, Chapter 18

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Next day Geet was sitting inside a tub n looking lost when she felt him , dropping water from her face ..she look so shy , feeling like fish out of water , his long finger roaming on her face to neck to collarbone to move towards the knot of her clothes n hold the knot…she look shocked n felt the little pull ,if her devil kuwar sa pull it more then she will be fully bare…she turn but he smirk wickedly ..

She pleads him through her eyes but he smirk only…He bend little n give her kiss near her heart then nuzzle upto her jaw n said my sona, my cutie  ..

Geet pouts cutie…Maan u r see how sweet u taste n now bite near her cleavage…Geet hissed with the pleasure n pain…she pouts n maan whisper laga..

Geet look away with shyness when maan bend n sucked that area…She try to hold the rim but hold his arm n marked his hand with nail…she was panting n her eyes turn lower…but maan hold her face n said kya hua sona…Geet didn’t say anything when maan smirk but said now have bath kitna time waste karte ho …

Geet didn’t get the meaning then said hawww but he was out side ..she pouts then try to take bath but hissed when water pour on her bite marks given by her devil hubby…she hissed with pain n pleasure…

She came out n get ready for the day…when her eyes fall on her cleavage n make her turn deeper shade of red…she peak from her palms then giggled..she murmur kuwar sa bilkul pagal hain , besharam bhi..

Then pouts ha mein bhi toh kaise ogling n she closed her eyes…with shivering feeling but soon got warmth ..she know whose warmth its..she feeling tickling inside her when maan nuzzled his nose on her cheek n said y my sona is glowing…like red rose…

Geet turn more shy as maan place sloppy kiss on her cheek… she shied when maan said go n get ready…will leave then..Geet try to say when n where…

Maan smirk n said fast sona..don’t have much time…    

Geet pout n went to change…but she is stuck with the situation as the saree..she think how  to wear it…she try to open her wardrobe when she heard the click n found him there…

He is wearing some pink towel.. ermmm on his neck ofcourse n below ermmm on white pant…he is looking like deadly gorgeous yet Se**…she cursed herself ..she look down but maan smirk at her…

She coughed n said oh yeh aap mein…Maan smirking with her stammering but with that cute frown then little blush …He said kya hua sona abhi tak ready nehi hue…need any help

Before geet can say anything she is being pulled by him n pasted with his broad chest…Maan slowly freed her clothes from her hand n place it behind her…  

She looks down again but the smiles playing on her lips…He said sona n hold her loose curl… N said jana hain na udhar…Geet nodded no…Maan smiles at her cuteness.when she said par aapka health..

Maan said oh toh thik hain…Geet look at him when maan bend n lick her lips…n said go ready but geet unknowingly open her lips …before maan move that nibbling geet hold his lips n look shock…She don’t know what she has done n y…but she loved it..she felt heat creeping inside her but her kuwar sa seems more loving it…he hold her close n kissed her thoroughly when his big hand hold her buttock..she gasped but more than her, he look shocked…

She turn red & freed herself…Maan got that she hasn’t have any inner …she felt awkward even he felt …what he felt..he shook his head n said ahem ahem…u wear ur skirt n blouse..will help then…

She want to deny but don’t able to..

She went inside…she notice from partition him .he look at her then lower his eyes then turn…She is feeling hot…with AC on..she wear everything n came out when maan fold the saree n turn with shocking expression…the blouse n inner skirt…has perfectly cover her yet didn’t …her milky tummy..her dip naval …her curve inside her blouse perfectly fitted…her swell which is visible due to her heavy breath n her swan like neck…she look little more pinkish…

He circled her in daze n she is feeling like some prey infront of her predators…she shook herself for this kind of thought ..she look at him who smiles or rather say smirk at her condition…

She cursed him for making her like that..he is indeed looking like predators…Dusht Danav

She suddenly moaned as her kuwar sa pinch her naval lightly..She pouts n almost said aap iye…

MAan control his smiles n said maine kya kya sona…She look away with the red hue covering her cheek..she sometimes don’t understand herself neither her kuwar sa…his touch make her alive again…how she felt hot inside yet calm ..some thing is really wrong with her..

She look lost when maan sat infront of her n make those pleat n make it enter inside her skirt…when she hummed…Maan smirk n give her tummy n naval wet kisses…make her moan..she is feeling like doll ..when he is decorating her with his love ..she look down with her droopy eyes as the drug of her kuwar sa make her dizzy..

When maan bite her naval n leave a mark… She almost scream little with pain n pleasure..

He smirk n said kya hua sona..Are kya iye kya hain ..n look more closely..something is there..something like bite mark…

She want to shallow herself inside this floor n save herself from his shameless talk…she cursed him for doing this to her…where is her innocent Kuwar sa..she pouts when he placed his tongue little then sucked the mark …She almost throw her head in ecstasy…when he is again lost there but the intercom make them coming to their controlled himself n think not to test both of them…he took deep breath n make her pallu right…She look at him from veil of her lashes …he look little rigged…n said her… go n sit out ur maid….

She said par aap…He snapped her n said Sona go n sit there..ur maid will help….n went out side..She twist her lips n said go sit there…har waqt gussa .. nehi chaiye kiska help , meine thora bulataha kisiko ha..khud aate hain kuch aur karte hain..dekho kaise mark kar dia then hide her face inside her palm..

Maan went to take cold shower & cursing himself for loosing that control n then snapping his sona…He came out n found her not inside the changing room..he murmur something n went out side to found her not in side their bedroom…he said to himself ekele chalai gyi iye lerki bhi na…he turned but then notice her…frowning n trying to find something…

He smiles n went close to her when she said meine kabhi ekele aapko nehi chora, aap hi mujhe chor jate ho….

He shook his head n said so my sona is angry on me…

She turn then said kyuon jaiye na aapko jo karna hain aur iye kya kitni baar u will take shower..Kuwar sa…aapko ho kaya gaya hain, aajkal night mein 2-3 times u r taking shower ,what is wrong with u?

He open his mouth then close it when geet shook her head n took him to nearest couch n said sit here…then hold the towel from his neck n wiping his hair , neck n shoulder …He felt so calm with her touch…its so soothing…she murmuring something about his negligence bt he is busy to get pamper by her…when his eyes fall on her naval n his teeth mark…

He froze there…n his finger touch the area n make her hiss…he quickly said sona is it paining..I am sorry to hu but she closed his mouth n said its not then bite her lower lips…He sighed then said wait…n took something n said have to brought some concealer then apply some cream n said  wait sona…as the marks is still not going. He knows. He put her in some position…

He sighed n see her innocent face is glowing under his love…He get up when her trance broken n said aap ka hair..but he jerked n little bit of drop let fall on her face like dew drop on flower..she shiver little n he just kissed those tiny droplets…He make her drugged with his love n open her pallu n make her moaned kuwar sa..But he whisper only did u trust ur kuwar sa.

She replied bahut, sab se jada..khud se jada…

Maan kissed her hair n change the pattern of her saree n make the pallu from front side…

She notice how he quickly changed arrange to cover her tummy…when he whisper this mark is my claim for u that u r mine…but I shouldn’t make u red n embarrassed infront of this…comb her hair then pleat her n arrange something more…Within 15 mins she is ready like doll, oops his kuwar sa’s doll only but beautiful woman for others…

He kissed her forehead n took kajal n place it behind her ear n said kiske najar na laage mere Sona ko..he smiles n said baitho will be ready within 5 mins..

Geet said no take ur time, abhi bhi time hain waise bhi aaj aapko sab se sundar laagna hain

Maan shook his head when geet giggle to see him little pink …

They later came down together .all heads turning towards them with admiration …they came n took blessing from the GOD , their ancestor , then their parents…They took the seat before havan…after doing it they went to royal throne n do puja of it..then after taking blessing from Family priest , Parents , elders . they sat there.. After priest took arti then Maan’s mother came n did same …then Maan’s Dadi…After that…the coronation. Though royal kingdom r not there any more but royalty is there still…

Later they attend a public ceremony where Maaneet give little speech about how they will continue to live for their Subject n help them to see the prosperity more…

Geet look at maan who announce with proud voice there will be immediate box n dept for their subj , who r in distress they can contact with them…anything , even if someone can’t reach higher authority govt they can help…they r having conversation with govt n with the help of it n approval they will make couple things more to rural area…All look happy n bless Maaneet..


Later they attend press conference also. Everything went well.. they attend a ball dance …Champagne fly in air…All dance…the simple yet elegant party make everyone happy n enjoy it…Maan can’t leave geet for a moment n, make her introduce with few more new ppl…

Later all settled for family dinner when Maan’s bua came n said so all of u have make maan marry then make her queen also. Without want to consult with me…Geet look shocked n maan look startled when a woman came there n said Aunty pls…anyway Congratulation to His Highness Maanvendra …Maan get up n acknowledge the lady who leaned on maan n give him cheeky kiss…Maan look not comfortable when bua said what a destiny who should be ur wife but..u choose..when maan’s DAD raised his voice n said BASSS Amisha…its more than enough…then said u came here n can attend this as family but …its for family only…guest can be entertain outside then call his PA n said Mr Singhania , let Miss Chouhan enjoy the hospitality also…

Before Maan’s Bua aur Miss Chouhan aka Fizzy Chouhan can say anything Couple lackey ushered her ..when maan’s Dad asked Maan to clean the face as after Miss Chouhan kissed his cheek its has marks…He look more red then tensed as he notice how geet look down n constantly fidgeting with her food …

He cursed himself that rathod , his bua…He went from there…when Maan’s Dad said Bahurani go help ur Kuwar sa…Geet look little unsettled then nodded but heard His bua saying y u give them marry, when u have already make maan engaged with Fizzy…

Geet can’t hear more neither she want to…She went inside their room n found Kuwar sa is standing there n rubbing the face vigorously …She went there n took the towel n softly wipes it without meeting his eyes..

Maan said sona…look at me, sona pls…Geet with soft voice said ur family is waiting n try to move but maan pull her n said ur family ha..its not ur only mine..ha…

Geet look down n said I.with some pause  Actually our family…

Geet look down n said hume der ho rehi hain..Maan look at her n said I am sorry sona..I was…Geet cut him n said pls hume jana chaiye sab wait kar rehe hain…

Maan try to say something but geet freed herself forcefully n went away…He look at her retreat form n punch the wall in rage…

Both came down n join others when the food of the festival turn sour…But Bua still continuing waise Lerki wale paani nehi peete lerke wale ke ghar se par aap log toh…Rista badal gaya hain iye sab toh iyaad hain…waise khan Royal hone se har koi khandani royal nehi hote …u know Mr Raghav Rathod…

Geet hold her spoon tightly…when maan’s father said bass Amisha, who shrugged it off n said Bachapan se iha Geetakshi ko jab chahe tab bhej dia then acche se cheating karvaya n guilt mein humare Bete ko bhejwaya then phir se wow , what a plan…

Geet get up n said baas kijiye Bua ji…Amisha throw dagger towards her through her eyes n said with bitter voice see Bhai sa..iye lerki aaj raani hui nehi aapna tevar dikha rehi hain…baro ke saamne kaise baat karte …when Geet’s mom said GEETAKSHI sit down..

Geet said par masa iye aap sab ko kyuon bol rehe hain aapka kya kasoor…

Geet’s mom give her glare when maan’s bua said  galati hain inka parvarish…when maan’s DADI SAID bass AMISHA enough is enough…Maan’s Bua said ha aap toh hume chup karvaneynge aap boliye kaise kya aap sab ne…Fizzy ke zindegi barbad karke aaccha laga…engagement hone ke baad shaadi kisi aur se…sab iye logo ke wajay se kaise beti bheja hain kya parvarish diya hain…


Geet turn towards him when bua again try to continue but maan said no a word but geet thought its for her only..She look down n maan said GEETAKSHI just go to ur room…without any word…

Geet just ran from there…Maan can guess her mood the hurt the pain she endured today…He clutched the table then said Sorry Baba maharaj n went toward’s Geet’s Father n said Baba Maharaj don’t feel sad…ur Daughter is an angel for me…u have given her best up bringing …she always lights ur name ur family name…she loves u n u all, can’t take any word against u then look at his father n said I am sorry Baba Maharaj I think there is my fault that I forgot to tell u something…then look at Arya who nodded n maan continued I broke up my Engagement with Miss Chouhan after our so called engagement

Bua jumped in n said wow now for that GEET u r saying lie but Maan’s DADIMA said AMISHA enough now…don’t make me throw u out from here..then said Yash its my fault that I didn’t inform u as it went away from my head…u know. Actually Miss Chouhan has some bad reputation…

Bua try to say but this time her mother said Strictly another word u will throw out of this place for forever then said Yash want to inform u but then we have to move for Geet’s Graduation party…convocation …then one after another incident…u know..but u can check it with ur PA…who look down n said yes Ma’m is right , I have a file…

Yash said will discuss it later infront of GEET as she have to know before that AMISHA u have to say sorry to Raghav n his family for ur misbehaving not a word …Amisha said I will never say sorry to this family who snatch my maan’s happiness  for that Witch who throw her Black magic from childhood…Maan’s DAD roared Enough Anisha  u can move with ur friend or whatever Miss Chouhan right now…n Maan said  before that Bua ji I had respect for u , thought u were little greedy but u will stoop low …u r blaming GEET who save ur face during wedding when u mixed poison the food made by her…she save ur daughter  from getting rusticated from College cause of Bad character …she try to hide it so ur husband will not throw her or do something…She didn’t say a word when u curse her after our wedding as u will snatch me from her…She did nothing give her smiles…

She is angel n indeed she spread her magic of love, care, trust for me…She trust me she love me sh care for me infact for everyone…but u will never understand..u never try to see what will be consequences for ur move.

U as daughter of this house never care for ur brother or mother, forget about ur sister in law or us..but she when she was small from that time she care for all of us…U don’t know what food my Baba maharaj like or my dadi sa like . did they have any allergic problem with any food  or any spice.. did my mom has taken her oil for massage before sleeping. Did my Little sister has complete her study …Did my brother has food…if I sneeze little she will see what happen.. my every food come to me timely  my dress ready accordingly  my choice my file ready before my office…she stand beside me to give presentation without prior notice .She never flinch for any duty but stood strongly . where r u when I was in hospital where u r later , u never came to meet me..but My geet she was injured she was hurt in pain yet she took care of me …she look after me along with every duty for this house…this state… where r u Bua ji when I crave for homemade food bt along with my Masa , geet’s masa came with this…where r u when my best friend stand by me without blinking …Bua ji u will never know n understand my GEET…she is GEM…

Bua clapped n said thank u MAAN for Humiliating me for that chit girl n u r too emotional for this post..

When maan said I can be good as emotional but never will want to be calculative cunning person like u…

Before any more confrontation Maan’s father stop them n said Amisha right now ..GET LOST…with ur guest …

Maan’s father look at everyone n said I am sorry Raghav…when Geet’s Father said don’t Yash , its ok, its family matter then Geet’s dadi sa said we r sorry that Geet talk like that n…But Yash said she was right , no child can take insult for her parents …when she know everything is lie…then to maan go n feed her…Poor girl didn’t eat n has fast today…

Maan nodded n went to take her fav foods…He know he has biggest hard work now…his sona is damn angry n hurt…will try to shut down herself from all ..but he did whatever to save her from further humiliation…how could he take her  insult…He whisper inside his heart Sona u r my pride my soul , how can I let anyone hurt u..I will never sona…      




Rooth Na Jana Tum Se Kahoon To

Meri Yeh Diwanagi Kabhi Na Hogi Kam
Tum Yeh Mano Ya Na Mano
Mere Jaisa Diwana Tum Paoge Nahin


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Chapter 16 of Road To Love & Beyond 2


Next Part :-

Welcome Back 

Maaneet sat in side the chopper when geet said can’t we go by CAR what is the need of..Maan chuckled n said have u fasten ur seat belt…Geet nodded then this air ride always give me high blood pressure…       

Maan almost chuckled when geet said I know its funny…n then be a royal I have learn everything n adjust with every situation …

Maan shook his head n said u don’t have to do anything which will make u not comfortable..ur comfort means me more than when geet said by leaning on him nmy comfort with ur safety n if its by going through this then I will tk it…

MAan chuckled when geet again said btw how long it will be ..MAan :-hmmm 1day or so..

Geet sighed hmm then look shocked n notice maan is trying hard to suppress the laughter when geet pout n said kuwar sa aapko majak sujh rehe hain …

Maan shook his head but giggle escape from his throat when Geet pout n said kijiye aur majak mere…Maan with his free hand hold Geet n said majak kya humne oh bhi humare D…to my Sona…I am dare to do that..Geet twist her lips n said dekhiye u r doing same..jaiye baat nehi karenge hum aapse..humesha aise karna ..when there is announcment that they will be landing now…

Geet look at maan who hold from his free hand n said we will be fine.

Later they step down from the Chopper , Maan felt the schrocing sun when a lackey came with umbrella but maan said it ok..Geet about to say something…Maan start walking before it..

Geet murmur he will never listen others…they came through the royal path when three body guard from each side cover them fully. Masa was there n take arti of them…after this Maaneet entered the palace when suddenly Maan stumble but geet hold him quickly…they  shared a quick smiles…

That day all helped maaneet n all retired early they leave also maaneet in private when geet feel elated but maan feel more tensed…she smiles at him n quickly went to change her dress..she come back but frown n said what r u doing here..

Lackey look shocked n stammmer Hukum called me Chote kuwar rani..

Geet about to say when maan sat on a Reclying chair n said come after 45mins n asked one of maid servant come n help ur chote kuwar rani..

Geet look at maan with narrowed eyes after Lackey went from there..Maan :-no need to fume for no reason..u were tired n u can’t help me…everytime..

Geet sighed bt then said yes sure like u also can’t decide what help n when I need what n good night…she move from their room to adjoin room of her..they have two medium size along with big royal

Maan was shocked n murmur this woman will make me crazy .what is this with new drama helping thing..GOD….he wait for few moments but after her retret to another room .no sign of her..he sighed n when one of the maid servant came there n said Hukum

Maan:- no need today just give me the Milk then get up from the chair with little difficulty n went behind Geet to the adjoin room …     he smiles to see her cuddling with the pillow so cutely…he settled there with the milk glass…he just stare at her face, so innocent so alluring .her cheeks flush from the night shower…her lips little parted..they r supple..he can feel them now also like that night…

He want to again chew them like having juice…n give mark of his..he look shocked n shook him self then called geet, sona wake up baby…have it…

Geet moaned ummm but maan again tried same response when maan shook her little she almost jump ,then look here n there with confuse expression..then frown at maan …

Geet took the glass n said iye jitna mujhe jarurat hain utna hi aapko par aaop toh something super human ho, jisse dard nehi hota…n iha aise halat mein chale aaye aapko jada chalne ke liye mana kya par aap ho, kyuon baatein sunege kisi aur ka…

Maan chuckled n said I had my milk u have given me n u also need it as u r not some super woman…

Geet narrowed her eyes when maan said I came here as u went away from therw angriliy..Sona, I can ask u help but will u be able to take my weight ..m too heavy…u know u can’t help me for everything …

Geet still pout n said so its my fault….Maan chuckled n about to get up when geet said sit here…har waq iha uha ghumna.kabhi toh kisika baat sunniye…then complete her glass n said I will come back but maan said if I need rest then u also…Geet about to say but then inwardly smile n said okey…

Maan chuckled but then asked but where we will sleep ..Geet turn n said I wanna know r u really mad or had hit there badly or u r doing to irritate me..kuwar sa…

Maan look stunned when geet also gasped then chuckled n said here n pls let me sleep..Maan gasped again but geet giggle in return…when Maan shook but later they slept there…

After make sure Maan was sleeping Geet get up n went to their room…she came back after some time with a bowl in hand…she sat near his leg..  then with the oinment she pressed his leg…he moaned half way but then slept..she smiles …she later joined him…

One time geet think to change the dress but then ignore it n slept as she is too tired to move…

At morning ,  maan wake up n feeling good the soreness is still there will take time..he turn n find her sleeping…he smiles n bend to kiss her forehead n smiles at her face..he feels always fine to see her close to him, he just can’t afford to be away from him but his feeling he is scared of that..He slowly get up from there..he went out n was looking at the vast sky…sky is still orange n the looking like will pour rain..he smiles as he know his sona loves rain …today will be like their childhood day when he have to stop her from going drenching…

When he heard her voice, y u r here n y u r laughing alone…..Maan turn n saidnothing..Geet frowned …Maan sat near the sofa there when geet yawn n said mujhe abhi bhi neend aarehi hain…Maan replied so jao na phir…Geet smiles n then slide besides him n make him startled fully..

He said geet but who said kya hua aapko mein aapko pareshaan kar rehi hoon kya..

Maan shook his head whn geet settled well…her hand cover his stomach n then look at him expectedly whn maan hold her shoulder n said khush ..Geet flash her innocent smiles n said aapko pata hain,Dadi sa suspecting Rimita bhabi sa..Maan said hmm..Geet pout n murmur inse baat karna muskil hain..then said aapko iha aane ki kya jarurat tha..aap pair ko itna struggle kyuon de rehe hain…

Maan :- nothing its just was feeling to need fresh air….geet :- hmm aapko pata hain when maan said geet sona hain toh so jao..

Geet smiles then giggle n said sona hain sona ko sona hain n look at maan ..Maan shook his head n try to look ahead as taking her close ,is not going to help him.                  

Her finger was playing with his kurta button n she is saying about how all were worried, how dadi sa was helping her , she said manything but he didn’t listen everything when finally he said sona pls so jao ..Geet nodded her head cutely n said kyuon aap toh bore ho jaoge kya karoge aise bahar dekhte dekhte..aap sone se rehe ..

Maan:-m fine u need rest..Geet nodded no then again start talking…she seems didn’t see or feel her softness pressing on him…He gulped his saliva n next she felt him caressing her beard n mustache…, she said aapka iye sab trim karna hoga..kitna baar gaya…dekha aapnee…

Finally Maan hold her finger n said sona…andar jke so jao …pareshan mat karo..

Geet slide out from his grip said mein aapko pareshan kar rehi hoon…when maan thought to see some drop but she shocked him but lying on his lap n hugging his stomach…n said mein iha sone wali hoon..aapko problem hain toh I can’t do anything as my kuwar sa said he luvs my company…n sleep there…her soft body almost curl with his stomach n hand her face buried on his stomach little…his breath turn big..he is feeling pain inside as usual some other side…he is freezing there yet feeling hot..

He look down at her the simple long slender neck what he want to lick..the slight visible swell of her curve need his mark…he look away…he want to hold her n lick her lips which is not parted..he shook her n said sona utho m feeling tired..he shook little more strongly…when geet get up n look at him with frown expression.

He slowly get up but didn’t look at her at all…she look confuse when she look at him …but he didn’t turn n went away from there…She look sad but think may be he needs rest..

She slapped her forehead n said mein bhi na sacchi mein bacchi hoon , unhe pareshani ho rehe tha , oh bole bhi kitni baar n mein isse samjh nehi paayi , mein na har baat ko kaha le jati hoon.let me fresh up n bring something for him…she slowly get up n move to her room but found its empty , she went to their main room n its empty..she called kuwar sa but nothing came..she look at another side which has his personal room, she thinks sometimes then try to open it but found it lock..she guess he is there but y its locked..y …she then shrugged it…

Geet to herself I am thinking too mcuh he needs some times n space mein bhi na..

There inside Maan is sitting alone with holding his head …y its happening with me..I can’t do this with her..I can’t hurt her..but what to do…I…

I am helpless sona.pls forgive me…

I hurt her already lots , she don’t need any…  

           I can’t think like this but she is mine..I can’t…what is wrong with me..Y I have dis kind of thought…she is innocent…is this enough reason..if I will send her away again then it will destroy her.but how could feelings will hurt her..but…she needs me n what I needs from her…she needs me like her kuwar sa who I am as kuwar sa her friend her or husband…damn damn damn..Bloo** F***

Later , Maan took shower n was sitting at their main room …n checking something on his laptop when geet came n smiles at him…he didn’t say anyting..she frown…she said here is ur breakfast…He nodded then said where is urs?

Geet look down then oh oh kha lungi baad mein…Maan said its pass 9.30 n u will have it whn…Geet oh mein toh kha lya aapo bhi na..chalkiye let me help u n about to feed her when he held her hand n said where is ur break fast..

Geet look down n said mein..I will take later..I have some work..

Maan look at her n said look at me n say wht is this will take later or had it..

Geet pout n said what is ur problem meine kaha na ek baar aapke medicine ka time hogaya hain…

Maan what is truth geet…Geet look away..when maan said then take this all..if u not saying me the thing …then…

Geet I will take fruit after evening puja n today is my fast..

Maan look shocked n said what rubish what puja n what fast u r doing..u r not well has nervous break down almost panick attack then this all…who asked…

Geet look down n said none…Maan :-sach bolo..

Geet sighed n said aapka problem kya hain pata nehi , kyuon mere piche pare ho… meine kaha na reason now have it , otherwise I have to make it again..

Maan removed her reading glass n said what the F***..

Geet look shocked n with wide eyes n said kuwar sa…Maan said Princess Geetakshi I have already said u will not do anything .u need rest n who the hell Asked u to do this all..there r plenty lackey cook ..don’t give me that look n say that u have right..

Geet about to retrot when maan said let me finish…I didn’t say that u don’t have rights but u need to understand or atleast listen to me, if u care..

Geet look at him with shock eyes n said I don’t care for u…

Maan look little pain but then with straight face said don’t take my word wrong way u know well y I said this…

Geet didn’t say anything just look down few moments then said kya aap iye khaoge…

Maan said no…& but geet didn’t listen took the plate n went away…

Maan look more angry n said Damn it..F***

Geet didn’t come just went down stair n trying to control those tears…she know he is right but…she wipes those tears angrily…she look at above as if try to control her emotion…she called one of the cook to their kitchen fast…when maan came there…Maan is panting as his leg is not ok to come down …yet he came n said sona…who look shocked when maan hold her shoulder…she about to retort but stopped to see a cook came there n said hukum..

Maan notice n said make two screambled egg n orange juice n Mango juice..with 6 cheese pakore…

Cook nodded n Maan turn n said come sona…


geet who don’t want to but didn’t want to disobey…just nodded n followed him…she can see how difficult for him to cilmbing the stairs yet he came …but she felt sad for this yet she felt when he reject her food…he look at her after they have entered to their room…

He know what is she feeling now..he sighed n said clean ur face….Geet nodded but didn’t went to their joint royal bathroom but instead use her room…he sighed n took the phone n said check the previous break fast is there n if its there then heat it…

Maan hung up n heard  a sob…He turns slowly when she just hugged him tightly…she didn’t cried but didn’t stopped she sobbed slowly …Maan kissed her hair n said shhh its ok.Geet replied its not ok its no..m idiot..Maan chukled n find out geet is pouting with annoyinace when he kissed her nose n said u r idiot definitely n sit here n let me also my leg is paining little…

Geet look panick n said shall we call ambulence or dr…Maan chuckled n said no babasit here after they settled to their bed , maan said sona..I will always love the food which u will make …but I can’t see ur working only…like this…but I respect that u love to work for me but u know….

Geet mimic him n said with condition apply…I can’t give myself stress…

Maan laughed…when there is knock n break fast laid there…Geet look down sheepishly n maan said m famished , feed me..Geet nodded when maan took the bite n about to give her something but geet said I can’t when maan look away…

She sighed n said Im doing this for ur health kuwar sa…none asked me .I heard masa n dadi sa…talking as they were doing it…so…she look down..

Maan shook his head n said sona , I can’t expect them to listen me as they have their beliefs n I know may be its ur..but sona..none GOD has asked us to suffer for anyting prayer come for heart ..I know which u have..ur simple prayer will do wonder..but if u do this then I will not feel good…n u have already did once…

Geet :- how could I sit calmly when u r like this…

Maan:-give a her juice glass n said none asked u stay calm or idle …now have it…

Geet took half of his eaten bite…n said hmm

Maan look shocked when geet said bachpan mein bhi khati thi aapka jhootha so…

Maan murmur n we r still in there not we but she..or we  moved..He shook his head when she said aap aapne aap se kya bol rehe ho..Maan said give me that…Geet smiles n happily feed him…without knowing that her simple gesture creating havoc on him..the simple touch on his lips or taking food from free his hand…


Next couple of days went by rest n spending time together…they chatted day long …some times fight like kids…then this roothna mannna continue …by this time…Maan attend the conference inside their palace office n notice how geet present the report n help him for imp govt project…each n everything she studided single handedly n very well explain…

Maan smiles at she has completed the report so fast n so accurately…she is GEM , his pride…she didn’t show any attitude for this…just his one smiles is enough to light up her life…

As later she came back home almost running but then notice everyone is there n slow down…she greeted by all…she later join him n look at expectantly..he want to pull her leg but then those innocent eyes how much expectation they have from him…

He smiles n said its best …She smiles shyly n hugged him… when a knock disturb them…but then geet notice a tray fill with Besan Chakki, Milk-Cake, Makkhan-bada, Mawa Kachori, Jalebi,Ras malai & Raabdi..

She looks like little kid n said this all r for me…Maan well as u have done well n I guess my sona wants treat from…we can go to macdonald if u want…Geet hugged him n said no its fine… Then giggle n said remember when we had our first treat how bhai sa got jealous

Maan chuckled but then geet took her phone n call arya n said bhai sa…n explained how kuwar sa arranged a treat for her..she was so excited…MAan chuckled to see her like this.some will think she is childish but she is not she just want to relive like ago…but then notice frown n how she hung up then …

Maan said what happen ? Geet said pata nehi ,bhai sa didn’t sound jovial or like I don’t know may be something tension…

Maan look puzzle when geet said mein na pagal hoon aur aap bhi pagal hon , mujhe bata nehi sakti stop nehi kar sakte the..

Maan raised his eye brows n said as if u will listen to me..

Geet narrowed her eyes but take bite from jelabi n fed maan…then said har baat manti hoon..itna acche patni kisi aur ko nehi mielga..

Maan smirk accha patni ji waise oh kyat ha ha lunch n dawai kaun lena bhul gaye , kya bole ha ha kuwar sa le lungi don’t worry..ha..

Geet fumble so kya hua kya hua mein mein…Maan leaned little n said mein mein..

Geet :-oh mein OMG , u didn’t give it as treat but need to feed me…n get up from the couch..MAan said sona…Geet with her hands on hip said first promise that u will give me treat…

Maan chuckled n said iye kyat ha…

Geet iye treat nehi hain..Maan accha toh phir…Geet dekhiye hasiye mat n I will join u need to take shower when maan said stop there not shower just change ur dress…or else…

Geet I am feeling sticky kuwar sa…who murmur which I luv…then said nothing u will just change ur dress no shower …

Geet :-par…MAan replied see climate changes there is cool breeze already rain two times..n u…

Geet pouts n said mujhe sticky feel ho raha hain…then show him toungue n said I will take shower but then stopped as maan get up from his sit n said go ..I will enter their take u from there…

Geet look shocked when maan himself also but didn’t back away n said kya hua…

Geet :- u r out of ur mind…

Maan nodded no n said when my obedient wife don’t listen to me when she is out of her mind against her own health n good then I have to do ..

Geet :- u r blackmailer EMOTIONAL Blackmailer…n stromped her foot…

At night…Geet still murmur when she slide besides her kuwar sa who is trying hard to control his smiles…

But finally he pull him n said u know sona we r fighting with all bizarre thing from last couple of week…Geet pout n said hum nehi aap aur mujhe sona hain n aapko mujhe treat bhi dena hain..

Maan what u want now sona hain aur treat chaiye…

Geet whined majak mat uriye aapko kya…kaunjush ho aap…then said good night…

Maan shook his head then kissed her forehead little n said pagli

Geet :-aap pagal ho 

Maan chuckled then think how he want to stay away but can’t…she is his need without her there is no Maan..but what about her…she also feel same but …she thinks him as her friend also.. but what is his problem, what he wants , her happiness or his desire…he sighed n try to get sleep…

Two days later, dr check him up n said he is recovering well…Geet look little relax but then want to ask something more but as elders r there…she has to stay silent when maan chuckled at her…She glare at him cutely…

1 days later where geet is innocently torturing maan n herself confuse with her kuwar sa’s complicating behavior…

She want to think positive then her kuwar sa …GOD knows what is his problem now…y he is irritating one time then fine smiling…he is complicated now more…sometimes she want to bang her head with his behavior…

She completes the draft n after checking it once she secure it inside a pen drive n then went to check him, her irritating irranation kuwar sa…when she heard him talking with someone…n from the conversation she felt its her bhai sa , one time she want to say but then think it will be wrong to evasdrop or intruppt them..she went to her changing room for change…

There Maan in their room  with arya

Maan:- r u sure there is nothng to worry..


Maan:- ur sister is worried n had my brain eat half…

Geet just came out n catch it..she fume about to say something when maan said no m fine just having pain nehi kuch nehi re..ok will asked her , bye…after hung up, maan sighed n took deep breath n murmur aab tujhse kaise bolu mere kaha pain ho raha hain n she was just making it difficult… when someone poke his shoulder with cute angry face..

He shook his head n look away when she said wht r u saying that I am making difficult things for u…ha…boliye na…

Geet look at him with frowning expression when maan said can I sleep..

Geet said no pehele boliye meine kya kya aap mujhe bahar nehi jaanne dete mein iha hoon then also u have problem mein office ka work karu toh problem…

Maan:– don’t manipulate sona..never said I have problem with ur work …

Geet :- u didn’t giving me nod to go there . just one day oh bhi an army of guards for me y?I am not kid…we r going inside our teritorry then…

Maan :- that attack happen inside our complex yet …n I was with u.. still…

Geet that was accident…Maan to prevent n protect ourself we have to increase guard sona…don’t be childish ..

Geet said haww mein childish ha mein toh child hoon..

Maan turn n said Sona wht u want…

Geet pout her lips n said nothing ..mein kya chau karu usse aapko kya…

Maan:-grt now this is left …n took a glass of water when geet said suniye…Maan didn’t reply just nodded but Geet again said Suniye na Kuwar sa…hmmm bolo..where u r having pain?

Maan look shocked n then he heard shall I massage that place ? Maan was taking water which he throw n look at geet with wide eyes…he was having hiccup when geet sat near to him patted his head back n wipes those water frm his neck chest make maan groan inwardly…the pain is going to increase there more..she smiles with concern aab thik hain na , kya karte ho aap , mujhe bacchi bolte ho aur khud…dheere se nehi sip kar sakte the kya …

Geet now notice maan who is intently looking at her…she feel some heat inside her coming from his eyes…she look down n said mein aati hoon…but Maan hold her she look at him with confusing yet scary eyes…he just freed her hand n turn ..she want to say , he want to say but words felt short..She came down from their couch when her legs entangled with him n she fall on him…his leg still not full recovered n his on hand but still he holds her dearly…

She hugged him when their lips part from an inch… She look at him whose eyese roaming on her face then lower down to her lips…she don’t know y feeling so scared yet excited…what is this with her…she look at him whom came little more close n now his breath is kissing her…She parted her lips with automatic action when he smirk but move little from her lips to nose to her eyes…her breath got rigged when she felt him hold her waist with his free hand tightly…

She just pushed him n freed herself…she was panting when he winched in pain…she heard it n try to see when he stopped her…Geet get up n said I ..I… she don’t know what to say now , she herself confuse when maan is cursing himself for loosing but how long he will able to …

He get up with difficulty n said I don’t need any kind of disturbance…

Geet pouts n said meine kuch nehi kyua jaan bhoojh ke but maan cut her n said geet for GOD sake give me peace n space…n storm out from their room…Geet throw her hand n mimic meine unhe disturb karti hoon mein peace n space ka dushman so raheiye akele ..who cares..I know he will feel it..I know…

2 days peace oops no talk conversation anything between…even when maan asked her something she didn’t replied…

Geet sat near the terrece n remember after their returning from the hospital how he behaved sometimes aloof distance…that day when nurse came to give sponge bath…how they bahevd n fought …she pout n murmur dusht danav…

There maan was reading something but remember how geet ignored him, he throw his pen n file..he want to asked her but then he got nothing only silent from her end…he is oblviious that he did something cause of it…he look at her who sat on swing n looking at moon…he remembers her fight their nok joh cause of sponge bath to her rights..he sighed how he will make her understand y n he is doing it…he remember that day clearly…

Flashback :-

She look annoyed n said who asked u to come here for this…

Maan:-I have asked I can’t take bath…geet said u will be taking bath with her…

Maan look super annoyed  when nurse felt not comfortable n maan said r u out of ur mind …Geet with innocent asked what I have said wrong u said only that n she said when maan snapped n asked that nurse to go n will return when he will ask

Geet:- aap mujhe dant rehe ho …Maan:-toh kya karu…Geet whinned aap uss chudail ko kyuon nehi bolte..

Maan look shocked n said what who is chudail..

Geet rued that nurse y she want to give u bath…

Maan :- she is helper…I asked from hospital n they send her…its her duty to help…

Geet :- isn’t wife duty also to help her husband…

Maan look at her with confuse expression when geet continue I am sorry that I have said that yes its her duty n I have reacted over with her…but I can’t see it n I will ask her politely …to go back , she can help others not u…

Maan’s jaw look tight n said then who will help me…Baba maharaj…

Geet  quickly bite her tongue n said chi chi aap kya bol rehe ho..nehi nehi maine aisa kab kaha..

Maan :-then can u give me a solution of my problem or u want I will not take any bath for coming days till I will be fully fine…

Geet nodded no then hold his towel n said  Main hoon na sponge bath de dungi…

Maan look horrified Maan said nooo there r plenty of ppl when geet said kyuon aap dusro ko but maan just said no means no…Geet has her eyes mist but said u can’t give my rights to anyone..Maan look shocked..

Maan:- from where this right thing came…Geet said u can take bath from other woman but not from me…

Maan look shocked n shouts GEETTT…Geet cried there like kids when masa came there n notice n scold maan ..Geet hugged his masa n complaint how he is not taking any help n scolding her…n the result is she has given her kuwar sponge bath .when he sat like grumpy kid like who lost his game just now..

She even combed his hair …as if he is like little toddler or baby…he can’t even say anything as she will complaint to her darling MIL..she even put kajal tikka behind his ear n bite his small finger n said koi najar na laagye mere kuwar sa ko

Flashback end…

She looks calm when he sat near her n the moment she get up n entered to her personal room after closing the door…He was shocked n look at the closed door for few moments..well he wants it as he know her closeness will make him loose everything but then avoiding him like this…

He want to asked her come here…he want her to say his mind but then he thinks let her sleep in peace..if they will be together either will avoid then she will sniff or they will fight..

He stay there with confusion about what to do…there inside the room she was waiting he will ask her but no he is avoiding her…he is asking help from others n making excuse as he don’t want to make disturb …she whinned y u r doing this kuwar sa..accha lagta hain mujhe sattake ….she pouts then look at their wedding pics she smiles n slept there…

Maan joined his Physiotherapists for his treatment n when he came back his room found her talking..

Geet :-ha masa mein aa jaungi ha bhai sa ko bol dijiye…ha thik han…

Maan look at her with confuse expression then notice her clothes there n she seems packing this…Maan what r u doing? Where u r going ? we r not going any where..

Geet closed the suitcase n said mein ja rehi hoon…masa bol rehi hain ghar mein koi puja hain n she is not feeling well so.

Maan said u know u can’t go…

Geet :-I can go easily n try to take that heavy suitcase when maan said stop it n y u have packed for 1 long yr…

Maan look at his sona with more confusion when geet said cause I am going for couple of months…aaaglle hafte baba sa ka check up hain n I think…

Maan:-then u can go that time..I will also..need to go we will go then we…Geet look at him n said u r busy n u need peace btw…I am thinking y not join my Mphil from there n continue …

Maan wait holiday baba sa ka check m phil…what is this…this all can happen from here..

Geet sighed n took deep breath then said I will not able to give time here …u masa dadi sa all agreed about this so I am thinkin waise bhi 2 saal ka toh matter hain

What the F*** r u out of mind…Geet look shocked n said y u r using slang I am not saying something so bad n what is the use of my staying here when I am just no use for anyting u will not let me go for office u will not let me do anything u will not let me help u just sitting here , isse acche main kuch week ghum ke… Maan pull her almost n slammed his lips with her…

She look shocked but can’t even react as her body fully paste with her kuwar sa who pulled her more close to him..his manly lips nibbled with her soft rose petals…she look shocked , her eyes wide…she felt his toungue licking her lips  where she felt current going through her heart to stomach…what is happening she can’t comprehend..she moaned ahhh kuwar sa but her kuwar sa seems busy with something else n that is her precious lips which got attack n now he entered inside her mouth n sucking her tongue…she gasped when he did that…he took every sweet things from her mouth as if making love…his own hidden feelings for coming out..which is too rough sometimes yet some times caring for his licking her lips as he bite there then give kisses as if soothing her…

But the burning sensation more inside her ..n she is confuse with it…she gasped as her kuwar sa seems forget everything just want to hold her close to him n took everything from her mouth…she try to hold or push but her hand hold firmly n by his one hand makeit tie by his hand behind her back..her soft curve collided with him…she can feel them swelling tighten against her clothes…she felt more shocked …one side this confusing feeling then his onslaught…finally he leave but not before giving numerous kisses on her lips then finally leave her fully..when she felt her kuwar sa’s hand leaving her , she feel like her legs wobble badly her vision turn blur , she about to fall when maan hold her but …she felt him make her lie on the bed then half sleeping besides her…

She can’t look at her kuwar sa like his as if her soul piercing by him when she closed her eyes …already her panting subsided but she can feel him panting badly…yet he is taking care of her…she look at another side then closed her eyes..when she can feel his one strong arms cross over her stomach when her kuwar sa’s face close to her…his hot breath fanning on her..when he said nothing but giving small peck on her lips…his lips adoring her with his feeling but she is so confuse neither she can deny nor she can do anything rather she is enjoying if some one worshiping her n its none other than her kuwar sa…she is feeling shy ..she bite her lips suddenly but wined as its paining now due to the on slaught he did ..

When Maan said sona , then blow air on her lips its soothing never its burning her more…she can’t take this but she can’t push him but he slowly hold her face n make her face him n said u r not going any where..u will stay here with me …don’t u dare…now get ready we will meet go some where…

Geet pouts n then remember n slowly get up when she notice him moving from there…she look down n said dusht danav n then felt shy…she turn when her reflection come near the mirror , her face is totally pinkish red when her lips is swellon n wet then remember their first kiss opps sec kiss how he…

Later , Geet notice her Devar n Nanad were looking at her with weird expression…they want to ask but , she also feel more embarrassed n the person who is responsible for all mess is sitting calmy n how easily said I don’t want to go to mayka as none is there to take care of his..when she wants this, he just want her to give him peace now, no way but he is see how easily convince them …he always do his mannmaani then aab nehi ..dekhna..mein kya karti hoon ..bahut maja aataa hain inhe mujhe aise satake.

She was again murmuring when maan whispered they r today’s kids n will understand what is happening with ur constant red glow..well I don’t mind this glow n shyness but lets us be alone…she look horrific n look at him n another mistake , he is like shamless man look at her lips n then lick his own lips giving her signal.. she herself said chi chi iye kya kar rehe hain sab ke saamne , bacche bhi hain iha bare bhi sab kya sochenge…



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Humsafar ,Part 4



Next Part:-

Sukhbindar Handa:-oye lerki tu kaun hain iadhar kyuon aayi hain

Geet:-I want to meet my father opps not father but I want to meet the killer of my mother, I want to meet that cowered , that monster who destroyed my mother life and my life , who killed her brutally.

All handa haveli looking at her with rage and shocked that time someone shouts oyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeee lerki jaban samal ke baat kaar.

Geet:-jaban samal ke ha when ur family can commit crime then ,kya hua baat kyuon nehi bol rehe hain koi ,boliye aur aap MR Mohindar Handa ,

Mohindar looked at geet then said batimej lerki jaban samal ke baat kar,tujhe pata hain tu kya bol rehi hain humare khilaf , tere inti himmat, abhi ter akuad kya hain humare saamne khare hone ki aur iha tu betuki ki baatein kar rehi ahin tujhe toh iski maja chakahyenge and runs towards her and hold her by her hair and said do kauri ki lerki ha and shouts darjee isse toh muh kholne se pehele maar dena chaiye tha and hold her neck tightly almost chocking geet out of her breath when two women shouts brij kya ka raha hain ruk ja brij, mat kar aise kuch, hume pastana pare.

Brij:- maa  ,tai jee iye lerki ka himmat kaise hui iha aake hume baatein sunane ki koshish ki when geet freed herself and said with chocked voice sunne ki nehi suniya mein sacchai aap sab ko, jo mein iha kehe rehi hoon,cheekh cheekh ke kaha sach ,iye ke mohindar handa mere pita hain and who killed my mama, who was trapped her under the fake  love no, it’s lust only ,nothing else , suna sabne and u mr handa u played with my mom’s emotions and ditch her, chi,u r man, I ashamed to think that my mom was so innocent naïve to fall for u , a man not a cowered like u , chi, ghin aati hain.

But soon geet receied a slap from mohindar who is shivering in rage and insult he got from this girl,

Geet fall on the floor, when brij come and hold her by her hair and roared, ur mom might be naïve but u r fool, to enter the den of Handa.where any one can’t enter so easily and u did this biggest mistake and dig ur own grave now u will pay for it.

Geet smirked and said oh really then dream on mr brij handa, u can’t even touch me and it’s u and ur family dig ur ow grave by touching me and beaitng me like this , cause police will come any moments to take u all as I filed a complaint against Mohindar handa and full handa family for killing my mother , what do u think , m also like my mother no, I don’t trust u , but I trust law of this country and will make sure  that u will pay for it surely, u  will and I’ll make sure of it .

Brij roared and try to hit geet when police hold him and said behave of urself sir.

Geet looked at brij and said aapna saare excitement .

Here handa’s r shocked to see this , they never hoped a mere girl will destroy them like this ,they never imagine it  ever in their life.

Later at geet came back to her orphanage with little light heart but still there ia pain cause of her mother’s pain, and sadness, how she wished to reduced them but alas she was not that much lucky ,

She took her shower and went to her office, but not aware that danger and problem r waiting for her there.

She entered her office when she found every one looking at her ,she felt it’s strange then shurugged it off and went to her place but found the place is occupied by another one.

She asked excuse me ,it’s my place, I guess u r mistaken it but that man who is working there looked at geet and said sorry miss,I’m not it’s ur, as per I and we know , I’m working here from past couple of months ,

Geet looks full shocked and said iye kya bol rehe hain aap, it’s not true ,I worked here , every one know it, wait here, shamlal jee, aap , pls tell him na I worked here ,

Shamlal(one of the employee of that office):-sorry miss we didn’t know u.

Geet felt the floor beneath her feet is shaking gradually, she said no shamlal jee ,pls say true,

When a young girl came and sad see miss we really don’t know u, pls don’t create tamasha , pls don’t create any more scene .

Geet said no m not creating m here for my work, I appointed here for my work,

A young man said oh really on what basis?

Geet looked at him and felt the shiver running through her spine , she said what do u mean?

Therei conversation going on and it’s seem every one in that small office went against geet and geet is alone fighting , suddenly there is loud sound , their boss came out and shouts, what is this all nonsesne going on.

Geet runs towards him and said sir, pls tell them na sir, I worked here, they all r saying m not , worked,pls sir.

Boss:- come inside the cabin, will talk there and left inside the room.

Geet sighed and think may be now something good will happen.

In cabin  ,boss said aao baitho, have a seat, now tell me what happen ?

Geet explained what happen but that boss smirked and said hmm, serious problem but I can help u.

Geet looked at him when that boss said see here is file it’ll be ur contract and appointedment letter of this office as employee when geet said but I’m when boss said little sternly let me finish.

Geet nodded yes when that boss said ok here it’s the option u can work here life time but u have to stay here , with me when geet’s eyes got widen and before she can say anything  the boss said as my KEEP……

Geet’s felt all r going shatter, she felt numb but she shouts Dare u MR . chi, what do u think ? U r pervert, sick mind creature, I’m asking my job for talent and capability not for this,

When boss said with same tone, ok really, m pervert, then what u r miss geet …. What’s ur surname, oh let me think u don’t know as u don’t use it as u don’t know who r ur parents.

Geet’s felt her eyes got clouded still she said don’t u dare to  when that boss get up and pull geet and said then what u will do miss, and ur parents who never ackonodelge u and more ur mother who is she what kind of relationship she has with man , u r product of unwed lust.

Geet’s eyes filled with tear after this humilation and said pls…..don’t take my mom’s name in ur mouth and don’t insult her.

That boss pushed her and said yes I shouldn’t and neither I will give u the job but the condition I told u.

Geet gave him disgusted look and said never.

Boss said huh then keep searching job no one will give a job a girl like u who is B***** but soon the boss received a hard slap from geet and geet just went frm there, whole office looked at her and some start gossipping .

Geet runs from there and went streaight to her orphan as she don’t know what to do ? she need few document from her room before complaining against her office .

She went there but find the gate is close and said trespasser r not allowed to cross the limit.

She is feeling again shocked and she said bhaiya jee pls gate khol dijiye na ,I have to enter but guard said can’t , we r sorry, but the matron said u can’t enter the premises .

Geet looks full shocked and said but how could it happen, I mean , member of this home then.

Guard said I don’t know but u can’t as per order ,


Geet fell on her knees what is all happening, what is this just in morning m here and now, this all r happening when guard said if u want , will help u

Geet looked at him with lots of expcetation when that guard said if u give me what I want, and looked at her lustfully as if scanning her.

Geet quickly get up and retorted back, u sick, disgusting people, all of u  what do u think , we r just commodity of flesh chi , sick all of u.

She runs from there and walking alone in the path where she is standing alone, cause she protest, cause she take up a fight against evil, cause she is woman, cause she is honest .

She went to police station , she complained there but they ridicloued her, bashed her abused her verbally.the confidence, courage all r draining away, she again got nasty cheap proposal from them , those police men mocked her, abused her again and her late mother.

She didn’t left any more courage and run away from there .

She is standing near one of road when sky also pouring out , like nature also crying with her , to see her never ending suffering and misery


Maan is looking frustrated, he informed police about it, they r searching, still he informed his private dective to found out the matter and search his pateint , he still can’t understand believe or understand how this would happen and when police confirm that there is some one from his hospital r behind this, it’s makes him furiated more, he punch the punching bag more furiously.

He just couldn’t get the fact, how could it,who is or r behind this, they found one of the cctv broken badly in the  entrance and still they found later cctv and they find an inform him,

Maan already told them whoever is behind this crime, he or she should  be get drastic punishment and his hospital doesn’t know them and neither hold them but yes he and his hospital r responsible for this misery some how, if he had more careful.

He turn and break the ice slab

Here in out side both maan’s mom and dadi ma r feeling sad and asked nakul what happen ?

Nakul:-pata nehi ma’m but after he came back from hospital  and from that time, he is too angry and he just right went there with anger ,from that time he didn’t came out.

Maan’s mother:-mama, shall we  ask him or.

Dadi ma, wait few min, then we will.

Nakul:-ma’m we have never seen him got so angry like this ,

They r waiting for maan few min but suddenly maan come out and said nakul bring out my camp kit and then said to mama and dadi ma, sorry mama, dadi ma, right now , m too frustrated over few things and need to sort out and m going out for camp, pls dadi ma, mama, give me time, and before that can say anything, maan just stromed out from there

Both maan’s mother and dadi ma stand there still, when dadi ma sighed and she know little bit of the problem but maan’s mama, she said how much he needs time and this, till when he will running away from everything.

Dadi ma quickly stopped her and said no beta, he is not running, he is trying to co operate with everything and every one but something going against his principal and morality which he not able to understand, give him time, he will be back soon.

Mama:-ummmm, hope so.


Geet is crying her heart out  when Brij is called her oyyeeeeeee

Geet turned and looked at some blur view due to heavy rain and her tears, make it impossible for her.

She heard some faint noise when some one hit her on her face and she fall down on the road when some one hold her hair and said u have too much will power to stand against us ha, brij said We  really glad to know that u loved ur mom so much so we r not intend to waste any time and will send u there and said come on ur last time came and placed a sword near her throat ,when geet is looking at him with shocked eyes and she can’t stand any more the mental pain she is bearing from last few days, she  closed her eyes and some how pushed him and runs from there , she don’t know how she pushed  monster like brij but she did it and brij also runs behind her.

She is running  and running hard when heard they r shouting from back, suddeny she bumped with a tree and fall down

She cried in pain and hurt , she hold her leg in pain and it’s bleeding profusely, her head is also has injury sply on her forehead, when slowly she try to get up, brij’s men hold her and brij came and said tu kaha bhagegi ha, how much u will run ,run , geet, run, but U have to die, u have the guts to stand against us, u humiliated us, insult us , are now u will pay by ur life, u try to snatch our honor by came on our haveli,, he hold her tightly and try to put something liquid on her mouth , she is struggling for breath and freedom, but some how little bit poured down on her throat, it’s paining, burning her throat badly, she pushed and fall down when brij said  U little B***** and about to cut her when some one said STOP  THERE ,DARE U TOUCH HIM,

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Humsafar ,Part 3


Next Part:-

Early morning HP:-

Geet sad numb with a file in her hand, she don’t know how to react , or what to say, papers flowing due to air coming from outside , but the storm she is feeling nothing ,there is no tears but a pain look, and more accusation y her fate like,this , can’t she lived like normal people., she want to scream, she want to shouts, y y only she.

What destiny she has, her own ones destroy her, betray her, abandon her, throw her away from their life, their family ,

She sighed in grief , she looked at sky which is turning dark with cloud but it’s like nature also feeling sad with her grief, her pain ,her hurt,

She slowly get up from there and take those files in her hand and said I have ask Madam about this, what is actual truth, I have to know, I have to know at any cost, she is determined about it, she went out from there with determined face with those files .

She knocked matron door when someone said u can’t meet her now, u have to wait for 10 a.m. in the morning ,

She cried I need to talk to her now, it’s urgent , it’s for my life,

When matron came out and shouts what is happening , y too early morning u r doing tamasha here miss geet.

Geet looked at matron and her state but didn’t get as geet’s mind is too occupied and said ma’m I want to ask u something ma’m

Matron looks disturb and said u want to ask me something and u can’t wait little more,

Geet looks disturb but said ma’m pls.

Matron shouts go and wait for me in my office .

Geet nodded and sat in her office, after 3 long hours , matron came and met with geet and said bolo kya hua achanak se ke , aise kya ho gaya , ha aise kya ho gaya ha, bolo aab.

Geet gulped her saliva then said oh ma’m I have seen there something, I have seen in the files there information about …..about….

Matron shouts what the **** can’t u speak clearly what is the matter ? what is the problem , rathar than mumbling about something

Geet raised her head and said mere janam ke baarein mein, she lumped down the clod of tears and said oh mere pa ,I mean parents ke baarein mein iha kuch , I mean.

Matron shocked then said , well, get, it’s…… it’s true

Geet asked matron :-is it true matron,

Matron first time feeling sad but her hand is tied and just nodded yes.

Geet fall down on the floor and said y , y with me, I’m illegimate child ,for them,

Matron felt bad for her and she sat with her in the floor and said ha, geet,ur mother is from lower caste and when ur father’s needs or lust fulfill he thrown away her from his life.

Geet felt her world is crashing down completely, she said or moaned maa……….with immense pain……

In Delhi :-

Dadi ma :- so maan, tumhe lerki pasand hain.

Maan closed his eyes and looked another way and said agar aapko aur mama ko pasand hain toh thik hain.

Mama:- but beta , this is ur life, u have seen her , have a chat with her, and we will be glad if u say ur decision .

Maan  looked at them as their eyes showing how much they r expected a yes from him but his own mind is not accepting this relation , don’t know, the girl, Parinita, nice girl but , there is something lacking, already he is feeling sad and restless for hurting his dadi ma and mama in past with  his rejection of girl and now also,what will he say now?

Maan’s mother placed her hand on his shoulder and said beta, kya hua, see we r not giving presure to u .Maan looked back at his mother then said mama, dadi ma, I want to see u both happy,and in peace ………

Mama and dadi ma both looked at maan with smiles and maan said but I need time Pari is nice girl but she is not for me, she is not made for me.she is not I really don’t know but I can feel it,

Mama cupped his face and said beta, r u in love,

Maan looked at his mama then remember those eyes, and one girl, GEET, how she placed garland on his neck, how they met before gurdwara , maan jerked his head and freed his mother’s hand and said nehiiiii, it’s just, nooo, it’s nothing like that, it’s nothing like that.

Dadi ma:-ok ….anyway, we will talk about this later, accha maan heard u got huge success in one of the complicated case .

Maan nodded yes then said ha oh kuch hatke case tha ,ekdam alag se,but got succeed.

Both chatted about the thing more time when mama think about maan and his ans there is something in his eyes, there is something else but what is this, she sighed and think to asked him later ,

Later maan in his study room, thinking about all incident, he don’t know y he behaved like that , y he deny to marry pari, who is beautiful and nice girl but he never felt anything not even a tiny bit of any kind of feeling or anything, yes may be it’ll arrange thing but still it’s too difficult for him to explain it clearly but his mind is restless, disturb with the feeling, he closed his eyes and remember his papa and his word, which his papa always used to told him

Flash back:-

Maan just complete his graduation, came and meet his dad, , he called him, dad,

Maan’s father was just came from hospital and said are maan beta, come here and hugged him and said congratulation son,u did .

Maan smiles when maan’s dad said ao baitho, iha.

Maan take a seat besides his dad and when maan’s father gave a beautiful watch and a pen set and few books as gift for him.

Maan looks like little kid, delighted , and said thanks dad, it’s to , this Rolex watch and this Mont Carlo pen set and dad , how do u know this r my fav books,,

Maan’s dad:- beta,I’m ur dad, I know about u and ur wish , desire, dream more than any one.

Maan smiles and hugged him tight then said thankuuuuu dad,

Maan’s dad smiles, he know how grown up maan would be still he will be kid from inside the heart,

He chuckled …..Maan’s mom came and shook her head and said I really don’t know when ur son will be grown up.

Maan makes face then said mom , I’m grown up see.

Mama:- oh really I can see it and too maan’s dad u too mr khurana ,he is not kid any more.

Maan’s father:- he is ,he will be, always, and I will always fulfilled all his dream.

Maan smiles and hugged him and said mama didn’t love me.she is jealous that dad loves me more.

Mama:- badmash ruk mein tujhe dekhti hoon ruk.

But maan runs from there when maan’s dad broke out in loud laugh and maan’s mom said aap ke wajy se iye lerka na.then shied and said aap dono ek jaise ho , baap bête, bilkul same

When maan shouts akhir father- son like hoga hi na.

Maan’s mom shook her head in disbelief when maan’s dad pull her in bear hug.


Flash back end

Maan cried and called m missing u papa, humara happy family ,sab kuch bikhar gaya,I know mama, dadi ma want to see me marry but how could I marry any one or pari, I don’t love her, I don’t know dad but I just, dad pls help me, I want to see mama and dadi ma r not happy to see me like this but how can I marry any one dad, when my heart didn’t beat for her, what to do dad, what to do, y m always remembering geet , y m feeling some kind of feel for geet but not for pari, both r nice, beautiful but y geet is inside my mind, y her smiles make me smiles, I never felt like that, I always used to see girls r behind my name and fame and money, as m khurana ,what is this, y m first time feeling like this ,it’s love or infatuation, I have to take a concrete decision ,not only dadi ma, mama but for me and all of us. I have to clear my mind and this confusion …..

He closed his eyes to get an ans for his confusion,

He opened his eyes and smiles and said mama, dadi ma, I know what is this, I’ll tell,he turned and looked at out side and remember HP, the place make him smiles again, the place make him met with his fate ,his chain of thought broke due to a call from his hospital and he look tensed and for the first time he almost loose his control, though he ,himself is doctor but this vulnerable condition of his own mind and situation and more the tension and then news now he got , it’s make him loose the control, he quickly grab the key and runs for the hospital, Nakul noticed it and informed  Dadi ma who looks tensed then call hospital and got to know what happen there and y suddenly maan runs like that .


Geet in her room, still sitting in near the window and looking at the sky and remember the word of matron, what she said about her birth, her parents, her mama, how she suffered and what happen to her,she cried, till tears dried down completely but nature is crying till with her pain, Geet shouts almost agony, pain, anguish , she cried y babajee y mee, y u have done it with me and my family, y u have done it y u couldn’t help my mama, y u couldn’t save her from a monster , y,she suffered , what is her fault , is it crime to love , y this cast and creed in love, y y, say me babajee, say me pls,

No one ans this as God also don’t know the ans but can cry with her pain only, can sympathies with her pain and sorrow

Geet break down completely and cried , shouts, scream for her ill fate and her mother who died cause of her father.


Delhi :-

Maan shouts and said one of the attendant u r giving me lame excuse and put a board meeting immediate and said want proper explanation and give that attendant show cause letter .

Maan immediately inform senior doctor and co admn of the hospital, and guards and police and lodged a missing diary of a patient of being missing from the hospital .

He looks disturb with this, where he and his hospital always treated patient as if they r their family members but what is happening here, how could anyone neglect his duty , how could anyone said so easily, he slept off and don’t know what happen, maan called one of the ward boy and said call man who is watching CCTV and told him to bring all cds of today’s.

Maan’s one of his subordinate  ,Dr Aditya Khanna came and said maan sir, she is ok till morning don’t know after morning breakfast what happen?

Maan hit the table and said adi, it’s not so easy, where she went from this big hospital, it’s never happen here and one of patient is missing from the morning and no one know it, no one inform me either, how could ?

Adi sighed then said we came but she is recovering and today after checking her , doctor think she is fine and when doctor came at the evening , no one is there.

Maan:- no one informed me earlier about it, how irresponsible r people here, we don’t hire this kind of people and adi who is the doctor who is in charge of the patient , Adi need full report about the patient and the doctor who is monitoring her case

Adi nodded and left .

Maan sat down in the sofa with deep thought and planning next course of action


Geet looked at the man who is sitting there easily, her grand father,Sukhbindar Handa and there is the man who give birth to her ,

One of the servant called Sukhbindar Handa, shahab jee, iye lerki aaye hain aapse milne ?

All eyes turned at geet who is silently looking at her papa mohindar handa , who should be her angel but not, who run away from her and their mother,as there is no love only lust

She looks at mohindar handa with rage…..

Sukhbindar Handa:-oye lerki tu kaun hain iadhar kyuon aayi hain

Geet:-I want to meet my father opps not father but I want to meet the killer of my mother, I want to meet that cowered , that monster who destroyed my mother life and my life , who killed her brutally.

All handa haveli looking at her with rage and shocked that time someone shouts oyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeee lerki jaban samal ke baat kaar.

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Humsafar, Background




Hoshiyarpur, a city of punjab , where GEET lived inan orphan, GEET a young naïve innocent beautiful ,intelligent girl who was abandon by her own family as she has done big mistake, as she has commited  mistake ,as per their family, as she born as GIRL , it’s her big mistake so she thrown out after her birth from her family now living in an orphan , she intelligent and doing excell in her education .her academic qualification was brilliant but there is no one to  share her success happiness with any one, she still try to stay positive and wishing one day her family will take her ,one day her family and she met by circumstances and another day every snatch from her, she became dead soul.she lost her voice due to tremendous shock  & torture and her life shatter,she pushed into a darkness from where no one can come but destiny make things different than human and there is an angel is waiting for her and will come to take her from that living hell.


Capital of our INDIA, too busy lived a famous family Khurana family who has their name and fame all over country and out side the country also,

Maan’s father and grand father r famous cardiologist  but both died , as, maan’s died in an accident and his famous can’t take the shock and died.maan’s mother is famous painter but went to shocked like she don’t want to paint now, her canvas is blank now.Maan dadi some how handle the situation and carry on the family name and their service to this man kind, maan is now famous Psychiatrist, who loves his work and think his work is his passion and GOD, serving people r most noble thing a man can do,in free time he went to campagining in forest as if want to stay alone from all hustle bustle .

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept

Part 1 of Camouflage Season 2



Part 1


Geet wipe the lips of dadi ma when maan notice her n thought if she could do it with him then look away…Geet felt his gaze when maan think if she can do it with him, her soft finger on his lips n he will suck them …Damn it…. Maan get up from there when he knows his dadi ma will have curiosity n said nothing dadi ma, just need to check file…. Will be back soon…

Dadi ma nodded when geet take a deep breath in relief…but dadi ma looks at geet who smiles at her nervously …n sat there…few mins….n giving medicine to dadi ma…

Later at dinner time geet start talking n giving information about dadi ma’s health to  Maan’s father when maan said what is being discussed here…

Maan’s father narrated when slowly when geet went to bring roti n curry  for the dinner …geet’s father went to help when maan’s father said can’t u help her , she is alone doing this all…

Maan look at him puzzle n said what?

Maan’s father lo iska hi kami tha , his hearing problem n he will take advantage of it but maan suppressed the smile n concentrate on the wall to see the pattern…when maan’s father again said u didn’t get that or…..u r acting to give problem to that poor girl…isn’t it…

Maan this time missed it when his father sighed n murmur he sometimes forget it but what to do ? he tried everything to help maan n his problem but his hearing problem make him more cynical n adding salt in wounds his first marriage failure …n then the divorce case n hearing everything make him bitter when his ex wife had cheated on him…

He sighed bitterly when his eyes fall on geet n think how the little girl turn woman n married but then by dacoit her husband killed….when her in laws blame her n then her father didn’t able to give dowry then result assaults abuse ….n finally thrown up cause she has problem with her speech…

Maan’s father sighed with think that how two ppl suffered in the name of holy matrimony…

When geet asked uncle jee aap….

Maan’s father nodded nothing n said kal sham ko mujhe jara file dena ma ka..need to consult with doc….n btw mohindar can’t u buy new dress for u n geet..u two wore same dress .I have given u…..

When maan said must be old man gamble it …Mohindar horrified with the accusation when geet said chotttteeee shahhabbbbb ,papaajeee brought expensive injection n specs for uncle jeeeeee…….

Maan didn’t get it n said kya but she turn to rajesh singh khurana n explained same ..when rajesh said kya karu mein tumhara mohindar then said maan say sorry when mohindar again turn red with shock n said nooooooo nooooo….

Maan chuckled but then with plain face said sorry..n make geet look at him wide eyes ….

They chatted little more about daily chores when geet avoid talking just serving n eating n maan avoid listening any crap.

At night , geet come upstair then went to terrace to check up the door windows but got unwanted visit..Maan is there with half open shirt n casually reading some book….

She try to turn when maan look at the sky n felt the humidity cause of no rain for past few days..

She said appppppp ihaaaa kitna der rahoooogeeeeeeee….

Maan didn’t turn n concentrate on his reading when she repeat then bit her tongue n realize the mistake n slapped her forehead with force then pout with heart…

When maan turn n notice her n smirk…hey chokkkkrrriiiii…Geet startled n pull out her duppatta to cover her face to see the forbidden things oops her chote shahab’s bare top….

She look cutely at up n murmur babajee then turn n notice him coming towards her when she shouts almost Chi chi…..kkkkyyyyaaa diiiikhhhhhaaaaa rehhhheeeeee hoooo apppppp….

Maan smirks to see geet turning n closed her eyes with her palm…n covered her face with duppatta though he didn’t able to heard anything but he knews that she will curse herself the prayed to GOD Geet heard him singing song neeche phoolon ka dukan upar gori ka makannnn…..

Geet shirked when maan whistled…..n said have it, it’s for u….

Geet look at the book its said sign language when she look at him with shocking expression…He said it will help us to communicate as ur language is going over my head n till u complete one sentence oops one word I will miss my train….

Geet look at him shocked then suddenly he turn n make her jumped in fear but he said Can I ask something to u my maiden ……

Geet look confuse but then maan said I have asked papa jee n he is agreed with me that u need some new dresses n so I have put money under this book n go n bought few new dresses n spare us from regular torture…n this society…….though my papa jee will not say a word but u just think , ppl will think we hired u but didn’t giving u enough money……..or never paid….or do u have any plan to sue case against us….

Geet rubbed her face n said uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrr ssssssooooo rude mean …….yyyyyyyyyyy

Maan turn n said think n write down ur sentences or lecture or try to show other this crocodile tears as u a….btw to help u n us n this mankind I have given u the book to learn n sign language so …..n left without notice the broken woman who remember those howling accuse cause of her speech her poor family….

Geet cried n sniffed n said babajee….y u give me thiiiiiissss luckkkkk…..y…..he allllwayyyyssss insulllllt meeee….he is Dussshhhhtttttt Dannnnaaavvvvv…..mein kabhhhhi unsseeeee baatttt nehiiii karunnnnggggiiiii………

Next couple of days went with geet avoid maan who seems busy n more foul mood due to his office problem….

There geet went n said to maan’s father bare shahab…who was checking some paper of students n said hmmm..

Geet said yyyyeeeehhh aayyye hain aappkkke liye n give him an enevelop when he said is the same color envelop came for maan n geet nodded……

Maan’s father didn’t say when geet said baaaddddeeee shaaaahhab iiiifff uuuuuu don’t mind cannnn I ask somethingggg..

He nodded when geet said iye money, chooote shahabbbb gave me cause when he said yes…n geet with tears strings in her eyes said paaarrrr meinnn kyaaa when he thought might be maan did something wrongggggg when he said nope beta…..iye toh ..I don’t know maan ne kya kaha but I got extra DA n two extra tutionee this month n I have given money everyone n 2days ago when I went to give u but u had retired for the night so asked maan..kal…is he asked something to …

Geet quickly nodded no n said Thankkkkssss…. When maan said papa….n geet startled then excused herself…n left behind a smirking maan …

Later that day they r walking when maan said so u went to complaint against me…Geet look horrified but said whhhhatttt rrrruuuu sayinnnngggg……IIIIII donn’tttt knowwww.

Maan :- u didn’t read that book but geet didn’t say when maan shouts U DIDN’T READ THAT BOOK GEET…. who heard n just murmur something but maan said jor se bolo when geet smirk n said oops she didn’t say a word but just move her lips but its come out to maan as if she is saying n he keep asking but she randomly moving her lips when he looks frustrated n move n geet showed her tongue towards him n think now she can handle this dusht danav…….

They r going to enter when maan said u don’t have to ask things as u know ur sentence will complete tomorrow so shop will close n we will be here n dadi ma need them…

Geet shrugged it off n make maan wonder but then maan said well ek baat bolna bhul gayi I have to say papa that his laadli geet rani is reading now days some forbidden magazine ….

Geet’s eyes turn wide n she try to retort n maan entered inside the medical shop but within few moments shop owner shut him as due to his less hearing ability then he forgot to say the power of those tablets capsule when geet came n give them the paper they mock maan but geet didn’t say a word to defend him…

Maan came out n said y u didn’t say anything when geet said with sign language but maan didn’t understand n geet said wait n start writing something n make maan more irritate…

Finally she gives him the paper when he said u walk with note pad n pens hmmmm then read

Don’t preach much n if u preaches then practice first…

Don’t mock others…

Don’t throw stone at above as it will fall on u….

If u dig grave for others then u will fall first…

N I didn’t cause I don’t want to cause trouble but if have time we have to go somewhere else also…

Maan look at her angrily but she is waving towards a taxi..when maan said r u out of ur mind what the hell ….we r not affluent ppl to afford taxi…..but then he suddenly stop n see geet hold his hand n pulling him towards the sedule place when maan shirked n said r u crazy…I have tease u don’t try to rape me when geet stop n look at him horrified then make face as if I am care or as if r u gone mad…

When a old man n middle man came out n said beti bahut sukriya can u help us…we have trying to move this vehicle but..

When maan squeezed his eyes but the old man said beta we lived in the same society…

When maan shrugged it off as he didn’t get a word when geet said aapppppp chinnnta maat kijiiiyeeee hummmm kuch nnnnaaa kuch karennngeee , akhirrrr aap humare padosiiii hoo..padosi padosi ke kaam aayenge…

Middle man ha behen jee , humara gari kharap hogaya aur aab kya kare when maan said ur car has broken down then y u didn’t say before n rolled up his sleeve n went to inspect it…when those two men look at maan’s back with puzzle expression n make geet giggle…but then geet notice maan is trying something with the car n she fear about the car n look at up n prayed to Babajee….when maan notice her murmuring n with difficulty he understand that she is praying to her baba jee….

He felt amused ….but then notice her animated expression n talking with sky oops babajee…

Maan : GOD mein stuck with this idiot woman…who is still talking with whom GOD knows……n DADI ma need this medicine, injection n all I don’t know the place from where those this bought n this woman know n papa jee can’t send her alone…

Maan is trying to look at the car when geet peep in n said appppppppp nehiiiiii hoooo….

Maan didn’t say anything when geet poked his shoulder n make him look at her face n she said APPPPPPP nehhhhiiii hoooo Engeineeerrrrrrrrrrrr……

Maan glare n she said uuuuuu rrr caassshieeeerrrrrrrrr…..iyyyyeeee aapkkka baaasssshhhh kaa kaam nehi hainnnn….Maan took out his dirty hands n try to strangle her when she jumped n said Garrrrmmmiii meinnn pagalllll ho gayyye hainnnnn…..

Then give him innocent full toothy smiles n turn ….Maan shook his head then after 45mins when geet think we should ask some mechanic but this mahasay thinks , that he know everything can’t he stop his show off oppps chi chi iye meine kya kehe dia oh mere chote shahabbb hain , nehi mere nehi , mere aur papa jee ke ….par abhi medical shop mein jo hua uske baad bhi inke akar nehi gayyye kya hoga inka Babajee…kuch akal de dneeee mere taraf se…..

When she finally complete her monologue n look at other side n found two men hugging maan n giving him blessing n praising him…

She felt shock n said kyyyyaaaa huaaaaa…

Maan ignored when one man said he has done it….he has fixed the problem…chal putta hum app dono ko lift de de…

When geet said nehi koi gall nehi iiiii hummm but maan glare n said yes when u didn’t pay me n u know if u have called a mechanic they’d have charged u some money so its better u give us lift …n it’ll be win win situation for u n us both…n we will save money for return n both of us ticket when the older man said ticket…

Maan said ha hum dono agar bus se jaaye humara ghar toh ticket toh kharid na parega……unless I have own that bus…

The middle man said u want to own a bus but then chuckled n maan felt to slap him but then said nehi I want owe something else then old man said what do u do….u r enginemen but u r talking like..

When maan said m Cashier now if u have taken my interview can we or give us money..

Geet look more horrified when that old man said let’s go…but geet stand there when maan pull her but got a slapped from geet on his hand n then geet’s terrified look………n screaminnnnnggg uncle jeeeeeeeee rukiyyyyyeeee…..

Maan murmur saaree pagallll ihaaaa hiiii hain…….

She was thinking something she sighed n try to come fast thought today bade shahab as inside the home but still its her duty to stay n ensure Savitri devi keep fit but she had to bring groceries also n do daily work..she wipes the sweat from her face n neck……n thinking again when she startled with some sound …

She stop at her path to see a neighbor who seems to tensed when she asked n that neighbor narrate some incident .

Geet look at the neighbor aunty with horrifying look n said whatttttt r uuuuu sayiinnnnnggggg Auntyyyyy jeee

That Sharma Aunty ha beta aajka bahut chor aarehe hain samal ke rehene n  savitri je ko bhi kehe dena……

Geet quickly went towards her home n try to open the lock of the door when she notice someone trying to sneak inside the room from another room….she shouts  ehhyyyee but nothing help….that man is hell bent to break the window…When geet entered n from inside try to hit him n did it also…

She hit him hard on his head when he screamed in pain ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

He look at him n she close her mouth in shock n horror n said maannnnnn siiiiirrrrrrrr….choteeee shahabbbbb

He said u idiot woman….darbaja bandh karkke chale jate ho then try to kill me…u…..ahhhhh

Geet look at him with baby face n aap chor ho….Maan look at him with shocking face n shouts WHATTTTT….Geet murmur kuch nehi sukar hain baba jee ka iye sun nehi sakte…chi chi iye mein kya bol rehi hoon…

When maan’s father came out n geet’s father entered the home n both of them look shocked to see maan sitting but his showed pain there geet standing with broom, flower vast n ice tub n Geet said ahhhiiiissstaaaa siiiiiirrrrrrr lllaaagggg jayyyeeeegggaaaa….Maan hissed what r u doing? Cause of u….but geet said u wanttttt to choriiiiiii hereeeee sooooo I hittttt u…….

Maan didn’t see when geet poked his shoulder n said uuuuu r entering innnnsideeeee the housseeeee like some dacoitttttt Iiiiiii have seennnn weaponnnnnnn…..

Maan got it n said that was my bag from office….

Geet u went to office in kurtaaaaaaaaaaa…..orrrrrrrrrrrrr noooooo u wenttttttttttttttttttt robberrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy in urrrrrrrrrrrrrr offfficeeeeeeeeeee……chotttteeeee shabbbbbbbbbbbbbbb don’tttttttttttttttttttt take idea frommmmmm movieeeeee….like dhoom…………………………..

But maan snorted n said u……

When geet heard noise n see her n maan’s father lying in the floor n maan said u have hit them also…u cat woman n make geet confuse when maan said billi …..

Geet fanatically nodded no n said meinnneeeee kuuuuuccchhhh nehiiii kyyyyyyaaaaaa…papa jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, bade shahaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb…..

After 1 hrs maan’s father was chuckling lots after hearing when maan is still sulking n said to geet stay away frm him 10 feet away n geet’s father still look puzzle n horrified…

N Geet she tries to help maan again who showed his attitude yet take it….

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept

Chapter 12 of Road To Love & Beyond 2

Next Part :-


Kuch tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahe


Geet came out from her room but soon gulped down the water quickly there is her death sentence in this weather her kuwar sa taking lap inside swimming pool n looking deadly gorgeous but y her stomach doing some-kind of Dance but who is dancing y she is….she gulped down the water but start coughing when maan notice her n said kya hua n coming out from the pool when geet shouts noooo… 

Maan look at geet with confuse expression..she look shock n shouts again pls plsssss kuwar sa but maan look confuse also n came out from the pool when geet turned n cover her eyes with her hands n said “chi chi ..aap aise kaise…” then murmur “Naangu pangu…”

Maan   came out n said “what r u saying” when geet “shoutsssss nehhiiii hey bhagwan iye kaise insaan hain …aise khulla ghum rehe ho app , Besharam ho aap…”

Maan chuckled n said “swimming aab toh full clothes se hota hain mujhe pata nehi tha sona…khulla nehi ghum rehe hain aapke pati dev.”

Geet suddenly felt a tingle sensation but then notice the smirk n whined “kuwar sa”….Maan smirk devil way n said  “hmmm sona…bolo..”

Geet said “aap besharam ho…kaise nangu pangu ghum rehe ho…sab khula laaj saram nehi hain …”

Maan chocked the juice n said “sona..I have my pants when geet turn away…”

When a maid came n said “his highness ur phone” when geet grabbed a towel n said “shhhh.”.then cover maan’s side n scold the maid “what r u doing here. Can’t u knock or ask ,place it there n go”..Maid nodded when maan trying to control his smiles n geet said “hasiye mat, kaise koi bhi ghus aatte hain ..aapko kya…”.when maan burst out in loud laugh to see the cute pouting yet frowning expression ..

13124961_1099376843418747_3219383969849304419_n (1)

Geet turn to see him laughing when she just didn’t think of anything else n push him hard ..this effect make him  fall on the pool but by-chance maan’s hand hold geet n result is geet landed there with maan…..

Maaneet both r shocked n starlted when geet clinge to him …Maan hold her close to him then slowly open eyes n found geet is looking at him n clutching his neck tightly….Maan whisper sona…who look at him cutely then slapped his shoulder n said “aap , aise koi karta hain kya..mein aise dar gayi….aapne mujhe pull kyuon kya.”.Maan replie “why u push me then …..’

Geet look here n there n said oh mein mein ….Maan slowly came close to her face n said huskily “oh mein mein mein kya sona” ..Geet look at him with wide eyes when her finger dug at his shoulder…..Maan look at geet’s face the same innocence but then water droplate making him feel something more with the innocence …something more is there…her big doe shapes eyes…r her soul they r too naughty always make him restless….her lips which r parted n two drops of water resting lucky they r…..

Geet notice suddenly maan went silent n looking at her intently, like something she can’t comprehend it..she look down but gasped to feel maan’s breath on her..she look up n to see Maan’s eyes on her lips…..

Geet clutch his shoulder more tightly where maan seems lost in some where else…he bend more when a droplate from his hair fall on his sona’s lip …which make geets moan “Kuwar saaaa” n his shoulder get scratch from her nails…

The action make maan jump almost n loose his grip when geet jump out from his hand…both of them lost one with unknown sensation n shyness n guilt another with sudden pain n pleasure then confusion….

Geet try to move but then notice maan’s shoulder..she tiptoed & went close to maan n try to see the wound…oops the scaratch she cause…she place her finger when maan felt the jolt n look at her who is busy to carress the area slowly then blowing there..

Maan don’t know the sensation now is it cause of the little cut or the cool water or her hot breath there…..but maan hold her hand n said sona….

Geet look at him with again same innocence that make his heart skip a beat….she look down n went away from him…when he is like some magnent or some moth went towards the fire…he stand behind her but his hand hold her small hand n said sona….

Geet closed her eyes , there is some fear some pain some kind of sensation but maan hold her n turn her slowly n look at her eyes which is looking down lile a kid who has done something wrong…

Maan hold her chin n said Sona. Geet looks at him with tensed face but then notice the affection inside her kuwar sa’s orbs …she smiles when maan just cupped her face n kissed her forehead ….when she smiles but another pink hue cover her…she look down again when maan move those wet hair ….they didn’t say anything just looking here n there when maan said sona….

Geet look down n bite her lower lips & when maan himself dn’t know what to say but he just want , but what….She look up to see a mixed emotion there she don’t know what is that she felt his hand moving n cupped her face softly…her cheek caressed by his thumb pad n making her hiss with pleasure…..she felt burning sensation with the simple touch …n hugged maan with force when maan starlted n pushed little but then smiles n hugged her back….

They felt content with each other….when geet felt more red as maan’s bare top is collided with her hands n top form n she felt burning with fire of pleasure n divine feeling…she want to say something but words r falling short when maan parted n found a small frown which make him chuckle , “hume thand lag jayegi…we can pull push here later sona n ofcourse with fully clothes”…Geet pout angrily n turn but her hair pulled her n she moan “kuwar sa ..”

Maan slowly freed her hair from his chain …n said “its fine now” n drop a kiss on her head…

They went away to change dress n have hot shower….

Where geet want to know the reason behind her own feeling the sensation, her kuwar sa has touched her before also then..she smiles n said “mein na sach mein pagli hoon, that was cause of cold water hain na.pagal kuch bhi sochti hoon…”

There Maan went to study for his work n got busy with them n its dinner time when he remember geet will be waiting n he bite his toungue n ran towards their room but couldn’t find out but soon discover her chewing pencils n doing something…she is lying on floor n all papers scattered every where…

Maan shook his head n said sona when geet startled then said aap , dara dia..

Maan raised his eye brows n said “who will be here than me..n what r u doing at floor…u will get cold..have u forgotten how long we were at pool now” but soon geet look down at first maan thought she is not feeling good but then maan discover the red hue that smiles oops little curve of her lips..her lips oops not going to distract myself again maan said to himself then cough n said “lets move sona…its pass 10.30…we will have dinner..”Geet yawn n said “mujhe nend aarehe hain”….n looks cute ..Maan said “ok will have light dinner n it will be soon over..if u wnt then will bring here..”

Geet twist her lips n said “I have to eat dinner hmmm n said can’t I skip it..”

Maan took a Note pad when geet almost snatch it n said “noooo” n then “I mean that is my personal…”

Maan look little hurt n said “personalhmmmthen no u can’t skip dinner…”when geet get up on her knees n hold his hand n said “sorry oh mere matlab tha there is nothing imp u know girlish thing something not so imp…”Maan smiles but geet can notice the change there ….Geet whined “aap aise karoge toh kaise chalega….”

Maan startled but then said “meine kya kya..I will ask to bring ur dinner here & try to move” when geet said “mujhe nehi khana…”

Geet sat with hugging her knees when maan said “Geet” ..but geet didn’t reply Maan again called but same response & aftr couple of time maan came n said “sona” when geet said boliye n make maan smiles n this time geuninly…

Maan sighed n said “sona let’s go…just for little time…”.Geet nodded no like kid n turn away when maan said “mere liye”…Geet look at him …..she want to say n he want to do…n finally…

She said “ek condition mein”..Maan :-“oh kya ..”

Geet :-“aap socho”..Maan  said “kya mein sochu tumhara condition”…Geet look away n make maan look confuse but then notice her n shook his head n just scoop her in his arms…n said “bacchi ho tum..ekdam nautanki bhi karti ho…”

Geet smiles n said “sirf aapke sath” n make maan look at her intently…then smiles at her..they come down when geet suddenly felt embarrassed at a army of servant but they have look down already..Maan make her sit then asked all to leave n make geet shock…

Geet notice maan is serving for them..Geet said “let me help u .” when maan said “shhh just stay there ….”Geet said “mein bacchi nehi hoon ,aap mujhe kuch karne nehi dete iha itna like army of helper n kya karu mein ..”

Maan said “u r kid sona..more than kid”…Geet whined kuwar sa who replied “u accept that  little ago..”

Geet said “oh toh baas aise pls…”

Maan give her roti n said “kya mein aapne sona ko feed nehi kar sakta…”

Geet smiles n said “u can..u have that right….but..u r blackmailing” Maan replied “u did same many time ”when geet pout then said “ok but .”

Maan dipped the roti in curry n said“ what but ”…Geet replied  I will also feed u &..Maan chuckled n give her one morsel n said I have right then u also….Geet smiles n then pout I have to wash the hand wait n runs to wash the hand..Maan  chuckled…

Geet came then help maan to feed..n doing same..both of them have half of completed their dinner when one helper came n said will clean..Maan nodded when geet said kuwar sa I will be back soon , have somework n went to kitchen ..Maan said sona u when geet said I know..will not do…then murmur jaise koi momm ki gudiya hoon…Maan replied u r for me sona.. r precious doll…I can’t do same mistake n see u r breaking beyond imagine…

Geet push the bowl n turn n said then do one thing make me sit in one place n don’t let me do one thing other wise I will melt or break…

She turn with huff when maan said sona who replied  yes boliye…Maan hold her shoulder softly n said do ur work whatever u want…when geet said no its ok..Maan said jao na..accha I will not stop u..I was just when geet turn n said if I don’t have any problem then will u do this same…will u ever behave like this like I am some doll…

Maan look at her intently n then replied yes…then also my action n Reaction would have same..I told u right , u r precious geet..yes I have problem n not will able to see u in pain but my action reaction for u will be always same….then said do whatever u want ..I will see u within 30mins n turn to go when geet said aap….n bite her lips when maan said m fine..need to do some work…n not going to call Rimita….

Geet pout n said I didn’t say when maan said u r going to ask…

Geet :-ok fine then said I can’t sit like tis..sometime doing something will not harm n u only said we have to enjoy this phase then….Maan nodded hmm.& leave..

Geet mimic hmmm only hmmm….then went back to her work..there Maan can’t comprehend his own action, he know its not easy then y he is behaving like this …y he is feeling bad , her snapping about personal thing giving him pain but her fighting with him making him smile….he is confuse what is hurting him more what is giving him good vibe..he know..he have to be hold patience , when they r progressing…he turn n notice all books papers scatter..he remember y n how his mood change but ….he don’t like the word personal..there is not personal between him n his sona but is it..or he is in hurry..he took n arrange all books n notes , note pads pencils , pens then notice the diary…

He notice the note pad , he try to look away when his eyes fall again n out of curiosity he open it….he know its not right its not good but he can’t….

he notice the note n found cooking stuff , some recipie , some drawing stuff…he smiles few more things , may its simple but not so…its more precious anything related to his geet his sona..he notice there is few rough sketches few drawing…

he shook his head n manage them when couple  papers fall from the table he took them when he by chance notice something…

Pal bhar thahar jaao

Dil ye sambhal jaaye

Kaise tumhe roka karun

Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye

Aankhon mein tum ko bharun

Bin bole baatein tumse karun

‘gar tum saath ho..

Agar tum saath ho

Behti rehti..

Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein

Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein

Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein

‘gar tum saath ho

Palkein jhapakte hi din ye nikal jaaye

Bethi bethi bhaagi phirun

Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye

Aankhon mein tum ko bharun

Bin bole baatein tumse karun

‘gar tum saath ho

Agar tum saath ho

(Lyric Courtesy movie Tamasha )

He eyes stuck there badly he can’t move….when Geet came there n said kuwar sa see it..I make a cocktail of icecream n giggle…but soon she discover maan with the paper  & said aap phir se, kyuon Maannnn n she just took those paper n try to tore them when maan said sona pls………but geet  said ek trust nehi aapko , thora space thora sa ..kaha tha…par aap hoke isliye aap iha aana chahetthe …Maan said no geet its just…Geet didn’t listen n tore them n said kyuon

Maan look at those torn papers when geet said kaise karu sab maan mein agar aapko trust nehi hain thora sa space….even normal couple nee when maan said so we r not normal ..yes I forgot it…..n turn we should have our personal things we should give each othr space if not then there will not trust isn’t sona….

Geet look away when maan said ok…I am sorry…n said I will not check ur things from now on…n went away when geet sat down with huff ..She don’t know what to say or do…she just…she is confuse with this sharing..she know everytime she want to do her masa ignore her bhai sa never bother n her dadi sa will taunt .there was no where her kuwar sa want to see, he went far away..she felt bad she mocked by them she want to share this all pain with kuwar sa but with time she try to hide..she try to stop this all writing painting but not able to she did it n she remembed only one face, her kuwar sa….

Ice cream melting when she cried n think what to do …yes they r giving chance but……she just want to ran away from everything but she can’t ..she will die without her kuwar sa but.. just when suddenly  maan came n said have it ..Geet didn’t see n try to move but maan pull her n said the song u have written …the lines were there missing here…see

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai

Agar tum saath ho
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
(Agar tum saath ho)
Har gham phisal jaaye
(Agar tum saath ho)
Din ye nikal jaaye
(Agar tum saath ho)
Har gham phisal jaaye

(Lyric Courtesy movie Tamasha )

Then some rough scribbling ….Geet look at it in awe n confuse then shock expression when maan turn n said I never want to invade ur personal space..y I will but I thought u r mine sona , mine there is not personal space between us…I never thought for u neithr u but may be when geet said u were not there….I got scolding mocking from all cause of this then how it will be easy for me…I was scare to show thought I know we r giving chance I know u said u will help I will but….

Maan smiles n said we r trying atleast….Geet sobbed meine sab barbaad kar dia n before maan can say anything geet hugged him ….Maan didn’t say when geet said I got mock before all , others ignore none help or praise me, u r not there..I thought none will like it..I thought everyone will..I was when maan hugged her back ..then bend n said look at me n said I can’t mock u .yes I ignore u..I was bad I was jerk..Geet moaned when maan chuckled n said but I want to know..I want to know u in every way..I want to share my self my everything with u in every way…yes may be I do something in hurry but sona….I can’t ignore ur things ….its ur talent ur dream ur work they r too precious..see this is our trying we r trying , this fight this mus this making up everything….Geet nodded n hugged maan when maan said I know those lines will write but ,I want u to help me to have that cocktail melt ice cream…Geet look at maan confuse way then smiles sheepishly….

Geet said but I have done it then when maan said what is wrong with me then if I will n u can correct me if I have done anything wrong…who have done wrong or right , doesn’t matter…See if I wouldn’t have taken that part personal so then when geet said but I said…Maan chuckled n said its personal n u said right n look at geet deeply when geet softly said for our..Maan smiles n tuck that loose strand

Geet nodded but then said shall I bring another ice cream instead of it..Maan sat with everything down near the big window n said nope sweet heart n make geet turn pink when maan said so what it that line hmmm…

Geet look at maan who is writing when maan said help me to have that..Geet chuckled then said I have brought spoon but maan said will have it like milkshake..n winks at her….she just staring at her kuwar sa n helping him to drink it n occasionally she is also having .both r huming the song n engrossed with each other n in their small world oblivious they r having the melted ice cream from same place…

They slept there like that ..Geet’s head on maan’s shoulder n maan’s head on her….Geet wake up due to Maan’s thunder sound…She look at the place n see the way they were sleeping….she smiles n she remember the previous night n think how many incidents happen…how events after events..she sighed don’t know she never expect but how n when their life is going like expected way….her thought went towards her kuwar sa who moaned cause of sun rays n hugged geet…his face almost hiding in side her neck….n his hot breath..Geet shiver with this proximity…she try to move but can’t ……she look at maan’s half face n sighed she look away ….she never expected that kind of reaction from her kuwar sa ..she never think …she went back to their conversation….then what her Saas said Arya bhai sa said…her kuwar sa changed, she can feel it…there is pain something more….like her ,she lost in the track n dose off to sleep..

She remembers later her self cover by Blanket when he was sleeping on his stomach ….at their bed…that day they spent lazily…still they r try to absorb the fact of yesterday night..they r getting event after event…

Next day Maan was working inside their room when geet came there with a phone n said aapka office hain…

Maan said what is there? I am not going to pick it now ,check it n let me know…

Geet sighed n took out the information… n do the necessary thing…she wonder what maan is doing now, her kuwar sa is weird sometime…she went to call him when he behind the curtain n said anything u need ..

Geet nodded no but said u r doing what ? Shall I help u…

Maan almost shouts nooopeee..I mean no, u need to do something ..u can make the ice cream cocktail…u melt it yesterday after having fight with me…go n do it…Geet look at him with baby face n murmur pagal ho gaye hain ..meine fight kya, khud toh , kya hua unhe….mujhe pagal kar denge, almost kar dia then said if u don’t want me to see then say na…Maan bite his tounge then said aise nehi but u know men work , u can’t help…

Geet wonder n couldn’t help n said Men work behind the curtain n when maan said ok come n help me but then don’t say me I didn’t warn u to become embarrassed n I know this is not mean u don’t want to make Ice Cream cocktail ..I have scolded you yesterday so…its ok..come….

Geet look at him like he is some alien then said u don’t have to do any drama …..n murmur something more n went from there when Maan said thank GOD…n continue to do his work…

Geet was busy to do her work when suddenly one of the servant came with panting n said Chote Bahu rani saheva…oh oh Hukum..

Geet stopped n said what happen…another servant come n said oh n then Hukum need ice pack..

Geet look confuse n said what is going on there….

Two servants look down n said Ice pack..Geet closed her eyes n said what the hell is going on with this..then said go n hve it ….then take the tray brings ice cream cocktail when she heard one of the servant said bahurani, sorry but u can’t go there..

Geet stopped at her place n said what….

For a moment she stop n think negatively but then their moments fights promises she took deep breath n said who has asked u stop me here..

The servant look down n gulped his saliva but said Hukum..Geet again stop for a moments then said move ahead when servant said but bahurani n stop to see the glare he received when Geet entered the room n found her kuwar sa sitting on couch n try to sooth his finger ……she can sense the pain . she place the tray n said what happen n notice the damage , swelling finger then notice by chance one foot is also has damage…she closed her eyes n glare at maan cutely when maan frown then glare at the servant ..

Geet said go n bring hot n cold water n more ice pack right now…..

The authority the aura , maan chuchkled but stop to see her frowning …she took his hand n caress it n slowly clean the area in both hand n foot then applying the ice pack…

Soon with hot n cold water n ice pack she did the initial work then call Dr….Maan can see the tear try to spill out , he remember from childhood she is like this…if they r still in their childhood she was crying like..

He sighed n then said y u r calling dr .we can have pain killer n then if needed take instruction from Rim but stop to see the glare …

Geet said don’t u trust me….Maan smiles n pull her n said I trust u more than anything..but I don’t like this fat tears…Geet look away…with biting her lips…

Dr came n check it..its just swelling n there will be need painkiller if swelling will not lessen then u can have the X ray…other wise I guess it will be less n its nothing to nothing much happen with ur nails then fine its..

Geet nodded n said thank u.Geet asked then to one of the lackey to escort the dr..n she came back to maan who is resting …she caress his face n said jada lag rehe hain..He smiles n nodded no then said what a luck I have..Geet frown suddenly then maan said see today also ice cream melted…

Geet look at the tray n chuckled then asked another lackey to take it back ..

She said aap baithye mein aati hoon.Maan nodded n went to his bed for resting…when geet came with Milk n little more biscuits n said have it first then u will have painkiller…no arguments…

Maan before can say anything she said everything like cute boss but he nodded n know she will feel bad more n its for his best….he try to took it when geet sat n said let me n make him have the biscuits n milk then give painkiller….

After sometime Maan was sleeping when Geet went near to window n cover one side so light will be prevent from coming as it may disturb maan’s sleep…that time she notice something…Her painting….no its paintings ….she gapsed almost loudly then look at maan who is sleeping peacefully…now but she know everything n guess also…she remember their one day ago a simple conversation about her painting

Maan look at those paper those sketches so professional touch when geet bite her lips then look away with close eyes… when maan cupped her face n said u r out standing sona…I am taking this….will frame them.Geet try to protest but maan didn’t listen

She don’t know what to say or do..she went near the frame n caress them lightly she crying in joy then turn n cme near to maan n hold his hand…that wounded hand …oops two finger but for her…she slowly kiss them ..she don’t know what to do ,she is elated she is in pain she is..she don’t know what to do just sat there n staring at him lovingly…n caressing his wound..

Later Geet bring Lunch for him at there n fed him when he try to say something she will say what is ur problem ? if u have wounded hand then take rest…n murmur something..Maan will be have to agree with his sona but he is enjoying this pampering…

She at the evening time brought the ice cream cocktail n feed him first bite n said see the thing didn’t melted n now tell me how is it..

Maan smirk n said well n make geet pout then smiles to see the broad smiles at maan’s face n wide arms for her…she just hugged him…they sat there n have their ice cream ofcourse geet is feeding…n having his jhootha also…

Maan said sona when geet said I know then said mere liye aapko lag gaaayi then notice the frown n said I know u will not like it to hear but I don’t know what to say kuwar side I felt elated then confuse then felt pain to see u …its just…Maan said I only know ur smiles happiness which will give me happiness n for that I can take any pain..

Geet sniffed n said I will die to see u in pain …n make maan gasped n pulled her instantly in his arms …n said m fine m fine sona shhh don’t say like this….

Both of them unware the depth of their feelings their emotions they have for each other yet they r discovering this ….

When maan said I don’t know what u will take with my reaction about that thing..Geet look confuse when maan said that personal thing..I know when geet hasten to stop but maan said sona..everyone need space, but..I don’t know what is with me..I can’t see u away from me..I felt something else..I don’t know ..I don’t like any personal world away from me..I loved ur each n everything thing those r precious for me, I am not obessssive sona..Geet gapsed n turn n said no kuwar sa u r not…when maan said I was not there but I can’t mock u I can’t yes I can scold u n oh mere haq hain jaise tumhara…Geet nodded n cupped his n said u r not obessessive ….u r just possessive…she stop n said u know what u will think about this If I say I don’t like Rimita bhabi an inch near to u be it any relation…I know its wrong she is just helping but..I can’t help…I tried , she is sweet ,she good but I was like..

Both look at each other with confuse expression when geet leaned on maan more n maan said may be we will understand this all with time Geet accepted it…


Within couple of  days the swell subsided n pain also vanish….but geet still to be sure as she know how her kuwar sa is …..Neglecting his health…when she said it clearly he just roll his eyes n said I have put weight thanks to u sona..

Geet twist her lips n said don’t u like my food

Maan I loved them but see the quantity u r giving me..

Geet sat with huff n doing something but said u were hurt wounded badly…u need healthy n good amount of foods to regain health n strength …

Maan chuckled but then stop to see her frowning face n said ok ok ..I was hurt n rolled his eyes…

They check with dr later n after nth times Geet asked about maan’s fitness she let him do normal work…

Maan was doing full day his office work then took break n felt he is lazing around more…if he will go to gym then sona will scold then hmm light but then he remember something n went out side….

After 15 mins or so Geet discover him at ground with all sweaty…but looking so relaxed n enjoying..she chuckled then decide to give him surprise….

Maan felt someone also there n hold his football n turn to see geet is there n tapping the ball….

Geet smirk n try to take away the football n do it professionally & make maan shock…they both r playing n try to snatch the ball from each other n quiet successful also n the moment Arya n Rimita discover them in the mud wriggling with ball or each other…..


Both of them r shocked but for maaneet its their game or something else now…limp entangled n their body fit with each other so well every curves flat portion fitting like perfect way..Geet was on top of maan when maan turn n make her beneath him n looking at her with full concentration…when Rimita look at arya n rimita gasped more as its like Maaneet making out the way they r with each other n…rimita said open Love maki but stopped

Arya gapsed in horror but glare at rimita n cough loudly…when Maaneet r in their land but then rimita call n finally Arya took the ball n throw it to maan’s head n make him jump when geet notice Arya n almost felt herself hiding some where….Maan look at arya then at geet who is pleading him through her eyes then they both got up like two kids caught by elder…

Arya rolled his eyes n said I have called u n sent many sms but guess u where busy some where..Rimita giggle when Geet look down to search something n slowly went behind her kuwar sa…when maan went from there to look at his mobile n geet gasped n run behind him ..their action make Rimita n arya chuckled…

Maan wipes the mud n notice the mobile when geet stand behind him …Maan got it that he has missed this n said oh yes forgot no missed it hmmm so….

Make Arya again chuckled when Rimita said we have invited by Adiya ji for dinner…Maan remember oh yes n then look at geet n said sona u remember .Geet nodded but then look at him then remember how they n then at arya slightly n ran from there….her cute action make Arya giggle almost when maan look confuse then something like oh yes n ran behind her…

Both Rimita n Arya laugh at their behind to see how cute n adorable they r….

Later, Maan discover geet with frowing expression…. Geet look at the saree with confuse n shock expression when maan said give me…I will but geet said nope u will not help but..Maan raised his eye brows but..Geet turn pink when maan smirk n took the saree n said so…    his hand n long finger felt on her waist n make her gapsed n he gently pull her close to him….the naughty smiles teasing his lips make red n curl her toe…she look down when maan said see experience give us help…helping ur doll n who knows one day I will help my own doll my sona ….


Geet blushed more when maan hand caress that area from the clothes….Geet went inside too have inner skirt n blouse then come with a cover of shawl but maan didn’t see but remove the shawl n geet felt her whole body was chill but then look at maan slowly n felt its cover with warmth…her kuwar sa’s eyes…she look down n let him do everything .His fingers were instrument n she is like the key or his fingers r keys n she is instrument…she sighed with deep breath….her skin tingle wherever his hot breath felt….her chest turn heavy ..there Maan’s condition more worse with his sleeping desire seems awake but then one look at her face n he only remember his sona…she look at him when he put simple jewelry then fill her mang with sindoor n make her eyes moist then smiles when he smiles back….she love this pamper this moment she is enjoying…they get ready n come down stair….


Precap :-

Kurbaan Huaaaaa..

Puri hui har arzoo har dastaaan meri

ki Tum suru hue jahan mein khatam hua

Blastttttttttttttttttt Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….Kuwar saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

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Geet is feeding her son when maan is just looking at the serene scene and feeling a kind of peace .

Geet kissed her son’s forehead then looked at his face who is sucking her hungirily ,she said maan ,aapka beta na bilkul aapke jaise hain uske, naak dekhiye, uske hoth, uske iye finger, sab ,aap jaise dekhiye,

Maan who just lost in his dream land  said hmmm.

Geet looked at him then up and said baba jee iye kabhi nehi badlenge dekhiye abhi kaise hmmm , ummm kuch nehi bolte dekhiye kaise bolte tak nehi,

Maan heard it and greeted his teeth and said geeettt.

Geet makes face then burped their son and make him sleep , when he is cuddling more near to his mother’s bosom and taking the warmth of his mother.

Later maan came near to geet and his son and looked at them , and kissed his son’s forehead  then said well I heard everything u say mrs khurana but I  can see my geet here , see how he yawn , when he pout , he smiles ,r indicating he is like his mama,mean u.

Geet pouted and said no way,maan aap dekh nehi rehe ho, he is like u, only u.

Both maaneet keep continue their fighting about how their son is looking like, like mother, or like father when dadi ma enterted with adi and shocked to see it,

Dadi said maan,geet, aab toh bare ho jaiye , kaise bache ke tarah lar rehe hain bacche ke parents ho gaye.

Maaneet felt embarassed when adi give his signature love but stop as maan glare him,

Later dadi ma took the little msk in her lap and said bilkul maan ki tarah sote hain dekhiye geet, humara maan bhi na aise sote the ekdam,Geet almost jumped in excited and said ha dadi ma hum bhi toh ohi kehe rahi thi mein, dekhiye na, humara beta na bilkul inke jaise hain kyuon dai ma sahi boon na,

Maan :-tum sahi iya galat toh baad mein decide karenge phele aapna bolna kam karo.

Geet turn and looked at maan then pouted and said Dusht Danav kabhi nehi badal sakte hain.

Maan glared at her then smirked .

Later dadi ma left from there when geet took few hours of rest where maan went to meet doctor for some time and a pinky is staying there for some need, after few  time maan joined when pinky went from there as she needs to bring food for geet and few cloths also, if needed.

Maan came take seat in the couch and looked at their son who is now  sleeping peacefully, his eyes fill with moist , he quickly wipes it and kneel down before his creadle and took his tiny palm in his and kissed  it and said I love u beta,thanks for coming in our live as a sun shine ,as color in our life, thanks beta, for coming back,

Maan didn’t know when tear of happiness falling from his eyes when geet slowly wipes it by her hand and said  thanks maan for giving me back my baby, aapne mere ,humara Baby lauta di.

Maan hold geet’s soft hand in his hand and pressed it with smiles then said thanks to u, after my Behavior with u, when the time was to hold u ,console u but I ‘.

Geet nodded her head no and said no maan, it’s not ur fault, it’s ur pain, insecurity, feeling helpless to see me like that  and it’s ur love which is possessive also and that time we both has done few mistakes but life make us learn and now we got back out baby, humara sapna.

Maan smiles when geet ruffled his hair little & bend to kissed his head when their little prince felt offended and shouts from top of his lungs .

Maaneet both got alermed but soon maan went before him and leaned and took him in his strong arms and  said ole mere beta, bhookh lagi hain acha aajao mere champ, aise rote nehi, iye dekho mama hain na   , and gave their son in geet’s lap, geet adjust little then helped him find her bud for his feed .

Their son is now busy to sucking her curve for his feed and with his small tiny hand try to hold  the base of  his mother curve .geet take him little more close to her and helped him to take the feed.

After his feeding session , maan took him in his hand and placed him in his broad chest and patted his back for burp and then make him sleep there when he happily snuggled close to him .

Geet looked at him and smiles to see the instant bond between her maan and their son.

At night ,maan helped geet with food and helped her to take care of their son, in nappy change , in sleeping.Whole night he was awake to see if there is any help his family will need.

Geet only felt lucky to have maan in their life, a best dadda , a best husband any one can want.

Even maan attend few meetings from hospital as he already booked another cabin side by geet’s cabin.

In this 5days, geet discover a new Maan Singh Khurana who is now loving father, protective father, who is equally enjoying the parents hood with her, who is equally helping her to take care of their son, helping her to making him sleep, telling him story though he didn’t understand anything but there is some unkind of bond between father ‘son.

She can clearly remember on day maan was busy in office due to some meeting for some imp project and full day he was busy there but still he came to hospital at night and that day geet was feeling tired due to whole day Raj , yes Rajveer, there son’s name ,

Raj whole day didn’t sleep at all and whole day geet has to take him in his lap but still he was too cranky as if missing his dadda  ,

She try to pacify him but no result, and pinky , adi, dadi ma also came but same thing , few moments stops again got cranky and more start his cry.

Later at night maan came after fresh up and took him in his arms within moment he got silent and snuggled close to his dadda’s broad chest .Geet smiles and soon maan make their son sleep and said khana hogaya iska na,

Geet nodded yes and said  ha aab sulane ja rehi thi baas iye hain ki.

Maan smiles and helped her to seat properly with the help of pillow in the bed then take seat besides her and said mishty bahut busy tha full day, u had to take care alone.

Geet quickly kissed his cheek and said mr khurana work is also imp and when we will go back home u can’t stay everyday with us na, and itna sochye mat,he will be used to it.

Maan smiles and said thanks and kissed her lips , their slowl gentle kiss gradually turn into passionate one.

Later,Maan looked at the tray where geet’s food kept, he took it and  make her eat slowly slowly and each morsel ,geet is telling him all day story what his son has done , how he make every one runs almost,

Maan chuckled and when geet said he is becoming like u mr khurana ,Jr MSK, loved to bossing over every one and want everything perfect.

Maan grinned then chuckled and said accha toh mein bossing karta hoon ha.Geet nodded innocently but maan bend over her little and rubbed his nose with her and whishper but my boss is here .

Geet shied and bit her lips which makes maan smiles.

In night also when need to change diper or after feed him, need to burped,maan has done that, maan as much as possible give geet relaxation and took and taking care of their son and her. But geet know, he also need to take care of himself,

After 5 days , geet got discharged from hospital and went back to KM.

Geet can guess from here whole KM will be decorated like newly wed bride.she chuckled and excited also as pinky already told how maan, adi, dadi ma r busy and do this all.

They reached KM and maan helped her to come out from the car and geet witnessed a KM which is decorated with flowers and geet can see it’s looking beautiful,

She slowly entered  the KM when dadi ma took arti of her and raj’s and maan’s

She  again entered the KM , her house, her maan’s house, their house with symbol of their love, with new feeling, new relation ,now more responsibilty but she excited also.

Dadi ma take her to their mandir and put a tikka and taveej on raj’s arms , A similar taveej which is tied in maan’s neck , which is bind them together forever ,

Geet smiles then dadi ma said maan to take her to their room as geet needs to rest now as well raj also.

At night , geet wake up from her sleep to find maan is walking on the room with their son, and raj is sucking thumbs and sleeping near to his chest peacefully.

Geet:-maan aap dijiye mujhe usse sayad bhookh lagi hain.

Maan:-nehi geet tu thaki hogi so jao.

Geet shook her head and said maan, mein nehi thaki hui , chaliye dijiye nehi toh phir oh uth jayega aur aapko disturb karega.waise usse bhooh laga hoga.

Maan slowly placed raj in her lap and said par mujhe laga nappy wet hain isliye sayad.

Geet smiles and settled little raj near to her bosom and who happily start to suck when geet said maan, oh bhi reason tha iye bhi hain.

Maan smiles and said sach mein ek ma sab janti hain.

Geet smiles and kissed their son’s tiny hand then maan’s cheek and said and ek dadda aap jaise jo aapne bete ke khyal aur uske sukh ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain,

Maan smiles and looked at their son who is now sleeping peacefully.

After five months Dadi ma held the ceremony of Namkaran and whole khurana mansion is hustle bustle due to this.

Here in room, Geet is can’t make her son ready as he is keep throwing tanterms when she finally said bilkul aapne dadda pe gaya hain har time nakhra karta rehehetha hain dekho.

When maan said Geeettt.

Geet:-ha ha pata hain geet mere naam , now if u got ready then make ready ur laadla,

Maan smiles and said well khuarana’s ko impressed karna itna asan nehi mrs khurana and itna jaldi haar maan gaye.

Geet twist her lips and said bare aaye impressed karne aapke bete aur aap dono nakhre baaj ho.

Maan placed little raj in the bed who is now throwing hands and legs in air and giggling , when maan rubbed his nose on his tummy and said so champs mama ko pareshan kar dia ha, not done na, , see mama was tired now, full day she was the one who take care of u and u making her run behind u, when raj pouted just like his mama,

Geet looked at them in awe when maan make him wear beautiful dress and said geet ho gaya, now ur beta will not disturb u.

Geet smiles then took raj in her arms and said badmash ,dadda ke baat jaldi maan jata hain ha. But raj only giggled.

After both maaneet got ready they came down to Hall of KM and dadi ma said aagaye aap dono, chaliye aaiye bathiye , Time of Puja is passing .

Maaneet smiles and take the seat with raj in geet’s lap.

Pandit jee start puja when raj is playing with geet’s pallu but soon got bored and start crying with noise when maan slowly patted him and said something on his ear & make him silent .

Raj again got busy with playing and geet asked aapne kya kaha iss badmash ko.

Maan chuckled and said well iye dadda and bte ke secret hain mrs khurana.

Geet twist her lips and said bare aaye secret huh.

Then both concentrate on the puja and in between checking their son after this pandit jee give Prasad for raj and then said it’s auspicious time and day so they can officially announced their son’s , little khurana’s name. and from the time of his birth , the word “R” will be perfect for his name.

Though Maaneet already give him the name Rajveer still they announced it with proud smiles in their face .

Geet kissed her son’s forehead when in reply he smiles happily and maan also bend and kissed raj’s little finger when he giggle to feel his dadda’s stubble.

Maaneet get up with raj in maan’s arms and all happily blessed the little khurana who is now again sleeping, who is apple of khurana, who is dil ka tukra of Dadi ma , who is little champ for his dadda, who is Naughty nephew of Adi mama and pinky aunty, who is RajDulara of Maaneet.



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P.S.:- This Os is different from previous one

Bundle Of Joy ,MG & JR Khurana OS

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept



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